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good evening my may ox now a oxo that right there next to my channel icon come on guys not that hard no what is hard elaborating on the wonderful that a lot of people ask honest about a she's that guy initiative fugu well you wouldn't think denoted by the title but apparently apparently this one's a light novel adaptation bizarrely the thing that hit me the most about it when I sat down to type out the review for it is how limited the scope of the evaluation that you conjure up was the dull aching void of potential critique I feel when looking at the broad expanse of charming idiocy that has color supers current two seasons is a perplexing one as I did think the show was fun but it's striking for all its merits there's just not a lot of materials we to work with critically I know as far as opening statements for a review goes that's not exactly stellar but bear with me let's go buy the book and just get a plot introduction rollin before we dive into the more nuanced critique that is me sitting here and going ah for seven and a half minutes meet Casimir he's super dead because he soiled himself as a truck was about to hit him in the waiting room for reincarnation aqua a goddess with a penchant for alcohol and also not wearing any underwear explains to him that he's going to be transported into a fantasy world and offer someone burnt attack with him of his choosing much to her chagrin cousin achievers to take her with him out of spite and so the deadpan smartass jerk and the alcoholic goddess are everyone together now thrown into a fantasy world and her they meet Mega Man the major refuses to learn any other kind of magic beyond explosion magic which she can only cast one today that also utterly incapacitate her and darkness but true say that who misses every swing she's also a masochist so hard she's now actually one of the few things above diamonds on the Mohs scale so we hit the ground running with cliche only to have it inverted and then we pick ourselves up with cliche and we'd have it subvert it again the rest of series follows in fairly logical progression where traditional fantasy / MMO fare is presented and we couldn't be corrupted like Kozma and his cabal of screwballs who generally ruin more lives than they save it to go me bucket for article comedy that incurs its humor she's throwing crochet through the wood chipper and arranging the debris in funny little shape and it pulls that off with aplomb of course without characters to drive this thing freewheeling off the narrative cliff so it's extremely important to know how fantastic the dynamic is between our for leading sociopaths the interplay here is fantastic even if there's not a substantial amount of progression episode 2 episode gossamer and darkness aqua and Megaman hit that sweet spot of characterization for me where they all just click they complement each other well their personalities bounce off of each other marvelously and the unit feels so cohesive and fun that you could watch them sit around doing nothing for half an episode and it would still be funnier than most other comedy shows I've seen in fact I think they I'm pretty sure they actually do that there's no one real substantial outlier although if I had to say one it would be darkness and the creator's tendency to rely on her masochism for cheap jokes which are less reliant on comedic setup and timings and they are just getting a big foam finger out and pointing to her character models she rides on screen whilst the writers shout she's getting off to being abused that's pretty funny right and you know it can be from time to time I feel like they abused it more in the second season no not that kind of abuse that the Valerius bit of verbal congruence one of the first things you're going to notice about Connors uber if you've somehow dodged is a comically timed bullet is of course how everyone looks like a burn victim where it's rare that's uncalled for it certainly got an art style that let's be the annoying paternal figure who doesn't want to come off as too harsh and call it interesting it's entirely intentional on the part of the chief animation director koji Kakuta and whilst the expressive some ways they ever expressive facial animation and body language do lend the show a certain unique feel and give a lot of questionable charm I do unfortunately have to bold italicize and then begin by about 100 points be questionable in that sentence so they love it some may hate it some may feel indifferent about it but like it or not it's definitely one of Connor's ubers main talking point the fluid out Stander's lend itself to a more comedic tone and the show wouldn't be what it is without it but the show's the arc is there it's ugly all right it's kind of ugly from time to time but you know let's get real let's get real here for a second we can all be a bit ugly from time to time can't we the instances where it's not a king disgrace to the name of animation can actually come across as a bit insincere however especially when the show reaches for action highs when Connors ubers cracking jokes every second about the fantasy genre and suddenly decides to play a trope straight I found myself sitting there more often than not going where's the joke and that may be a problem on part of my expectations that especially considering they do a few times subvert the action highs the entire framing device at the second season is a subversion of the action sequence that ended the first season for example when a scene ends without a punchline it feels as though a comedian had just introduced a guest then that gas had proceeded to break down into wracking tears whilst giving a heartfelt address and you look to the host as he's wiping a tear out of his eye before he then starts clapping softly and as the curtain gently falls the audience sits in silence asking was this funny did I miss something was there a joke in there somewhere another sticking point had come out about the show would be the pretty negative view it seems to present of women between the masochist who gets off to abuse the haughty alcoholic self-obsessed idiot and but well there's nothing much wrong with magaman but worth noting the men are generally depicted as self-serving vainglorious cowards as well and the female cast possesses a noir personality in charmed and most other female leads in similar shows so it's not as though there's a horrendous double standard you know most of the time Jesus Christ speaking of personality and charm apparently Carson has occasional icons on the desk moments war aunt lived and with her off the other voice actors but the director liked them so much that they kept them going I mean that's pretty funny that's a good little bit of consistent character comedy it's a very very funny goddamn see everyone already like ganas uber review is more popular than I have put together more effective analyses in our site analysis than I have and the general consensus on this one at least seems to be generally positive almost straight across the board and that's the biggest issue I'm finding as I put this together Donna super sets out to be funny and it B is funny I like it everyone else likes it it's just a good dumb light-hearted comedy show that fulfills what it sets out to do and doesn't do a lot more than that it's the anime equivalent of a Phillips head screwdriver it's a fantastic show but there's just not a lot of critical meat to sink one's teeth into it's junk food to be consumed at one's leisure and that's fantastic but it does leave rather slim pickings for inside speaking of eating though did anyone else notice this show is for what Quentin Tarantino films are for some fetishes just made a lot of people get involve ate in Kaunas uber the foot it's worth I watched the second season with a couple of friends and that made the experience even better for me so maybe give that a shot it's definitely something you'll get more out of if you're sharing it with other people in my opinion but hey even if you're watching it solo you're pretty much guaranteed to enjoy it in a medium full of relentless garbage trash that's really pretty special [Music] you


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