Minecraft - Hard Core Hermits Ep3: Close Encounters!

by: GoodTimesWithScar

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welcome back guys episode 3 that dolphin just jumped in the air that was amazing oh you guys missed that that was incredible those dolphins pretty cool anyway let's get almost oh oh oh we did it again I thought things trying to go places no I missed it trying to get in the ocean I'm gonna help it across he's showing off for the turtle Derby in the boat now that now the total is dying dolphin trying to kill the tail hey please stop please stop dolphin this is behavior this is a I'm keeping my life I need some help nature documentary gone terribly wrong this is what happens when people get involved with nature peeps should've let it rights course not jeez what a depressing star for this episode a alright back under the mines see you guys no no no I need cheers from you oh yeah there's iron coconut - oh thank goodness cool damn yeah Cheers we need to put sheers in to get a point but it'll help us get a lot more points if we share some stuff to go in there like grass oh is Uma dear do you if you're going on a mission ox did you want to take one of the beds I should have had these before I went traveling yeah I'll come grab that well I can go on some serious travels thanks apparently I've got to go back to the jungle yeah so I grabbed a bed I think false has one and if you grab the other we should all be sad and ready to go leaves just ready oh okay yeah yeah chuck them in when you go on it's just that's the other thing I should have done when I was visiting yeah so many comments about that assuming you'd know if you should have brought some shears for your cheek just some diamonds hanging now no big deal over here oh you just found some diamonds yeah I must have missed them at some point making little pokey holes in the sides so I think with all the iron I think we decided right we should probably start getting some armor set up with the iron that we all absolutely okay just a little word down here it's a bit dicey you know if you if you get a few points for iron that's cool but if you if you die if a teammate dies that's like a handicap right then I found some gold oh nice that's the first goal oh I am pressure plate Gold pressure plate I was gonna make a gold chest plate and be really strutting around but alright alright all phones what's that I just picked up nothing what okay I've got a fern that was weird I got my Spruce elite as a Wolfie over here this is spooky oh this is one scary dice some eggs doing how many vines do we need like one for just grab a whole bunch and then I'd be rare best safe than sorry isn't it yeah just it takes two seconds to grab a little extra so you know and then you can grow them as well I turned your game on hurt me craft into a vine farm the other day just covered it in vines I could farm them yeah I did wheat and bread okay there might be a village oh this is so orange and hot oh so bad

yes there's a creeper just above me and there's lava and I really want these diamonds they're so shiny oh the Sun is about to go down right okay I'm doing a little more exploring I just figured that yes blow up sorry okay okay just oh there's more sheep Wow oh and there's FPS lag from the Oh glass that's oh and then you could dial the glass goodnight I'm working on right now stained stuff as well geez do you have the oxide Daisy saw it out oh this this there's basically a lot of items in my inventory I can just throw away oh okay I got the diamonds everything's fine okay how are you guys do we need to sweep sweep chase we do need sleep okay it's not quite time I can go away somebody's summer rose Oh does anyone make cobblestone slabs yet do that right I'm in the bed yeah oh you wanna sleep no I've got it all set up I'm sleeping got a mobile cave bed here you know with these beds there's not gonna be that much action but then later on we're gonna have to start hunting down mobs and items we need and then we're gonna have to visit like a guardian temple that's true hopefully we'll be more prepared then I don't know things never go quite a plan do they and someone tries to jump in your boat and you drove the boat away through a three-hour cruise I loved the way we went out I thought it was brilliant it was just so manic and hilarious yeah no it was great Wow okay right so I should get an emerald from a bit oh oh oh this is a good place to visit I've got a potato potato right we need it oh we just need food in general so yeah oh god the FBI this place is surrounded on all sides by a jungle and Oh none another else welcome to the jungle we've got lag in games not any actually games it's just like that's more that's a big whore that's a Darkling you trade in paper coca beans of course and you need to farm that false so I need to get a few of those there was something else in the jungle oh here's some more I'll have to take them yes I will I'm gonna gavel all I can seeks if I try and stay in this jungle my games gonna crash I think it's so dense is utterly ridiculous white like even the trees of fat you know the trees of fat st. going wrong so much cocoa beans oh this is it this is it oh no I've got 1 1 bar 1 1 little okay I better eat food better than I thought I thought I lost it surround yourself in blocks if you can found a nitwit I'm gonna come back up to the surface 3 miles might be an easier way to get what we need here right carrots now cool I guess I don't need a lot of those is the potatoes I should harvest right because of the poisonous potato all beetroot beetroot seeds and be treatable I'll just pick up this stuff for now ok I'm out of here so bone mill will help us get the beetroot but looks at it okay sugar cane I think you're done that Avenue I might be able to snag some books or a bookshelf oh yeah yeah are they carrots will they wheat [Music]

hmm I can steal this Blackwall it might be useful actually it's probably not once you met oh no black hole like black hole can make a banner a black banner this this village is really funky there's vines growing all over the buildings there I just realize that's not normal it's no it's it's like a camouflage it's in a savanna I don't think you'll see a village in a swamp aha is that beetroot yeah beetroot sweet okay I'm gonna bring back so many points wonderful don't need carrots some wheat tactical ladder climbing while letting jelly out of the room because she's annoying bad cat she knows you're recording it's her time now mm-hmm good to be back turtle in the boat everything's fine okay yes I can explore the world so much easy and I've got iron which I'm going to trade with some cobble and I got some bread I'm not sure let's rate this so we need to do these two need to go in the smelter that's we done polished diorite right yes I believe I believe all of those well I'm bringing back knee books which means sucks and also other things I'm gonna thank him off and there we go sweet the only thing I didn't get was an emerald from here but I think I'm probably not gonna have sank let's say get lucky and find one who wants to trade their own stuff oh I could trade their own potatoes for an emerald brilliant stole from potatoes from yeah used it to get an emerald wonderful

