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Translator: Arda Yegül Reviewer: Gözde Zülal Solak

It is said that all countries, all people identify themselves with others. So Muslim Turks have a great impact on the formation of European identity. It's the "other". I am not what it is. For example, Turks have a very special place in Greek identity. They build an identity saying I am not what Turks are . This is called as the problem of "other" in history. This is very important. We, Turks, constantly say that we are all nice and clean but all Westerners are filthy and stinky. We all know the truth, but we still believe so. Now, there's a man.

You all know this man. This man is one of the 100 people that changed the world. This man found the formula for the surface area and volume of the sphere. He found the compound reel and the endless hydraulic screw. He found that Pi is between 3+1/7 and 3+10/71. This man lead the way to infinitesimals, which later was completed by Newton. This man found the first principles of balance. Who is this? Archimedes. But, we know him only by means of a thing, the buoyancy of water. In fact, he didn't discover buoyancy of water. What he found was that when an object is submerged into water, it would replace the same amount of water as its volume. So iron and gold replace different amounts of water. So do silver and gold. Thus, he found the crown that you can see below. So here is the question. If this is thanks to the bath - you know it is where he discovered the buoyancy - why didn't millions of Turks who went to baths for thousands of years discover it? Why could not we discover it? There were baths in different parts of the world. Why didn't they discover? So it is not the talent of bath. Here is another question for you. Who is the greatest scientist in the history? Can anyone guess? Tell me. Einstein, I heard Da Vinci. Who else? Guys, Isaac Asimov once said: "If you ask who the number two is, it can be argued and probably there is no answer, there are many candidates. However, if you ask who the number one is, the answer is clear." Isaac Newton is unarguably the number one scientist in the world. I would like to recommend a book. There is no new edition, I'm trying to force for new editions. "The 100 Most Influential People", the ones who changed the world. Prophet Mohammad is number one, Newton is second and the third is Jesus. Newton is such an important person. Everyone says that apple fell and he discovered. Right? Just like the bath. Guys, Newton laid the foundation of calculus. He built modern optic. The telescopes which we use today work with Newton’s laws. Still! He made the first telescope, the optical telescope. He launched modern physics by his laws of motion, and he launched astronomy by using the law of universal gravitation. But in 1965 or 1966 the great pestilence occured when Newton was a student. Villagers were sent to their villages to avoid plague. While Newton were sitting at his village, there was full-moon in the sky. An Apple felt down on land and Newton asked himself. If apples fall down, why don't the moon fall down? He couldn’t answer on that day because he didn’t discover calculus yet. He had to improve it. By the way, let me tell you, the Moon falls down to Earth. If the moon falls down, how does Earth pull apples and the Moon towards itself? Newton discovered that, and changed the world history . Well, if merit is in the apples, do apples fall down only in England? Why don't they fall down in China, Japan or Turkey? If it falls, why don't you discover gravity? You, me or anybody else. Because the success can come to the one who desires and is ready for it. Success is like love. I stand where I am and I never go out. I sit at CNN Turk office, then I go home, then I go to channel again, then I go home and I search for the love of my life. Is it possible? Not possible. I have to go out and run after it. Success is the same. As you must go out in order to find your love of life, you must desire and run after success as well Newton was ready. Archimedes was ready. He worked on it, so he found it. So, are Turkey and future a compatible binary? A good binary? Let’s take a quick look. Unfortunately, there are 3.8 million illiterate people. Denmark has a population of 5.4 million. Guys, the merit is not in the population. There are 28 million people of ours graduate from fifth grade and below, included illiterate people. Netherlands' population; 16.5 millions. What will you do and how will you give social insurance to them? How will you educate their children? How will you pay their pension? People in this saloon will work more and we will give a chance on these rights. You will work 3 times more than a Netherlander. So, there is a PISA test. In the past, people who saw me thought of TRY-USD parity, as if I could know it. If i knew, I would do it anway. Why do I say these? Now, when they see me, they think about PISA. PISA test is made by OECD in 65 countries. Minister of National Education of each country gives money for this test. We make tests on 15 year-old children, we make tests on thousands of children. Then, we compare them with other countries that you understand what is wrong in your country. In science, Turkish children are the 43th in 65 countries, guys. In mathematics, 44th. Reading comprehension in their language, well, Koreans in Korean language, Japanese in Japanese, Turks in Turkish. Not English, guys. Turkish. We educate these children in Turkish. In reading comprehension within 65 countries, our children are the 42th. When calculated, put in order, our rank goes down to 45th. Guys, can a child who is 43th in science place you in the top 10 economies in the world? Can child who is 44th in mathematics place at the top 10 economies in the world? He cannot act his way out of a paper bag. (Laughter) But, is this fault of child, guys? It is not. (Applause) Why not? I will tell you one thing. Germany brings up worldwide footballers out of 1.5 million Turkish people and why cannot you bring up out of 76 million people? These children are not foolish. System is foolish, we are foolish. We impose this system upon children and we get these results. I show you one more thing. What happens when it is like that? Guys, you see high technology table herein. In 2000 and in 2013. China is an extreme country, ignore it, but look at Korea? They export high technology around 130 billion dollars. 