Comedian Jay Lamont talks with the Tom Joyner Morning Show

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he's performance in nineteen tomorrow night at the downtown Dallas comedy show where well that's the Dallas of black Academy of Arts and Letters Curtis King if you don't know what the Dallas comedy show is and he's there to nine and tomorrow 9 he's a big friend of the show he's been on the show I don't know how many times he is jamming Jay Lamont what's up what's up what's going on man that's my real voice what's up with my man this is time Johnny that's right that's right I said time you can't go nowhere man you got to stay how many times have you been on this show in the last 24 years let me see this what year is this divided by four times man I've always like I said you're my idol man as far as radio I grew up listening to you and and I did radio immolating you so you know yeah I'm this is this is a blast man I mean to get that out bomber was here I want to thank Tom for all that he's done we're grateful here we're gonna turn this mother out give me a couple hours we're gonna turn this mother out yet you got the whole that one - yeah and I know Michelle gets on me about that I don't know what I'm telling you man I should Trump impersonation you know what I haven't tried to mess with him you know you know the but it's just that hand when he does this hand I don't know what's that what that's all about we have to do something about this I'm working on him I'm working on him trust me that's a heart that's hard to say Prince I think Prince is my favorite I do Prince Michael because I have to you know even in my shows I do tributes today right and do you do Dueling Prince and Michael you gotta see it yes indeed we're gonna work this out trust me you've got to see the show we're going to take it on the road don't even think about and don't even try don't even try so many Frankie Beverly you want some balconies let's get some hands together gang for a great friend of mine of course we know him you know him for the radio he's been in radio for many years gang he's a dear friend of mine of course you can catch him on the tongue join a morning show let's get some hands together gang for a big and that you should've gonna be big and how about at one time the tan Joyner and then you got to fall back

coming up next we got the Soul Train line can I tell you inside about Soul Train and danke Hotel me that's my show okay okay it would take it would take Don Canadia several tanks to introduce anyone you would think as smooth as he was and that was one take yeah no no to introduce to introduce me Stevie Wonder or anybody it would take like five or six takes but I heard that he would get real mad too cuz somebody who was there was an artist and I can't really name it said he was on the show one day they were trying not to lab because he kept messing up good enough he said let's welcome gang would you please give it a 1 yeah let's try that again one time you all be quiet y'all shut up over there dancers be quiet I'm going to do this again all day for just one intro he didn't have like four intros a show I could imagine this is a be tried one more time let me read the script here right going to miss mister you all be quite over that I'm going to do this one more time and he would get upset yeah I can't do this anymore this is too much balcony is in Spanish is that bientôt chorus the stuff in Spanish let's get some handle is the PM poker run contender for Luther mantle for luthier drove into the sea went to a Mexican church one time you know they have shirts just like a black church even make you wait somehow guru you don't get right with God I'm doing



we're gonna do communion when we go to a break take a little bit of this sip sip of this and then eat bless you brother and we have some good times in the past keep it going keep it going keep it going I've never heard of I've never heard of [Laughter]






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