Part 1A conversation about Morel speakers and amplifiers, plus we are testing a new camera

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you're like what are you guys doing on its Wednesday it's gonna be a why are you guys on it's Wednesday what the heck's up with that I was Dean just standing there drinking water you haven't

what's that


okay air compressor that one's not ours that's not right that one's not ours we actually have our door open yeah so the the air compressor you're hearing is the the hair the hair place next door they use the blow of people's hair so the reason why we're on is we told you guys we're getting a new camera and we got it yeah we have it so we picked up a close you guys are gonna ask we have the new CX 10 x CX 10 which is sitting right here has the cool rode microphone on it we need to do some work like for us this is Jason really white back here but another fan from Hawaii cool what we thought we'd do today the reason we're not a Saturday I know we didn't do a show today and I apologize I was up real late doing something else and so what I decided to do was we spent an awful lot of time talking about morale and a lot of you guys aren't familiar with this stuff other than what we talked about so we have a stack of morel products right here and we're going to go real quick or slow one of the nights this is like the sixth and seventh canon camera we have so testing one two three yeah so while we're doing this test trying to figure out what we have wrong like why it's so white and whatnot we're gonna have to fix that at some point grab me let's start with the amplifier so I got a bunch of Morel amps this first little guy right here this is the Morel mono block alright you turn focus back on alright so this is the Morel mono block give it a second it'll focus here this guy is how much what is that one this is the MPS one five five zero so I'm guessing it's probably 550 watts yeah so on the side it has the screw down style terminals but the nice thing about the terminals is they come straight out okay they're not those ones that angle towards the bottom these these guys come straight out you can put Farrell's on these they have your single set of RCA s on the top you have turn-on mode so these have Auto turn on built into them and then you have your variable cross over your bass boost subsonic filter and whatnots so this is 550 watts at what ohm wah - om - om yeah 350 400 so 350 of forum and this is a Class D yeah now next as we have we have a bigger amplifier this is the four channel hi Sam alright so this amplifier is a Class A B okay so for those you guys that are really looking for something that's amazing on your highs that would be this guy how much power is it this one it's 4 ohms 70 70 watts boy for somebody wants by 4 at 400 by four at tunes now the nice thing about a B is a B does 2 ohms really well so if you need an amplifier that will do 2 ohm these are gonna sound good at to them or a some class these break apart at 2 ohm this won't have that because it's an a/b now as far as features go gain gain high pass low pass High Pass low pass adjustable crossover between 40 and 400 you have your auto turn on signal sense you have two buttons over here for input mode 2 channel 4 channels so if you're just gonna use this you can run one input into it and some the other one it does not have a band pass to go active on it you would still have to use some form of external DSP to do that if you wanted to and of course it'll take a 4 gauge and it has the same style terminals so that is the 4 channel now my personal favorite is this surfboard little guy right here this is the 5 channel that we keep telling you guys about now this guy is a Class A B here for the highs and in Class D for the sub so we have basically this amplifier is built into it here and this amplifier is built into it over here for the most part how much power do we have for the sub okay at 4 ohms we have 350 okay it for once okay me by 4 70 by 4 4 and we have 550 at 2 ohms and a hundred by 4 at 2 ohms so it's essentially the same power that we have in the other amplifiers all built into one cool amplifier yeah and then for as far as features go it's going to have gain it has all the same they're identical so when you look at this 4 channel here and the setup that the 5 channel has right there they're identical and then the same is true for the selbst amp over on this side your outputs for the highs are on this end of the amplifier your outputs for the sub is on this end of the amplifier and then you have your 6 inputs right here alright high level low level and then you can you can have one RCA plugged into this the power of the whole amplifier if you want or you could have just front-and-rear plugged into it and hit the sub button and it'll take it off of one through four and of course you can hit the a B so you can plug in just front hit these two buttons and run all the amplifier off of just two inputs so if you just wanted to put like a bluetooth dongle into this awesome

