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hey how you doing this is kitch and you are watching me play door fortress the humans are coming down and are setting up their wares I'll go ahead and set request the trader and let's get some goods in here we want our crafts we should have boy we've got bins and other things let's get them all out all right that should be most everything still lots of macaques sounds like somebody's finding to me interrupted things were fighting monkeys are dying not entirely sure what is happening there just interrupted erupted by combat oh okay here we go I was just looking in the wrong place

okay they're just wrestling around frizzling around with the monkeys looks like there are little pieces and body parts all over the place macaque teeth it's of Dwarfs knocking teeth out of the monkeys let's say I go ahead and set up some butchering jobs we do have butchering jobs let's make sure we have butchers or our agriculture people should have butchering enabled I leave yes they do so they will get to that eventually hopefully and we can get some monkey bones have those around in case somebody wants them for a strange mood all right we have our trader here we do let's see what the humans have ropes water skins water buffalos reindeers turkeys milk let's see bilberry wine we can get some drinks that would be just fine get a little bit of variation in here al's milk millet beer

Golden's salv barrel

what is golden salv stack of ten golden south Hey

I'm not sure what that is I don't know if I've seen that before buckets iron stuff we may have to look some day into trading to get to get iron that's gonna be our only option let's see we've got a bin of rope Reed cloth I think I want to get some of that have it around I'm gonna grab that leather bin grab that leather bin grab that leather bin it's wool and I might as well grab this leather bin it is nice and cheap

way they've got a lot of leather I just think we'll just do that for now let's grab another animal since they have it and yeah let's grab some food might as well boy we had almost had a thousand will break it off at a thousand just to separate that into a bit different trade we go alright we don't want to sell the bin and we want to sell the stuff inside though let's see let's try that once more ok let's take away one

let's grab some thread and these glance we can make those easily parchment sheets or grab some vegetables might as well and things that someone may we may be able to brew those or cook those or something I don't know just to have a little stockpile of food

oh those are was a lot I'm not paying attention to the prices okay let's see let's give that a shot oh they want more we'll get rid of this and this try that again hey that worked alright I don't know there's much else we want here we grab a couple more things of leather but well yeah let's just go ahead and do that let's go ahead and grab maybe another couple bins of leather I don't like to make leather like armor or anything like that but I do there's a lot of things we can make out of leather [Music]

[Music] that shot yep all right we can just we can let the rest of that go I believe are there we go release the traitor and take a look at her floor all right it's really really close to being done let's see if we can finish up this middle area here we want to fill in all of this Abra blocks that works all right and let's go ahead and fill in this wall as well and that's just gonna be that right there see we'll go ahead and do slate blocks and gabbro blocks where did they go there all right that'll finish up on that side let's might as well do the bot well wait till the floor gets filled out before we where we try to fill out the bottom I want to give them too much stuff to do all right and let's take a look at a workshop to see how we're getting the copper or get a copper oh we got migrants

okay let's [Music] um [Music]

let's see we've got opal set up you are set up to weaponsmith and blacksmith all right that'll be fine let's go to our manager and say copper normos copper groups no we want a giant upper axe blade and how many of those we want we want let's do 30 and a copper Spears maybe let's do 30 of those as well

and yeah that's well we'll make our weapons traps out of those at least starting out alright and let's take a look at these migrants that have arrived let's see migration wave okay we got only ten - this time we got a new farmer let's go ahead how many farmers do we need really I'm hearing the stuff happening over here let's go ahead and pause that while we're looking at Dorf therapist you have a minor we might we might could use one of those stone crafter yeah really not a whole much of anything out of a paper maker book binder

um got some wood burning skill maybe we want to move you to the furnace er skill and the rest of you we well we want to sign you all as haulers and except for EU which we want to set up as a furnace er now we looking at here this floor almost filled in getting very very close

okay go ahead and designate the bottom wall here if we have enough room for everything capital blocks yep bills right up

and what are we going to need we really need a down stair as well which is going to be right here and we'll make it out-of-state box

in state bucks

why is it okay it's right it's there

we're running low on things like barrels and bins let's go ahead and make a work order for that any wooden barrels let's do 20 and a wooden bin let's do 20 of those Oh is always good things we can do with bins all right let's think have I thought of what I want to do it's thinking about maybe doing like kind of a library area up here librarian tavern it's not that far away from this area I guess it wouldn't hurt to have it all over here and also I forgot about bedrooms we were working on bedrooms 10 let's let's do that cue bed and door is it a rock door or a stone door that's a rock door 10 and rock offer rock - rock offer 10 right that'll go ahead and round out all of those rooms


