Riobot THE IRON GIANT Action Figure Review Sentinel 1000toys

by: erivera94

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hey guys be sure to like me on Facebook and follow me on Instagram for extra content you won't see here click the links in the description below hey guys you were right 94 back again here another action figure review today we're gonna look at the Sentinel 1000 Tories robots The Iron Giant action figure hopefully I got those names correct unfamiliar with this line of figures out another new or old or whatnot but once I saw the Iron Giant then I had to uh how to pick them up for sure so here's the front of the box we have a very cool image of the figure with his mane a logo on his chest and his little Superman pose so very very cool from the movie because I haven't seen the movie yet I highly recommend you guys checking out the iron giant movie instant classic back from the I think it was the night II say that early 2000s okay mo I came to remember but it may have been 1999 anyways there's a front and on the side we get some nice little art work here we just see a silhouette of some trees and mountains here and then going towards the middle of the side of the box we have the words you are who you choose to be that is a quote from the movie same thing on the other side same quote going on to the back side of the box here we can take a look at some more poses that the figure can do and then going down to the bottom of the box we have all the names of the designers in the people involved here so we got Ryo bot number 19 the Iron Giant toy makers 1000 toys we have Sentinel director Utah table re from 1000 times in Sentinel so we got the designer and then the finisher and then that's it so it's gonna mop the box and take a look at it alright guys and don't forget to check out the link down below we guys can pick this guy up at big bad twister calm in case you guys were interested in buying this figure alright here we have them out of the box this is your Rio bot Sentinel iron giant figure and first and foremost as you can see he's not a big figure at all actually when I first saw these pictures of the of this figure displayed at you know conventions and stuff I figured it'd be a big figure and I was hoping for a big you're considering the the hefty price tag of a hundred and fifty dollars that's what I paid after shipping which is a pretty pricing that's coming from Japan too so anyway it's very hefty price for these sides of the figure so speaking of the size let's take a look at exactly how tall he is he's supposed to be about six inch scale why so probably gonna be a little bit taller than that he's looking to be about a little over seven you know between seven and eight inches tall so he's not tall like B mondo Iron Giant figure of course that one was 18 inches tall and it ran you about three hundred and fifty dollars which I also thought was overpriced too now he does come with some very cool accessories and we're gonna take a look at that right now so he comes packed in with these open hands his fingers are you know closer together but they're the both hands are open here then we get another set of open hands but this time around we have the fingers spread apart and lastly we have a pair of hands that are in a form of a fist so moving on to the head scope accessories or the face as we get in total of four different faces you have the neutral normal face just look at the eyes that's the main area of it of course the the mouth can open it now he's not showing any teeth but you can't choose to add in some teeth right and there you have it just like that you have the Iron Giant showing his teeth and of course you can still open up the mouth and have him with the open mouth and he's showing this is still using the same neutral face the normal eyes here just to show you guys they come like this so they're half heads only showing the top of the face where the eyes are shown and we have two different jaws so this was the jaw you just saw without the teeth and then this one actually has the teeth attached to it so once you remove it it's just the job he's the has the teeth to add the teeth to the top piece that is actually a separate piece here so you can just slide it in and now it just pegs in right here so this is only the top of his others jars mouth has the teeth removable bottom piece is only this bottom jaw you can't remove that so if you want to put on guess the face with only the bottom teeth if you would ever want that there you go you can do it like this alright so let's run through a few of his other expressions here we have this face with his eyes or kind of gleaming at you like he's suspicious about something about you and you know that type of look right there I went ahead and did it without the teeth but you can choose to put the teeth on the top and bottom of of any of these faces alright so now we have this facial expression to me this looks like a like a sad face he's a little sad right now and lastly we have the more angry looking expression here and all these expressions are are done by just changing the lines on the on the eyes are there that's a that's all it takes so he looks a little more angrier in this one alright and last but not least we have the final accessory we have the S the Superman s that goes on to his torso there so you can oppose that Superman and this is cool I like this piece a lot the way this works it's just a clip here and it kind of scares me because I feel like it's rubbing against the paint on his chest and I feel like over time it's gonna rub I hope not but that's just how I feel but you see the clip there and just slide it underneath I don't know why they did a bag like that when you feel this figure you feel a lot of diecast there you feel a lot of metals well you know they could have added a magnet magnetized s like they did with mondo and just had it snap in there I would have felt a little safer with the paint but yeah you just gotta slide it in and you can actually rotate the S to any angle you would want the more accurate angle would be a little tote to the right right there and then there you go so very nice piece you don't actually have to have it on to rotate it but you can see how I rotate on that little circle there to whichever angle you would want now after it's all said and done he does come with a good array of accessories here I do feel like he's missing a few of the more iconic ones especially a Hogarth he doesn't come with a mini Hogarth that would been a nice little touch for them to add to see you know a little static figurine of Hogarth to put on the show or his hand like they did with mondo now I would have been very very small but I feel like for the price tag that could have done it are you missing that he's missing his uh his blaster rifle that he uh he can turn his hand into a cannon or a gun as he says in the movie and the mondo version did come with that as well so I guess that kind of justifies the higher price tag as well for that mondo version a few things I wish he came with it would have been nice maybe if they would have released a deluxe version I know it's already pricey but you know would have been a little bit pricier to release a deluxe version but it would have been a nice option for those more hardcore fans of the the movie that want more accessories with this guy