6x01 : Nate/Lily/Rufus #1

by: windizeful2

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you both look so relaxed haptens good for the soul well yes the Hamptons were lovely but nothing compared to the Seychelles where Bart and I renewed our vows which was restorative our time with Erica off the African coast was being highlight and he worked for mr. Chuck well we're hoping Charles used his summer to relax as much as we have well I'm sure as soon as he sees a happy couple you are happy family won't be far behind I'm not so sure look at all this take weeks to get through that Serena was keeping the apartment in order well that was the deal and said she's been ignoring my texts are a primary mode of communication I assumed she was taking care of it Vanya when is Serena gonna be back so you know I haven't seen her all summer

I really appreciate you taking the time to meet with me yeah well it's nice to have someone else asking the questions for change plus professor Peyser taught my favorite journalism class at Columbia well clearly it worked I mean look how successful you are well we're about to find out I think it's really brave you deciding to run the spectator on your own no investors no partners no safety net wait are you here to freak me out or write a paper on on my paper sorry I'm just impressed I wouldn't be going it alone if I didn't think I could succeed and I have a story on horizon I know it's gonna secure the company's future you wouldn't happen to want to give professor peiser's class an exclusive uh no but I like your initiative and if we're still in business by the time you graduate maybe I'll interview you for a job Billy hey how are you uh Serena no I haven't heard from her all summer I assumed she was somewhere between Tulum and the Turks and Caicos well hey though don't don't worry about it Serena's disappeared on us before but we always find her and she's always fine yes okay Lily what are you doing here I thought you wouldn't bark were circling the globe in an 80-foot yacht well he got with 110 feet as most people have actually been on one collar to boat all right soon he didn't come all the way to Brooklyn to tell me that no I didn't come here to tell you anything I came here to ask have you seen Serena she is missing and I thought she might have sought out Dan well Dan's in Italy I haven't seen her heard from Serena oh really is that why your sweaters here Oh Rufus you have reached an all-time low I mean first you let her hide here and then you lie to me right to my face that's reigneth sweater it's mine what is going on here Ivy's been staying here here with you Lily could I get you a glass of water you don't look well I assure you I am quite all right unlike you there's nothing wrong with Rufus he saved me and after I tore up your check he wrote me I had nothing I was on the verge of doing something desperate and Rufus opened his home to me gave me a second chance I don't know why matters to you but she's sleeping in answer it doesn't matter to me none of it does my daughter is missing god knows what happened to her and I don't know why she would ever

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