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hey everybody mr. mule here and welcome back to another episode of Ark a very exciting hopefully episode of awkward coming up the back of an amazing episode where we finally unlocked the tech replicator I didn't even care about the fact that I finally defeated one of the tech guys like no tech guys why do I wait just come out of my mouth I don't really think about it before I say him but we finally beat our very own very first time very first Titan I'm not even excited about that it is what it is but I'm excited about what I am most happy about is the fact we have unlocked the ability after 30 episodes to craft ourselves a tech replicator the only thing is uh we're not the only thing but we're currently being attacked let me go grab one of my music Pteranodons no no I just replaced a freaking thing actually no that one that was all alone there all alone I just replaced the other two now they've got a broken one of the only wall fence things that Eisley had remaining that was in one piece that's a little bit disappointing which would have we're gonna do about that you might be able to tell I've gone and I brought in my very strong try to Dunn's here we are little triplets plus where is he here he is the big bad boy himself Oh your isn't he well he's actually a female he's not a male but um yeah ever got violet but very first to ratted on still stays indoors he's been she she's been with us from the start so she gets to stay and keep a little warm spot inside the base but yo hello we got a couple galoot crystals out here things are getting a little bit laggy around the base as well I mean as you can tell we've been breeding and up and out and absolutely Oh an absolute storm my tongue is getting twisted in all sorts of ways we got so many valano sores we got too many to render nuns and so many direwolves we're gonna have to do something about that soon do a little bit of a a cull of them and what better of a way to do that than to find a legendary Supply Drop just throw them all that and see how long we lost but that's not gonna be today today we're gonna be focusing on tech elements whatever you want to call it but getting over doing it we're doing some crazy stuff and the start of that is of course getting ourselves a very very own tech replicator we've got all the resources for it let's do this thing baby boom that's it finally after all this time others do it but I've been better boom let me out so you make sure we get this like placement right we're gonna make sure we don't mess this one here up oh say I was thinking about building like metal a metal base but we got more element than anything so much probably turned our bass into like an a tech type thing he says that I'm thinking sweet well let's go and I transport all of our valuable resources across I'm talking of course about this is juicy goodness over here we have so much element so many shards we probably gonna have to convert them into element but we also get a lot of dust this stuff here is going to come in handy of course because we also have a lot of things going on over here we get ourselves a lot of blueprints and force of blueprints that I plan to craft we've also got this side this is sending text sword that booth of course we're gonna need that as well and this guy the others are all kind of trash aren't they but that isn't a print or notice the mech that's the mech are we gonna get that soon as well of course how can I forget I think that's it though I think everything else in here is pretty well like junk outdated unnecessary for us to craft yeah no we're good that's all we really need for right this second so Oh skittle there's juiciness in here we are possibly probably whoa hold on a second tech replicator s+ tech replicator Scouts okay that's fair enough understand boredom for so that's just like the basicness of it though isn't it and then that there okay how long's it gonna take me well first I gotta turn it on of course but how long is it gonna take me if I want to craft an element I always take too long alright well let's just like get a hundred of those because we got so many shots and may I can't get a hundred of them oh okay yeah dirt that's obvious maybe we just get like 54 now cuz we're never gonna need oh yeah we've got it all we can only make seventy one of them what am I trying to pull the resources across areas we're gonna get ourselves an extra 50 of those fantastic but the other thing that I might crop before we do anything a generator because I don't want to be Kraft sorry I don't want to be running this thing oh there's no way I'm getting a jet plane oh that's the generator shield this is the guy we need we need 2,400 medal to get a third that's a lot of metal that's a lot of metal how much metal am I sure tonight's think getting that that is she crafted really quick day yeah all right that's cool that that's cool yeah so basically we're at a point Oh crying fridge just tuned another one of them either that could be Andy oh we could put a lot about dinosaurs in that and then like you know I guess store them that way it means we won't really need to go and give him a bit of a coal that could be handy actually now that I think about it maybe we'll do that we'll see what happens but things that we do need very very cool we take bridge I haven't got that one there yeah that's kind of enticing what else can we get what other thing you know what it's been a while since I actually looked over here we've unlocked everything