anyways that's it with the accessories to get onto the figure itself I feel like I'm taking so long to get to the figure but here it is in hand once you get them in hand he is a lot smaller than you would expect a lot smaller than the actual box he comes with but he's a nice looking figure he looks great he's very heavy - I was caught off-guard with how heavy he was a lot of diecast they're a big chunk of diecast on the torso got a cast on the bicep area shoulder area on the thigh area so wherever you see a thick part like these forearms or the hands worth feet or the the shins here they're a little hollowed out but even the feet are or diecast - so he's a pretty much 80% diecast figure which is a nice you know touch there feels great feels like it's high-quality and the overall paint of the figure the sculpt is quite perfect you know it's very nice and they applied everything very well on this figure getting more up close I want to show you guys the individual bolts that are painted there and the torso area going down to if you growing in the legs overall looks very good to the back we see a lot of detail here and down here too so overall the look got captured in my eyes perfectly looks good looks just like I'm off movie everything looks nice now let's get to the articulation of the figure he has a good range of articulation as which is great so we have the head that can swivel 360 degrees left and right the jaw is of course articulated on every single face expression we have the neck that can move up it's actually a ball joint at the upper neck and then it's a hinge at the bottom of the neck so we get a good range we get the head tilt can bend forward you know look down a lot so a good range overall here you can actually see when you remove it it's a ball joint down here to hinge all right you there and then it's another ball peg here once you look at the bottom of that the head here it just pegs into this area right here so good range overall on the on the neck area of the figure now to the arms it gets a little stiff here because this is all diecast but it's nice because he'll you know hold it's not gonna be a loose joint but we've got the arms going 360 degrees here we can get in and out good range we have a bicep swivel we have an elbow hinge here that may scare you for a second it looks like it's just a single jointed elbow and I was quite you know I know the word I was quite surprised when I saw this I liked how in the world are you gonna accomplish the Superman pose that I literally just showed you guys I was like there's no way this is the articulation and it turns out that you have to pull it down in that unveil more so you actually have a double joint once you pull it down as so so there you get a lot more range and then you can do the Superman pose or whatever you want to do then we have a hinge at the hand and a swivel at the forearm as well as the wrist on to the torso there's actually a lot of articulation here we have a diaphragm joint and we also do gateway swivel so the diaphragm will bend forward and back good motion overall I mean you can do a lot you can tilt him 360 you know swivel on both the diaphragm and the waist here so overall they did a good job with that we have the legs going forward here and back these are all just on ball joints here so you can see here they come apart snaps right back in we do get a thigh swivel they will go in and out but you know they'll pop off when you go too far but it's still a good range right there again the theis well we have a good double-jointed knee here so you can see you can bend it all the way back it kind of collapsed sin this back piece here you can see how that works then we have the ankles that hinge forward and back we get a good toe hinge and we get a good pivot too and I want to show you guys how that works too the back gets some Pistons here or that do a good job here or articulated in the foot so you can bend it forward a lot and get squinches back so good overall mechanic here for the ankles alright so let's see how he stacks up next to some other figures I'll just throw in some random figures here and there we'll start off with the NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this is the Leonardo sdcc exclusive soon-to-be gamestop exclusive figure right there he's supposed to be about a 7-inch figure so you can see how he stands next to a giant their legacy dies closer to the 8 inch range for sure here's a mess Co 112 this is the Deadpool x-men version and he's a lot shorter than Leonardo was there there and I've got him next to a Marvel legend figure we have him next to star-lord the movie figure and he's a little bit taller than I think mezco dead poet see the other about the same height so yeah they're about the same height there so obviously he's a little taller than the Marvel legend so he's not exactly 6 inches you know I'd be worth to measure from a ruler it's not gonna hit the 6 inch mark but he's in that scale they made it seem like it was a 6 inch figure he would just would have been way too small he's small already as it is and we say that because he's an Iron Giant he's a giant figure in the movie he's portrayed as this gigantic robot so when we see a little figure of him it just makes it seem like he's just too tiny but I think this scale works fairly well you know for a more cost-efficient version of him if you're looking at what's out there this is probably the cheapest version you can get in this best quality in this scale that you can get now I would bring in the model version but just just really isn't any reason to because he's just so much bigger he doesn't even fit inside my review area here and also because he's kind of out of reach right now I mean that's gonna do for my review of the Rio bot Iron Giant action figure by Sentinel or 1000 toys or whoever makes this you know so many names and this but this is and this is a cool figure I think it is over price clearly it is it's gonna attract a lot of hardcore fans they're really the ones are gonna off up the money for this figure any regular fan probably would pass on it because he's he was expensive but the trend I keep seeing with these Iron Giant figures even the old iron giant figures from the 1999 movie release of toys those speakers are high in price and they only go higher you know after they're gone the Monda one was $350 retail and now it goes for five hundred six hundred seven hundred dollars on ebay because it's sold out it's gone it's out of print no more being made so who knows this is a hundred fifty dollar figure after shipping of course keep that in mind I think retail retail was somewhere around 120 or 115 I can't remember but we're shipping you know of course I went up anyways I still feel like this is gonna go up in price once it's gone because it just happens with all iron figures it just does you don't want to risk it go ahead and grab him you know even though it's gonna cost you but I think it's better in the long run because he might end up being a $350 figure or more who knows once he's gone anyways that say guys hope you guys enjoyed don't forget to leave a like down below leave a comment subscribe if you have not done so already hit that notification bell button and stay tuned for more awesome content as always have a great day [Music]

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