Dropped/"Runaway" Stitch Repair In Knitted Blanket - How To Deal With Yarn Overs

by: Bronislava 4 HandmadeRukodelky

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[Music] [Laughter] class right and we're trying to fix this so we have this started running over here and so what I will do is it looks like we don't have to do really much except we need to position these two yards we need to position these two yarns over the the second one goes over the first one and then I take the first one becomes second but I take that first one or second one now and I will run it through and then I take the second one that became first one and I will will run it through with the hook okay and now I will do the same thing I will take the second one this is the first this is the second I will put it over now the first that is second I will use the hook and pull it through the loop and now I will go and take the second that is first and pull it through the loop again and you can see you can see like over here this this is where it was knitted right so you can see that twisted oh you have to come over here this way or lift it like this there so here okay so you can see let me go and just pull this up a little bit you can see how it is twisted in here and that twist I'm doing right in here I kind of had to think how it will be you know first I did it that I did it over but that was wrong I have to go with the first one under the second one under so the second is over the first one in order to see this twist so we are going to go and again pull it through the loop then we take the one that was and pull it through the loop okay and again this one goes over the first one and then we take the first that is now second and again the second that became the first that is here in front of us gonna have that twist okay see and we're fixing it but it's gonna be a big mess when we get to the big hole let me go and show the viewers that's that I'm not really sure how we're gonna fix but at least we can fix this

we'll have to knit somehow something to do that come all the way over here I think it got big hole because of these this ripped see did you tie it I don't know I remember you know I haven't I haven't seen this blanket in a very long time I just found it recently yes and decided to bring it okay so we have to look which one is first and this one is second so you have to make sure that you don't take the wrong one the third one for example or is this one a second you see you have to go and look yeah this is the second so it stopped all right so that's so that's how you can go and where you were adding stitches because this this was this twist means there was yarn over and over here this right there where you knit two together or slip slip knit and this is knit two together and over here are the one that you do yarn over that's why you have this you know this this one is going this way and that one is going in that way in that direction those those pigs but doesn't look the best doesn't it but it's better than before right yes all right you want to try I'll direct you very talented student I can uncover student like the students both here now you ladies are not students she is doing great job because she's staying in the middle she you know you have to make sure that you do not go in them to the side because when you're using that rookie to tense people tend to go into the side



thank you I learned from the best so here we are this is where we started and you can see how it looks now much much better except something so here we have to fake it right iris we will fake it in here somehow just to make sure that that hole is not as big okay thank you very much thank you for watching and we will see you another time

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