by now rat okay you know what we may as well just go ahead and do it all there we go this is all like the the mech attachments we kind of need so much metal they oh my lord especially because like I said I want to get myself and the sword and that in itself is 20,000 men well I got metal girl though we had so much more not only that we're gonna need ourself 2222 black pearls but that will be like unstoppable once we get that I hope I think and if you've heard like a little voice playing in the background first like 1015 mo how long recording the first six minutes the last six minutes of this episode well that's me leaving a twitch stream running in the background of the stream it might be very very faint and watching you guys play oh I was watching a guy play pokemon oh let's go he's a shiny hunting streamer called what's his name the number one Alex here he's caught himself a shiny Articuno and a shiny Zapdos and he's currently trying to get himself a shiny Moltres insane stuff anyways back to business cuz we're playing ugh we're not playing pokemon but if you have played pokemon let me know because I'm kind of like absolutely loving a Pokemon let's go Pikachu right now as well as Smash Brothers got it's taking up so much of my time over the weekend but back to arc anywho I also want to get I get myself this tank helmet I want to get some tech armor I feel like it's about time we do that we got so much elements damn that's expensive though but it does have a four hundred four hundred armor rating which is quite nice and it absolutely stumps what I'm currently running on the only thing is the metal the metal the metal of the metal metal is quite expensive resources lads junk it's junk a medal I'm looking for black pearls we got a thousand one thousand two hundred and one thousand three hundred really there's so much stuff eight hundred polymer for some reason sure another piece of element 600 crystal I'm getting a heavy now I just want to bring it all though hold on a second oh hello ascended shotgun where did you come from I might bring you for some adventures if that's the case I didn't even know I had that but anyway it's back to business oil I like Tronics there's the rest of the black pearls now I'm too heavy now I'm officially too heavy but yeah I just want to get it all over here because it's kind of like where we're gonna need it we're ever gonna be crafting with all of these resources so there's no point the bin is smithy all the way over here let's chuck it in the art I think I'm a bubble over there and we'll be good to go also this junk yeah may as well check a little bit of dust over there yeah what harm could it do I am really really excited though to craft us another enforcer because I feel like that's what we've been missing that would have been it wouldn't been that helpful to take on the the desert Titan but it would have been cool to have it anyways I want this guy he's a 155 pretty well 100% stats like across the board which is great 3,000 medal there I want to see how these guys can pair side to side in fact we got three ascendant ones trying to get them all next to each other and I just get them all side by side can we do that can we make that happen there we go okay okay okay okay so this guy here he's actually pretty trashed this is the one I think that we got yesterday I think we killed a love of 105 and got this one here it's pretty trash like it's really trash that does not deserve to be ascendant I'm just gonna drop it I'm never gonna craft that I'm sorry it's just never gonna happen then he got this guy here 1950 110 95 100 I mean nearly double their price he got this one here that's the one it's the 155 there is nothing better than that so we are gonna need ourselves a lot a lot of what I think we've actually got enough dust for it surprisingly enough which is just insane to think about hold on can I actually I want to pull that across all were missing is mm mm what do you call it metal really what crystal I can get that that's easy peasy lemon squeezy and the polymer you know that won't take me long to collect either okay we're good a thousand metal over here we can bring that across I want to grab something oh that's right we've also unlocked the boots right we can craft them 180 armor eating like why wouldn't we that might have been a waste of metal we might find better boots but I don't care we finally replace or another we finally there's so much West and my sentient right boots I can't skin them it is what it is we're gonna I guess start carrying around a little bit element with us as well shouldn't need to carry much but no more fold damage for me no more damage for me now I can take on this guy tight and whenever we want now forward ambiently Diana nothing's gonna be amazing not that we should ever really need to do that for a while but uh yeah what I wanted my gosh I'm gonna keep on some of these gosh crystals but what I do I have a little bit of a play with right now is these two fellas because I want to see if we can get some stronger creatures going head we're here he's cool and all but I want to try this what do you call it's Tim berry trick we're gonna have to collect them because I've gone and lost them all Mikey the trikey over here absolute machine that is is quite hungry now that actually take a look into him he's really hungry all right don't worry buddy don't worry we'll get you some food it's all good in fact I've just loaded you up with fruit just by smashing these bushes so you're all good now