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if you want a free haircut follow me on instagram at the boy who got lucky and like authentic angels men salon and spa in Kurama facebook page hi everyone it's me the boy who got lucky and welcome to authentic angel salon and spa and we will find out if it's true that my 100 dirham will get 10 services manicure pedicure foot spa hand spa hot oil help massage massage Jerrica hair shampoo and of

course so if you want you can do manicure pedicure foot spa blow-dry hair and foot massage for good let's start our poll can you please give me this red card yes of course no problem you can show the hairstylist the haircut of your choice first step is a haircut [Music] after your haircut you will get hot oil [Music] next you'll get a relaxing head massage

the hot oil stays on your head while you get a foot spa [Music]

while having your foot spa you will get your manicure then a foot massage and then hand spa

[Music] followed by pedicure [Music] after that you will get your hair shampoo and finally your blow-dry if you really want to pamper yourself book an appointment now call us at zero five zero four six one three eight seven six we are located in Kurama Dubai and if you want the free haircut add me on instagram at the boy who got lucky and like the Facebook page authentic angels men's salon and spa in

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10 SERVICES for 100 DIRHAMS ONLY! Call us at 0504613876 to book now! If you want FREE Haircut add me on instagram @dboywhogotlucky and like this facebook page - Authentic Angels Mens Salon and Spa N karama - and then show to the salon.
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