New BMX Tricks at Woodward West!

by: Adam LZ

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it is day two here at Woodward camp and we are here at the crater crater skate park something like that the Goldsman trying to get me to do a trick up this stuff up it's kind of big it's hard to tell on the fisheye

Nicole's been practicing her drop ins all morning I am kind of scared yeah killing it where's the jam gonna the dirt jumps let's go okay what words having a scrub contest and I want to film it so I'm not gonna ride in it vo oh you got ya

foul in the scrub we got a massive train coming oh that's how you know you're scrubbing hard enough I was too sick everybody go there yeah sure I think you see me go to the rims let me go first okay Marv - hi

before she was having a hard time just getting through the course about stopping so she's been killing it

yeah Nicole

this album goes over the hippies get onto the bear moans pumptrack the answers out it's gone over to him Oh a nice little weapon what's gonna do with this fine Anton nice well check out the sick new shirt oh yeah I forgot about it like the video if you like the shirt

Pumped on that oh you have a first right go to the spoon start off my camera

just start I have this little thing at Woodward that you call second day soreness basically you get to Woodward and you're so excited to ride everything that you just ride your heart out the first day and then the second day you just feel miserable I've been trying to tough it out through the day but I'm like super super tired so I'm gonna go home rob for a little bit you're coming so I don't have to keep doing tricks all right yeah you're broken too right Adam explain but yeah I separated my shoulder a month ago on my elbow hurts too so I can't do tricks and look beautiful that's what I'm here for Jon you know it's in the water right now this hasn't been a thing in a long time so I'm going to film at him jump his bike excellent I feel like a lot of people are staring at us we're all looking at a gold corner jump in wow that was nice I probably should have talked more in the clip I could probably start hitting it left now I could probably start hitting it left now are the proper serving your left now yeah Rob yeah yeah Rob this man goes both ways I'm gonna show Brittany what I've been working on I haven't seen this dad and Lana do subscribe to see I don't know what this is no oh I want to see this this is very exciting this is very neat do you like my legs comment below oh it's gonna go way better okay things are going to improve drastically okay oh that's that was that's it that's it for sure so here I am it's an abuse Anne's for never been done or no biscuits de nada oh my all to me that was it and he's in my animal oh I'm so I've done that that was way too casual dude I feel like I gotta do it in the line like questionably I don't know if that's ever been done I don't think it and I know what anyone would want to do it yeah I don't think I'm even Burt we gotta come over the name for this okay and it can't be the he need some milk okay yeah rocket is back bags so front peg should be rocket ah spaceship no what's the opposite of a rocky opposite of a row is it a shuttle a space shuttle space should we call it the Space Shuttle dysphasia Space Shuttle bar yeah dude yeah pretty good shut up the NASA Titusville wrecking hard Thank You NASA we really appreciate it cuz I'm done it without you guys send us to Mars god he landed it no lie I've been trying that for like a really long time and I just didn't think is possible but it works some hyped this guy says its first try every time I do something and it's never first Drive thank you for believing we're on a roll with learning a new tricks I want to try the Nelly 5 bitter be a quick fakie boy I tell you what that's it that was that that wasn't yeah ok do that sear you can nollie 7 oh my good oh that's it that's all you got way too pumped right now I gotta thank Rob do you guys remember that like reality TV show we filmed that we never did anything with oh yes Rob and John I don't know third try I film this three times now with the mic off John's gonna get a line cuz John tell me my one job was to not take 50 tribes filming not one true shut it - Tanner Fox in the background

yeah John yeah John Nicole's been working on her fly outs and I told her that if she can get air I will get her a peeny tonight pedal pedal pal oh you definitely got in there on that one for sure I'll check on the camera but I think you did paddle paddle paddle oh yeah definitely in there on that one when a freeze-frame that so you can send it to your mom she'll be so proud Nicole what just happened some boys from from the neighborhood came as visitors we're not even campers and he brought me hot peppers these are spicy are you sure about that honestly you should really take a bite just to thank them those are so spicy are they like spicy food mm-hmm how do they they're pretty good oh my oh you deliberately gave her hot peppers you just shot a murder his wife Adams proving to me that my bike can pedal hard okay I believe you ready Nicole make your little shoes got dirty when I ate dirt got it you got it you got it good bro Oh such a stupid mess up

so ready he lands this you gotta like the video like that video click it smash it last trick of the night that good that's good ah wow that resi poor receipt look like you chew it again come on come on panda panda Panda come on panda panda oh that Panda yeah that was all Panda what was your reward vibes you are you and me yeah this is the panini the Nicole has been waiting for all day what's in a Nicole nobody Infinium oh I provided them the banana she did look at her help in the world I'm just super pumped on how I rode today if you guys are pumped on me like actually learning new stuff and trying stuff hit the like button and stay around because we're at Woodward all week and I want to keep trying stuff but I need you guys to encourage me and give me stuff to do that was a really long outro and I learned new stuff to buy keep watching subscribe thanks bye okay Rafi be excited when you say that

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Despite how stupid it may look, I had been wanting to land that first trick forever. I love stupid tricks - they're probably my favorite part of BMX. It's only our second day at Woodward and we're already having a blast and learning a ton. Stay with us for a new Woodward video EVERY DAY!

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