Christmas Eve Dinner

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welcome back guys and it's the holidays and we're off to another family event and you guys are coming along for the ride it's Christmas Eve dinner my uncle's house and you guys are coming and hope everybody has a great holiday Christmas Eve Christmas Day a New Year's everything I want and many blessings for the new coming year and I've used you I'm here recording cuz I'm waiting but I'm almost ready to go so let's go you know since I'm the DJ I gotta bring the music to the holidays some but I'm not bringing everything today I'm just bringing my laptop and a speaker is loud enough you know it's a family thing using family things are not that loud

some this one right here is enough because or not I'm not bringing all of those too much things to bring and plus you know older folks so older folks can't handle all the loud music you can you grab that police

and simple to carry right in the back no I just

thank you sir for their assistance oh geez no thank you nah now bringing all the speakers to someone's work and it's too loud it bothers the old folks smells good what is it okay how are you guys doing what are you guys doing what you're hiding from boy well let me check out that haircut oh look at him lies boy Lucky's gonna have to wear off before the school stories because they're not allowed to have lines at school so it's just up to week to week to week think Gabby wants the picture how long you got a bucket day yes we're gonna eat at the party

now look at the phone photo session we photo session for leaving tonight it huh can you see this is Christmas outfit

you like an elf all right so let's go stop wasting time you gotta go we gotta go with the flue gas to go let's go party people you like that you guys like the house gonna come you're coming to the party well thing is loud okay sure

well the first time I ever sang on

you need at the best senior house



[Music] play [Music]


[Music] yes you know her always things who is dancing so la let's go check out the pic actually my uncle has I dislike that when I call is our barbecue pit made into the ground they made they usually roses thought pork or whatever he's doing like a major a barbecue it does it here called pig pork whatever you guys want to call it oh yeah I think this takes about five to six hours so it started pretty early just like a slow-roasted cook or you want to call it I mean right now you have another guess removing the paper to get crisp all the skin [Music]



making our rules gotta turn it there's more fire and other side right now we turn it a few times so we'll get this skin crispy so we get the grinder grind for grind you like the pork rind yeah you're hungry yeah I'm starving I'm ready to eat the carcass is part of the f of fish to eat feels warm here to the fire a fire

I'm picking really good what is that brain yeah you're eating the brain that is nasty

just letting that free know that biggest video is medium-sized [Music] [Applause]


[Music] hmm snake meson [Music] Pina [Music] scheme of milk

teenagers [Music]

[Music] put on my my dress my surgery




Gangji that chicken is important

no poor dewlap tastes like chicken good the benefit beans lettuce cabbage of left-wing scavenger are you being picky yeah why like always just bad this mother has no berries even


[Music] how much will my almost sit down mr. right here

human water boom I'm gonna dip my water [Music]


[Music] you

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It's Christmas Eve and it's time to celebrate with the family at my uncles's house. This is a tradition that we have been doing for over 30 years. Roasting a pig in a home made bbq pit . The whole family attends and everyone brings a little something. I bring the music and the fun with the dancing queen lol. Happy Holidays to everyone follow on the daily post go to Instagram and facebook "fresco channel" Christmas lights for the tree link

Snow flake projector link

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