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welcome once again to one of our live streams PMS PMDD now many of you might be thinking I don't have that I'm beyond that I'll have that anymore so you could be a 40 or 50 year old maybe you're menopausal but you can very much help a loved one a daughter or daughter-in-law a nice by understanding some of these basic principles it's a huge problem very huge problem today premenstrual syndrome where this is really occurring with women is in the latter part of their cycle so I'll get into the details make sure that you know we've got tons of live streams on all different types of subjects and topics that you are welcome to view obviously just hit the archives button and it will take you back through all of the live streams that we've done we've got them on headaches and migraines and male hormones and female hormones and just just a whole smattering of things this one today I know is very specific to a menstruating female population but it affects everyone there's no one in the home that's not affected by this so if you have a daughter then you could be 50 and your daughter is 30 or she's 25 and she's having difficulties with PMS or premenstrual dysphoric disorder I'll talk a little bit about specifically about what the differentiation if that is that it affects your grandchildren it affects your daughter or granddaughters children or your children it affects your relationship with your spouse it affects relationships in all horizontal planes and the simple reason is is because women that are suffering from PMS PMDD in many cases become completely dysfunctional in their life they are anxious they are irritable they are emotional there's mood swings they can become angry and then many things that they then do or act out further cause a decline in their functionality so I want to put to rest that the notion that number one that birth control pills are the answer and number two that SSRI type medications or antidepressant meds are the answer because I believe what's happening is this is after the fact I want to deal with the components at the beginning at the starting line not at the finish line and why I say that is is because brain neurotransmitters can be impaired in PMS and PMDD meaning that your sense of balance your brain neurotransmitters are impaired but are they impaired because you're truly depressed well that's a whole other subject that's another live stream that we've got to build up your neurotransmitters evaluate your neurotransmitters why do women have significant problems let me just map this out for you in the latter part of their cycle so let's just say this is your menses this is your period and then your what you're going to do post your period you're going to go into this is the follicular phase you're going to go into the ovulatory phase where you have a spike in estrogen and then something like this and then your progesterone is going to do something like this this is your progesterone and this is your estrogen so here's where we have this problem with PMS and PMDD it is usually located somewhere in here day 14 15 maybe more like 17 or 18 through the beginning the starting of menses so if a woman is truly anxious depressed moody violent angry acts out lashes out and then eats a lot of bad foods and does a lot of things that feeds into this if that were the case why does she not do it from beginning to the end of the month from day one through day 28 medicine I believe is doing women a great disservice by literally saying that what we'll do who is will treat you with antidepressants in here or we'll put you on birth control pills and will shut down your hormones during this whole cycle the reality of it is there's an imbalance of estrogen to progesterone ratios that's where the problem is if I have an imbalance in this scenario I'm going to go over the specifics of different types but there are significant issues right here what we're going to be after is how do we balance these issues how do we make sure we process them well eliminate them how do we make sure that you have adequate nutrients on boards to meet the metabolic demands why does some women get here in some don't that's the $64 question we don't always know I believe there's a lot of environmental issues there's a lot of environmental hormones there's environmental components of which I certainly don't want to get into and don't have the time today so is our birth control pills or antidepressants are they the answer I firmly believe no they should be the court of last resort if women have tried and have done some functional intervention and they have failed so you can have what's called PMS anxiety you could have PMS what's called hyper hydration you could have PMS carb jeezum forgetting one PMS D which is more so here's what this is saying that in there's four different types and that these different types that there are different levels hormones that are being secreted and changed so I'm going to have to grab this bench because my back is not feeling real real good today so we're going to have to kind of modify this a little bit PMS a anxiety is is literally where you have an imbalance of your hormones a lot of times it's an estrogen dominant situation so I've got too much estrogen I don't want to get into the ton of details but this if you really want to break this out there's an estrogen and a mag issue and possibly a progesterone issue with PMS hyper hydration sometimes this is rare by