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you know what it's been really dope if I were to you know you've been able to you know stop on the dime right here but it didn't work that way you two failed attempt again hold on hold on bear with me bear with me bear with me u-turn what's up with your boy Hank so I'm just edging on right here you two what's up with your boy 360 Jeezy and in this video right here I did a faux hah I want you guys to caption this video most of you guys in the comment section be saying man he came in looking like he was going to shoot up the school but you know now I came out looking like he on top of a varsity football game you know what I mean so make sure you guys leave a caption in the comment section below if you're new to my channel please hit the subscribe button write this subscribe button that's all right here right here down below if you're new to my channel if you just found out about me just hit the subscribe button right here alright it's no problem all you got to do is just click this subscribe button right here alright if you like this video at the end of it make sure you give it a thumbs up bye mr. Boyd 360 GZ stay tuned and we have another fail

[Music] all right start off this haircut I'm going to be sectioning off the hair basically I'm going to put in my die in death clips to separate the top from the bottom


next step I'm taking is taking my three-guard open and just knocking off all this folk on the side



now it's time to put in your first guideline you want to leave your slimline Pro allies or whatever learners that you have I use liners because it's easier to make the curve all right if you use a bolt you clip it off it was kind of hard to get that angle that you want when it comes here so I went around in here like you see here





next step is to use the lever open and I'm using my author batteries in there basically feed lines but they're fast nevertheless alright we're going up about an inch to make sure there's a greater transition [Music]

[Music] next is the one guard open and I'm doing basically the same thing going up about an inch and kind of giving it that flick out motion because I don't want to dig in and leave a harsh guideline [Music] next guideline is the to guard open again with the same in and out motion because I don't really want to I kind of want it to blend in to the top so I'm not really going straight up I'm kind of going in and going out if anybody wanted no clipper over comb technique these guys could always come over here and follow on kirilee now if you got all type of clipper over comb tutorials on our Instagram let me bring you right back over here what you start doing the clipper over comb alright right now I got my clicker over comb technique I learned a lot of this from Akira me and I basically just been doing a lot of ease drop in eyeballing these drops falling stops if you want to call it I just be looking at her and how she be things this is a tip you guys you guys can always learn from everyone if you're a barber out here don't be too prideful to take from anyone are you can there's ways you can learn things from everyone people do things a lot differently differently than you may do them so you know it's always good to try to incorporate a little bit from everyone because that just makes you a greater Barbra if you can kind of take from here and take from there and kind of incorporate everything and put it all to one gather and create a masterpiece not I mean so don't be afraid because I've never taken take some notes some other people



right now I got my zero garb clothes and I'm flicking out that middle lung




now with the lever closed knock out that bottom line in that same flick out motion


right now I'm saturating this hair with water and I'm basically going to be knocking down some of the side a little bit with my fizzes and then I'm going to just put some product in his hair and blowdry inside [Music]









our YouTube this is a big difference are you came in i'ma let you guys do it man if you like this video please make sure you give it a thumbs up I new to my channel please hit the subscribe button right here alright it's really not on the screen alright I'm just kind of hypothetically saying right here because it's at the bottom of the screen if you go over there at the bottom so uh 2.36

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