Can You Get Through These Jumpscares?

by: Reaction Time

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what's the fam god you guys you don't understand we're reacting to some jump scares you're watching reaction are you roll it let's say bro game over game over oh my god is starting starting bro oh my god no you close your ears bro you'll see you'll see why you'll see why but my shoulder oh my god oh my god stop stop Anthony you're close you're right it's wrong oh my god jumping oh my god just a jumping spider I'm not what if I actually pass off from this then I'm taking hey oh I hate this one bro oh my god I'm not closing my eyes bro stop stop stop bro oh my god no I'm tough in your eyes grow so scared oh so scared I'm okay I'm blinking bro I'm like no okay okay is it yeah is it go stop stop stopping your eyes stop no I'm serious don't even did you guys even get scared no no yeah I really you know why are we doing this I hate this bro cause the terrible you like it when you get scared bro oh my god I'm looking at see you guys can see no it's over Anthony stop stop his hands up get his hands in his hand my god oh my god no can you guys stop please please no serious I'm sweating bro bro I feel so bad for the girl you're gonna

I hate the girls your channel now I'm reaction time oh this is such an easy job what do you do I like combing eyebrows I don't know because you're anticipating you just don't know just enjoy it yes we're not seeing the orphan you oh no we're not I'll pay for the meal oh no hell no real talk like a movie theater with a girl that jump-scare do you grab onto her did she grab onto you Lugosi when I'm with a girl I just close my eyes oh hold on it and then when it's all over like coz you can hear when it's over she gets scared and I open my eyes and look what's wrong guys check out free time because we're gonna do the Ouija board challenge for Halloween so it'll be there for Halloween so make sure you turn your notifications subscribe because you're gonna want to see but if you guys have any suggestions about blogs for for some quality jump scares that you think will completely freaking out are these for yeah subscribe to free time in-game time and uh subscribe to this channel turn your notifications on we'll see you soon

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In this episode I looked at some crazy jump scares! These jump scares actually had me jumping out of my chair. I don't think I was more afraid in my life... Comment more video suggestions down below! Check Out My Recommended Apps Here:

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