the way it's an excess of progesterone that's rare carbohydrate intolerance this is an estrogen and Abbi issue and a mag issue and possibly a progesterone and PMS depression can encompass numerous issues here as well so from this standpoint the way we want to look at this is that you've got to see that what we're after is that we need to we need to kind of address this from multiple layers here and I'm going to say to you what we want to do is to make sure that we are looking at all the factors I don't believe that a fluoxetine or an SSRI pharmaceutical is the answer necessarily now if you've got depression and now and you've been on that medication and you have it day one through day 28 that's a whole different subject that's not our discussion here today our discussion is going to focus on how do we keep you balanced in that latter part of your cycle how do we manage those aspects of your hormones so PMS PMDD medicine would say if you've got PMD there there's a criteria 11 different criteria where it's interfering with your day to day function your ability to manage work life home your children and it is now empowering the quality of your life and the ability to function in your life and I believe you have to hit six of the eleven criteria and they're going to say now you need to be on whatever fluoxetine an SSRI pharmaceutical but usually what you'll see is this is always in that latter part of the cycle alright so I drew for you the 28-day cycle and you you have a better handle you have a better understanding of that so let's talk about what some of the some of the real symptoms are there's going to be a lot of breast tenderness there's going to be a lot of anxiety there's going to be a lot of mood instability there's going to be a lot of cravings for carbs sugars there's a lot of fluid retention now I'm not naming them all I'm going to give you a smattering there's more headaches there's the possibility for migraines in here sometimes right at the middle of the cycle sometimes in that second part of the cycle prior to menses I mean this is just a smattering breast tenderness tremendous fluid retention more anxiety more irritability more mood instability carb cravings headaches migraines I mean the list literally just goes on I just got low back pain low menstrual pain acne is a huge issue more tension more tendencies towards depression in the latter part of that cycle this is a big issue more tendencies to be blue to be down this is where this PMDD diagnosis comes in again do we go to the end of the the issue and say well the result is I have all these symptoms and now treat me with a drug or do we try to eliminate the symptoms by balancing hormones processing etc etc obviously it's going to make sense to do that balance what are some contributing factors some contributing factors are going to be up first of all just a poor diet I don't eat well I eat a lot of fats bad fats I'm exposed to a lot of chemicals in the environment I have a lot of nutrient depleted foods I eat more carbs and sugars I don't have enough fiber and good bacteria in the gut I think you get the picture now I'm not saying that this is the cause of your PMS I'm saying that these factors influence so the more junk you eat the more processed refined the less fibers you eat the more simple refined carbohydrates the more sugars the more devoid of of fibers and anti-oxidants you will feed this whole cascade and then you will set up more of an estrogen dominance a progesterone deficiency you won't excrete your hormones well and now I'm going to be dealing with anxiety and depression folks there's a reason for this and it's an imbalance in your hormones shutting down ovarian production of those hormones I really don't believe is the answer let's facilitate the pathway let me let me clear up another issue you're not crazy now I know I'm going to offend some people by using that you know terminology but I think this is important for us to understand because a lot of women begin to feel that they are just completely off their rockers I say things and do things right before my period that I can't even believe I say and do those things I hate myself I cannot believe that I treated my children that way I can't believe I spoke to my mother that way I can't believe I was that harsh to my husband I when I'm saying it I almost feel like I'm having an out-of-body experience where I'm actually hearing myself say these things and I don't even I don't even know who that person is that's not really me I am but I'm angry I want to lash out I want to I want to get in your face I almost want to hurt your feelings and and and you work with women for a long time with this and literally they'll just begin to tell you I feel like I'm crazy so when my doc said that I need to go on an antidepressant I went for it because I really began to felt as though there was something wrong with me but once again I will say to you is it every day from 1 through 28 or is it just kind of in that 14 to 28 or 21 to 28 day rage I know there's a lot of physical symptoms low cramping low back ache fluid retention enlarged breasts breast tenderness headaches migraine but there is a tremendous amount of emotional this is where we came up with this PMDD concept there's a lot of emotional issues here and women begin to think that there's something radically wrong with them but then what happens many times for many of you as soon as you have your period it's like someone just lets the air out of the room