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[Music] yeah I had to struggle yeah I had to hustle yeah whoa yeah I just struggled after holiday yeah I have to struggle for this I was just broke the bad bit since I never could hit now pull up with some shit break down the Sun I spent like a bend on my face what I do family she girls Tameka and I am back with another video listen let's get it out the way if it's your first time here stop right now stop hit the subscribe button go ahead smash it smash it smash the subscribe button hit that Bell turn on post notifications also because they connected that's all I need to do you know I'm saying like that series shout out to the supply instance he I think you guys so much for coming back and tuning in y'all ready no man I'm about to be reacted to my boy plan soon where I see he give us a nice little recap or what happened or went down at the Ace family charity event and I'm saying I was gonna actually do a reaction to that man but he's family don't play them games with the copyrights and Plus besides you know I'm saying I watched theirs and it was just it was everything I needed it to be you know I'm saying like that series so without further ado man we bout to slide right into this video down

look at legend legend did that fresh he fresh to death fresh to sleep he's so fresh you went to sleep like look at him Gucci die honey you know it you don't say then don't make no sense so I'm just now getting here this is what it's looking like right here otay I'm six I'm going LeBron today let's do it [Music]

you know before we've been heated to it that gotta be so dope shot it to looters YouTube platform and then you know I'm saying you see EDG there you see clearance and I see their man and it's just complete elevation shoddy and that shit is motivational as hell to me y'all y'all don't understand man it makes me want to grow so bad you know I'm saying just to see like what you can be if you just put your mind to it you know what I'm saying and you just and you just keep going by any means necessary man this is motivational for sale to me man shout-out to clearance NYC because honestly speaking 2019 is becoming very grand to this dude he got a lot of brand deals going on we gonna get into that man this pro Cee'd


[Applause] [Music] [Applause] shoutout to the ace family shutting 20,000 strong up in that thing bro like that gotta be a very very good filler man to come out on this type of platform and to just see it growing prosperous or something like this man you cannot hate on that shit man like these people are living a dream bro live yours by any means necessary no matter what it is you want to do bro it can happen look at this shit it can happen [Applause] we nobody looking like a snack you best believe it a strawberry shortcake on it yo that was really dope of Chris Brown something like he could be anywhere in the world man and he decided to go ahead and participate in this event and this is really really dope man like it just goes to show you shut it sometimes man when you just when you go after it you don't amine or whatever the sky's the limit so whatever can happen I'm going after it on this platform you know I'm going after it you understand me [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] my nigga deg you better score them but you do like dances yeah you shoot your shadow on and off the court and I appreciate it brother you're applying pressure I love it I love it I love it yo y'all stay tuned tonight premiering the video man you know they look you know the foursome that they did with the whole you know can I ever come tongue-tied right now I'm excited you know says should I send EDG the valedictorian


[Music] yo clear Perry money but you know what he does do this I gotta give him his props on this shit man he does bar but you know I'm saying yo if you're gonna play have a good game you want it to be tonight my nigga my boy was all he's shooting buckets you feel me [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] I think clearance probably feeling like LeBron James out there balling his boys out there - sorry that got to be a phenomenal moment man damn that hating shit y'all talking about you know saying when it's moments like this I guarantee that dude probably don't even matter you know I'm saying people continue to make all these dumb ass videos you know I'm saying just hating on evokes but why you're hating elevating you know I'm saying and I know that shit sounds so cliche but it's the truth you know I'm saying special banquet tables a shit because this right here is what it's all about my nigga and it's just like you can have opinions and shit but sometimes people just be going over the top with it and while y'all going over the top with it man that boy is getting it you know I'm saying here at the Staples Center with his son and his girl and a stepson you know them saying what brand deals you know I'm saying having conversations with Matt Barnes you think he cared about their pins and other people man come on


I don't know why but for some reason it reminds me of when Chris Brown first found out about royalty and I remember he was at a celebrity game sitting just like this for real - you know I'm saying she was probably like one doing her little dance and it's just really dope because it put me in that mind frame and just last shit shot at that dude was in the basement you know I mean yeah shame on y'all man [Applause] we should great [Applause]

is wrong is

[Applause] we look so freaking adorable she do like a basketball wife is supporting it man her man I love how they support each other shouting like and that's the key you know I mean all you have to do is start with a solid foundation man and just kind of pretty much come respect and share each other's dreams and then you have shit like this and it's crazy as hell because as I'm watching Claire getting inspired in Queen and get inspired it's amazing how they got two million five million and I'm saying and they're still inspired by the ACE family you're not I'm saying because it's non-step elevation or whatever you can't help but just feel something you know I'm saying when you see shit like this at least I do you know I mean this is this is dope as hell [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]



[Applause] [Music] [Applause] there you go


[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

[Applause] yo man yo I gotta give it up to Claire shut it like he playing real good especially the movement off the ball and I'm really proud of this dude because you never saying they're playing full court shot they'd he'd be hitting the breeze so you know I'm saying he's still in really really good condition that's crazy you know I'm saying like it's amazing how he could have had a new you know a numerous amount of choices of whatever Chris Brown the same way to that nigga got damn paint dance sing rap you know I'm saying late Gunners play basketball you know I'm saying he does it all it's just crazy [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I'll let him clearance me on the boards like this to shot it like that as is I think handed over like 20 uh 20 points like seven rebounds or something like that six assists like three steals like to do had an epic ass game for his debut where this shit right here was live bro [Applause] [Music] [Applause] come on come on [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] come on Claire [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

