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[Music] we are headed positive it is propped up [Music] so it's me of course and it is one o'clock on Saturday May 6 and we are actually in what we I am with my family actually in Oklahoma Oklahoma to be exact for my sister if you guys have watched her blog you guys will know that she actually sings tomorrow night which is Sunday so I drove to Houston last night and then me my parents my younger sister drove up here this morning who left at like 4:00 a.m. and then you just drove up here and I got here like 11:30 noon like that so we have a heavy long but of course want to come here just to be here for the burst in discussions early you know before you be here so yeah Dionne is not here and he's not here because he okay so she's not getting induced until tomorrow night so she probably won't have a baby until tomorrow night or like early Monday morning I willing it's a pretty quick situation but diem actually has class Monday morning so there was like no point in coming down because he would probably most likely like to miss the birth nursing because he would have to leave here before the induction even see now before it's been dutch need to start so basically he's just not going to be here someone will come on FaceTime him in whenever things get started so yeah so he's still back in class I think he like went out and stuff hi with some friends or classroom classmates and now I'm here so we just went on a walk around her neighborhood because of course not walking is good to induce labor and so we talked around me my sister my sister's my mom how neighborhood just kind of get some Sun get her move in you know like a baby out mm-hmm music and oh yeah we are so excited I just recognized scale and really so cannot wait y'all can also see fair I can Alec to be on I cannot wait to just like experience this whole fishing the home was like well my younger sister were like cloud nah me and Kofi I don't know anything like you know genetic wait wait just hear Terry did you tell me what we should smell asking her you know how do you do this or what this mean and all this stuff so anyway that's not what I go and talk to some point but yeah they like to know he call me on that but yeah so anyways we're kinda missin around man I don't know what we'll do during the day again we're going to be here until like Monday late afternoon I don't know about leaving but basically we'll always stay here into Monday and then head back on Monday so you can all be back at work on Tuesday so that's the plan pissing off right now and all you guys updated hey all so it is known at 7:18 and we are here leastways I can't get too close up to her so I'm not forget she wasn't turned by so respecting her wishes but yeah yeah I don't like the past hour and

very ominous about my time three hours now and these things in bikinis and it's okay to be kicked in to think mixer net is huge you could say he use like one of aprons where she was because there's some question earlier about whether or not she her whenever addicted yourself metaphor to the whole wafer box I guess I would call but yeah like I said if that's really sitting there is violated now so for you like we came in reaching the point to where she can get that girl yeah no matter what it is waiting for that to get your version

yeah ready to wait installation Chris appearance here before but they all went they my parents are specific mom we went to dinner and of course will come back and then my younger sister pregnant on her way here occur exploit were helping up sis to water you go hang out so they're on the way back here now and then verses are formed specifically on I to push the person actually a present maybe you don't have a horse oh yeah okay protections over y'all using it trooper I'm surprised I'm surprised I'm surprised I'm at her for like groaning and like screaming in the book you that's been pretty intense sorry good so all in all which is that are pretty easy pregnancy I should have gone better if she didn't have like no complications at all like if she had no problem the engine issue yeah welcome great she does very easy anyways yeah we're just sitting here I'm sure this will be all night situation so but I'm not having that earlier because they executed possible for we got here my dad and I just took a nap for an hour so we're good to go Sharon cleaning for me be back football girl alright y'all so it is now at 9:12 still hospital room we she's over there portes over there she did bet her epidural so she's still in pretty good yet he has a pretty Pleasant who's on her face these days are this point I'm but she's kind of epidural so we're pretty good it's a while I had no idea one on slides export ends afterwards post pastas not going to be playing go so that's all done and then my younger sister and peace a minute Reina look over here wave that's Reina and that's a boy from TJ aware they just popped up apparent just go out there eating Mexican food to the starving so we should actually eaten a little bit they kind of got enemies could whenever lisa's they have a girl my mom hi call me to get my order for out because our out back some all have home and get my order for now bag like right envelope in her epidural assam on the phone like ordering because stick cops are lying it some shrimp in you know big potato salad brit all the stuff and worth at least Cantonese you know eat ice like ice and popsicles so she can't use available on the phones Gaius ordered the re no I wanted to go out because go eat outside so that way she won't have to smell the aroma comes on those Holly Madison one dude that's meanwhile starving in amazement at Facebook yeah Gerson here family going to maybe actually if you guys can hear that noise in the background actually Valerie's heart beating so she's beaten pretty nice and strong selfie gone good you had any polish complications yet we like on the ones away Bri off she had successfully training it participant to be humble about this up on the next row and that was an act like watching my sister go to this process has made me if anything maybe want to wait even longer this is a baby's good me this is about project but anyway so wait to the pantry get bag and you get the re always what have food and now I'm so happy because we are now in action I my parents coming up some foods from outback so I have let's see you have sirloin shrimp baked potato in there some butter Caesar salad Brits a little spread and then the toppings and stuff so this is my hop-hop-hop hospital meal and I'm in this little waiting room because like I said I didn't want to you know be eating long in the room with Alicia some just in this little simple waiting room will be playing it's just a normal arm so I'm going to eating here probably head back to the room I'm sure Holly be and repeat applied to say for another couple hours and then maybe not even that much longer I don't know how long we'll stay here but the doctor basically said that it's likely that she won't deliver until like 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning because she's you know still not violated very far along so I think one of us go back to either a hotel or Quebec situation Cortez's house and it sleeps there the night in it describe it here early in the morning so basically we have a long night and a long morning ahead of us but we are ready bow or your you girl good morning you guys wanted a daddy an order this is like that question and it is about seven oh nine in the morning at Sunday May 7th and we are headed to the hospital because it is about to the happen I guess we got a tech support is at four forty nine well let me return so last night me my dad and my younger sisters boyfriend we had all went back to Alicia and participate so sleep and then the mom to say don't fear because you know I'm all part and fortunately up there some kind of is waiting around especially get the text but Cortes text sense that like 450 and this fit that she was seven week seven centimeters dilated that they were setting up for delivery and then at six forty he pulled that she was crowning I've not heard about that you know come in so pretty daddy yeah ready because the people are started ru party yeah so we're excited it's just my dad's nine the carny on arenas but behind this but yeah I'm kind of Vertica here sighs it's like anywhere around it Oh anyways from now I'm just looking for Justine her little butt yeah where's the were so excited okay I can't imagine them all last night because you're you know who aren't there I can only imagine like the mom so long last night yeah and then I mention our condoms effect I can I touch your mom right now I'm sure much money but we cried already the Alison I want to write a last night that's the only thing that effect I hate about not being there is that I feel like whenever like I wish I could've saw Alicia whenever the contractions started coming back to where she could feel them in addressing the all itself I want to see like how she was taking the same like for the contractions like you know the contractions whenever their comeback is honestly just seconds and visualize you know that's fun to set up to see what it's like so anyways yeah so where is the hospital now hopefully whenever you get there she doesn't delivered you but or she is welcome I guess but yeah so we are headed there now we'll talk to you guys specific I also see me but I'm walking into the hospital now and I'm just I'm so excited I'm not even like warm it really anxious yeah unlike the room inches but I'm even more excited I just I can't give you just please we think that like you know I'm actually going to be in want now I'm actually going to have a little girl running around basically that slide you know like leblanc star family because some are bit off the first grant the branch out the family so she's our first need parents for screen channels like you like the first so I think it's a so excited because it's like the first baby of the family and like when we have some like despoil and you know just little does not work it's right ready


