Elif 661. Bölüm - Son Sahne (English & Spanish subtitles)

by: Elif Dizisi

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This is sis Süreyya's room.

Oh, so you woke up, Elif? Morning! Morning! How are you feeling, huh? Are you alright? Look, I got some mixed fruits for you. Are you hungry? I guess I haven't yet. But... anyway... you gotta eat something.

Don't get sick again, so your body won't lose strength. Alright, sweetheart?

Look, have some kiwi, too. It's like a storage unit for the vitamin C! Alright.

In the name of Allah...

Good gracious! Good gracious, what's going on with me? Oh my Lord...

I couldn't recover myself completely.

Last time I felt sick didn't take this long.

My Lord, what is it with me?

God bless your hands, sis Süreyya. Are you done with it? You haven't eaten a thing of it. Oh, actually, I don't want. What about later? OK then, look, I'm leaving the plate here, you'll eat whenever you want to, OK? Thank you.

Elif... are you alright?

Last night... I saw, in my dream, I saw my mom.

She had been looking for me, everywhere.

But she came here. She found me.

She laid down in the bed, next to me. Right here.

We hugged each other, firmly.

Did you miss your mom, too much?

Elif... I lost my mom, at a very young age, too.

That's why... I understand you, totally.

I wish for any kid, to be with parents. But my mom... But your mom?

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