I suddenly can think more clearly I don't feel as anxious I'm not as moody I'm not as blue I'm not as down I can make rational decisions whereas in these scenarios what I'm in the midst of this I can't make I can't make a decision I don't want to make a decision I feel like I'm not capable I want to fight with people I'm angry I'm distraught at times I have highs and lows so if the case were that you were that way from day one to 28th another discussion so let's get down to some of the core issues let me make sure I didn't miss anything PMS let me just go back through these real quick PMS um things that just so you understand with this classification with anxiety with this hyper hydration meaning I'm very fluid retentive or I've got more anxiousness and the cravings right so anxiety the cravings and then lastly more the depression the occurrence is about about 70 percent of the women have the anxiety portion of this with PMS 70 percent of you the hyper hydration the fluid retention I've got bloating my ankles swell I feel like I can gain five six pounds before my period probably 70 plus percent of the women experience this the craving portion is probably about 30 to 40 percent of women the depressive side of this is 30 plus percent now here's the key the key is in order to be qualified or you know technically have this PMS diagnosis you don't have to have every single one of these 100% of the times some women will have more of one some people have horrible cravings they eat everything in sight they bloat they feel horrible others they're more Moody and depressed others it's anxiety it's irritability I'm in stable emotionally I'm fighting with everybody in my home so just so you can see now a lot of purists say well then what we need to do is you need to define and years ago that's what I try to do is to define you know where you fell in that category and then I would begin to try to gear my support for you in my help for you there now I've changed that I feel like you've got to deal with some real core issues number one estrogen or e2 metabolism for many of you something's wrong here what I mean by metabolism it's how your livers handling it number two we have a progesterone deficit not always but in a significant portion there's a progesterone deficit we have nutrient deficits in specifics b6 magnesium now there are some other things in here zinc but there's these are the basics I want you to just follow this rationale just very very simple I want to make this simple I don't want to have to have this hundred steps to PMS and PMDD answers no I'm going to keep this simple but I need to give you this is an overview so I could have too much estrogen I could have not enough progesterone or both I can have poor handling or metabolism or better yet shall I say elimination of estrogen I could be deficient in some nutrients the next layer is liver because of many environmental issues chemicals that were exposed to constipation not understanding how to support liver function many of us are exposed to a lot of environmental chemicals through our foods environment the liver becomes congested do you know that they find that even women thirty and forty somethings that have significant gall bladder dysfunction or gall bladder congestion and bile acid stasis in their gall bladder have much higher rates of PMS why because part of your elimination it's just as important that you eliminate metabolize and eliminate your hormones as it is that you make balanced numbers so it's one thing to have enough that's one checkmark how do i process and eliminate it's second check more so if i'm deficient i need to write that that wrong if i am not eliminating i must increase elimination pathways otherwise these estrogen metabolites become toxic to me and they effect they aggravate the pms structure premenstrual syndrome do i need to be on an oral contraceptive i don't know i mean i could go off in a lot of different issues here there's when there's poor hormone handling there's issues with uterine fibroids there's higher rates of endometriosis than Demetrios has an immune component and a chemical component to it some autoimmune areas I could have more cystic issues polycystic ovarian then my testosterone begins to rise my point is fibrocystic breast is a lot of poor hormone handling and an iodine deficits so there's a lot of different directions you go here but I want to keep this to write to the premenstrual the PMDD I am crazy for a week before my period or two weeks I just can't function I've got to evaluate my hormone levels and I got to make sure I'm processing and eliminating those guys number two I've got to know what my progesterone is if my progesterone is in deficit estrogen dominates and I will be headachy I will be Moody I will be fluid retention I will have more breast tenderness I will have tendencies towards depression the wheels come off of the wagon but what if those two are not bad what if I'm actually pretty balanced here but now if I have some nutrient deficits I'm going to be more prone what if my liver is impaired what if one two and these three are all good but if my liver is impaired and I'm not excreting well I have a whole nother issue and a whole nother problem I think when we look at this we've got to understand that maybe even the the unseen area is even gastrointestinal health GI health so why I'm fanatical about us drinking enough water about us eating plenty of fiber in our diets about having real foods live foods so I