I'm gonna do an order for I don't know maybe eight beds and let's do eight tables

and eight cabinets I want to go ahead and get a hospital set up and I think I want to go ahead and dig out this area over here and get kind of a tavern I'm set up going it's something kind of interesting going on maybe maybe we'll set this up as additional storage let's say we take you all the way to the line right here and yeah we'll set this up as an additional Furniture Furniture storage area which should be fine and we'll get like a tavern area going on here

like that

yeah I mean it'll be close enough to where we can master work have CID has been lost he's gonna be upset about that stupid monkeys all right well the wall walls gonna eventually help with this [Music] having soldiers will help with that as well

let's bring in so we don't we want other stone and that was the yellow stone ortho Class C ortho classy I don't know we're gonna get some blocks made of that as well we'll build up some yellow stuff on the inside I think we've got enough slate blocks here wall a bro and I don't see that is done there so we can go and fill that in we get the downstairs in we did


okay so I wanna go ahead and chop down some of these trees over here I want to start kind of start kind of laying out an area over here to build our barracks we've got a nice open area here and I think that's kind of where our horse pasture is I want to I want to move that eventually so we've got like our main entrance right here we're probably both a little bit above a buffer and maybe have a wall what kind of like a little inner keep area right here that is going to allow for like a road we probably want a road as wide as the entrance coming up this way and somehow connecting up to that gate so I want to have a building off of this main road maybe starting right here where our first barracks is going to be so that's going to be a wall and then we're gonna have a little two space in there and three spaces in two more and a wall

okay and that's gonna be two spaces wall new spaces wall new spaces wall you spaces wall two spaces all okay so that's going to be like a room and we'll have like a little divider there and like they're like there and like there okay and each one of these little alcoves right here is gonna be like a soldier bed will come out this whether it be like a little area in here and then we'll just do the exact same thing on this side whoa what's that that's not what I wanted hey let's try that again build see wall you're gonna come up like that BK bro we're gonna come that way you'll also be gay bro you leave out this area right here wall yeah bro wall gabru wall yeah bro wall yeah bro all right so this would be like our barracks area and we'll even lay an area out here for our captains office

all right so that'll be our barracks or one of our units that's where they'll sleep and we'll have an area outside for them to Train we will need um let's see we need a rock armor stand we need 12 and a rock weapon rack 12 we need a bed 10 Rock offer 10 okay all of that is done now let's see we want Rock table let's do Oh

let's start out with 12 and rock chair thrown to 12 getting all this stuff built stuff for the barracks stuff for the tavern just getting it all just getting it all out there alright how is this wall it is pretty much done what's wrong with this spot right here it's been suspended we can unsuspended and then this just needs to be walled off on the top which we will get to some day right now I think it's pretty good it's at least solid we don't have that corridor trapped which is definitely a concern let's uh uh let's see is anybody actually working on this stuff yes they are okay got some of the yellow blocks being made

all right there is our barracks let's make and upstair I don't know right here maybe making it out of logs that is fine and then we need a down stair right here oh we have to build the up stair first

and the stairs on the outside are so that we can build a roof on that little building got a lot of pigs here just great now pigs are good animals to bring because they'll actually breed underground and they breed fairly fast so it really allows for you to actually make some animals that make leather that make meat that make bones all those things that are important or dwarven life that I mentioned they grow underground so you don't need to worry about don't need to worry about things like Oh making sure they have something to eat they just eat rocks or whatever is around very very handy okay I'm gonna make a stockpile here that's going to be a weapon stockpile which is a pea and maybe just like that much so if there's any weapons hanging out here which there should be we can go ahead and get those pulled out those giant axe blades all those Spears those will go there and eventually hopefully we'll get a bin up there that will store all that stuff


look at our work orders hey they're getting done slowly I'll leave this area is yeah um let's see we're gonna have to build a roof before we can build beds in there and it doesn't really matter what order we go in let's go ahead and build let's see I think I did set this up for eight so one two three four five six seven eight and table table table table table table table table door and cabinet F okay let's put some cabinets we've got four of them we'll stick those in the alcoves here and that should be enough stuff to go ahead and designate this as a hospital zone no not gather fruit Hospital okay and once the furniture gets in there they'll start moving stuff in there that in hospital materials we probably want to go ahead and put in an order for some crutches

those are wooden crutches wood and rush let's do like three and wooden splint forget those

check that out we got our wooden stair let's go ahead and build a down stair right here and that will let us get up on top there so we can build a build a roof what if we've got any the ortho class blocks yet so you still make a box you're still making blocks I've been diverted a little bit duty the carpentry and masonry projects that I'm sure probably taking a precedent but we do have somebody else that we could put on to carpentry now that I'm thinking about it then we get somebody that is like really good at it we did okay let's go ahead and activate you take Ruby off of carpentry and they can focus on masonry actually Ruby's just as good but yeah I would rather have rather have people working on blocks

all right well we got a little bit of our barracks done we got two layers of our wall done we still need to roof this off but but that's there we got the barracks we can start working on that is our down stair there yes it is I'm gonna start ripping that off we got a tavern area dug out hospital areas set up and a bajillion work orders and a lot of those are getting done right now let's go ahead and just finish off a couple of doors here a door to the captain's office and a door to the thing in general and see can we build a wall comes out maybe you like it that far and like that far and like that far and let's see let's make that just an open area and we'll make that like a yard the yard that the the barracks can though that they can train in all right well I'm gonna go ahead and end this episode here thank you very much for watching I really appreciate it and I will see you in the next episode what is that thing giant king snake alright well apparently they are afraid of the wall so that is good alright thank you for watching see

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