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God spoke to you yes something about him could you share that I will share some take me a little time I we got time we got all the time in the world okay I have to tell you about a man that I that God spoke to me through he spoke to me through a man and this man is a former Muslim oh my was Muhammad Muhammad he's recently changed his name he was born to Palestinian parents and Jordanian and I called him because I read this at the ministers conference and I said max we call him max now do I have the right to tell these things he said you tell them I for you to tell them anywhere and he said you tell them this tell them this is what the Lord has done for someone like me he was born of course Islamic and somehow a pretty little Christian girl married him Oh quite a little story like you did so in January of 15 2011 he was in a church service with her he heard the audible voice of the Lord he said I ignored it the first time that it was audible and here's what the Lord said in Arabic because the Lord said I spit you in Arabic that your mother tongue and I want you to get what I say and he said son you need to come to me he ignored it I heard him again son you need to come to me who are you I am your Lord I am Issa Yeshua the Messiah you need to come to me so he said then he called me by my name and he said every Muslim knows Allah would never call you by your name Allah only dresses us as my slave and when he called me by my name I followed him down the aisle can he became born-again whoa now after that Jesus began appearing to him open eye visions someone says to him you need to have these visions judged so he goes to his pastor and in Wisconsin his pastor says I didn't have these kind of it's always about political things the Lord told him about Isis and what they wanted to do other things and how wasn't going to work that's quite a story I won't go into that one here we'll talk about the Trump thing here and so he said that the pastor said I don't I don't know how to judge these things but Billy Brown talks about these things he remembered me so he gets his family drives down to Branson we've got do to the Fisher down here in a show you know and he comes to that show and he comes up to me and he said would you judge my visions and the Lord led me to do it so now through the top through these years he calls me and and we judge them three years ago he reminded me it was he had a vision I knew it when God and so the Lord taught me had me teach him how you judge visions now the Bible says you're going to have dreams you're going to have this these things are going to increase but you must know how to judge them they could come from the kingdom of darkness they can come from the kingdom of light but how do you tell you go by what the word says and then first John 4th begins to tell us this beloved believe not every spirit but try the spirits whether they are of God because many false prophets are gone out into the world hereby know ye the Spirit of God every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God and every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God and this is that spirit of Antichrist so I taught him now anybody can say Jesus is Lord just in the natural but it's a spirit operating they can't say it so I taught him whenever you have a vision of Jesus you ask him do you confess Jesus Christ came in the flesh oh he got relieved now he's free because he can judge the visions brother Hagin taught me this by the way he had many visions of Jesus and he to say you look like Jesus you sound like Jesus but you give me two or three witnesses in the word that what you say is true so when you do that and you know how to judge them then God can trust us better not to be fooled by Angels of Light false angels right so he humbly accepted the counsel that I gave him and he called me different times about Isis and what Jesus would say and sometimes he hears the people praying God always Jesus always emphasized his prayer in our part on September 20th 2016 he had a vision I wrote this I want to get exactly right Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States I have been preparing him to be the president since 2008 in 2011 he was not ready for the 2012 campaign in 2013 he became closer to me by going to church and praying more often in 2015 I guided him to run for president he is going to have a lot of negativity and a rough road but he will be the president of the United States hmm primarily he is the one primarily here's the reason why he is the one who will be saving the USA Israel and Jerusalem whoa that's hard why that's why people will be shocked Worthen oh that's an understatement Donald Trump is closer to me now more than anybody could imagine that's 2016 September so October 2016 max was praying in the spirit and the Lord spoke again he will be the president but my children must stand together and pray for him like they have never done before they must do first Timothy 2:1 which says I exhort therefore that first of all intercessions prayers giving of thanks be made for all means men for kings and for all that are in authority that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty he said my people have to pray that like they never have for any president so that means he told max every time the bottom line was the church has to pray the church has to pray he's going to be president whether he seeds or not the church has to pray the church has to and I can remember the first time I heard brother Hagin teach on it first of all when you get up in the morning before you pray for us for and no more before you pray for anything else you pray for the leader of this country yeah now if we all do that if you will do it I do it every morning it's easy it just comes on me just start to pray for President Trump in the cabinet and all of our officials and and if we all go it if you'll do it Jim Baker reaches a vast number of people why because God gave you that audience that's right and you you do it oh I want you to do it the day before the election it didn't look like Donald Trump's going to be elected max goes to his knees I got down on my knees and he showed me a vision this time I didn't see Jesus I saw two V's all over the heavenlies two V's two V's and he said in Arabic V is the number seven so I thought I'm seeing 7777 because the Bible you know is important on the number seven and the Lord said no this is English he is going to be the president of the United States and the two V stand for double victory now in election night I'm talking to him I'm talking to max it doesn't look like I mean the poll will show what they look like your thought everybody shocked I'm supposed to be on Kenneth Copeland's they had Michele Bachmann on their program with David Barton is on YouTube we're in it and I'm going to have to go on tell them what I think is going to happen and I know what God said what Jesus said yes am I going to be brave you know so I went on there and I I don't know how how brave I was but people were saying well we don't know it could go either way I said I believe that it's going to go the way that we've heard it's going to go that we're believing it's going to go and that's about as close as I got but it actually did happen now on January 14 the Lord appeared to him again this is you know after the election just before the inauguration the last few days before he takes office it will be very hard for him hard on his heart and hard on his mind but he will make it the Christians must stand together and pray daily ma'am now I've been looking who yeah the spirit of hate came upon this country yeah hmm they wanted to stop him yes and the enemy of course and they literally were calling for him to be murdered yes so that's why only prayer can come it wasn't with the wiccaning the church woke up yes right hurts praying the church dragon right I love you the mortar no clock tonight okay sure I want it I want to give you a prophecy that I've been looking for from brother Hagin Kenneth E Hagin knew him well he was on your program on a lot I don't know if you remember this was 1974 there came out a prophecy from a wonderful man of God but it scared the whole church it was written in a book New York was going to fall that did all kinds of things and so brother Hagin starts this prophecy out like this no the time of the end is not yet no America is not doomed I heard him say no judgment will not fall as yet some have seen things and didn't know how to interpret it they interpreted it as happening now when it's in the future you know so he goes on and talks about I'll give you a copy of this whole thing I won't read the whole thing but he talks about the great move of God that's coming and in that move the supernatural things that are going to happen translations are going to happen now listen up to this Jim listen Laurie listen people listen mondo listen let not your heart be fearful in order to be afraid for there shall and on the scene he has already arisen one who shall respond unto the things of God and whose heart will be open toward God and your nation that seem to be cut down to the roots and the wild birds of the air and the fowls of the air came and roasted and her branches and did much disrepute unto the nation yet that shall all be repaired because this man shall say I will walk in the way of God praise God I will trust also in him he shall be at the head and many shall follow him and the work of God shall be consummated that must be consummated in other nations even before I come I heard him say because you see the enemy shall not gainsay the work of the Lord about this I knew this man was coming mr. Wilkerson prophesied we will have a spirit-filled president in the white house before

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