can make good bacteria or take probiotics so I'm very fanatical about this because the last step none there's more to this but for sake of today this is all we want to cover if I have poor GI health and I've got low fiber status and bad bacteria what I'm going to do is have I want you to listen closely please this is very important if you have a history of antibiotics and you are making an enzyme that is called beta we all make this by the way glucuronidase and it's high because of antibiotics because of stress because of a lot of sugar in your diet if I am making a lot of this bugger in my gut I will recycle all of my estrogen metabolites and I will enhance PMS I will enhance a hormone related problem so even if my saliva samples my body stores of my own estrogen and progesterone are balanced and if my liver is okay and I've got adequate nutrients on board I hope you're following the picture now but now my gut is totally dismembered because of antibiotics in the past and I just don't eat that well and I'm have a lot of beta glucuronidase you recycle what we call estrogen metabolites you send them back into your circulatory system and they recycle literally and they become stimulatory and they become aggravates all right are you crazy again forgive me if I'm offending anyone but I need to make a point No do I need to do just pharmaceuticals to get out of this I don't believe so but I don't believe what you do is for example people have said well I tried B six well and it helped me a little bit and I didn't have as much fluid retention but it didn't really help me I tried magnesium well first of all what was the source what type did you use that's really key did you absorb because if you don't absorb it I don't get much benefit oh I tried progesterone and it helped me a little bit I hope you're getting the picture see many times what you'll do is you'll try this or you'll try that someone told me to use you know agnus castus yeah someone told me I heard I read okay so then I try these individually remember it's complex PMS AP mhm craving PMS craving PMS hyper hydration I'm fluid retentive PMS depression some some of us got a little bit of all of that going on and you want to try to right those wrongs with one nutrient and then when it doesn't work you cross it off you say well then I got magnesium and I tried that for a couple of months and that didn't where then I tried no no what we're going to do is put together a plan so we're going to make sure that we want to know that hormones are balanced we want to make sure that I excrete them well through my liver I'm going to make sure that my gut doesn't recycle that I eliminate them well through stool it actually through urine as well that I need to correct underlying deficits of some of these nutrients so now what I have is a plan and when you have a plan I believe very cleanly and clearly I will tell you that if you do this and you're going to follow after the break the plan that we give you if you follow that aggressively for three cycles three months I can't make you guarantees but I will be stunned that if you don't have somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 to even up to 80 percent improvement in how you feel of the irritability the emotional instability the depression the fluid retention the headaches headaches and migraines can be one of two things they can be estrogen lack at middle of the month and at the end of the month or it can be progesterone lack so that's a little trickier so sometimes you don't get to the root of that one unless you really do some specific testing but general theme if I don't have 50 60 70 to even 80 percent improvement after three cycles if I legitimately follow this I will eat my hat there's something else I don't know where I had I'll eat my sweater because I usually wear a sweater I you know whatever right here's the other thing this last thing before we go to this break remember that in many cases here's what's really scary about this when I am in the midst of this many times then my choices of food and what I eat are so bad that it literally drives me deeper and what I mean by that is when I start consuming more sugars more White's more refined more processed what is actually happening I am going to impair my estrogen to progesterone ratios which will then impair my brain neuro transmitters I wanted to say this before I go to the break for I give you the final plan because this is where this is where the PMDD concept comes in and physicians say well then that's why we've got to use an SSRI I do not deny the fact that brain neurotransmitters can be altered and dramatically changed in the latter part of a woman's cycle I'm in agreement with you if you're a medical practitioner I don't disagree with you the point is why are they not imbalanced for an entire cycle they are typically bad later in the cycle this is where the instability comes in emotional and lability comes in and then this is where the the medical community says that then we need fluoxetine x' we need whatever SSRIs because there is a brain neurotransmitter I am Telling You though eating and when I'm when I'm out of control I then crave foods sugars processed foods chocolates I eat a lot of these bad things that further feeds the cycle the problem is for many of you you say I can't control myself I don't even have the willpower I will eat any if there's chocolate in a house I will eat it all I will go buy chocolate I'll eat it all I will go buy donuts and