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so what how are you enjoying that brand-new bionic arm I love it good times good times I'm thinking about having my other arm ripped off on Tuesday you know you have to have two Bionic arms that's really the way to roll yeah yeah that's what I heard oh by the way I wanted to make a a donation to the the train station yeah I heard that they're gonna be improving the tracks yep they sure are what's the what's the name of the owner oh it's uh it's mr. deville Oh how's that spell is that was that like de vie il le no no no you got some extra letters in there it's it's de VI l what yeah it's de VI l a lot of people put the extra LD but a sec wait no that doesn't spell Deville what we talked about that spells devil this train station is owned by the devil I feel like this probably happened 300 years ago or something do you um you hear something something's going on over there a bunch of bodies just rent like what the world is happening Oh Mother of God no [Music] James I have just one thing to say before time begins to move at a slightly slow pace it was good knowing because I don't think we're gonna make it out of this life [Music]

[Music] I want my donation back you know Orbitz agrees always we're back with more of Satan owns train station simulator 2018 so we are in the future here I don't know where it is but this is like trance Epson people are wearing VR headsets and they got bionic limbs and they got all kinds of fancy gadgets on them this dude over here actually kind of he looks like something out of Spartacus but in the future that that wardrobe is totally normal you see this guy over here he's got his Beats headphones on or whatever happy maybe there's Sennheiser because he knows what time it is but our job as usual is to take the reins from death himself and fulfill his wishes so on this Britt and there's some cool stuff here we've got a cyber grenade we have black holes what that even means I guess they're portable we have to kill 30 people we have to destroy 30 environmental objects we have to kill two people or seven people the first 10 seconds let four carriages pass through safely that's not gonna happen no cyber grenades and kill 25 people and you're not used every day okay so first things first let's try and get at least a few of these done let's not use any cyber grenades let's try and get as many kills and stuff as we can we got two trains and then one train and these ones are split so we're gonna need boosters on these I love the boosters anyway they're so good they make things move ridiculously fast like I don't know how fast the trains move normally but when you put these boosters on here things get forgetting buck well and we'll put some derailleurs on we're gonna need a derailleur I would say like right here and then this train will be coming down we'll put another derailleur and we'll put this one how many people are over here we'll put this one like over here and then we'll have our our black holes and stuff do anything it looks like a black holes like launch people in the air or something I don't know put over there and are we allowed to use explosive barrels we can we just don't get that one over there but we can use the explosive barrel so we'll use the explosive barrel will throw it maybe um maybe over here should get some people in there and we'll put like some black holes like over here maybe I think it's just like randomly starts owning people I'm not even sure 100% what it does I just saw a bunch of bodies go flying through the air over here it may pull people into a spa if it pulls people then we may have to move them but for right now let's just get all this set up now people and said to use the glue to stop people only think you can only put on the tracks so I guess what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna make its let people can't run away so I'll put it like right here maybe where the derailleur is this way if anyone crosses in that area they have to get smashed by the derailed train and we got some ramps too so what up let's go ahead and ramp some stuff actually the derailleur is over there so we'll ramp this side and angle it angle it like that right there perfect oh that looks fantastic just like Bob Ross we're gonna be painting a very beautiful picture here a picture of sadness and depression I don't think that we need to use the other ramp because our derailleur is all set up and everything so it should do everything just fine we probably just start right now and see what happens all right here we go so what do these things do these black holes they just they just appear to me maybe maybe people can't move or something I'm not really sure they're not doing very much right now whoa hold on that came out of nowhere I wasn't even ready for that xxx environmental objects we're already at 10 we needed to kill we didn't get this we need to kill so many people in the first couple seconds I think that we're gonna need a grenade for that ah still no matter how far into the future you go everyone is still carrying around the final destination giant pipes for no reason this one's about to hit a booster it is gonna be friggin legit hold on here comes ray for the booster there's