buddy you're all good no that's my hunger I'm hungry he's not hungry I won't mind I don't even know what I'm looking at you know what it's late guys I don't normally record this late in the day it's currently 7 p.m. at night where I am of course not where you guys because you guys are spread all over the world and stuff better that's yeah I'm just I'm losing it I'm losing my mind it's so good oh boy and we've actually got where is yeah it's in this one here I want to get that in there we've got so much spoiled meat like all over the place 468 of it in fact let's just get a bunch of narcotics yeah we need them eventually once we start getting our little tranq darts and that sort of stuff going because it'll happen eventually meet I'm gonna need meat do we have any more meat in here or did I put it all in the I think I put oh no no no we got a little bit only a little bit very very very a little bit so much Chuck I just dropped like 2,000 metric parries let's go and put them back in there okay cool so has this guy gone for meat for a start I know I definitely topped that up not that long ago fantastic so what we're going to be doing is plopping hedwig on a little bit of a different angle because I would actually pick up his pellets but what people have been telling me is what I got to do is give him the hello hello let me go and take those off for you how you doing we're gonna remote feed him a bunch of this it's gonna absolutely like dump his food and then he's gonna start eating regular meat which is gonna be good I think and he's gonna make pellets that's his poop he cops up pellets and then our god she's gonna pick him up and he's going to give us hopefully very very strong items but I guess we'll just have to wait and see so how's that you're gonna eat anything buddy well maybe I'm gonna like speed that up myself a little bit all right go and drop some poops for me come on cough up some pellets for me buddy cut 5 10 pellets for me maybe you can't like force him to do it for you I thought that that's the fast way to get it done another single pellet you get no pellets from your mates not a single one I don't know why I thought that might speed things up it didn't quite work out that way oh come on buddy messing about I want this guy to get me some mega loot I think we might actually need to get ourselves a higher level gotcha we can keep this guy giving us black pose but then maybe we gotta get a second one just to give us really really high level items or something that's just an idea I don't actually know if that's gonna work or not I'm kind of tempted to go down there I can get that super fast now as well maybe we will do that let me just go and drop some of this stuff off we're gonna plop it over here because I guess this is where it makes sense to leave it no I don't know why I put that in there you can stay with me okay okay okay we ready got like 500 medic currently right definitely got to get more metal that's fine as fine as finest fine boots do we keep our boots on or not I think I'm gonna plug them in here for Nia along with the I don't know why Stu got the helmet blueprint all right we're gonna go for a bit of a flutter about yeah we're gonna we're gonna be like jet across the world we were gonna take with us this guy's just so fast he can also destroy absolutely anything in his path I don't know how that's gonna go when we do another Supply Drop which I reckon we might put off to tomorrow we're gonna take an absolute army with us though it's gonna be amazing but yeah he's probably a little bit overpowered now so I kind of don't know if I want to like use them a whole lot or if we kind of just save them for a rainy day oh hello and we are gonna need element eventually especially if I like plan on building it like a super tech base but that is not happening today so it doesn't matter okay I also really really really really really need a replacement high-level og I'm talking like a level 140 150 type level og you know because of what happened to our previous guy Talon the lawyer with a very very loyal and special talent who unfortunately unfortunately very figure regretfully passed away to the Titan Queen sad it was a sad day but it is what it is that's probably another reason it'd be handy to get us an enforcer so we can just roam around the city and collect I'm tired of metal again because you know we got to get to that soon well but it's all good in good time in good time I hope I can actually fly down here then now that I think about it because I know that we kind of been we've been kicked off our flies flying into other caves accidentally sorry this yeah it looks like we're good it doesn't look like that's the case today okay I'm just trying to think where are the two other gotchas that we tamed I think they're down here reckon that's one right there there's a few out here always the 37 that is one of the ones we change but it's not the one that I'm looking for we're looking for a higher level 125 not quite not quite I thought I saw another one somewhere I guess not that's okay at least we can move around nice and fast last time we came down like I said we weren't flying we were uh dad is the one we're looking for 106 baby oh you're stay right there oh yeah what's attacking me all right we'll fix that we do do we need to fix it I don't want to get in there and then like upset the Gotcha we're gonna be good fantastic god she's happy I'm happy everybody's happy everyone's gonna be really really happy in a second once we start giving them some