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hello everyone it's me John Lordan and I'm back with another edition of brain scratch and we're back to kind of my what I'll call my core investigation basically the case that has just really grabbed not only my attention but the attention of many subscribers and commenters on these videos and of course there are just so many questions that I'm going to fire up another video and start up some more conversation and see if we can kick around more ideas about what might be going on in the investigation of the murder of ELISA Lam so just to get started here's a quick picture of ELISA and this is actually from a video that a new friend of mine through this whole case made he made a memorial tribute to ELISA so I'm going to put a link down below so you can check that out for yourself I believe he released it right around her birthday which I thought was kind of a cool thing and it's pretty well done and it also kind of helps remind us that this is a person you know this this was a life that was cut short too quickly I also want to give a quick shout-out to a new friend of mine Colin McGuire who has helped do some research and sent me a bunch of information I don't know if you all know but I'm not on Facebook I just choose not to be on that platform but Colin did a bunch of detective work basically on Facebook for me to try to flesh out more of the story of Sarah lamb Elise's sister and he sent me his analysis which was great and basically the short of it is Sarah lamb appears to be a real person she got married there's footage of her wedding and her husband actually called out for help on Twitter quite a bit when ELISA went missing so that's kind of a new little aspect that I hadn't seen or heard of before and once again leads more credence to the story that this is a real family this isn't some kind of fictional creation for Hollywood to make Millie in a movie even though they are going to make millions when they make the movie but so just wanted to thank Colin about that now there is there's one piece of evidence that I haven't really talked about too much and many commenters are asking about it so that's what this video is about and that is that there was some graffiti on or close to literally on the array for the water tanks and it looks pretty fresh so new friend Rick Lee Explorer here actually commented on this also and in his comment he spells it out Fecteau hunter suma which according to many people appears to be Latin but I've seen other people try to translate it into other languages with all kinds of varying results but it seems the most credible thing that I can find is that it is an extremely old Latin saying which is not very nice - Rick's comment here the it translates to in fact she was a cunt and that's I've seen all kinds of variations but basically that's about the feeling that all of them have it's it's a derogatory term that was left near the water towers and here in his picture of it so what strikes me about this picture is well first of all we see the this is the tank I believe that she was actually found in and there is a ladder that's there and it's kind of questionable if that ladder is there all the time or not according to certain reports I've seen they don't leave the ladder up there they have to take it up there and then according to other people it's actually changed to that so there's a little bit of debate about the ladder but just even looking at this photo here this is written in white and if you look at it very closely it doesn't look like it has aged very much there's also a bit of markings up on top of it like almost like a sunburst or maybe it could feasibly be water like splash of water which is very curious I haven't really seen that this is part of the official investigation of course we haven't seen a lot of details about the official investigation but there are a ton of people that are asking about this so I just wanted to touch base on it and leave a forum for us for you so that if you want to drop some comments with your thoughts on it below please go ahead and do so now I had another new friend via YouTube send me some information and their analysis on this and they actually found a picture of another part of the roof that was also tagged with the same saying although it's written a bit differently Fecteau suma cont and her it's almost like it's the same words but out the border but what's interesting about this is it's actually tagged with a date of 2012 and we all know that Alisa died in early 2013 once again it's written in white once again it doesn't look like it's weather very much so it would be my feeling that this rafidhi was done probably in the second half of 2012 but definitely outside of the time frame that I think Alisa was up there so just based on this is I know it's not a whole lot of evidence but based on this very small piece of evidence my feeling is that the graffiti is old that it was already up there maybe the police did look at it maybe they saw this other one that was tagged in dated 2012 and they decided that it wasn't part of the case we can only speculate about that in terms of tagging there's a few things that kind of hit me about this first of all why write something up there I mean usually when people tagged something they're doing it so that other people see it I mean if you drive around LA around the freeways you see that it's usually high populated areas places that have a lot of traffic that get tagged so why would you sneak onto this semi secure roof even if you used the fire escape to get up there to tag it who you think would be your audience that would see that up there so that kind of leads me to another thought obviously this roof is not very secure because people are getting up there and doing things such as tagging it also in terms of the words it really doesn't make a whole lot of sense if you if you want you can run a Google search on this actual term and you will see many different conversation threads going on all kinds of different websites and there's kind of this general general feeling of this isn't a statement that like a general taggart would write you know kind of sounds like something that someone that's some kind of psychopath would write but what I