[Applause] your technical austin jay is automatic shit seriously that bless Steph Curry with the shot bro like I was watching them too bro like that Boykin who like dead serious he got a dope ass he got some dope ass form with it

[Applause] Oh lose away screen that's what you're supposed to do support sambucas yeah there whooping open [Applause] the breeze gonna come out he bout to die I understand that it's alright though he made it through sunny he pressed her vir you understand what I'm saying let's see with DDG talking about cuz you're nothing to do said he was no score at least fifty he deal were like eight it's alright no DDG you scored

[Applause] [Laughter] I'm tired right now I barely move my arms I'm holding legends like this is Chris Brown he's a lot better than what I thought say he nice you know what it's so crazy because Chris breezy wasn't even really balling balling balling but that boy plays that basketball like did a serious man I didn't watch that boy do some epic shit on that court it's crazy because if he really wanted to play basketball Chris breezy he could've definitely did it he could have definitely didn't a number of things he's good at football too it was like God just was like man do whatever you want so something like that serious man dope but I've got to know I know for a fact like this man feels so good he had his whole family there he showed the hell out you know I'm saying like seriously just got to be a dope-ass thing even Matt Barnes woman it was in his comments like what you open that's huge you know - Chuck Danner but we won like I said I knew we going too much too much too much that was really teamwork I felt like I was like on a college game or like a hippie eight nine it got crazy in there really it made it better than


[Music] they treated treating us and treating us so good to my family security helping us out a lot of people you know today's family they're gonna show up and show out though man one thing about it man when they do an event it's gonna be over-the-top event you know and I'm saying like seriously man shout-out to the ACE family dog like they another family that's elevate man beautiful beautiful and it's amazing because like I actually started going back in the crates watching there man and just to see their elevation man and the evolution of their channel man it's inspiring it's so inspirational and everything I can't help you know Sam but get all giddy inside when I see shit like this because there's so much money out here for everybody to win in so much success for all of us to share you're not I'm saying it's really no need to hate or it's really no need to like concentrate on people negative shits when we could be celebrating the positives and like you know I'm saying elevating as a unit but people don't get that you know I'm saying we so big on you know saying want to have the best story and shit like that even if it compromises each other and that shit is just lame as hell to me I'm sorry I could never rock with that I just continue to grow slow and slow but at least my shit would be organic I don't want to have people lured to me because of a certain reason or you know I mean because I'm hating on a certain person I'm not doing that man but let's proceed with the video man good vibrations on this to me was an amazing video it was amazing video for so many different reasons you know I'm saying that's the smaller youtubers you know I'm saying it does it gets so so hard to get people to give you a chance and then I'm saying and you have to actually really really trust the process because sometimes you none of mean we don't have those moments to where we can have those big collabs and things like that right off the back so you really have to put in in the work by any means necessary even if you work it doesn't matter there's no excuses if you want to grow you got to go after it I admired this video for so many different reasons because you're not I mean I love the royal family you know I mean they're gonna always have my support and it's just amazing because like in a year and a half time or this time last year you know a lot of people with shitting on them for being in the basement get out of me and they could have like that just crumbled a whole relationship but they stuck to their guns and they trust their process and a year later you know I'm saying whatever they got their own cribs they did they meeting people mary j blige matt barnes chris brown the list goes on and on and and I just seen meet me on the Queen by the doing gigs got together you know I'm saying so it's like sometimes my god you can you can listen to the negative nancies for motivation or just for them to like that fire point of your ass but for the most part don't pay the folks no attention because this is doing nothing you have had a friend that just talks all day but you really don't listen to him because beard looks like this this kid doesn't have one hand on his face dark not to mention it's grabbable so you know what the ladies like to do the difference between me and my friend is you everywhere don't be my friend be me and look your age you know an attention to dedicate is only temporary you know I'm saying so like shout-out to the ACE family shoutout to the royal family man this right here was so motivational to me I loved every moment of it in Clarence he went a man shoutout to plants or whatever he just got a real real big grand deal with Hugh for man you know I'm saying I think uh Matt Barnes just like the part owner or he's you know I'm saying or I know he's half of the company pretty much like that or whatever but uh Clarence had a opportunity to go to Matt Barnes house they chopped it up man I'm pretty sure that Matt Barnes is dropped number Jim Jim's to this man so like you know I kind of get it cuz I be understanding sometimes like it's so aggravating like one's the royal family not saying that this is why you know I'm saying success before you know I mean like why would he listen to the advice of somebody else you know I'm saying when he can get gems from Matt Barnes you see what I'm saying you do the math you know it's not even know balance so I totally get it man and I can understand why these fall to be so involved because they continuously continuously elevating and that's all that matters at the end of the day you know I'm saying so shout out to the royal family man y'all keep doing y'all don't listen to nobody on these platforms bro y'all getting it you know I'm saying so they can keep trying to come check y'all but whatever y'all doing man guy having God has his hands on and that's all that matters woody you're not mean if you want to see some more videos like this get us video a thumbs up you know I mean drop whatever you guys want to see in the comments man again I appreciate you guys support I really really do man I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart you have no idea and with that being said I'm a cat shoutout

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