stone all right nice 162 so I drop that you should pick it up wait what does he not like Stern oh wait I've tamed this guy oh this is mine oh right I'm so dumb I'm such an idiot Oh what in the world am I even like Who am I anyways it's all junk I didn't care about this stuff this is or whatever unless can you get a Gacha to give you metal oh that would be cool a life don't matter don't matter don't matter we're taking this guy home I don't know not remember we came to want it hey nice guys I know I hear about this on a constant basis I talked before I actually like look at what I'm reacting to I should have known that I already had that guy teamed but that also means he's not a true level of 100 he's like a tamed up level 100 so we're gonna find a true level 100 we're gonna find a proper level 100 not you know at the after team's level we need a proper pre tames level 100 if that makes any sense so let's try and do that we got a 15 down there it's not quite what we're looking for how about over here I don't know if these guys spawn like all the way through here either or if they just spawn like bright the entrance cuz I don't really seem to find them out here they're kind of just fine with the entrance and then never again hold on I take that back little 20 I get not quite what I looking for not even slightly what we're looking for a 55 okay a 20 again is this all you've got for me game is this all you got for me not cool not cool not cool hello these guys stand out so much that looks like cool ok gotchas where are ya high level gotchas how he's 120 what's in the level 20 s it's three separate ones this guy here 135 buried that's what I'm talking about okay okay okay alright so some Raptors over here I think that Raptors dialers dialers it's so dark down here but I had to be done okay alright hold on can we 1 up to 135 we cannot we cannot this is that guy all right let's gamma this up a little bit because it's kind of dark down here here's the issue I left with my stone on the floor next to the alligator so we're gonna go and collect a little bit more that's fine that's fine Tyler is you stinking pieces of trash where are you where are ya yes that's right that's right that's right where's my boy where's my 1/35 mate are you gonna be amazing how this stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff stop that moving stop moving I've got a gift for you buddy you're gonna love it get some of that into your meat does he not want it take it is he eating it I can't see it I have to do this all right he ain't eating it Harden maybe maybe I'm just remembering this oak wait no I can't equipped it no I do need to drop it on the floor in front of him that's how this works that's how all of this works shove it okay eat it eat your stones their egos baby there it goes ours is gonna be a quick one oh yeah he only needs to eat like a hundred and twenty of it and we're in the money Hey look if he cry he uh if he creates a black house that's gonna be like oh plus plus amazing that's gonna be like just so on point let's find out no no stop it yeah piece of trash no what is your problem you killed him are you for real this is why I don't mess a room don't stuff he had she drop stone when I hit him ah we lost her 135 we lost a one daddy buy less we're not getting anything better than that why is it that I blow every high-level team that we ever come across there is no way that I'm coming across anything superior to that that is like the epitome that is the goldmine of all gotchas and we blew it we've learned everything else is level 20 amazing got a level over 20 oh yeah level 20s said no one ever I don't even know where I am in this game hey if I'm lost we're just fighting a little 20s left frat and said sir now I'll be happy with like a level 90 I'll be happy with a level 90 I know I said I want a true like level 100 but we blew that that didn't really Oh baby what am I saying I take every word of it back no oh you can do it you can do it oh yeah we got some we got some wild diners to queue with oh yes help - don't ruin it for us let's just go kill everything in the vicinity I kind of want to kill this guy as well just in case okay I just had a mini heart attack I thought we hit this fellow we did not it's a 1:45 in case you missed the memo we actually did one up the original 135 okay okay come back here come back here come back here come back here see right there stop stop stop pick up this time pick up the stain you just shook his head why did you shake your head eat you're good for the stain you took good for a bit of stone oh yeah - good for some stone yeah one day Stein really I was under the impression what's even attacking him oh dialyze you little dinky die let's get out of here get in here well he Duchy do you still talk Petey what a lad alright doesn't like Stein okay I have no idea what else we can feed him meadow he'll get meadow a fleet maybe a little bit of metal I don't have much of it they oh I didn't like this I don't know what I'm doing alright let's just drop everything we've got maybe some hide he just shook his hat again didn't he you unappreciative piece of trash you too good for it you're too good for it alright alright who try some hide but every other one we've tried was happy with Stein how about hiding would you want some hide and wood buddy you want any of that good stuff don't annoy the patchy I don't think he's loving it good boy over there oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah good boy alright come on eat some