the booster oh here go there's oh it's so good you know what's gonna be light in just a second there is a lot of people yeah they can't move because of the black hole they can't get away these trains are really getting a lot of height like I didn't know they would get quite this much height kind of rolling and rolling that's a big explosion flex tape guys gonna have his freaking hands full over there a couple people are probably gonna get ultra plowed yep see this guy caught between a rock and a hard place the cement didn't feel too good as it was shoved right into his hypothalamus I don't think that we completed any of the requirements though nope we're gonna have to do it again it changes instead of a derailleur it's got a ramp here and let's like angle let's angle it like maybe like this like nice and low to the ground but let's put it like that maybe a little bit higher about like that that should do pretty good okay let's give this a start and see if we can get ourselves down here what is this floating overhead it's like the police just like the anti grab police lookin over everything you're like yeah we're doing such a great job today making sure nothing unusual is happening oh wait what is that oh that was fantastic what a roll oh man oh I vastly underestimated how much lift that thing had that's not even that's never gonna hit anyone it's just gonna fly right off the all good hits good hits right there very good hit people are getting rolled there's explosive chunk let's going everywhere people are dying and crying and how are we looking on the destruction we got the 30 but we didn't get enough kills all right I think I know what to do now we're gonna drop that one ram all right all I gotta do is drop this ramp probably to about fair yeah maybe like right about there and then this ramp does not need to be this high either let's let's drop this one down as well all right should be good to go let's roll everything's looking good people are what is over here it's like a random bonfire over here what are they burning I have no idea so let's take a look at how good the derailleur does I think our derailleur is right about where it should be yes let's get low I really want everyone to know what it feels like for something like this to happen so right over here everyone is getting ready to run for their lives it's like bowling for pedestrians over here ah the strawberry jam flowing like wine the devil and and death and whoever else is here would be very very happy there's the giblets and gravy you've got some some fresh fresh meat lips comin out of people okay that was final destination worthy that was really really legit okay good move things along over here should do well alright people are pretty sad about what just occurred but now we have another one over here okay there's the ramp see if the ramp does its thing this time yeah it's much better this time we may not even want to do a derailment there's the explosive barrel that's about to go off is it gonna clip it oh it didn't hit the explosive barrel and this person somehow made it through all that I don't know how but they're fine I don't think that this train is gonna end up hitting anyone it's good movie yeah look they're totally fine that blows my mind oh no I think part of the train may have went flying over on the side and impacted this other train whew and there's the last container we're gonna have for this is a little bit more difficult than the other ones let me go ahead and set this up a little bit differently all right this should do it we're gonna roll in full speed but this should get it I've got doubled and derailments but no no ramp on the other side and that is a good hint right off the bat I'm gonna tell you it really does the work it really does the job there it is that's the stuff I'm talking about there goes the other one rolling on through people are flying everywhere we only have two more come on give me those last two new plan I put a boost on this one it should go absolutely ballistic oh yeah we got that that's how you get seven people in the first couple of seconds wow they got annihilated here comes our secondary one excellent oh yeah that's the stuff the trains still roll if the dredge still rolling I think we did pretty good I think we may have I think we may have finally passed one of our Oh what nope totally did I'm using the cyber grenades we need to get some of this done people are starting to run there goes the cyber grenade everyone goes flying through the air we got to get enough of the death we need we need my sis sounds so bad we need more more bodies for the body Lord over here that's a good procession of people that right there was a pretty good procession of people yep there's our thirty Oh what happened with that guy right there he didn't even try and run he just looked at it as it came in and freaking factum got it got one of a next level I want to see what's next we'll get more and more of these done as we see with all these different levels look like we've already gone to the future what's next oh we're back in a city life look at this but no coulis is there's like plants and hipsters and pumpkins oh we're gonna oh this is gonna be really good for busting down objects oh we