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hi everyone its Bonnie it's been a while since I posted a video and I figured today would be a great time to put one on my website I'm using the new hostess set called tranquil tulips you can earn this if you place a $150 order and you can use host rewards to purchase it or if you hold a workshop you can also claim it with your host rewards it's just basically it's a stamp that you can purchase if you reach one hundred fifty dollars in orders I absolutely am in love with it I couldn't wait to get my very own and now that I have it I at least created one card and I'm looking forward to creating more so what I wanted to show you about this stamp set is that it has a filler and an outline stamp there's two different sizes for the tulips there's also this cute little flower up on top that also has an outline over a filler this little flower or little fern even and then you have a bunch of leaves and you have a bunch of stems and then you have other little things that can be incorporated into your flower stand so the car that I created is very simple white paper and then I stamped the sentiment and I added some ribbon and I really played off my ribbon because I love ribbon I think that's why my favorite embellishment so this is the powder pink then this crushed curry also you guys can see how pretty each one looks stenos wisteria wonder right are you seeing I'm pologize with my stand is wobbly then we have berry birth another new in color love love love the ribbon and lastly I have Bermuda Bay so every color seemed to pop with this stamp I mean you could do Calypso coral you could do melon Mambo I just was working off like I said the ribbons that I had presently in my possession so I'm going to show you today how I creative with the Bermuda Bay and let's get started so I took my paper now you will notice let me just show you my card again you will notice that I cut that there's more of a border than the normal so this white piece of paper believe it or not is 4 and 3/4 by three and a half so I'm going to get my stamps and the first thing that I'm going to do is I'm going to stamp my sentiment now my sentiment is done in early expresso I chose this some the birthday delivery stamp set is right up here the happy birthday because it's a stacked word and it was big and that's what I was looking for like a big word to take up some of the space on the white cardstock so I'm going to just press it in the ink and I'm going to tilt it just like so and you can see I have a nice happy birthday okay so now for the stem I did the stems nuts so that I would know exactly where my flowers are now I don't know if I pointed out but in the stamp set these three stamp them come together so I put them on my clear block I'm using cold olives I'm going to just ink that up and I'm just going to press down and I have my stem next I'm going to take my leaps and again in the old olive and I'm just going to place one right there and I'm going to place one right there and then we have a second leaf got a little curve to it or Bend as you could say and I'm just going to put this right there and you can see that it's not filled in all the way and I love that look okay so I have a habit I close up my ink pants when I'm finished because I can't tell you how many times I put things in the wrong ink okay so for my flowers I'm going to start with the filler part first and ink it up in my Bermuda Bay and hopefully you guys can see this I'm just going to press down and it gives it that shaded look again let me see if I can zoom in just a little bit for you guys okay then I'm going to take my smaller one as well I ain't it up in the Bermuda Bay now just so you know what the new foam ain't as I mean they're not new so much anymore as they've been around for a few years but I still have customers that smush them into the ink pads you just have to remember this over tap don't need to smush when you smush all the ink separates away from the stamp and you get it all over the block of your of your block that you're using okay so now I'm just going to ink it and now you can you see that how nice that kind of shades over it and you don't have to be perfect like you can see right here I'm not perfect I didn't line it up exactly but it gives it that two-tone look okay now I'm going to go over to my other one going to press down now that one I did pretty good as you can see right okay and then lastly this is the other flower to fill in and let's do this right there and so you see how it makes it lovely two-tone effect I love it just so simple right okay closing up my ink pad and I'm going to grab my early espresso let me just see if I can zoom out just a little bit okay now I took you can see how tiny that is I had a habit of losing things when they're that small so I'm just going to take that and see look at even though I tapped I still got ink on the sides there and I'm literally tapping and it's still getting on there so I'm just going to make sure when I press down not to rock my clear block and I'm just adding that to the middle of my tulips so guys can you see how cute duck came out simple right so simple I've been up my pant putting everything off to the side next I chose because we've got this beautiful chevron see if it'll zoom in on you I don't know if it will come on let me see if it'll zoom it won't but this is the new mini Chevron ribbon love it love it love it so I'm just going to put a little bit well fine I'm going to first take my fast fuse and I'm going to attach this to my card so now the early expresso card stock is cut at 5 inches this way and 3 and 3/4 that way so I have a nice little quarter of an inch border and then I'm just going to take my ribbon and I'm just going to cut off a little piece and in this case I don't know it's about let me just see on my paper how it's turned upside down here it's almost it's less than six inches and all I'm going to do is I'm going to tie like a knot I am an I am a big bow girl but and I'm just maneuvering it so I get a nice little knot and I'm just going to attach that now you can use glue dots I'm just using my fast fuse because watch what happens I'm going to turn this over and then I'm just going to go like this and then I'm just going to go like this cute right just a little and now I've already taken my card stock and it's um five and a half five and eight and a half and I scored it at four and a quarter I love you can see I scored it I seem to spend it with the valley on the outside to make a nice crisp fold and now I'm just going to attach the card to the center and it's finished very simple card with lots of impact now you could add some wink of Stella if you wanted to give it some listening to the bottom of the tulip which would probably be really cute but I'm very happy with how it looks in the Bermuda Bay or the berry burst for the wisteria wonder or the crushed curry or the powdered I truly hope you like the tranquil tide oh sorry that's the new ink color the tranquil tulips no sorry about that and again if you purchase one hundred and fifty dollars worth of product it could be either a single order combined orders workshop you can get the tranquil tulips as a host reward have a great

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