z1unknown Ash Ranked | Gimme Gimme

by: z1unknown

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it's about time [Music] I can get us out of here alive stay close and follow my lead [Music] that bad

prepare for battle [Music] this guy said what killed he'll cuz I'm DPS tank on Arrakis he tells me to get rejuvenated okay oh my god oh my god three two one save me boys save me boys save me

where the hell's well we just lost that entire side of periods even in love

[Music] that was a close one [Music]

[Music] give me a beam holy shit I don't like this team dude

don't my helping to come to help me wait he's running cherish seriously [Music] he's running cherish oh my god

I'm gonna be dead bugs on the tree again sir enemy killing

the strap may actually be they just not not push it all just give it up save our morale

so I so quite a bit of drama attack

hang on boys does my shield block the terminus swings is that a thing like actually I don't know doesn't that's enough of it does

No okay 30 seconds remain I didn't hit the lovely this bucks gonna die he's getting staggered down second swimming nine eight six five four three two one time

is anyone else on this thing

all right

[Music] Hey

oh hey Korra

capture point spawning in the game sounds too loud okay I forgot to lower it leave there you go in there yeah um three

hey thanks thank you for the subs check outside cute Kieran and cats meow thank you so much for something I shouldn't - out there I actually just press my f button and thought about it

shit at a second left on my shield


don't touch it dumb dummy

get that bud

nice hitbox fucking nice literally on the other side of me

I can't I can't worry about the spot I need to get up here

Papa I needed that





I'll take it I guess

they get it I did everything I could on that thing to get it everything I could sorry

either on fortress breaker the other thing that extends the range on Ash

[Music] eight seconds okay three two one yes yes

big-ass hitboxes dude is palace


the hell are you going

ah thanks oculus for the sub I didn't know if I wanted Chronos but I don't think I need it

Elsie's just in case you're welcome my mistake I am


fucking turn around Victor deal with that oh we're living on the edge now boys crisp rag it out

9:8 oh shit I got stuck on him I got stuck in now I can't get a shield reset oh my god

fuck off oh I think of me shield reset because I had a siphon call bullshit is terminus Haven our blast boys

flank right flank lastly capture point spawning does it come in black

five four three two one flank right

I should have Alton I didn't have a note though I wanted the whole as soon as I saw all four of him I was like honey at all


enemy killing spree

fuck you fucker I got a touch like I was looking at the Leon too much I was looking at that Leon like damn I want to bash it over there and get her I don't think I could even shield the term off could I can I have shielded that where's it just everything in the range I might have been able to yeah yeah I didn't know to shield it


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