find interesting here is that the words are so much out of order compared to the writing on the water tank that maybe it's not a sentence you know frequently especially in Los Angeles what we will see tagged are the names of members of some type of group or gang and it could be that can't imagine some guy running around calling himself cunt but you know there's all types out there so especially because the order is so mixed up here's something with me is saying maybe it's not a whole phrase maybe it is indeed separate words for some reason that were just being laid out of out there so I don't know if you have any other thoughts on it or any other research or input please drop it below and I'll take a look at it but I think that's about all I can say on the graffiti if there's anything to take away from it it's that obviously this rooftop was not secure it well and people were getting up there and doing other things and so much so the person that tagged this thought that other people would see it at some point and I don't think this was written just for the hotel staff so but it's all speculation right there was something else I remember when I was looking through Lisa's multimedia before that I saw a picture somewhere that said the word cunt and I found it just kind of odd I went back and tried to find it I can't find the picture she has a lot of online media and as a matter of fact I want to leave links to all that in the description so you can check all the accounts that I found I think there's possibly a Facebook account for her so if any of you have that please send me a message with it and I'll add it down there but as far as I know in the description you will find on top of the tribute video you'll find all the links for Elise's online media I came back to her Nivelle niveau tumblr and there's something that kind of struck me about it first of all it's been updated since after her disappearance with which some people have thought might be due to her cell phone missing that you know maybe whoever has it was still updating to tumblr for some reason other people have told me you can have timed posts in tumblr where you kind of set them up ahead of time and you say you know release this on this date but there was something that hit me kind of strange today when I was looking at all this see this picture here this lady's name is Alisa Nalin and a li N or now N and this photo was posted to this tumblr account on January 29th 2013 which we can assume at that point that Alisa still had control of her tumblr account and you can see that she was really kind of posting a lot of artsy stuff you got an old picture of Bowie here a lot of cool paintings and artwork but what is strange about this and if you come to her tumblr be sure to go into the archive section so you can see it grouped by month I do have to say the way they group this information is really bad for trying to go back through it because the dates are pretty much out of order but at least you can get it grouped by month if you go the archive section here's January here's the cutoff for January and then up here this is all February and there's a lot of it and it looks extremely similar in tone to the posts that happened in January it's very very odd and what's even odder is if we go to March 2013 once again we see Elise and Allan so I looked her up Oh Before we jump there April 2013 once again Alisa Nalin an Allen and June 2013 there she is again so I did just a quick search on her and she is a big person in the fashion industry she's got tons of Google images but I did find it kind of curious that basically there's this other woman named Alisa tied to this whole case and for some reason her image keeps coming up on this tumblr over and over after ELISA Lam has passed outside of all that I took a look real quick at just how many murders go unsolved and I found this great article also put down in the description from NPR 1/3 of murders in America go unsolved and this is actually changing that here it states that 50 years ago they would solve about 90% of homicides and now it's down to 64 point one percent however if it's a homicide involving a police officer which traditionally are harder cases because there is usually no linkage between the person committing or sometimes there's no linkage between the person committing the act they are almost always solved so there's definitely a culture happening within the police departments of not getting these cases solved properly this article goes into a bunch of reasoning around it's a great read I really think you should check it out but that's about it for this one I just wanted to kind of tie up some loose ends and then I in trying to tie up these loose ends I hit this new question about this other ELISA and it let me just leave you with this thought this is just something that kind of spins around in my mind because the tumblr account looks so similar from January to February and February has almost a full month's worth of postings is it possible that ELISA Lam actually queued those up to be released that following month knowing that she was not going to be alive is it possible that she's trying to tried to set herself up to become a supernatural story within the internet ahead of time it's really strange I guess it's also possible that whoever took over her account after her passing wanted to make it look like she was alive still for a while or once again add more credence to this theory of supernatural elements being around this story and who has to benefit from that I think Sony Pictures the Cecil Hotel I mean there's definitely a handful of people so that's it for this video we will go into more of these loose ends in the next video including the invisible light agency and invisibility cloaks and some other stuff that's kicking around I'm going to start reaching into the myths a bit more and just try to draw up some conversation around those so we can check those out together and see if there's any credence thank you so much for joining me on this edition of brain scratch do you feel it I sure do every time I look into this case I hope you're having a great day thank you for all the support and I look forward to reading your comments take

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