2013 is the latest data. According to World Bank’s data, Turkey has increased its high-technology exportation from 1 billion dollars to 2.2 billion dollars. Turkey says that our high technology is 7.5 billion dollars. So, why does World Bank say it like that? Because World Bank says that: "Dear Turkey, the things you suppose high-technology are not actually high technology, bro." (Laughter) This is a miserable thing guys. We must do it, otherwise we cannot get rich. If these children will continue like that, they cannot pay my pension. Your pension, either. If these children continue like that, exportation cannot grow. You cannot sell, produce high technology. If you can’t produce it, you will stay as a poor country. So, there is one more thing. Istanbul Chamber of Industry declares the greatest 500 companies of Turkey every year. Here is a list of 500 companies. The whole may not be 500. For instance, there are mining companies too. Their products are not high-technology products. You can use high-technology in production but, your products should be high-technology as well. That's it. Guys, in the largest companies of Turkey, in our largest 500 companies, 186 of them manufacture the lowest-tech products. 163 of the greatest 500 companies in Turkey manufacture low-tech products. Only 109 of the greatest 500 companies in Turkey manufacture medium-tech products. Only 12 of the greatest 500 companies in Turkey manufacture high-tech products. This is a great shame. This is a great shame! This is shame of all of us. So, lets look at one more thing. We say Korea everytime. Do you know that Korea - you can find on the internet - was a poorer, less developed country than Turkey until midst of the 1980s. We say we will enter the top 10 economy of the world in 2023 but, guys, there are Goldman Sachs’ projections up to 2050. It may change or not, but it shows that in 2025, Korea will be the 7th. Turkey will stay as 16th because of the reasons I stated before. It doesn't work with lies. We must see the reality. If you don’t diagnose, you can’t treat. First, you must diagnose. I have cancer, and I say to doctor : ”Don't tell me that I'm bad, prescribe me an aspirin.” and I expect being fine. Is it possible? It is not. For example, I am very handsome, I know. I am number 2 in the world. Brad Pitt got Angelina before me. If Brad Pitt doesn't exist, I would be the number one. I would get Angelina. Is that a diagnosis? Yes, I am brilliant, right? No guys! I am bald, ugly. I know the reality. I must face with it. I have showed especially Korea and the developed countries. Guys, per million people - don't look at Turkey, look at the other side - 3.600, in developed countries 5.900. What does it show us? Ambition of Korea. Guys, R&D expenditure in developed countries are 2,47 and in Korea, 4. What does it show us? Ambition of Korea. What does stake of technology in export show us? Look at ours. Ambition of Korea. Ambition must also be merged with mentality and science. You should do something for it. You should bring up these children. There's no other way. Now, my last 7 minutes. A new world is being established in economy. I say, Western, Christian, superior white man’s age is finishing. Except for America. Power is moving to Asia. You see this. I have been telling this for 7 or 8 years. But, there is a science explosion now. There is a real science explosion. You don’t see this. The world is changing. The gap between you and your father was that much. The gap between your grandfather and father was that much. However, the gap between me and my child is that much, and the gap between me and my grandchild will be light years. Why? In old world, information increased arithmetically. Like 1-2-3-4. In new world, geometric. Like 2-4-8-16. How? I am keen on astronomy very much, I envied the speaker mentioned about it before me. Ten years ago, we could map the universe with 50% accuracy. Today, we do it with 90% accuracy. You may not think it is significant, but it is important. The telescope that you see is called “golden ratio telescope”. This telescope is the most important one in the world. All telescopes are scaled according to it. This telescope is located in Apache Point Observatory, New Mexico After it was established and entered into service, in a month, this telescope produced knowledge as much as the whole astronomy knowledge that we've learned until now. It produced more information. But, there is one more thing. 10 years later, it produced more information than the ones which was produced in history of humanity. There isn’t only science in it. There is Iliad, Dada Gorgud, Chinese tales. All information, in history of humanity. Can you imagine how awesome it is? Guys, this is called as “Big Data” But, mankind doesn’t break here. This is ALMA. In Chile. It has not been launched officially yet. But it gathers information. We explored the black body by means of it This ALMA, 66 telescopes, work as one telescope. Distance among them is increased, they move as you can see. Each of them is too weighty. If we want to look at one location, a small star or a nebula, we converge them. If we look at a galaxy, we diverge them. Only one super-computer - which processes 1.5 trillion per a second - has a mission. It checks if it has moved millimetrically. If it moves one millimeter, all data becomes wrong. It checks all 66 telescopes once in 2 seconds. This telescope will gather information as much as in history of whole humanity for every five days. Look, the other one gathered for every ten years, this one, for every 5 days. Can you imagine what kind of a thing underlies? This science explosion consists of two things. I host a science show as an economy manager. People are mocking me. I host it from Monday to Thursday. I beat rating records, as you appreciate. Turkish people always want to watch science and technology. They never watch marriage shows or stupid reality shows. The Radio and Television Supreme Council asks Turkish people, What do you watch? Documentary. What would you like to watch? Documentary. So why are ratings of documentaries so low, why are ratings of stupid programs so high? Black bodies watch them, I know it. Now, you can watch there, we set out on journey of human mind. 2 great projects. One is European Union Project.