just yeah eat cookies I don't even know who I am but as soon as that period comes boom but here's the bad part the more you do that it drives you deeper into this pit of despair with PMS I if you can follow we're going to go to a break if you can follow the plan I'm gonna give you the plan when we come back it's going to be quick to the point if you follow the plan I'm telling you I can almost guarantee you improvement stay with us God bless you were to go to a break we're going to come back and we'll finish this up stay there thanks for being with us thanks for staying tuned we're going to go back and just finish up PMS PMDD but before we do that I'd like to just read you a little something out of Isaiah it says in the year that King Uzziah died I saw the Lord High and exalted and seated on the throne and the Train of his robe filled the temple and above him were Seraphim each with six wings with two wings that covered their face to covered their feet two that were flying and they were calling to one another holy holy holy is the Lord God Almighty the whole earth is filled with his glory now this is reference as well in the in the book of John Revelation chapter 4 this is reiterated at their sound they're the voices the doorposts the threshold shook and the Temple was filled with smoke woe unto me I cried said Isaiah I am a room in other words I am broken for I am a man of unclean lips when I'm going to just follow this for a moment and I live amongst people with unclean lips and my eyes have seen the king the Lord Almighty then one of the Seraphim flew to me with a coal in his hand he had taken from the tongs with altar he touched my mouth and said see this is touched your lips your guilt has been taken away in your sin atoned for then I heard the voice of the Lord saying whom shall I send and who will go for us and I said here am I send me Isaiah was completely willing to go and to submit and their surrender and serve God when he was exposed not only in this vision that he saw but how he was changed and my couple notes just a couple of thoughts that prior to use for any of us being used by God we've got to have an experience with him we've got to have a personal one-on-one experience like Isaiah had Isaiah had a had an experience in a and an intimacy with god that's so revealed the presence the holiness the majesty of God that it changed him immediately he was so overwhelmed by the presence of God and when God said litter who can I send as a messenger Isaiah completely broken I'm a man of unclean lips before we are used we're usually going to be broken I tell you if you look all the way back through the Old Testament you read through Old Testament prophets you look at Old Testament figures whether it's Joseph whether it's Moses whether it's job whether it's Joshua every one of these men even Ruth you will look at every one of these men and women they had significant issues confrontations difficulties or problems where they had life altering changed experiences in his presence and that affected their work their ministry from there on and just a couple notes literally that his his Isaiah's experience with God not only revealed the greatness the mystery and the power and the majesty he recognized his sinfulness in God's presence it encourages us to confess sin to come clean to ask God for forgiveness when we see or we're in his presence when I this is just a takeaway message when we see him we see his greatness we see our sinfulness but he sees our forgiveness and gives forgiveness and his love and he empowers us to serve as we submit and surrender before we're truly going to be used typically there's a confrontation if you will there's an intimacy there's a revealing of who God is a revealing of who we are sinful man and literally a change that takes place there's a cleansing na and an intimacy that takes place before use we can all say God use me God use me that's what we want for our would hope that all of us even those of you listening but often there's a time of urging and cleansing before use we see it with Isaiah I hope that helps you I hope that encourages you let's get back to the the pms the world of PMS and PMDD here if we're slipping back over we're going to go right back to the board and I started the write at the break a couple of things one thing I forgot to mention a thyroid function and I apologize that in many cases poor thyroid functioning and why you need to have your thyroid completely evaluated back go back and view our our live stream on all about thyroid we need a free t4 we need a TSH we need a free t3 because in many cases there's very very impaired thyroid function that also leads into this that should be evaluated but for straightforward I don't know what's wrong I'm having all of these hugely magnified symptoms physical emotional otherwise I don't know who I am I don't even recognize my conversation and my confrontations many times later in my cycle what do we do about it we put together a plan remember you do not do these in singular fashion deficits we've got to correct them where are the deficits many times there's impaired b6 the B's in general I put the B's and I put b6 there's obviously magnesium deficits almost always in this area this plays huge into premenstrual syndrome there are some zinc deficits that have been documented the literature so I say you start with something like a daily essentials for you women I would go higher to twice a day because I want some adequate b6 levels I