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now the mommy boss is a treatment powerful he's got a hundred and forty health margin forty health any summons betta this is attack type she can set ready Cibola got concert don't forget to subscribe and stop the belt so you never miss a video please gentlemen what I do brand new baggage video the boots plates hello y'all back here again with my boy Ariel and mr. Cal craft care craft oh you're like a second you bro I don't think like yeah I don't think I see at all I think you can start a cow costume another Pig huh yeah no I I go oh push it towards me alright guys why are they super TVs don't forget to subscribe if you're new comer to the channel and we would like it got that what we want to see thanks on the boost pleasure but today we're messing around with this new fractured world add-on which adds in some secret hidden mobs with oh my gosh sorry off really first thing it is gonna be the evil cow he's a believer and now the evil cow where pushes a regular cow are you levitating yeah I got my bedrock Steph powers going wait did you get our purpose yeah oh yeah that's ours now awesome job look anyways the cow this for attack damage it has 40 health so this cows a it's a very be faking it I'm sorry yeah it's a very beefy cow so it's gonna be very very hard to kill this guy for example but but I'm still fighting it loonies got took five hits for who it's a baby ship man he's mine but I think it's gonna be a stone of mini-golf siren flesh is a creeper let's get ourselves a stone Millie English mini-golf stone Minnie McCallum as you seats a little tiny goal but we get a little dirty he's very cute looking he's got ten hours and there's 88 attack damage so hate him it's kind of like shark did look at it let hit you let me do it thank you really he's friendly hey likes you bro side right someone actually likes you for once I didn't say anything but it's a little mini Goldman and counting follows you around he's gonna tag you but it's actually thank you so the next thing it's gonna be the Beatles now what we gotta do is get ourselves a pecs so again our suck the VEX and now because be toes through the I ain't be toes now the vets is have ten hearts and three attack damage so these beetles have ten hearts and three tech damage and they some of them seem to be different cause actually these are normally in game these are what the VEX does look like you are you good I'm never see one hey watch that one yeah it's a bad idea and when they're things you get out alright told you they look like ladybugs like that never the Beatles it was killing me I don't think lies you bro I'll do the mini Gollum likes you it's him Oh leave alone alright so let's see if I did that's the Beatles now the next thing is gonna be the mushrooms spider boss so wait I thought the Beatles was only four people I kids didn't you yeah that was that was lame bro that was really lame you know that's lame that was lame the beetles like they are like the group oh my god yeah they were like the best rap singers yeah uh-oh you said the rap singers dude somewhat simple please get rid of this guy can we ban him Oh / permanent ban in Minecraft I think yo you make the comment section go against me so bad it's kind of the cowards I should get super lit up too you're out guys don't forget we're just messing around here dude no Vegas there's there's a goofball dude that's his personality man alright give me a body so this right here is a spider boss in spite of other spider has a very high attack damage 18 attack damage very far reach and also has 60 health so he will watch aerial watch ready yeah yeah yeah Joe I'm gonna spawn the scoop of things attack put down another spitter and see if they'll fight each other I know they're not finding each other the other kills very nice point a minute yo Spyros as you can see he's got tons and tons of hearts but he wasn't very hard to kill itself is gonna be the cave spider boss so we think a regular cave spider and a boom cave spider my bad my bad Jay spider plus now these guys have a hundred health and into about five I mean five horse of five damage which is not that bad man now these guys have less hearts will do more attack damage to tons more attack damage all these guys have almost double the health and they do it less attack damage okay yeah pretty cool dumb try to find one these are the mushrooms aren't they no they're they have a giant mushroom on their back this guy's body bag dude's can't even fight it back yeah what'd you do broke come here bro you want to fight let's go let's go Joey's for to kill him I'm still trying to fight this guy right now behind you bro I got you awesome so now oh ha cows my bad forgot his evil cows now there we go is gonna be the mommy boss so let me show you how it works we got get ourselves a any poker now The Mummy boss is extremely powerful he's got a hundred and forty health margin 4012 any summons beatles us attack type she could set ready come bow like a concert pointer oh he's like don't bro gotta get back to my crib this dude no let's it's a mummy now the mommy also summons are these of okra things you see but look at the crocodiles are they brothers I'm sorry the crocodile things on the ground yeah the alligator hit him he hit him real quick too many that's a bad idea they should be fine was he waving to me he sell his bills to hate you but they don't do anything okay you didn't do anything at all unfortunately barrel to kill he's a shoe really hard to kill you this guy I'm still going oh wow it's like you like a water faucet away you're with the boss first this dude we got to do that you know we're gonna make these guys for each other the way the boss in this guy listen