When all the Animals want what you have! (you know your in Trouble)

by: Lumnah Acres

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good morning modern stutters mr. Lovett is ready to go milking oh my goodness

when I keep the kids outside today she can have a little bit chafee at first

save some paper willow puts them back in the bucket just a hint there you go that's good leave the rest out there the chickens want it too all right let's go get set up for willow she comes at her green alright put it in the dish

just push it closing there you go she seems nice and full this morning start

yeah boy will you get a great job like that huh in the clip he's brushing yeah yeah good job nope you had enough grain that's our treat ready to go out here anyone go out come we'll get you out oh there's mama here with silly kids you didn't teach your goats not to poop on the goat bed what's the heck Libby says no pooping on your bed blossom says yeah hung up poop on my bed you're the pooper so we should start calling you pooper instead of blossom the milk stripping that's okay and the chickens want it well this is the most amount of milk we've gotten in one sitting

so 2/3 of a pint we have people ask us all the time about our pig electric fence charger I keep two old batteries on hand in a trickle charger and I keep one charged up

then it seems like about once a month give or give or take I'm gonna swap the batteries out if I was better keeping the grass underneath we'd whacked the battery would probably last longer puts those grass and weeds that fall on it and we've been getting a good amount of rain lately Lorraine's keeping that grass wet and making it use up more of the batteries

what are you doing the chickens are going to eat your grain you better get them whenever I cook up fried potato as a home fries I always make sure we cook up enough to have something breakfast

you're watching the chickens and the pigs [Music]


[Music] don't hear [Music]




we have a couple of last year's chickens left over so this year we're gonna throw a colored zip tie on the chicken b-boy both the freezer that way we know which one's a which and which ones to eat first [Music]

I wonder if the pigs are in their pen or during the pasture lynxes oh my goodness they're sleeping and the goats are crying for you we found an old stool that I made for my mom I don't know when beep it's what's for dinner I think I mean in high school they grow they crying for you [Music]

I'm gonna go far you gotta feed what are you doing

she'ii be hfh oh um I think when she eats the grave she not funny how she yeah where she likes to chat too

boy well oh what a difference a week makes you such a good milker already been using the homemade hobbles for so what a second a third time you're doing so much better is that why the kids weren't making any noise you've been out here with them they usually blatent while we're milking Oh Gina bring you some raisins it's a good reason you're crazy


oh she's giving out what are you doing

you made it a little bit further all right what's that yeah it's dirty what we're gonna end today's video

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