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hello yo man if I could not mid that'd be great that's a big mood

ah King Arthur

mmm would you rather a DC no but that's alright I'll I'll suck it oh you must so what do you want to do do where should he carry I guess okay what are you what are you trying to aim for when I first picked a wheeler so hey things could be worse yeah we likes into fucking Arthur give me that I don't like to support or jungle but I don't think that's happening but you had support unlike your listed roles and you didn't get it supports are really contested role right now it's definitely not dude I don't know where you just pulled that fucking stat from but you're wrong now that's just the people that I talk to you all right well you must have an awesome group of fucking friends if they want to play support

go tourniquet what's your plan here with the boxes they're hard counter you at all what's the plan I'm just gonna try to rock down the allelic thing in my head tim is still DM streams teach you early I am yeah I just kind of started it I can't get cracked down to work where is my slack I wasn't even paying attention that hot triple counter where's hunter not listed as a category why is hunter not list of what like when you're trying to filter hunters just not oh there it is it was under H for Hunter I was just missing from the drop-down areas has been really really strong this season

Fafnir haven't used them much this season haven't seen very much of him so I can't really give a accurate representation so akka does really well into a wee looks and chiron but I mean hobble own encounters the shit out of him

aghhhhh knocks on table well at least I get to counterpick wait who you counter picking who do you think shocks counterpick or ability based gods I thought that doesn't matter you didn't know you got counter picked hot wok counters pick knocks oh do we go back to the queue yeah I have no idea when I'm picking in this fucking this shit mode anymore yeah but for the future dude knocks does not counter anybody on that team no not maybe knocks is not counter pick anybody on that team we looks how do I have crazy movement speed Bellona doesn't care about you and chiron can hit you from farther than you can hit him aside from your old maybe an Athena dive but even then if she dives in and taunts she's gonna be able to hit you before you can react

but reasons the Apollo can do well here because our defensive team fight with with Knox and King Arthur is gonna be really really sick and we could just let Apollo split-push we should win the game based off that I gotta remember that man what's up his Devo gloves with silver Branch the way to go for Apollo right now I need you want hunters blessing oh and then ya des clubs and then you can go silver branch later on I've been seeing a lot of Apollo's go crit right now and it's been really really effective okay I'll just I seen it like four times the season already and it's been really strong all right let's see Cerberus good knocks hey not Season six we don't go book anymore what nope nope counters a we looks fuckin literally counters a wheel it's loosest aha blog really really badly the counters a we looks you're assuming that baka can't jump but you have to remember that the puke is also a cripple which stops our feather step in her one don't expect anything from mid lane that's pretty well against a carnival I got the loan over here no worries on speed only other knocks next time place it over the wall you place that really ineffectively clear me yeah my red bus probably going okay you got to pull that out bro you just cost me experience

nice job I have to be way more careful than she does am i red bus gone parrot red guy should not be getting out fresher than enough holy shit this guy sucks you do have a jungler you are bad please stop blaming other people I'm watching you play and you've done everything wrong so far cut the shit


really share with me there should be a pill but don't think I have a John Blair oh my god you have a jungler yeah well if he cleared wave that'd be fuckin sweet knocks can you hear us no he did cannot hear can anybody hear me yep so it's just this fucking guy huh



well hundred gold away as fucking always

wait why he said he asked me muted did he mute me because I told him Knox doesn't counter anyone on that team after he told us he doesn't know how to play mid

leave them

save you does anyone else want to like tear their fucking skin off every guy every time this guy talks or is it just me just making sure I'm not being overly you know sensitive this morning to annoyances Baba no mana


I was on the gang to both Holt's down he did not use anything and now he's gonna drop the kill hundred gold away again when I spawn oh my god get off my fucking screen I know right oh whoa what's up dude playing ranked is your new boxer in a hole maybe this you know what that goes our day today all right dude all just like fights you people the whole game pretty much the same shit anyway

don't worry guys I'll do it okay here she is she is everybody okay found her everybody calm down that's an easy kill easy kill easy kill he's dropping in an Athena Athena alt down well I've imagined if we had a fucking wait why is our NOx complaining about the jungler when the jungler was fucking me over like my jungler was doing a buff while I was getting ganked like well how did had a hob WOD I hear knocks died what the motherfucking unknown troll on your team holy shit dude