honestly I don't know but it's extremely reasonable for what you're getting so probably just google it yeah but the price is called Paul or called call yeah he's not here right now but he can give you up for you what you're getting for your price there's nothing in this price point I'll tell you right now there's nothing in this price point these are extremely reasonable for what you're getting all right now yeah what do we owe you go ready so we carry three of the speaker lines they may not we make they make a you know an entry level 650 Thank You William at that Williams thank you buddy which is awesome considering yeah hello from Australia let's go alright so the first set of speakers we're gonna have is going to be the morale should be the máximos okay so this is the maximum mid bass right here all right now what's there's nothing special about this particular speaker other than it says morale it was designed by morale it's not made you know every manufacturer now has the you know they're they're like folk al folk al has the k2s they have the flax and then they have it system bottom the other bra yeah the other speakers they make such as the access the integration and the auditor and those are designed by them but they come from places unknown yeah this is the Morel version of that so the things that make Morel special this is just something I design and these are extremely affordable if you want to get in Morel they have now this whole pattern here that you see how this is round like this this is a Morel thing this is what they do and of course that's their cool logo this is a really nice sounding entry-level speaker it comes with comes with the tweeter comes with an angle mount it comes with this cool angled surface mount kind of reminiscent of the old Honda Accords or Integra style mount and of course the tweeter pops out and it's a decent sized tweeter for what it is but this is this is entry level now the nice thing is like these are the crossovers okay these little guys here so it's it comes with an outboard crossover Network that's small a lot of the times these things are gigantic and they're hard to fit so for an entry-level hello from Vegas alright next you're gonna get into the tempo series and now the tempo we have for you it's gonna be the start of what really makes morale morale okay and that is any time you want to look at morale what the first thing you want to do is grab it you want to look at the this area right here the voice coil where it meets the surround which is gonna be really hard for me to show you you see if this helps hang on so that area right there right inside if you notice where it meets that surround it's fairly big okay now what I'll do is I'll go back here and I'll compare it to this guy right here okay that's this is fairly small okay this is I keep saying okay I apologize this is fairly small so when you come up to the next level you're starting to get into what makes Muro Muro which is the bigger voice coil mirela is a slow speaker they're not really efficient they're designed that way because they're slow and musical I know it's not Saturday we're playing fun with morale today these have a big magnet on the back it's just outboard magnet this is not typical of Morrell but this is getting into the Morrell thought process now this has the same tweeter as the other one as far as form function obviously to step up and then you get a little bit bigger crossover but what's really cool about the tempo line isn't necessarily the components it's the coaxial this is the coaxial look at the cool tweeter so it uses their center point technology that a lot of manufactures have we have a tweeter nice and flush and it's really flush in there and look at the size of that tweeter okay most of the time when you guys see these tweeters mounted inside of these things like these little tiny half-inch tweeters that are like a the reason why that tweeter can be so big is that the voice coil on this is a bigger voice coil so I've got two inch voice coil so it's it's just it's ginormous compared to what most people use for a voice coil now of course they make these are called the temple ultras when you get into the higher end the hiring speakers when you get into the coaxial those are going to be called Integris because that's just what they do hang on let me grab these these guys here are the virtues now the virtues are going to get you into the first version of a true morale speaker okay these are made in Israel now a lot of people think that morale is like Italian or French or German or something like that there's actually they're actually Israeli speaker manufacturer the names kind of throw you off because they don't make sense as far as to think of it is Rayleigh is something named virtuse but this is the verjuice okay now there's that same whole pattern right there but look inside where you see that green thing okay that green thing is the voice coil this voice coil is ginormous this is bigger than some subwoofers it you see if I can get the light again all right so look at the size look at the green area there you try to side light it yeah woo from the front yay so it's it's huge okay now the other thing you'll notice is look at the basket the basket is strange it doesn't make sense there's no giant magnet hanging off of that because the magnet is inside of the voice coil on some of them but bigger it's all stamped into place and you have giant voice coil very slow now where's the okay so what I mean by slow and efficient let's go over here to the virtues and we'll look at the six 1091 so the sensitivity on this is 91 DB on the four inch it's 88 on the five and a quarter it's 90 and these are 91 these are very slow they have neo magnets these are very slow and the hybrid yes the hybrid yeah that gets crazy I don't have the hybrids to show you though but if you really want to get crazy then you can get into the hybrids and the hybrids are the first that are gonna get you into a true integra line which is going to look like a really amazing version of the tempos now this is this is a this comes in a two way or a three way okay and why that's important is this is the mid-range okay see how thin that is and look at this check out the dome inside of this okay see if we can turn it get some better action here but the dome inside of this is


[Music] okay hang on Han give us a second [Music] I was going on on signal there you go why isn't it showing the action what happened

no signal to HDMI come on really

[Applause] I got a signal here watch out


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