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hi guys my name is candy and welcome back to my youtube channel today is super duper exciting cuz I'm gonna be nothing yes gaddama nothing I review my bag of pilots not ever be like a cosmetics I'm actually going to divide this video into three or four times because I'm feeling common examples have a cattleman Otto say some video so I'm gonna have I bet you money right you go ahead so I gave you guys spending in a now I don't know if you boost on your horse a feeling with a man you must say no he didn't have me billion so come on down little similar pilot that the English do operating unit up adoring you also it's an interim animal Anatomy intro semana reviews or videos Academy convey to Savannah pilot notice a guy's a Latino man I hate doing intros and Sabra awkward think of it anyway if you guys want to know how I feel about ever bananas Louis pallets just keep on watching in this video in a novena that guys assume a little EB cheeks a basic information about this every banana cheek set impression is 189 pencil stock was not allocated it is a packaging that is made in China 24 months to expiration paraben free cruelty free and 10 grams similar Mannie mother Sian couldn't been your information about the product and a solid silicon and it says here give your skin the appearance of natural ingredients within highlighter blush and contour in his sleek travel friendly compound the father is intensely pigment and yet that's beautifully and the shades are versatile enough for any skin tone so basically on clinically utilize that pigmented shine and bagging summit and all skin tone and mother have a nothing new mom a capacitive Okanagan shot this s how the packaging looks like a fun vanilla and Fermi so bronchoscope Nagase a school night Sylvania and the demographics and other followers a very millennial as in guys on Banga economic know each other are no actual component not pilot and for me of in a bunch of guys magatama each other yes a it feels very solid and sturdy union elections element and for me cos I guys but the things of other pilots like this one feeling commas of a sauna who makes a little Shabbat this one well national centimeter every children of our products the NASA the pilot and actually guys nice watch collection is embezzled cousin he's good at the SK I measure a lip you know how I feel about this one but uh yeah this palette contains a comp or blush and highlighting powders so hey guys I gave each other animal products before we proceed sup at the plane and our partners that was a face card week oh is it so much to mention guys using my fingers but I tell you how it looks like a magazine watches and I could not buy my and you guys know each other animal products Belgium sec gonna make a swatch collection and I'm a comedy has a screen alumina fool I know a diversity go make a quick flash analysis screen a complete swatches the more products cuz I mean some guys and you not even know my iOS but anyway a few swatches the more products the cephalic level this time when the winter Manhattan is elegant at interface the monopolize acceptor and mercy similar bronzers so let's see oh wow initial founder you guys omega-c kinda nakusha Omega indicia power Davina ha ha ha ha ha because I was expecting about additional Cindy but normally couldn't have animal products never be that number hey guys so right now he's dead so another guys in applications of Peace Corps and first impression I love the father so much to say I'm perfect now cooling of hamburger guys Cindy Sabra or H and indicia sovereign gray cap analogous a face it's very neutral and but the thickness of pigmentation guys Sakuranomiya pigmentation yeah and for me okay like I said mean some cabacas´s of instance numb Ponca a no pigment an impartial torn edge overwhelming sha especially sub attainers the echo guys Avila shops a very buildable n I'm perfect now Fellini guys I love the color so much the box you can see guys it looks so naturally he can of orange Orca gray of putting a super duper nice and perfect for everyday oh my god I love the color so much under the yeah palace' a contoured amigo soft and perfect for beginners and may I recommend Casa guys he need AHA ha ha ha and I hate us offline actually head looks so natural but Anthony Shawn shadow upon the elegance of pace and then the guys and getting a hula this time on the window Manhattan is airplane opinion cuantos anos Parramatta Canada and how it looks like a pagina which see other than a ponytail a guy is a severe that it presents the holiness a I'm perfect so I'm perfect if you have like the medium skin complexion it looks so natural rather than a full like ice we're super this is how my face looks like after going to meeting your contour shades a pilot not on3v sovereign to stop chakras it looks so natural and get the Nepali Nia protector every day and he's intimidating every day this site also go bottom enacted assume blush classic is the Napolitano first time so girl of NASA who later say I'm perfect method of putting yeah but it is powdery so be careful it magical dream - guys have so be careful purpose it not often allow you access to say must my policemen think that gets a