1v1's with Mtashed Highlights

by: True Vanguard

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what is going on guardians and welcome back to another destiny gameplay video a hey in this video I'm gonna be showing you guys some highlights from my stream with em - last night where we just did someone beat once I want some matches and I lost some matches and in this video I'm just gonna show you some of the highlights and fun plays that showcase some good movement and some good decision-making and hopefully you enjoy the gameplay I did want to call attention to in just a couple of the plays that are in here so I made chime in every now and then and other than that you will hear the live comes alright thanks guys

I needed to get my melee off sooner there yeah just now here's one of the plays that I did want to call attention to you see I get him primed here I know he's taking cover behind this obelisk this is something I've talked about a number of times in the past just wanted to show it again I do this all the time I'm not lying when I say that I do I throw a grenade on one side of the cover that he's behind and I challenge hi from the opposite side so he's pinched between a grenade and my sidearm do that all the time very solid solid move there solid technique quick tip here when you're going for no scopez use the barrel of the sniper as a pointer use that as your your way of aiming your noscope shot and you'll find yourself being much more accurate

look like a Reno

particle beam ooh but not even I'm not even I have not actually zoomed in at all of my side for this whole match has been no scoping everything because that's what pros do apparently that's what I was told

come to the melee here than we try to smite me I'm gonna boot him in a second in the anime zero god I've watched a few but I don't know I'm not into it I've had a couple of animates that I like for the most part most animes go either they don't hit me don't get me I don't get them you like it thank you whining ah you don't missed it I missed three bullets three shots before no but everyone everyone is two shots at like a headshot

that's in the book [Music]

so I say about a few how to rate how do I get second tell me you Chicago why you just subscribe you we got to play some battlefield together man I'll I'm loving battlefield right now it's fun come on PC what's wrong with me you thought we were friends I'm getting all my first-person shooters on PC just so I don't ruin my discord why are you did creating a discord I already have it discord

ding that's all I saw on the primary one the hankie on one only you really ran away with that one all that rumbling even playing

did you just panic Noma uh yeah yeah

I can't I can't hit you know again we go missing my moment spam cannon alrighty then I see how it's gonna be I see

sneaky little mink really good I don't know if you don't PC on never seen a plateful you haven't he's like the fastest titanfall pilot in the league he broke all the records for the training course in that game Oh fer oh yeah he's he's sick mobility that's why he's actually a real

Thanks thank you bad karma with a brand-new stuff welcome to the game is the twitch prime sub thank you so much buddy those means a lot to me see those like they couldn't subdue anyone right there with their prime that's the thing if you guys alright landed that jumper no way

dancing we dancin

that one's was stupid so we're long

you know I'm having miss she's hitting you this guy is sliding the challenge doorways like come on think you're like MLG or something you're hardscoping it's what happened

yeah that moves this kind of girls here


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