to me this is the crocodiles no it's the car got something again no I can't kill it Lucas what are you drunk he drops a emerald and also a ton of ammonite so oh so he's like a villa set aside these mobs here and I'm gonna spawn them for the boss but we're gonna have at the end of time sit day there we go okay so moving on to the next thing that we got to do it's gonna be show off the money boss the betos the mushroom splatter balls the case matter boss now actually gonna D me the boss that's right there is a demon boss it's got a crazy man oh you know what how about this we'll go for the demon boss at the end but we're gonna go for the gorilla you know I'm not kidding all right you see I'm kidding I'm not kidding there's girls down check it out I'll say right now I don't believe you I really don't believe you Arielle the gorilla whoa I look very buff look at yourself look at that though what do you guys soon as a six-pack know as yes you see we have Ariel the gorilla we like the color will every look your look is very hairy exactly that hairy or just kind of mess with them love y'all all right all right there's Aereo the gorilla oh sorry I'm sorry bad I just love us with you dude no your best friend you like that we love you bro oh thanks I just killed Mike Wayne oh look the gorillas find the mummy check it out now the gorilla does 20 damage has 150 yards it is extremely powerful so you members do TV right bro huge so he's got holes in his socks there you go dude boom look at each other so the gorilla boss is crazy man he's super powerful dude if you got like two of these guys don't like wreck anything on a sister piss already boom boom boom and boom there's three down yeah it's big gorilla here big give her the whole banka banka Oh did one shot him what do the three shot the spider boss that's crazy so moving on we're gonna go check out the snow golem boss now we're gonna need some snow blocks there we go and all the guys are just some one a snow golem which is gonna be like this kaboom and there we go now we have a snow golem boss and this way this is a snow cold face animation yeah he has a face animation check it out ready animation and best of all you get a hundred fifty cars to damage and snowball damage is five so he is hostile he's hostile oh my god those snowballs in five damage each and anything hits you with a million's to attack damage he's got a hundred and fifty hearts so he's pretty powerful so after that is gonna be the mushroom no we're gonna cheat other demon boss how about that let's get a zombie Pigman now you guys are very very weak only ten hearts as you can see only ten hearts it looked really really cool as well 1005 attack damage so they might have very little hearts but they do a lot of attack in which they can't actually bring it out pretty quickly until if you hit all of them I think you hit 102 I can't this golems gonna kill me good bro oh come on guys go hit one right hey guys like you see there's super evil man now that's another figures even bosses now all right Tim Oh oh-ho-ho so that's it then it's gonna be the giant parents now we have oversized parents with this crazy add-on kaboom baby uh precise Wow what's the size of you know you can put them on your shoulders I think hold on hold on out now works okay buddy hey buddy what do you feed him what do you see pears I know you can put them on your shoulder keep up seeds he's right what parents eat no no people hey guys evil dude guys really evil I can't do a Morgan I promise you you can I figured I'd talk to be like you can't let you look alike maybe there's these the only parents yes Dylan parents don't ask the parents they have 35 hours into the to attack image if you hit the nitrous no for attack damage my bad so anyways now that's a batter for everything that we have so the only thing remaining now is gonna be the mushroom Monster biome I mean the mushroom monster boss now this is the end game of Boston away so the way it works is this dude over here he's got four hundred parts 400 hearts in just ten attack damage kaboom there right there is the mushroom monster boss so Luigi from Mario yeah hit him I'm not I'm not a gamer yeah check it out boom oh go to shot yeah there you go so he ain't that friendly differently at all no I'll do likes you at all mate honestly it's pretty angry happens dude there we go so let me spawn these guys field see what happens if I follow these mobs here you gotta fight each other y'all my slip it over the boss steal some more the boss go attack way no summon wither no wither like Oh got it fine go go go go it's AG oh snap they actually team up with a kill kill them off together it's interesting yo yeah all snap oh now we have a battle boys now we ourselves a battle dude was gonna smuggle I'm involved maybe he'll do something actually probably not there we go look you just be angry on the corner no keep all right guys anyways that's about it for today spot so hope you guys all enjoy I'll see you all tomorrow with the bed even if we're gonna subscribe I stopped out bail and leave a like and come back tomorrow for a brand new partnership video we post pockets videos every single day and we're trying to make this video as the city as possible so you guys can enjoy it if you do it watch some more if you want to watch some more partnership videos we're gonna like a puss out below description we're just gonna contain every single video I've actually made on this channel so go check it out or go on the homepage of the channel and that's also includes a bunch of guys can watch alright guys that's fun I'll say it's about was a better video yo no those are actually winning hey it's late [Music] [Applause]

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