Ditha Sab | फुलमैचालाई कसरी आफ्नो बनाउनी ? | 02 February 2019 [Ep 284]

by: Kantipur TV HD

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daily is a 110 watts I know I seem like one it's all my grandson gigabytes are underfunded 100g my pony journey soon it hopefully new water telephony of me whooping la la


my man bar in Jerusalem bottom is done - one - do you know yes sir P fertile a Qatar LIHEAP what's happening so Athena Verma have to keep weights hidin sub I super my son saw a dog for every go my primary a t-butyl is just any potatoes you need a formal thing voila come on let's start to tell me let's Toralei but I feel I matter Paolo Guerrero be tacky Sally you know a family everywhere I can't go to a serve on e softer easier Watson take over everything Asante - keto-enol a simple tiny parmesan you gotta serve a buddy and open in module gateway to premiere of pure vanilla bear pneumonia please possibly need a path bozo boys are you serious and if I may say Rico bar Takata guru guru Narayan FG tobias una rata look my new ally Parvati Patil a magical for me


not Kabbalah global possible upon inequity in the GR avocado for Apple no Katya is not very slushy t by a factor in Tabari why not even someone lit a Madonna karma cinema as a pope with our new fonts all right we're in a pas de cochon Sonico probably joining forces a team lip alpha known as a team left what's happenin of microRNA Peroni Sistani Emilia for you forever Needham William walnuts I have a pasta husband for the weather in Japan gray one Ashima Ankara yaki congratulation Ankara new senior dr. Turner who love my renewed hope a deep an IBMer mr. Nicastro ' teach all right she was tiny pharmaceutical budagher Laura [Music]

Don somebody one day pass a filler camara Jordan is somebody Rover one topic you madam Karim Allah aza Oscar Mike oh sorry Aviles Mitch I'm only as a particular ball one [Music] vigil tonight daddy will appear to type whatever viola


[Music] [Applause] [Music]


[Music] [Laughter] [Music] one [Music]

so we could at a mere poor of liquor Superman blasphemer a million garage oh these pathetic a Pierrot pass equal to my yet dip potato please mother Sonia Bielski my Yola also mention another manner but it doesn't get any better than the polite a dhimmi also wear a strap-on okay

whatever I know there is no tomorrow my report is for technical help on YouTube no matter how miss away could be smashed to me some matzo subway come on oh come on a preferred oh yes early pass would you like but I look Agatha are they people I do a magic ornaments are hegemony sake because it is to buy a kit in one interface miss me a model quite applies relative any other course I will cope you English it rubato be typical with party boy oh poor so finally I stopped Eliza cannot focus Farabaugh so sorry for know Kourtney very much Mikey without prayer sorry [Music]




so new Babylonian so spanakopita hotter than a kombucha demonic carbon a dagger wrap around other any so sonic oppose of Kara attack would have brown about that dr. Govind neck is in ansan eyeballs and Danny so Stanley the Forsyth cried until solemn around there by my talk colossus temples archives I know enough gee uncle dad my





so I literally was the gardener katie está Claro por HTT p-- are all I guess Reina was you gonna wanna do how not satatam roto packing cool gear Korea can't be this cargo or a big R&D reserve Dewey's Arden fuzzy on souvenir apostle occupies a later gargoyle is a minor counter give Navarre they've been our shout out hammer out haha well now I gotta go to Kathy voice again


[Music] [Applause]



what our time caffeine panic city of Abu they're important all are not bondo'd it assaulting your encounter gonna take a software donor Doros and I know mop on encountered on one University yell encounter when it has had a one worried laundry [Music]

nobody's ever gonna fall on my a girl she loves it like a balloon Li Hudson Guinea hello Lucille advocates are hey Kimmy hello Lucille oddity Elsa is unique I mean II got alleged you Rory don't burn it honey Gail it's a Quadrantid meteor I wanna party dad I give you the money yell at a barbecue on you alla Turca top the Warlock area like a parmesan swell carry mine she boiled the dogs and happy buna I mean the Sun was hotter like what it what the our look anyone he's ready to go to your Hannah Austin al to the police commander about to tell her I would reach out in the tiki bar caught you yes Luger July we had wrote a sheet that I give you the whose own hair you police comb a lot attacked in a particular effort over the cap dijo we go to a nipple as exactly funny Poland Italian announcer what they have little hotel but they killer



oh you've come Wars ever never too dark Timmy Musa soon iguana


Maya this merciful man chuckle Maya I will consume dinner buddy pupunta give me just turn it off man tonight Michael - hey ketta shape or form a trip on your answer but in the back of the cage as we judge the sugar bar on your paralytic of manually turn the up man sugar Belasco died not because a who could recite to me get it purple dragon brothers today is from The Geysers Torah the consequence - meows - announcer ha we reach a river

[Music] what do drag all right hang on my nipple you could kiss or do a job with a gives it up yes resin it fabulou bury my beep has anyone else anybody yeah get down oh boy bobasa yes go go me you're a pissant are two possible moves will sit with you but I knew what cats are cats at a team I ate a miracle that cannot happen in a suit Eagle loggers are you Canada grows a light a platonic way yet lives up God perfectly pull a virus yes so fast what do you pull a ballet dancer we're just for you mister team carefully pull it very soon the thickness we already way too soon first the eyes goes away Cristobal I have to wait at your Jack not even their servants and not even known [Music]





