Pioneer's new MVH X390BT unboxing and review

by: Five Star Car Stereo

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hi thank you for what on today video we're going to talk about pioneers new mvh x 390 bt alright so we have the new mvh class radios by pioneer this is the 390 what's special what makes it an mvh this one they don't have CD player okay so and this particular one is also special because it is a short chassis let's show them what we mean by short chassis ok so we have the bluetooth microphone in the blue bag bag of screws power plug a remote control warranty card owner's manual it's just for that

bang so this is what we mean by short chassis a regular radio will be an extra two and a half inches long what makes this very nice as if you're doing oils installs where it's a really tight - that's saying a late model Chevy or Dodge you don't have to jam it into the - now you can fit it flush and it look much nicer in those did and-a-half locations especially because who used CDs anymore see these yeah don't go don't go there okay so let's take a look at the back of this thing and tell you what she has alright so on the back of the radio I'm going to start with a Bluetooth mic input here we have the steering wheel control interface located here the power plug input is there you have dual RCA output so you have a front as well as a rear / subwoofer so the rear is selectable is either a rear RCA output or a subwoofer RCA output and then of course you have your am/fm antenna so when the unit first powers up it's going to take you into a setup mode so go ahead and hit the volume knob it's going to ask you to set the clock you have hours you have minutes hit enter phone connect this is you're going to tell it what kind of phones you have so go ahead and select enter do you have Android other or iPhone now this is important because depending on how you set it this up it's going to allow you to do certain things within without your phone so let's go ahead and we'll leave it on iPhone for now then we'll select yes to quit so located on the front of the radios the USB input right here now the reason why this is important is if you do have an iPhone or an iPod in order to do the Pandora and Spotify control you do have to plug it in over USB that's not to say you can't use it over the normal bluetooth you just won't have the ability to search now if you have an Android device or an other then you set it up for one of those you'll be able to do Spotify and Pandora through the source menu over Bluetooth you also have an auxiliary input located here your FM presets are right here you have 18 FM and 6 a.m. station back and forth or track up and down your search icon is here of course this is the volume knob so some of the features that it has that we've already stated are Pandora as well as Spotify control it has Bluetooth phone with wideband speech recognition that means it's going to have better sound quality for making and receiving phone calls as well as playing music it has dual phone pairing so you can pair two phones simultaneously to the unit audio wise you have fader ya balance you have your EQ this has a five band EQ with presets you have powerful natural vocal custom one two flat super bass now if you leave it on a custom one or two and select enter you'll be able to choose your one of your five bands and then hit enter and you can go plus or minus sixty B's of volume here when you're done select the back arrow you can move on you have three step loudness control low mid and high you have subwoofer normal or subwoofer off as well as supplicant roll this is where your low-pass crossover is now for both high and low-pass crossover you can adjust between 50 63 80 100 125 160 and 200 Hertz as well as you have your volume control for your subwoofer here and then your slope for the crossover which is there going to be 12 or 24 DB you have bass boost you have your high-pass filter and there again those are those frequencies there and we just talked about SLA it stands for source level control this is on here so depending what source you're using either the USB the aux or the FM you can go in and make them all sound about the same level by simply going in and turning it up or down now this is a single color radio mean this lights up blue and this lights up white now this does not have an auto dim feature that connects to the wiring harness because this is missing the orange white wire but what it does have is a clock that you can tell it what time you'd like it to dim and what time you'd like it not to dim it has 10 steps of dimming so it's just not a dim no dim you can adjust specifically how dim you'd like it and it features the new super tuner 3d am/fm tuner one of the new features this year is the AR C audio playback now there again depending on what kind of phone you have iPhones you need to use the USB most Android phones you can do over Bluetooth so with the arc app you can swipe up to change your source

you have your FM presets here you can put two fingers on it and turn the volume up and down you can swipe down for presets

you can access your playlist simply by scrolling down and selecting find a song you like and click play there again if that's not the one you want just select if you hit the menu feet the button over here you can select audio here's your five bit EQ here's your supple four control all the features that are built into the radios audio pack are all located here one other cool feature if you are using an iPhone as will do auto bluetooth pairing meaning as soon as you plug it in via the cable it'll automatically pair a nice um other than that pull the radio we got nothing thank you for watching hi you guys can find us on Facebook YouTube in its again as usual guys uh please subscribe you know we really like it you know that's kind of cool um if you have any questions please feel free leave me comments below we will get back to you otherwise you guys have a great day and

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