Bellona come back and that character sucks loan is on the fucking bench brochure that's the King Artie oh fuck this guy sucks and he's so annoying what I'm literally so lowly what yo this kid's going on YouTube win or lose bro holy shit oh my mute now hey dude you are garbage no you're not like it all Holies are you serious


six viewers are laughing that's good thank ya dude flames started like four minutes guys

Venus here okay

oh my god turn around Bacchus they're asleep

we're down 900 gold you fucking psychopath calm your ass down [Music] our solo laner just so you know is up despite suspecting he's being ganked multiple fucking times because you have no control over mid you literally just got so loud we watched it on stream we watched it how are they getting gold had no people on that side of the map is that for a hunt you think he's gonna solo it right now you think the level 11 Chiron is gonna solo the gold fury oh the hot wok game because you died to him that's right [Music]

[Music] you're gonna have a hard time after this game bro I might skip today's upload and just put you up right away my team 0 4 3 4 3 4 & 1 2 1 2 baka still doesn't have chin size why we're baka have chin size at 13 minutes that has never literally never been a thing


oh you got fucking transmisogyny watch imagine watching me make that fucking play and thinking you're better than me holy fucking shit suck my entire [Music]


long shot numbers dude I would like that read both it possible definitely don't know you need to take that right but we need you to have damage intimate as well preach the backup [Music]

I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming

sir rich is backed in my face and Knox is still admit he did have health he had about 700 health while I was tanking all the shots yes it is actually under a tower when I have shell it's more than Apollo I'm not trying to be snarky here but remember we started this game off with you asking me for advice assume I know what I'm talking about why is that longshot numbers do you tell us what experience do you have in this game okay so people think that I'm rude okay what else what else we got what experience do you have let's not talk about me let's run your resume where'd you go Doug let's talk

sudden suddenly gotten so quiet

we're Seattle yes got his beats I got I got conned

while they suffer against two

you're right tower is under attack Mina's Bucs are ten nine we looks as slightly ahead of both of us imagine complaining that Bach Asura doesn't have chin size while as Knox you don't have spear the Magus like holy fuck dude

that's blinken or whole team two people two people two on me at least

that's baloney give daddy issues

it's amazing how you're talking shit when you're in the base has told me to Paulo Majan telling someone to hold mid when it's the push that their fucking tear - imagine being knocked at 20 minutes and having spear of desolation instead of Magus while complaining other people are building wrong holy fucking shit

wait you have 50% CDR you idiot

not to mention like no yeah you have 50% no matter what so you're gonna have potion always got 50% CDR there's no reason to fight over a goal fury that's not there

fuck the red buff girl oh hey wife fuck the red Venus here I got three here

he's dead I'll take one for one with the tower help him your focus up how many times you gonna hit with this shit bitch eat this come here baby what's up how the fuck y'all gonna die in a fucking for me fucking two


[Music] got to be fucking with me dog like you gotta be there's got to be a joke I got to be on the fucking radio or some shit

[Music] attack fire giant holy fucking shit oh we have no idea where their CC or kill him we need worden up there in front I'm gonna push out right careful sit on that balloon yeah she's out of session did you just fucking all tore it can we do big boy did he just do big he's coming in right here

people on the athena on the a female Athena you just kill that Athena thank you

now let's alternate focus the fucking tank instead of chasing the carries now dude what the fuck is he doing she's low wherever she is Oh Spears Magus oh he's got it oh my god it's amazing shamans having shamans