want adequate zinc and I want the B's in general daily essentials to twice daily and you do them with food you start correcting some of the underlying deficits number one number two you can do a saliva panel we would strongly recommend that you talk to our staff you can contact us via email or the toll-free number eight eight eight eight six five nine five nine five and you ask for a speak to Terry Amy we have a number of staff members that can help you get us get you on a get a saliva test done so that we can see what your progesterone your estrogen and your testosterone levels are but let's just say for right now the sake of ease you want to engage in a plan correct deficits they're always there usually all of these or at least one or two I guarantee if you have bad PMS I promise you that number two there's often probably in 60% to 70% there's a progesterone deficit so we can use some trans dirham Pro or if you live in the state of Pennsylvania we can compound specifically you commence ER nurse practitioner we could compound specifically doses for you and titrate them otherwise we have you use more or less if you're out of the state of PA transdermal a nice progesterone a lot of people are afraid of that I don't want to talk about that you need to have no fear it's biologically identical I want to stick on our the focus of our intent here correcting your deficits number one daily essentials correct nutrient deficits number two balance hormone ratios because they're a huge problem number three I've got to get you moving literature absolutely supports the fact that if I could get women moving and exercising and even walking I detoxify naturally better and I can reduce many of my PMS symptoms exercise remember we're doing these together right I'm going to do the daily essentials I'm going to add some trans Durham Pro I'm going to begin walking get on a treadmill get on a bike I've got to do something to help balance some of my brain neurotransmitters and my detox path forcefully remember I mentioned the liver I'm not metabolizing things that means I'm recycling some of my hormone metabolites I got to do some liver support I 3c complete indole carbonyls there's broccoli and cauliflower concentrates + D glue core a calcium D glue crate helps you to process estrogen metabolites eliminate them you need to start eating more steamed broccoli cauliflower Brussels sprouts you need to eat foods like that help your liver okay mmm next the good bacteria we talked about our liver support we talked about physical activity and exercise we've got to now see that I've got to have good bacteria in here right why the good bacteria because even if my liver acts on it and I dump it into the large intestine I have to have quality fibers right have to have quality fibers and good bacteria and remember I got to lower beta glucuronidase that enzyme that we all have it's not bad we all make it when we make too much of it because we have bad bacteria growing I cannot excrete we D conjugate hormones we send them back into our circulatory system I've got to do a little bit of liver support I've got to think about change of the diet more fiber more fresh foods say but I can't see the reason why you can't often is because you're so emotionally out of control because of these other deficits CY say you can't do just one of these at a time see notice I put usually I start with diet usually it's number one unless I could easily say well you know you're a PMS woman you're having a lot of trouble you just can't eat all that sugar and junk and cookies and literally then you want to claw my eyes out because you say you don't understand I can't I can't help myself I want that stuff so bad see because your brain neurotransmitters are impaired you're trying to feed them and you're consuming carbs there's a temporary lift then there's a dramatic drop than those neurotransmitters so I have diet literally the bottom of the list because if I start correcting deficits balancing hormones get moving excrete better through my liver and through my gut and through stool see now I'm in a position to start making better decisions about my diet alright so the diet can you do some probiotics I mean really all of you should be on some probiotics on an ongoing basis so probiotic essential what are we covered so far daily essentials I 3c complete help the liver handle good bacteria the main thing is you've got to eat better at least alright and now I'm going to talk about and we talked a little bit about trans during Pro the progesterone I'm doing these in tandem I'm doing them all together I'm going to change structure and function you say well what if I still feel very anxious and well geez I well we can always put you on some theanine or some Cavan ace but if we change what's going in and how we're processing balance the hormones I believe you have greater control over the diet and then here's the ultimate key with the diet to reduce the amount of carbs the amount of sugar eat more vegetables eat more fruit so I get more fiber I have more good types of substrates to feed the good bacteria i'll excrete my hormone metabolites that are affecting me you know really there's some other things in here that make this even more complicated but I don't want to do that this is a very very straightforward approach that will help you if you're following now I want to go back to the magnesium quickly magnesium is a key player first of all as a population generically speaking we do not get enough