got a ton of trains a ton of trains kill the weapons dealer kill sigdi purrs they're the people all right let's just use everything let's go absolutely nuts over here um how many people are on this side there's not many people on the side everyone's kind of like looming over here so let me change I want all the trains to kind of start heading this way this one can go straight yeah let's have this one go straight but what we'll do is machine full of refreshing goodies sure let's um I don't want to do let's put one over here get everyone over there and put like one over oh we're gonna get double the derailment on this side I just have to do something with this I need to figure out what I want to do I mean I can have these two run into each other well we also have a ramp over here that we could probably use let me see if I can I want to move this ramp like maybe like way over here alright this should be ridiculous let's roll oh there's gonna be so much happening here there's give me so many trains I here comes the first train there's the like a missile oh yeah oh it's everything I hoped it would be how is that explosive barrel not blowing up there's the explosion Wow oh yeah oh it's good it is good there's the derailment it's now right over here it should be rolling what now do these fences protect this area like how good are they protecting this area pretty good oh we got an engine moving completely over the fence all right I'd say we uh we did a little bit of havoc we completed we almost got there we need 60% of people so we need seven more people in order to do this and for this one we can't we can't do any of this stuff but let's try to complete this one first all right you're come our trains here comes the first one this guy's gonna start it off all right like it's no big deal

oh my god I don't even know what happened it's it's oh wow the screen is shaking and everything oh I think I may have broken part of the game Oh seizure simulator 2018 Oh God Oh Oh a lot of our a lot of our train stopped weighing the best this guy still counted someone who's still alive you got hit by the train like slow as possible I was the most satisfying game ever all right first one there's the ramp we could probably projectile it up a little bit in fact I think it probably needs to be Paul that too heavy head Oh Lord oh no all the harbour where's the rest of our trains over here well that one's already off but how did that one already get knocked off oh there's a derailleur way over there I gotta fix that okay that's probably why we're having such an issue we go ahead and reset this and start it back up let's really ramp that hmm and let's really ramp this one too now let's see what happens when the ramps are changed a little bit I also made it such that the railer is over here so we'll kind of see what that does this ramp should really shoot this train up actually no it's not that bad it was it was DC but it wasn't worth buying or anything oh we got the we got the feds down finally all the pumpkins and potted plants and everything here going flying it rose the secondary engine think everyone's okay I think we're gonna need maybe a boost maybe use our boosts before the ramps to really get the stuff flying into the air when it hits the ramps this ramp that I've made it's incredible Oh sometimes the roll-on it's just glorious now what's interesting Oh what happened over here there's the bullet train the bullet drain just went right through a giblets just exploded everywhere now I think there's one more train left there it is he's rolling over here he's taking a little while he's kind of moving very slowly all right he's he's not like the other trains slightly older more geriatric train that was all I managed to do I don't have to get rid of this and put it somewhere else all right so I managed to do this I think where I'm gonna show you guys how I did it now I don't know if like if things are gonna end up the exact same way or what but what I did is over here is the weapons dealer you can see he's got his his very seedy looking black van he's got the fantastic mask on I think it's a woman woman weapon dealer and what we're gonna do is we I've got it so that this is just the right angle to launch the thing up in the air and cause a chain reaction of explosions so let me see if I could show you over here and then I think I put there's one extra barrel over here that kind of did the job so right over here is the very first Gulf and you're gonna notice that tank gets in the middle and the people go flying there's already a ton of kills and this engine yeah it's doing the exact same thing that I did last time it is in a death roll as it just plows people and last time it almost hit this explosive barrel this time it doesn't look like it did it That moment when you kill so many people at the game crashes onward what kind of what kind of strange oddity is next oh it's like a desert oh it's very plain what you have to do here just take out all the horses or something what are the objectives for this kill the gang leader find it destroy the hidden treasure chest okay five carriages no derailers rocks explosive what just want to ant kill those boys before they blow up the room oh is this one where there's