of that up I don't know why this fight music going on what do you want to eat buddy what's your problem as a little company there that's what's up all right huh maybe he wants meat except I know for a fact these guys and nut meat eaters come on what you got a day gonna shake your head you shake your head again he did did me he did you fuzzy little bugger don't want to just accept what she given don't want to just be appreciative look what I'm trying to offer you what is gonna even pick up alright maybe hold on aha ha ha ha ha maybe he wants crystal maybe you want some crystal or some gems I don't care I'll get them both for him we'll see if he wants them instead sweat the shot it's no harm in it okay so we got some fragmented gems now and crystals and small stain I'm gonna take a step back I'm gonna see if he enjoys and in fact he's edgy stuffing next to berries to eat something nah he's still not happy with what we've given him none of it I think he wants berries maybe should I have brought the black powers what's the bet he would've eaten the black powers if we brought them eh what's the bet what's the bad guarantee it I guarantee it have you eaten anything I dropped you're a really fussy one you know that come over here get your butt over here I heard something all right you didn't want the berries I've just gone ahead I'm just gonna look that what do you call it like a website to find out what the deal is with taming a gaucho you're right the website is telling me that these guys they like to eat structures stone structures metal structures tax structures obviously the better the structure the more they're there they like to eat it or the the teeming effectiveness increases type thing but obviously I don't have any of them down here with me no but I'm also don't understand because every other I don't know God show that we've fed up until now has also enjoyed just like stone just straight-up stone I'm happy to set up for this one twenty five if you want stone if you I knew if he wants that I know he's getting attacked by something right now I do not care I do not care I just want to go ahead and give him at least religious to which that is more than enough you say that warrior you stay there and I'll let this guy do his thing cuz it'll happen sooner or later and then we drop some stone for she wants tombstone how much health these guys gut okay a little bit of stone stuff alright fight oh I know all right you know what we're still passive okay there we go okay I don't care that's fine that's fine I'll take a hit I just need to get these dialers away from him so we can step in and do what we got to do you know if that ever wants to happen if that ever wants to happen got it okay he just said no he just said no didn't he you just said no to my stone I saw that little head wobble I saw the head shake don't you worry you unappreciative sack of potatoes is the second something else is a second very very dead dirt okay how about we just try some randomness here this is good let's get berries and all you want structures you want structures I get it I got it you want structures all right so currently creating a bunch of stone Wolf's it's all I can think of trying right now but I think you have to give them to him in like groups of ten or something so we're getting ten of them I'll see what happens this wasn't supposed to be about you today gotcha I should almost get back and find 145 if we're gonna do this they alright you want that you what this day was don't you don't you pretend you don't maybe he doesn't maybe you just doesn't want to be tamed just not interested how about Star Wars take these doors is dead no no oh come on come on come on come on come on come on come on I'm so done with you I'm so over you I mean this is a long shot right here guys it's a long shot it might be a waste of resources but maybe he wants some elements well maybe he just doesn't want nothing at all I know that like snow owl pellets guys I know you they like the owl pellets but ain't got no out pellets oh we're gonna get back home stuff this oh alright alright my back game it's so hard to get these guys like what you want to go when they're when they're slow for us but we do have ourselves ain't now the gotcha I have no idea what the issue was with the other ones this guy here though he's a light higher level than this feller over here the only problem is apparently guts is do not like one another they don't want to be around each other they're not friends they like to be alone they live they live a lonely life what can I say so it we're gonna have to go and separate them a little bit I don't know what sort of like I don't know how far apart they mean when they say that sort of stuff but we're gonna leave him over there this guy here we're gonna just you know I don't think you've him a bunch of stone or something I don't know why nothing was working today apart from that one that died that would've been perfect that would've been perfect if I just hang in there a little bit longer okay you didn't create any pellets ladies you buddy like not a single pallet for me sir or like are we gonna fix that we're gonna do something about that what are we gonna do what we gonna do is there any who I can stop him from eating from I wish you could and I think he can make him not eat from the the food trough and us hey that food look at it it it goes up 50 at a time cukoo cukoo he's eating he's eating there's no our pellets are coming though ok so just check the wiki page it seems to think