much more some product so but I mean became Aloha also para he became espresso children Oh bless your in ammonia in again yo so he applied the latisha and let's see come on yogi showing us a face oh wow this is pigmented I'm a big picture guy is not Aloha that on developer guy wow I love this call over I'm gonna pull you guys huh in fairness I love this blush I think a second so blush you guys and actually Caetano colitis Thomas in Diwali orange but I'm feeling cold of course so I thought automatically Munakata like acid like oh I with cush office and get the ritual in Japan and surveys and get the Dean Young mention about that we don't collect in like a coma by wasn't gonna show me Amaya but for me when things are polar and also some length ability officials say it's easy to bless actually tacos under than a pigmentation yeah so nice so biee baa baa baa says baa Gallo is babbling la décima foundation brush ninjanomicon tacos either the avocado on my measurement like that and also but what's a new blush to say about it guys metropolitan aim over Linnaeus arcane so bus an efficient economy new each one who blushed - uh chicks and I'm in love super love people you guys can say it looks so fresh and natural compost I'm Billy simply and I swear guys a super buff enough pudding impression about I'm getting a ceramic at the shop Elsa person Elvis bogus a guy's table impressive Nicole died and getting down Alice Lee for me guys types of leshner people in Coto pilot that opposite guys I swear love the look with a publication by you guys know obsessive opposite I'm perfect Napoli yang Ganga this time also Pocono Manhattan is your highlighter is a pilot not thought it actually at first I have a pattern along cha pressed powder in the pan Sedna under a curse a company name in Japan patterns or grammatical Ania Pagano seen too much momentum a conviction Photoshop which is great but Aina Haina welcome you something yeah super banana pizza by the way be careful and have a kimono product or not highlighter because you guys pop it in here so I think guys Ilana key conditions are highest points and cheeks and let's see company but schwa shear down on you guys shimmer initially on super blinding highlights so come on Hannah maybe see you natural-looking the highlight this one ap like what gusta hacer para an adoption of a machine he gives you intense and super Omega Alpha sudden highlight official for me all those do something give me intense a fellow I still appreciate it because I know enemy market mahatma gustas a perfect for everyday and unnatural alone and glow the beanie begin as a skin actually feeding to my guys with engine be meeting your highlighters a pilot not a pancetta face after new macabre Panama Canal Panama Sheen or glass in effect as a indigo how intense you Patricia marina so again guys Spanish AHIMA hourglass powders super duper nice guys I like it even though he ashamed ends now a shopper me using island guys if you have deeper complexion I feel like Hindi babies in you highlight thirtieth of a second dish on top of there and Kappa Gilligan is a pastebin hockey fan heater and and so this is how my face looks like after concomitant on every banana cheek set so my inner man and we'll proceed mathias laughing final verdict I'm going to start with packaging and friendly a phenomenal packaging yes it feels very solid and sturdy Union language on Sanibel and creamy mustard sauce on a commercial Salomon Paraiba in the unified lemon Kumu Havana Salamanca Paganini shy when it comes to pigmentation for me personally it's the same Academy pigmentation especially in blush SuperDuper pigmented a little goes a long way in Pennsylvania so accomplished alligator coca is a sober in of the Navajo at home Falcon tournament for me okay national guy in this other pigment that doesn't leave Africa and others have eco perfection for beginners can say he didn't have an immediate limited and buildable demand so for me a young kinda mention this tournaments a highlight under the guise of a disha for me because as humans in demand even aggregation and blows the skin so for me overall find the things of accommodation F of platinum shades pasado pasado but the things of Avila no powders for me Sabra impressive because the guy's unbelievable and he did not have a faculty up like a saggy bum inside me mama powders knock upon the elegance of face another nation Nexus take but a common our guys Hindi I can say I'm distillery blender seguro philosophy and down signal about this pilot is that powdery you blush and highlight Pappas back in the shop we have like the medium skin complexion paraffin deeper you cool a no but I need about eight a semi shotgun unlike you Maha for Anila overall Palace a friend for 189 pesos upon pilot natal Selena Selena and I highly recommend cassette for its quality and price and also some awfully nominal invito super super solid guys and getting young anyways that is it for today's video guys I hope the McKendree Keo and of course if you did don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and also subscribe to my channel if you haven't already thank you guys so much for watching and I will see y'all on my

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