Gordon earning full minds about it well I pull my eyes cause I have the warning Halawa sustainable dinner [Music]



yeah yeah you're just cotton Turkish alive in China there are some mercifully powerless because oh no no but Nikola kozlow booze named me at a Pollock Alania vehicle in the parametric counter will it operable for a protocol for a particle for a turkey for a poor Emily Havana you too proud sheets of aluminum Oh Holly Sunaina Maryborough oh dear



good job angelic aura was Dana gone Comanche look over there come on come on zero Carabas anyone security take some algebra Busey a Monday Jalali for a beauty Jalali know who that was yes Lynette were abuddin software you could have booze newborn I'm gonna tell all of our sales are suffering upon reborn for you of substantive summary personally deliver a buncha children reversible assistant one for you gosh everyone only a buddha park i'm angela is Kalpana's I have one up on you Bob you gotta come no no purusa premature you Bob Russell pull up torn apart around on video [Music]

[Music] you are I'm gonna go and let my proposal oh gosh where am i damaged la banda oh yeah my kids is one lucky come on doctor robust I don't like it oh sorry partner Jesus sorry Nick also turn to my hand really it's hard it's her little cross honey later okay leave enough mana my kitchen that's the point you owe me and my gosh what a mighty bus operator why did I mention that to you yeah oh sorry my hands your vision no sadly khairi abaza publishing about those like well yet I



come on yes there is a este - pura ban tonight Oh soon and one and almost the swirl is a vinta morning Hef mozzie what's up rod up or take a discotheque on that disk or did their back Death Valley be a goner I know so today give me a three-piece look at Solway now see was the song of wine and Oh sigh rock well it's time for a volunteer baba wawa oft-forgiving and don't follow my support and on those in the ring



[Music] car with a joke alive is hot look I like Ortolani passionately Punjab whenever something turns up on your way with a coupon equals of Malay you pass whatever family put if I take any photo up on somebody Muslims over it well not sukeroku notice to tear yeah yeah album was the report outputs on my grave ERISA yet ogle happen is yell but put the nice get a certain acquitted to avert a good to me Emily yeah without fuss with you Tim little Miriam to such a pre embryo sunny it's a - so Keiko happening Timmy animal at Punta Punta Cana cousins of it did I push it at a boy my secured by Nicola my savory kuni tomita could absorb a tip in your gown why when you need you much America can't check it a mop would play but game would take put it away I'm grounded till our but you know to them and yeah I know cause they'll travel to Afghanistan apothecary your book Van Susteren Yamata Nero password let's just Siri when you gonna protect the away whenever one yet you haven't any revenue standard IO Mira Tycho get it put it in take away and give me so Stan you partner to koala out in early a concourse of bailouts in here

oh yes I love it

[Applause] yeah no mention of money levanta j-money let's join funder you're lucky he's not gonna of T top political Minds here under just level is what this is beautiful Donna when it when people talk to my life for ever' play forever forever forever forever forever forever look I'm still gonna mess it up I'm gonna look for any photographer whatever methods are just two different oh yeah dollars yesterday the ginger ginger episode you'll be somebody man but you're not yes sorry yes your general did you love me so much

[Applause] [Music] please study further Yamata you're a young some kidnapper hate you Munir upon yoga to check paper tied in weather wherever you're not what you only normally cookie okay alligator thank you then it to a lady capita Kiki come on Mikey Kira has a Rambo pnina your name no need not like menu enough above get aquatic or W continue please signature just a way for evolved and it didn't work for Santa Catarina typically understood it could be Tina Lana I'm attorney denies the you pass what you like career a pasta pasta mother Kumari we're of maribor yes last article Kumar D Demeter Kumar ji well muta sensing a commodity where money away yeah can you buy but I don't away [Music] yes Thomas time animal Amira police at ginger nearest away Mozilla as a barrel around for Oscar where BOSU is animal [Music]



Babu Babu Naidu Babu here Sade buried in yep nice move Dana yeah qualify Agra India Patanjali a test of the Ilana Oliver you you manjipoor even taught a reporter's bamboo sheeladi food you monkey party list



[Music] Yacouba can even yellow lemon coming now



[Applause] [Music]






[Music] [Applause]


[Music] [Applause]

yeah [Music] here career upon you possibly not yet Leah proper sukkah City personal circuit we love wanna toss another sin upon kilonewton mister little collie Baba etiquette upon so I win it on the Alden I am gonna get a 13 year I would I keep in the day bunch of - Man 2 palette envelope on Joker a tickler file a bonus obtain it you [Music] the drummer's about the fitguard back what's up yeah you guys are gonna jump on Monday [Music]


[Music] remember adharma Rosasco him up like any current on our torah amulets particular business I mean Nepali who knew and he handled harmonics Oscar Tirupati tell you know I apologize panocha laggy purana pirate Li best know when I could drive a pitch as who knows after all they say Dharma parampara Sanskrit each otra ves Lucia is awake why Malayalam



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