we kept the Parker a little one day already and they're tryna take your eyes hello there's the mom my mom Cortez wrong just think waiting out pretty engine oh yeah he's not seeking out my way but now listen yeah we're in the waiting room now just get to playing the waiting game wait please please do come down the hallway poor Jesse and I saw almost yeah how did last night go on after that epidural she looked great yeah did she sleep it she did it press both of them but and Alicia Oh seems I said before acero this is a hostile arena that I wonder if you hear about the points we're like the contraction part well if you could feel them again shoot okay what is below just a little bit okay yeah but so never I keep paying for anything afterwards oh good plan that we contain with all the cleaners holidays I'm gonna have nice all playoffs we're still in the waiting room well Alicia has delivered and above the moms are staring at a picture car they're broken the same thing analyzing the picture oh you know we should know is your conferencing yeah yeah particular feature of our imported food we be a picture and so we can go and see her in the back finally get the going you guys it's nice try to get Sophie her for the first time already I don't know yeah you're I thought not open but can I

pause here how are you feeling you know I'm not doing able I'm not doing it cockroaches sizes of less saturated I know he's trying [Music]

they did but then tomorrow over there [Music]


[Music] the tea colorful fresher and this is him [Music] understand I could be a Carioca good yeah like anyone [Music]


[Music] Raina's the babysitter

hey y'all so it is Sunday evening I think it's like five or six uh notes how many exactly but we are out with the sampling I can see back there my sister Allegra fizzes mom and this sister and her fiance are out here and we're just going to Empire pizza so I hope dog can hear me but as I was saying we are out with my principles my younger sister or his mom Cortez excuse me in cortezes sisters fiance we're crabbing dinner right now I don't not giving you guys update but basically this morning we you guys all we saw Belle and everything and then after like an hour rehab yeah

my daddy's bag oh yeah so around like without me leave daddy around like 9:00 attend this one from the yappin hospital yeah Coco 9:30 p.m. yeah okay yeah so we hit list so that way we can completion quartets and get some rest and then we'd explain and grab breakfast at IHOP and then it's headed back to the house in like NASA stuff you're all napping so now we're up and out part is a sister and her fiance just got here so now we're going to regular with them and then we're going back to hospital right row yeah so that's the brilliant here's the bunch right here oxen all right yeah that's what we're doing for the equity hoarded by from their bag yeah Silla it's perfect hiya

8:50 and we are back at the hospital room which is in Alicia I'll doing this she's knocked down I'm grateful for our sake so knocked out with her mouth wide open you know she's so cute oh yeah Liam's here we're designing now give me one thing hide it hide it how you feel it's not geothermal woman was sitting by me a flood hit home yeah yeah fried a chicken yeah really shifted how are you feeling one good garden everything's when I see people yeah so make sure that y'all follow them or watch them on the Williams way I'm not going to use a whole birthing freeze I didn't get all that on camera because no but like they vlog from being locked throughout it so just make sure that you guys go and check out their blog that we can feed the whole I'm kind of see I just think the different yeah now our side of this visit spell one last time before dating confident in you know you want to get in it so now this is very timing the video in the video Yan Zhi ji position yeah since the last time on before with our debt accrued order before we hit the road and then we'll be back a couple days because core doesn't graduate in this weekend so we be back here in a few days but yeah so as they seen her in this hanky the way


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