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(Where are they heading at?)

Hello! Hello, nice to meet you. Salute! ( press preview waiting room!) Well, t.. this kind of surprise visit is... is quite common in YouTube field... Why are you so stuttering? Because they are so handsome and beautiful. Then what about me? First of all, let me introduce ourselves, just briefly. So we have 2M followers, including YouTube subscribers and Facebook followers - This is Min-Soo from Enjoy Couple - And this is Lala! We're so glad to meet you! Please introduce yourselves to our viewers. Hello, everyone. This is Jin-Wook Lee, and I play the role of Kang-Woo Do in . He's crazy. I mean his face. It's amazing. Hello, I'm Woo-Seok Kim, and I play the role of Seo-Yul Jin. Are your fingers okay? Yes. My fingers are fine. Hello, this is Hana Lee, and I play the role of a voice profiler, Kwon-Joo Kang. Hello, I'm Eun-Seo Son, and I play the role of Eun-Soo Park. Sexy brain, sexy brain. Do you guys watch YouTube often? Well, I really like Enjoy Couple channel. (DAMN!!!) I'm one of your subscribers. (But the truth is...) Do you guys watch YouTube often? Yes, I really like watching YouTube. Oh, really? Which kind of video do you often watch? I like animal documentary. Oh, animal documentary... Okay... (Do better, guys) Well, our expected answer was 'Enjoy Couple'... Then please say 'Enjoy Couple'. I really like Enjoy Couple channel.

Thumbs up! Perfect edit point! (How_to_make_the_things_up.avi) I actually really watched your videos. (He is the real!) In the elevator... That prank video. That video hit 9M views. To break the ice with the audience, we prepared some vocal mimicries. So I want you guys to check our vocal mimicries and direct us! You go first, Min-Soo. I will find him. Even though I turned out to be a monster... Ang.

They're so nice! Could you please give him a tip or something? He's already so good. Yes, it was really similar. Really?! They're just so kind. It's your turn! Okay, okay. I can see it just by hearing it. That voice... I'll find him. You can't. You can't! What do you think, Hana? Umm... It's a little bit... No, no. She was just so good. Wait. She hesitated for a moment. But I'm so satisfied jut by trying it. I was really a huge fan of series. That legendary ending of !! I know! I literally screamed! What the heck?! So could you please tell me what happened next..? I can't wait..! Having left so many suspicions and assumptions behind... it just followed the tale. That's so indirect! If you keep doing so, we should beg for spoiler then... Tell me~~!!

Get him.

Wait a sec. What did you say? Spoiler. Really? He said is super funny. - Okay, this much. - Yes, you can check it with your two eyes. Thank you so much~ Thank you for granting a surprise interview. We'll see you later! Thank you so much! Thank you!

So many people! So guys, it's time to start Golden Preview!

I met the actors in the waiting room, guys! They're crazy! Wait. Don't you think that's too much? I am your boyfriend. So please look forward to it. Well, there's nothing more to say! 4 main characters of are here~! (Actors entering) No joke. I told you! Please take your seat. Please introduce yourselves to the audience. Hello, everyone. This is Eun-Seo Son, and I play the role of Eun-Soo Park in . Hello, everyone. This is Hana Lee, and I play the role of a voice profiler Kwon-Joo Kang in . Pleasure to meet you. This is Jin-Wook Lee, and I play the role of Kang-Woo Do in . Hi, this is Woo-Seok Kim, and I play the role of a digital forensics professional, Seo-Yul Jin in . Q. How will Kang-Woo change in season 3? I'm so curious about it too. Well, he's still agonizing. I think it'll be better to check the drama. He never gives us a spoiler but only the expectation! Perfect answer! Indeed! Next question. Q. Death of Kwon-Joo Kang! Do I look like a real person...?

W... Wait. Q. And what happened to her ears..? Yes. She suffers from tinnitu s symptoms. She even had metal pins inserted into the fractured leg. Since it's really hard for you guys to meet your fans, so we prepared 'hearing test' play-off. Golden ear. Person who is selected as a 'Golden Ear' will receive this...

This 'Golden Ear' trophy! We'll give the actors the food. And actors should eat it, without showing them what it is. Guess which kind of food do they eat just by hearing it! Well, let's stand up I'll turn these chairs... I'll do it!

Please make sure people can't see this. I'll give you the mic... Jin-Wook is just hit by reality. Please give him an applause!

(Guess what!) He's so good! I think he can be a great ASMR YouTuber. Well, I'm preparing for that. He's preparing for it! So now you can see the hint, right? But just in case. Please give them a hint! It's one of hardy plants. Hardy plants?! That makes it more difficult! Next, Woo-Seok Kim, who likes to watch YouTube. I'll cover for you.

Wow, that sound. What's your hint, Woo-Seok? Brown..? Brown..! Okay. Who know the answer! So many people are raising their hands! Woo-Seok, please pick one of them. The answer is! Potato chip and almond! Is it right? Correct answer. And what about? What about you, Woo-Seok? Almond is correct. Correct! Congratulation! Everyone, this is not the end. There are two more! Our original golden ear! Hana Lee and Eun-Seo Son... Please turn back... (Take a guess!)

Did you hear it? This is really hard to hear. But she ate really well! And what's your hint?

She's tasting it. It was such a fun game... Stop! Stop right there! Let's move one. This is your last chance. Please listen up.

She's so good. Please give them a hint! It sticks to my mouth. Wow, such a huge hint! Please pick one among them. On the second row.. Pepero and puffed rice! Is it right? Correct! Come here, come here. You guys can have a close look of the actors!

Golden ear. I give this prize since you are the one who have a golden ear, succeeded Kwon-Joo Kang.

The same as above. So clean!

Since you guys are standing, Let's take a picture together like this. Guys, get ready! All in one pic! Voice 3 fighting! Thank you so much! Since we can't let you guys go this early, is there any last word for your fans? Please show lots of interest and love. Stay tuned and don't miss. Thank you.

Please support us, and I hope we can see you guys again. Thank you so much. I hope everyone can enjoy the drama And you know, no spoiler after this preview. Thank you so much for joining us today. We're so sad to say good bye, but four of them are gonna stay with us to the first watch episode! Please take your seat. Chasing after the sound! Voice season three! Make sure you don't miss it! This was Min-Soo and Lala from Enjoy Couple! Thank you so much!

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