trains on the top and the bottom oh there is there's a train that's coming up through here okay so we've got some gunpowder barrels I even know where these are supposed to be probably over here so they're probably gonna be coming this way so I don't know I I don't really know where where everyone's gonna end up being I'm gonna put some barrels over here uh and then we'll put a derailleur maybe like here and then we're gonna put two boosters for this we're gonna boost the crap out of this thing and then we're gonna boost this thing as well like a boost here and like another boost here and then let's put a ramp down reverse it angle it not that far it just needs to be like maybe like that okay and yeah well throw some dynamite in here there's no reason not to can I blow these guys up like right away like can I put the fuse down to zero oh you sure can that might kill those guys right away let's push out yeah just blew those guys to sky hide their bodies went flying everywhere I don't know if those the guys that were gonna screw everything up or what now this is gonna be fast okay the engine went flying a lot further and a lot faster than I thought it would you could see the fireworks display over here going some of it the main engine landed back on the railing I don't know how that happened this engine is wearing the bridge like a little hat and we've got one squid-like cactus over here you only have two boosts no derailers rocks or explosives okay so we can't do this one we could probably get this one done destroy four teepees let me get rid of my explosives and we'll give this another shot over here instead of the derailleur we have to use this ramp Oh maybe like right about like this okay let's give this a shot now these guys do anything yeah they're very slowly meandering over to the train tracks don't even think that they're ever gonna get there in time that train is just it just went ballistic so we may have to angle this downward a little bit more did it actually do anything it looks like I killed a bunch of something there's all the TP fine destroy hidden treasure chests just one ramp oh just one ramp oh this is easy then all we needs one ramp I think we can do this all right simplest death and ever that we've ever seen here we go this is I think that's all we have to do just roll a couple of a couple of trains kill a bunch of people and I said think that's pretty much it got some rope looks like the limbo it's like the deadly limbo over here did we complete everything else no yeah one ramp for TPS we never got close to that - boos oh I have to get rid of one more boost okay I'm gonna swirl this this way just to see what happens I got rid of the other boot so this train is legitimately like just going to go on this railway it's not even gonna do anything this one over here is gonna do some stuff oh it's gonna do some stuff the gang should have known that crime doesn't pay they're about to learn the hard way from mr. de Ville crushin ate them make them believers only one guy got personated oh oh I think I think you're gonna set up I think they're gonna set up the explosives it's gonna take them a long long time but I'm pretty sure they're gonna do it does it matter that we still pass I think we needed to maybe derail a one more card or something new plan it's oughta do it let's find out can Mike can my train get there yeah kind of did it didn't derail anything though it just said everything flying you figure that one train hitting another drain would be enough friggin power to direct always take something ticket to railed no I don't think it counted it it didn't derail at least five carriages it look like it's a rail but didn't count double boost get rekt really really carriage how is that even possible how did it make it through all that kill the tape Hayes kill the tape ease oh wow it really killed the tepees I'm pretty sure we got this one locked pretty sure we may even yep right there I think we took out the wall there was a big chain of explosions I had no idea that the explosions would happen quite so good I think we may have hit the leader as well we got one of something over here kill the leader yep kill those boys before they bolt the railway destroy four teepees we killed the gang leader but we couldn't find destroy the hidden chests but we do get to go on to the next one but dad's gonna be happy right now we have blown up a lot of train so what is the next level I just want to see what it is so we can see what we may be up against next time oh it's it's at space it's aliens hold on I got a scroll down for this there is there's lizard people we got what's-his-name Mark Zuckerberg and over here is up like that invites experience to hell a vending machine where do we have anything new and exciting over here derailleur Dynamite boosters ramscoop ok so all this stuff is the same but the little area looks pretty slick and there is there's a cornfield and cows and everything it's like straight out of signs or something like that area guys hope you enjoy this episode of beware of terrain you want to make the YouTube machine happy feel free to abduct the old leg but until the next time stay foxy much-loved [Music]

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