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hi everyone today we're happy I have Tracy that can be Bruce I came from New York and I'm so happy because in just one week we did this take a look at us we have a before and after that's the way that she came within extractions and we place mini implants and these are snap on dentures we change shape size and color see that teeth they were too big with it something more statical more more small so we were thinking about doing this since the way that way that we saw ourselves and we discussed that with them des landes we have the mini as we said the medium go all the way to the back because this is a sinuses so we don't we get all the way to their ears and here's a track geminus nerve we don't get to there so we have those knees so this is the before and after and I want to show you a little bit how this works we have to be implants no matter if it's an opera lower we can perform them the same the same color the same size and we can make them match these are the earrings that are gonna be for the snap bones and I have Tracy here she's gonna talk after she puts them in okay so let's take a look at this this is

the whipping winds they snap in

and could take between 5 seconds to 1 minute depends on the way that you align them that's very important so once she plays the offers and they were they wouldn't be like that and that's very important to us to have a good strange no matter if it's strange spoken by you see on a lateral movement open the other side open close see how strong they are is one of the most important things about this procedure so within this is Tracy now she can talk now she can tell where are you from I drew matches Jimmy your next one and she came with Bruce he's her husband and you're working how many days I came in come on day four my first appointment in today is Monday so it's been one week that's good within one week we have this snap on that you said and everything that I that I showed you about the before and after this is important because it changes many things isn't it yes I feel so good I feel I feel I feel healthy my mouth feels healthy might I feel like a different person inside I feel younger I feel happy I feel like I don't want to hide from people because I don't need to hide my ugly mouth and smile I'm very happy glad that tell me what was the difference between eating before and enough there were many things that I could not eat before I was not able to eat pork chops that I will I couldn't take a bite of pizza to eat pizza I had to cut it into pieces and chew I couldn't eat pasta macaroni my teeth were so bad even to chew I didn't have the chewing ability I was pretty much longing a lot of my whole and it was very difficult to do food is an issue and that's a very important thing now your appearance the way that you look this my confidence what can you say about that's an important thing and thank you for sharing but that could change and I feel I feel like a different person I feel I feel like I do not only need to change my appearance on the outside I feel like I changed on the inside like I wanted I want to be social I want to go in smile at people and talk to people and my work is not gonna believe this is me I become very antisocial person over the last few years because of the condition of my teeth and my smile and I feel like a whole new woman today yeah that's important that's very important because these can change your life within a couple of days and obviously there are areas where we get extractions are going to heal and then afterwards probably we just need to do what realign but that's a very simple thing but this could be a good option for when you when you don't like you too I mean and they're like fruit they're if they are like their fruit if you don't like the color or you're missing teeth this could be an option even if you have regular dentures you can say buy the regular nature's in living has this miracle vengeance lot of interest on what we have and we are really not as not being ventures also they are cold also this is the way that they work and what we're doing right now it's it's a it's a combination of different techniques to help them it's not being it's not out and it's makeover dental but we do and it's a we changes many things so about pricing tell me something right at home I never could afford to have this done I was two different dentists to get escorts prices and I was according to my general price $48,000 at home to have this done and I come in here was able to have this done for just over ten thousand dollars and that's that's what a miracle break in itself and nobody could have teeth this is turning out worse than ninety started out oh and if they could do this for me imagine what they can do for you thank you thank you what we're gonna do also is my favorite part is when they try things that usually they couldn't eat or bite or chew because they weren't able to do it so try one of those ones big area so long chewing gum after after two years yes in two years I mean I when she told me that I was like surprised because there could be some things that probably we just wonder well that's pretty normal but you have chewing gum in your mouth that takes a lot of resistance and that takes a lot of

that's a different story one of the things that we eat imagine if you can do chewing gum lots of things are gonna get used this is one week after and sometimes to get you to another part things good again I want you to understand that I call the miracle dentures because medical dentures this could be done within one week the miracle itself it's a good patient that grants wishes her medicine she was so strong she was really out there and the treatment was very successful the implants we use they are grade five they are titanium they are fda same brands that you can use in the States or Canada or anywhere in the world and also putting them in the right position that's very important because when we do that and they combine those two things is a server station and the only thing that I I begged raise is it could clean up remember that in considering merge to come and they are exposed to the mountain to the bacteria to the quake so brushed because I wanna play around we will want you brought you to your dangers you crusher it means knocking out them out two or three times a day and that's good shrinking gums it's something that it can take a little time sometimes not all patients have shrinking guns but even if you have that we go to realign and that's what can be done and remember if you have any and I want to say it here like one of the many they fail just put in that box what can you say about can't do Cameroon is beautiful it is it's so modern it I it's so matter it's so safe down here and everybody is so friendly and helpful that's good this I have never ever seen a staff in office in the United States anything like this they are amazing here everybody everybody everybody that I've dealt with from the time that I was getting on the internet um asking questions and everybody who's quick to call me back the doctor himself called me numerous evenings there was my and spent a lot of time on the phone answering every question I get like I was received numerous emails back and forth when I came in here the first day everybody was so kind and pleasant in my husband left me here in Mexico beauties you go to go back to work and I cried see him though and I'm telling you honestly I'm gonna cry when I leave these people here I I feel like I've not only got a new dentist I have friends here I'm gonna miss the hook Thank You Tracy thank you I really thank you for trusting and you have sharing because I know that there could be someone out there asking how do we do this we try to do it this way and try to do it with you

thanks everyone for watching and I thank you for sharing and this is another great case about minions wrap in dentures and snap adventures and miracle ventures working real good thanks everybody see please call us and don't hesitate to tell us what your story we're gonna be very happy to have you here and to give you a solution okay

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"I feel happy. I feel younger. I feel healthy. I feel like I don't want to hide from people anymore."

This is what Tracy said about having Snap in Dentures. Her life changed completely and now she can go back home and smile with her loved ones. We are so happy for her. She even says "If they can do this for me, imagine what they can do for you."

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