magnesium as a population period because of poor food supplies us not even eating enough of the right foods let alone those foods not having enough magnesium in them I recommend that women consider additional sources of MAG like the mag essentials you've got to use you can't use mag carbonates mag gluconate mag oxides and chlorides they are junk seriously there John you've got to use a mag glycinate this glycinate or something like this we call it a bioavailable mag magnesium why because all of the the carriers for magnesium or alpha ketoglutarate succinate citrate fumarate malate these are all Krebs cycle intermediates that your cells recognize immediately and say you I know I want you in my cell I can use you you've got a carrier for magnesium mag deficits are used women with PMS should be on to mag essentials twice daily at a minimum I might even I'm depending on how you do I might even bump you up so we've got daily essentials critical we've got some I 3c complete help the liver here we're going to correct balance imbalances and nutrient deficits generically globally i 3c to help my liver to process I'm going to use some trans Durham to we will talk about this you can use like a quarter of a teaspoon I would start at a minimum quarter of a teaspoon day 14 through 20 and then a quarter of a teaspoon twice a day 21 through 28 depending upon your cycle length or if you have a lot of issues I'm just going to have you do quarter of a teaspoon twice a day probably about day 14 through 28 until your period begins reset the bacteria see if I start doing this then I can get a better control over my diet now I start reducing carbs sugars whites refines bad fats a lot of saturated bad fats deep fried fats feed this process it's actually documented that the very thing that women with PMS and PMDD do is the very thing that feeds their destruction eating poorly rancid fats french fries deep fried foods sugar whites and refines that impairs brain neurotransmitters and feeds the cycle you begin to replete mag with mag essentials I'm telling you you'll have a huge huge huge benefit I hope this has helped I believe that it will if you follow our plan I am I am convinced I don't need to convince you I believe if you follow this plan you are on the path to correcting the underlying problems remember there's deficits there's imbalances there's impairments in removal if you correct them I don't believe that you need to be on oral contraceptives per se to suppress your hormones and I don't really believe necessarily unless you have an underlying you know severe depression that you need to be on those pharmaceuticals if you've been told that you just need to do them during specific periods of the times of the month to help you get through you need to realize that I could stop the change and shift in those neurotransmitters if I follow a plan and here's your plan god bless you thanks for being with us I hope that you find this helps you the other livestreams that we have available for you are all geared whether they're men's health erectile dysfunction for men heartburn reflux migraines headaches we've got a lot of good teaching out there for you it's sensible it's a down-home approach I don't make any vain or strange promises to you I would really never want to do that I feel my approach is one that just deals with rudimentary facts trying to deal with them and not in some esoteric sense I forgot one thing that I almost can't believe that I forgot very important the other part of this is if all of this is not working then I'm going to add in something like balance and the reason why I'm going to do it the one key ingredient here is chasteberry ten to one ratio 20 milligrams of a cubed or a cube eason which is agnus castus has a little bit of peony in a little bit of licorice root balance excellent this is last on the list after we've corrected some of the basic things and I'm still not getting results we come in with something like balance and we add that to the regimen god bless you thanks for being with us I hope you learn something do that do yourself a favor your family favor engage in the plan you need specific help eight eight eight eight six five nine five nine five send us an email on the website let the staff let Terry let Amy let Joyce Joyce give our nurse practice set you up for a time we'll get on the phone no matter where you are we will recommend labs to be done we can ship some of these things we'll give you the plan we'll give it to you in black and white on paper god bless you and I hope that you got something out of the teaching from the book of Isaiah if you truly want to be used by him you've got to be in his presence and when we're in his presence God deals with us he burns away the dross unfortunately for us he reveals our sinfulness but it's very fortunate that he does when he does that you're prepared you're fit for the Potters use there's cleansing that takes place before use god bless you thanks for being with me see on the next live

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A lot of women suffer from PMS & PMDD. Maybe someone you know deals with this issue. Joe covers a lot of ground that you will want to hear and tell others about as well. Joe DiMatteo is a registered pharmacist, certified clinical nutritionist, homeopath and doctor of naturopathy. Joe is the host of The Ask the Pharmacist Radio Broadcast heard nationally on SiriusXM. Please visit

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