that was worthwhile and what is next on the cards for us then making some concrete oh goodness me yes and and gravel and dies by those dies yeah is that scarf putting in all these things yeah now is yeah yeah I made it I have you've gone any obsidian and a diamond pickers obsidian goes in then we can make an enchanting table but an enchanting table you go in as well yet to go to the nether yeah that's gonna I need to get so I need to make a bucket I need to get the lava and then I'll get the obsidian so bring the water down I'll bring the water down and then I assume that a water bucket counts an empty bucket counts correct yeah it does an empty full one a one full of milk if you see a cow nearby oh yeah there are there are cows on top of the hill so there isn't there isn't like a separate thing from kelp is there like long grass underwater is that a thing hmm oh seagrass oh yeah MVP over here now I need to find that horse that loves me where's that horse that loves me where I got your saddle or should I put the saddle in for a point I think I think is a better investment I think I'm gonna make some armor because it is getting dicey down in the caves now yeah good idea good right there did someone kill this sheep that was up here oh I don't know where my horse he is already gone well it's aimed one and then I don't know what happened it wondered could I say which one it was cuz I gotta know certain parts of it you know

right Oh what is that oh god there's a shipwreck all that means there might be some unique items for treasure oh I'm so checking it out is it me oh no something ain't bad is happening watching watching my video if the color of the video is starting to change is because the time of day a certain time of day my computer starts to dim the blue lights its to stop the strain on your I host it with OBS and I have no idea if it's affecting the OBS video but if it is then they will know do we have any air food make strange problem isn't it before I go back underground [Music]

we are just earning points there's only two pieces of weed over one of these I'm gonna Chuck Lee's interview site Apple that could make a Golden Apple and chuck it in here jinx all right I think that's are you gonna click that glass back yeah it's making a mess isn't it oh it cracked me let's make another chest oh this is really weird to look at I bet it's affecting my video on YouTube goodness me professionally now for all the viewers that are watching late at night it's good for their eyes too I'm gonna mix vines and cobblestone because I know that's the thing oh it's mossy cobble stone wall as well J's go in there oh let's get your cocoa beans farms as well so jungle logs and this right here alright back underground I go ha for obsidian this time so I put a water bucket in and let's see so water book so one empty bucket has been put in so I still need to put a water bucket and a milk bucket and what's the other one Oh a lava bucket okay so water mix obsidian then I can grab with the empty water bucket a lava bucket bring the obsidian up okay all right I have a task you can do it sky you can do I'm cooking up some potatoes for you as well my friend there isn't such all this beetroot soup I think anyone's ever been so excited about beetroot soon before going down how do I make the bait it must require a stuff let me know when you guys are ready for the all right all right hmm this is moving lava Oh bookshelf yeah a bookshelf bookshelf what other things can we make with books I'm made of shield yeah I'm making myself it's for one of each of these in the water and then you dig it up again make the leather helmet bookshelf awesome I bet the shield's already been done right it looks like it's gonna be sleepy time soon mm-hmm keep out on me I make glazed terra cotta again you should make a bigger furnace or eight that's like a number one thing on like you eat seeds just make a lot of them just make a lot of them oh wow folks MVP right here yeah indeed right I think it's sleepy time yeah oh that's movie what that's movie oh so scary waiting on you scar okay okay just lighten everything up it's super scary down here okay I'm good poof I'm in the bed cool doesn't kill us we're good so I'm gonna go in heads I think over to the dark oak forest and then I'll do the I do the bruise sorry no I haven't collected four light dies yeah you'll get a lot of stuff from those alright the Obsidian harvesting has commenced so do we want to get enough for a portal yet or hold off on that okay if you two want to go to the never that's cool I'll um I'll go on this adventure to visit other biomes there is old you know what should we try and breed tolls there's two of them on the beach just next to the dolphins it kind of looks like the Dolphins are trying to get to the tolls but if we breed them we get a item from the right you get the total helmet thing oh yes you need the turtle helmet azuma for total man we have to my tune forget these points forget brown brown brown whatever's we need we need to help it pursue I got 12 iron 5 emeralds tons of Nuggets and lapis from this treasure chest I also got a clock as well do I need to breathe do we need eight pieces obsidian for a portal is 10 yeah oh is it is it three is it three hi free on each side okay so 10 plus obscene for the box plus three for an enchanting table oh yes so but we need an enchanting table times twice right don't just oh we need note yeah yeah yeah because we need to throw one in throw one in the mystery kettle of sacrifice stop and come up with the name yet I've just found one chorus oh how many points are gonna be down there let's plunder the coral reef let's tamper with it destroy the reef destroy the hashtag destroy Oh pickles as well oh no no the sea pickles oh and it's like ten different types oh my that kind of lover oh my goodness me okay okay so that's okay good so far blue and red oh when I can't breathe I can't breathe ah this is super interesting so blue red yellow pink our everything's there so I've collected the five from the top and then I've got to do the five from the side because there's ten different types I think that's right I get that by the way we're coming up on the end of our episode I didn't get the pink one aha there you are okay until I get all the obsidian I've got to get there hmm oh and how do I click the coral blocks in this version yeah I think you need silk touch but I can mine it with a pic and probably get a dead one yeah so in order to get the five of those you need to type so still touch is an interesting enchantment to go after because it's expensive but I'm not sure how much it's going to yield us in return and that's it so we've got time for you know got enough obsidian


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