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thank you very much thank you very much hey Ireland what's going on man hey I love coming over to this place here man and when I'm done here in Ireland I got to go back to Georgia when I get to George the first thing they're gonna do they don't ask me about you the first thing you'll do is you know a lot of white people oh man this is where they make white people man it's like white people's Africa I was in America recently and I have a bit of American guilt just I wasn't there when September 11th happened and I feel like I should have been now I don't know what I would have done but I should have been there you know maybe maybe like 10 less people would have died if I were down something like I don't know I wasn't there when Hurricane Katrina happened in New Orleans and I remember I was sitting in London watching the coverage of Hurricane Katrina and I'm looking at the covers I'm looking at Americans like me in the streets robbing Luton just to survive well I'm American I'm civilized I've read a book been to a couple of plays you know but the reality is I'm probably just one big thunderstorm away from sucking cock for potatoes

I'm not happy about this I mean I'm not gay so my cocksucking skills ain't nothing to brag about I don't really like potatoes all that much even Sun bellowed over here man when I say I mean I love it over here I mean I really really love it cuz on ours people know a lot like black people um well in a way you white people but with none of the entitlement it's incredible thing Mangin I mean my hours friends they'd be like hey reg I don't know if we can get into this club and I'd be like but you white how could you possibly feel like that see black people don't do entitlement very well because when black people try to act entitled it just looks mean and shitty yeah that's why I Naomi Campbell keeps getting in trouble and when I say generally when that white people do entitlement very well except for Irish people um and when I say entitlement nobody quite wants to speak to your manager the way a white person - nobody quite writes a letter to the editor quite the way a white person can nobody can talk shit to a cop quite the way a white person can since you know nobody can hijack a third world economy quite the way overseas and I'm not being racist black people we can hijack third world economies but we tend to have to live what the economy is that we hijack white people can do it from other countries I'm calling from Sweden fuck up Nigeria

my friends they always ask me is it a lot of white people yeah I mean I me a lot of white people and most of the white people I've met since I've been in the part of the world have been fantastic world class um Ireland in particular you do white people very well um but I do meet a certain type of white person they nice but they nervy just socially nervous constantly afraid they doing the wrong thing or saying the wrong thing or not properly observing your cook up yo your customs but there's a particular white person they have a secret fear that they might be racist but they don't know it they're constantly afraid that they're being racist but there's no evidence that they are but just was that racist did I say something racist I was at a party one night and this guy walks up and we just talking laughing joking drank suddenly he says may I ask you something I say anything he goes I'm not trying to be out of order I said just say it man I think I might have been racist recently but I'm not sure

I said okay this again go ahead he says I was in a cinema last Tuesday and I bumped into a black guy and I said sorry didn't see you now

you tell me if that was racist oh no man fuck was there hatred in your heart when you said it I mean and I'm not having to go if you all want to do such white people who are socially nervy and worried about being racist just good on you that you care enough about your own behavior to check yourself but don't overdo it because if you're overdoing just make yourself socially neurotic and plus if you're worried about being racist when you there's no evidence that you have been that you also make yourself vulnerable and susceptible the conman conman like Nelson Mandela so Nelson Mandela makes most of his money now by traveling around the world blessing white people for a fee

just look bit of a joke that's based in truth

man but see see it's hard to hear something like that because you know there's some things that you accept as truth or real and it sounds like oh my god how you attacking that or whatever like there's some things like we accept this basic truth like all men are naturally violent no they ain't a man that has the ability to eat every day and see that the people he loved can eat and have some sense of self-respect for what he do every day here's a tendency not to need to knock another motherfucking hey hey women are crazy no they ain't nothing nothing not mentally and that emotional stuff happens after they get to this planet I was at a party one night a housewarming party cook I care about houses and I was at a housewarming party one night I noticed those these two girls sitting on the end of the couch talking and then one girl was on the phone and I heard her say you know I'm busy that day you're busy that day too yeah maybe later in the week I'll call you I'll call you bye and she hang up and both girls start giggling and then the girl who had been on the phone I heard us say men love bit of a challenge now let me just say I have no stranger to bullshit I hear bullshit every day all day sometimes I'm 41 I got an agent I watch the news I've been a relationship I'm used to bullshit but sometimes you hear a piece of bullshit that is so fantastic you cannot be a dirty cop and look the other way I had to make an arrest

I'm like excuse me ma'am did I just hear you say that men love bit of a challenge just like yep that's exactly what I said I said really I said could you tell me where you got that piece of information from did you get that piece of information from a man or did you get that from maybe all other women or your dad and

and she says well it's just common knowledge everyone knows that that's it really is interesting cuz I've been around men my whole life I know about man I'm a man in fact my dad he's a man um my male friends they men some of my female friends they men and all my time being around men I ain't never heard no man go hey Tom you know that thing I love more than anything in the world yeah pussy I just wish it was harder to

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