Paulo you really need some time yeah I know the guy who didn't build spear The Magus on NOx until fucking like last isn't telling other people the real penetration I know this is not my life he is correct you definitely need a penetration you should don't finish that shuriken once you have enough to buy executioner by selling your hunter's blessing do it yeah no no for executioner as soon as you have the money to do it do it ox is dead again

right late volley fire

all right Cerberus literally watched every single person kill me while with this Ulta she does not have well she does not have all

you gotta dude you got her you got her here so I'll fuck her up dude

so right there you used your serenade right and then like a second later you used your Aegis remember that serenades gonna give you a bonus the physical defense yeah do you negate it a lot of the damage mitigation you had we would have won that completely by the way of Cerberus just fucking ulti like he sat there with I think 90% health and watch me fight five if he had just ultd two people off me I would have killed the hub Walker free and then the probably the game would have been over yeah yeah that a we list what have been on me still you would have gotten that you probably could have pushed for the Satan I forgot to buy my fucking potion

had two beats I'm up in three I got old don't all tunnel honestly just [Music]

Oh vodka why'd you get in the way

get on it get on it get on it get on it we need to do something you know killer get this Paula come to my side quick

I don't know I three set this right now

magic rocks maybe Merlin's missions attack fire giant No

Bellona them

here but we're gonna die we're gonna die

let's get out I just used all teeth this noxus probably we can define [Music]

what was a 3-man result down he's off man this guy is he could not be worse

it's already phase three careful careful you gotta get in there on a dude fuck that so go on it you have to push them off and don't try to steal fuck is in fuck is in don't don't drop in just look around he looks all the way in the back it land somewhere careful it's a good play with his explosion that he missed his neck he's only got 20% CDR unlike this guy he's got 50 50 % CDO Oh what do you sell what do you have Gina knows it imagine being an oxen losing half your health you'll fucking pie romantic I am not there

good shit he literally lost half his health all right dude you just got a split push him we're gonna contesta fire alright then I would be very very careful we lose Apollo this game is over we can hold this

yeah that Alti yeah mine which stunned everybody Savin lives don't worry don't let her back to keep chasing working he went to other way I can't dude this Knox doesn't have a fucking brain he ran in the same direction I did SiC like four paces behind guys a fucking imbecile don't bring your old for this

and he fucking pulled it

Matt quois doesn't understand how to do the fucking goal or the fire giant thank God oh my god this guy won't shut the fuck up about his fucking ultimate that only hit because I stung like two three people just tree tanking longshots 27

right we have we have we have wave let's go

oh my god if you don't die here we're fine oh I will die he's passing incorrectly ACK idiot they might be able to end your boat just just stay away ban Phoenix no way he just threw that he's dead he still hasn't used this - this is fucking he's like Oh long shot 27 oh did he just say I bought it over time there's no fucking look you're all ting no no no no all ting that's the game oh my god long shot 27 maybe he did damage right maybe he did some damage this game let's find out mid lost by 8k jungle lost by 18k hunter lost by 9k i won by thirty one thousand fifty percent CDR Knox

miss Knox is the worst fucking player I literally 3v1 I killed two people force the rotation from one of the people they couldn't kill because they lost the 2v fucking four because our next the Knox missed every single ability oh my god they even Apollo being 112 like this it's not as big of a deal as the fact that this Knox is the dumbest motherfucker I've ever had he was literally screaming about how bakasura didn't have chin size in his first three items but at the same time decided to build spear of fucking desolation as his fifth slot when he had mages blessing instead of spear of the Magus on Knox which also caused him to have 50% CDR he then threw his ultimate Matt the end missed it douve in had to use his beads Dovan again and then said I bought enough time I normally don't do this but I'm gonna go on smite guru I'm just gonna go to this guy's profile like hole we gotta see this like we have to know holy fucking shit

this guy's like a gold shitter let's look at his other bills we got an Odin okay let's see breasts please fighting in Nike okay warrior tabi Ganges guard a like it mantle of discord how did the urchin massaman a okay this actually pretty good although he has weight he wasn't that he was the support he was the fucking support I thought he was so low

he's support oh this is joust look at this man

outrageous yo wait at what point in the game did he build this mystical mill wait when did he buy this cuz like you definitely build these right like you don't sit did he buy this last

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