What is happening in your brain ? Other one is American project. Both of them are human brain projects. Guys, you could watch your memories on TV. I did something as, can you make me watch your memories, you can find this on our website. You can let your ideas fly. Yes. Now, just there is a joystick which is directed via power of thought. But in the near future, everything will be possible. One of the scientific explosion is 3D printers, this is incredible. Your house will turn into a factory. It won't matter to be on Mars, in Turkey, in Etiler or in Serres. It won't matter what time it is. You print everything. Secondly, human genome was cloned. Immortality may be possible. I am so afraid it. Because of the arrogance of humankind. Mankind is so arrogant. So arrogant. They think that everything has been created for for them. Everything is drossier than him. For example, I am vegeterian. When I go somewhere, especially when I go to a meat restaurant, they say “But Mr. Çapa, they were created for us” Well, in Savannah, when lions eat you or sharks attack you you never say “ We were created for them”. What are you doing there? There is no such thing, guys. Mankind is arrogant, he is so arrogant that he is ready to take on the role of god to himself. We should be purified from it. That scares me. But, there is one more thing. Do we have time? Within 40 years, your mobile phones and radars cannot be produced. Why? Do you remember periodic table? You want to forget it, I know, but remember it. The elements at periodic table below are rare. They will be finished in 40 years and people are preparing for it. There are four deep space mining companies. Four. One was established by astronauts, other one by a co-partner of Google. Just four. Can you imagine? What are their aims? There was the movie named as Elysium, anyone watched? In this movie, riches go to space, earth is very terrible. This is an ordinary movie. Riches go to the cities around the earth. Guys, an asteroid of 5 kilometers diameter includes minerals which are worth 1.5 to 4 trillion dollars. The asteroids which includes minerals will be found - the Asteroid belt is between Mars and Jupiter - and they will bring it out of the orbit of Earth-Moon, which is called Lagrange circle. They will process and we will look from beneath. (Laughter) I object to that. Not to another thing. My defiance is for it, not for another thing. There is Paul Verlaine’s poem, I mind it so much. "What have you done, O you there, who endlessly cry. Say: What have you done there, with Youth gone by?" Guys, what did you do? What did you do for tomorrow? 2030, 2040; they are nothing for a state. Nothing. Bring them to account. Citizens bring them to account, servants obey. Let me say something finally. I don’t say it politically, it would be the same if there was somebody else. Because, there are not citizens. Citizens do not bring to account. India sent a searcher to the orbit of Mars. The orbit of Mars. China had failed in that. India became the 4th country after Russia, European Union and America. I published this twice. How much did it cost? 74 million dollars. We build palace which costs 600 million dollars. We buy plane which costs 150 million dollars. Look, if there were someone else, they would spend for another thing too. They would not spend for science or wisdom. I don’t say this to make criticism. All of you, you have to bring to account that “Where is my money going?”. How did democracy emerge in the world? Anybody knows? Magna Carta. Magna Carta is not democracy, guys. Magna Carta restricted the king’s tax-rising power. It brings parliament to account that “What did you spend my tax for?”, "Did you spend for war or something else?" Please force them to spend your money on wisdom, science, our children and education. They must not spend on anything else. My time is over. Thank you so much. So glad I have you. I am glad you are here. Thank you.

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