doing the like right-click method seems to be one way of getting the snow pellets to pop out maybe he just seems more interested with just like eating though so don't really know I don't know you know what guys thing we're just gonna go about this the old-fashioned way which is of course just taking out in forces it seems to be the best option the quickest option stuff the old gotcha thing it is what it is let's just go and let's just go wreck some fruit Leo enforces that adjust here trying to help us look at that look at that 200 bevel 200 metal toward your bet that is the best the quickest the cheapest way of just making things happen that's all we got to do Rick you don't smash light posts lamp posts whatever you want to call them but the end of the day and force this is where it's at and of course the students I started looking for him they're nowhere to be seen ah always the way and if I didn't clearly state why I was looking for a better gotcha which we do have but it's you know not the ideal situation because yeah like I said they can pop out some really really overpowered items I'm talking armor amazing sets of armor and weapons and all that jazz I was kind of hoping for that you know so we didn't have to craft it ourselves craft up a bunch of tech stuff that uh you know that's just yeah anyways that didn't happen it does casual level 90 enforces that by the way how you doing I still think it's really silly that these site defense drones defense units whatever their code don't give you like any loop they give you absolutely nothing it seems weird that there's a cute dinosaur in this game that gives you nothing at all but destroying it just seems like a waste I think I don't understand it I just don't get it but it is what it is I guess justly weird I honestly don't know if like something has changed in the game but there are so many more defense units in comparison to enforces now that it's seems a little unbalanced in that sort of sense but so be it is what it is I'm just here for my medal that's all I care about which we don't have 600 of so I'm good I'm going home all right let's get this stuff cookin we're gonna need so much more medal though than this this is like this isn't good even gonna get like scrape the surface of what we need there's so many things that we want to craft I want the chair with the mech why don't cook you call another tech I want the mech as soon as we could possibly get it where's that at okay that's this one here that alone is gonna cost us three and a half thousand medal I also want another enforcer that's gonna cost us another 3,000 medal then I want this swords who's gonna cost us another well stop that that's never gonna happen 18,000 medal not on my watch that's just not happening but on top of that of course there is the helmet which is another 2000 medal as well and once you go and do all of that you're also gonna need you know a proper set of tech armor the rest of the tech armor it just doesn't seem feasible it doesn't seem like anything oh and the generator I didn't mention the generator either did I I'm pretty sure I didn't just the generator itself I don't know where that is was the generator at there's the generator that's looking another 2,400 it's gonna be a while it's gonna be a while before we can do anything amazing I'm thinking I'm just gonna have to do a medal run now it's a shame we lost talent all for nothing as well Talon gave his life for nothing he helped us so amazingly when we had it all come on what do you do it you let this thing get my base now got your rally bombs flying everywhere I'm so over this Gus hey thank you so much for watching this episode it's been a weird a wacky one it's kind of just the gotcha retrieval mission and very frustrating he just picked it up are you gonna eat it or you want me to take that off here I'll take that off here you're finally dropping pellets buddy that's what I'm talking about oh the only one it's a start all right this might still be an opportunity to do something crazy here supposedly instead of cables warm apps warm apps are apparently or I'll really I'm really good to feature this guy so fucking crafter oh they're gonna take forever well I'm gonna let these guys crop then I'm gonna go watch some of that stream I was talking about while I wait all right we have 4000 together now let's just go and check a bit hey Adam but there's your little snow pellet thingamabob II as well all right and give me something good give her something good he was I'm real good I don't even know how to speed that up there that's it way to go where did it go just a regular Krista just regular girls dude it's not even the Krista that we wanted he's too got the snow pellet he hasn't eaten that yet what are we actually getting for these oh snap I guess it's not terrible I don't have any of that yet that's not bad it is what it is like anything okay there we go so yet the snow palate is you anything good for us anything at all anything of value these are annoying me I'm stuffed in those what do we got here they a primitive gadget crystal after all of that after all of that some apprentice black leggings guys I'm done thanks so much for watching if you did enjoy the video make sure to go ahead punch that thumbs up make it frame those thumbs ups and I'll catch you guys tomorrow where I'm gonna try to take on a hard ish maybe the legendary level Supply Drop we'll see how we go thank you so much guys I'll catch is tomorrow bye

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