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oh come here babe What's Wrong boo boo [Music] good morning guys it's a very very fresh feeling Monday morning today it's very nice and sunny and we have just had a lovely and that blower off a really lovely start to the week at the girls Monday morning school assembly where little Isla got star of the week and she's got she had to get up with the head teacher and got an award and it was so so lovely I didn't film it I know we would mean crystal just saying we really wish we had a film date not to put on YouTube or anything like that just for our own personal memories just because we do YouTube we sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable getting a camera out in front of like all the teachers and the other parents just in case they're all sat there thinking oh my gosh they are going to put that on YouTube we wouldn't we wouldn't obviously do that but just because we didn't want any parents or teachers thinking that we were too worried to film Anna's reaction I wish I'd have done and we shouldn't have been with the heart because we would have only used it for our own personal reasons and now we didn't get obviously we got to see her little cute smile on her face when she when she got up and got her award but I would have liked her film does that I could keep it for memories forever just for us else but anyway it was super cute she got it for and be a role model working extremely hard and give it 100% in all areas of her school which literally other parents just make me crystal to Burns's pride especially of Esme also got star of the week last week for the same type of thing so really really good start to this week when I won our way back home we are going to head home start doing some editing I need to help Isabel with her haul which she started but I need to finish because obviously she's on to school so we want to get that tonight Chris Scott adopts 11 feels like he's coming down spondylitis which is not great it feels like it's getting a bit rundown sorceress who's going to go to the doctors make sure it's not going to turn into anything really bad because like I say he has been hospitalized with it before are widowed on that right but no now so let's click on this medicine for couple of hours so I just popped in to you Morrison's to get our dinner for this evening I am so looking forward to tonight now I got some salmon for myself some mushy peas and I'm going to make some homemade chips I didn't get the girls and Chris comment because even though I like it even though it's super good for you and even though if I gave it to the girls I know that they would try and eat it I know they don't like it the girls are super good with things like that even if they don't like it they'll still try and eat it if I give it to them and they will eat it they'll just maybe moan about not liking it so I decided I wouldn't put them through that oh my goodness has come is so hard I really struggle to blogger this camera so even though they probably would eat it it's super good for them I saw snow I'll give them something they actually like I got myself some and I got the girls that had a fish go John and I got Chris something else for like something to think of own quad Phillips but what I'll don't have it with mushy peas and homemade chips will transfer it very much looking forward to it's currently now I'm getting some crazy looks right now awkward 2 p.m. and I am only just starting to eat something for the day I've literally not eaten anything at all so I just got myself this little carrot and celery pot with hummus for our Martin and then for dessert I got some little what these things pomegranate pomegranate look on it so coming on it I'm a grown it for my lunch and then I got Chris because he would not be classified as that and I don't blame him a sweet chili chicken a trap so you got petrol yeah with your own who's Justin petrol I'm going to eat this in the car where we going guys have a drink somewhere like it's such a nice day today it looks really cloudy but it's really muggy and really the type of weather where Florida it I wouldn't go that far doesn't feel like Florida but it's definitely the way the way it looks cold outside but it's actually not too cold are you seriously drinking drinking yes otherwise right that's gross let's go sit somewhere outside and have a drink the event like left a McDonald's cook in your car but also can your car know about the next day and just picked up and tried to stir again that's why I just interested what Christians they're literally nothing anyway against eat our lunch and then go have a drink before picking up the girls from school at 3:00 which only actually gives us one hour just kicking it down to our favorite local very awkward do you think it builds funny that you can like your old when you say we're just as we'll overcome that makes it old like all the generation have like the local that the goat on a Friday night from work yeah I'm talking to each other these are the outtakes that we drop out guys but I think we going to leave the clinic okay this is a deal so we got here literally got here and bumped into a friend of ours sunshine for about twenty minutes and now we've only got five minutes before basically because quite getting a drink because the time we get served bit time we get served by the time we get served it all it should be time to go so sit here and enjoy the Sun and the art well even if there is got like a coke ball out could that's what she brought here but not because the diet because if we're now time to buy a drink

anyway after school go to pick up is about new glasses yeah she's so excited she's really excited about she's got some different designs this time and she's really happy with them so going to the article however I think it might have to be a mean is it all solo session going together because Mays got her to to come in and so - the tops terrify home before we go get your glasses because if otherwise well or just to rush to the time we might not make it in time right now so nicely today the Sun one if you can see but it's beating up my baby right now make me feel tons better I already told everybody that I'm not feeling well today so today I told them you're not feeling very well some of those blocks today isn't it yeah we're talking about the weather Polly had a fun few days guys we're actually today we've been talking quite a lot about what we're going to do half turn because the girls break up from school on Friday yeah which I am very very excited about and they've got a whole week of school I know some schools have two weeks off and they have two but we get two weeks off of Easter yeah so this is half turn they only get one week off we're still going to do something fun act or make it some client I'm sure what but going to go away and do something fun I think we might go away yes we might do something nice like that so we're having a look we can have a look this morning anyway what we just do we did have a little holiday plans from Monday but that's fallen through now but we'll still still going pass something some lunch so now without doubt

it happens behind the scenes guys sometimes you just go out and out and say that's really all of it you got some funny chin I love like great Armand and then live blogging with a howl morning I'm 500 more sausage in guys I can't grow beard yet so it's not beard given was London also good well that was a super lovely five minutes of chit chat alone before we have to go pick up the girls so that's what we're doing right now we can go get them and then all craziness is going to break loose it'd be easy right guys let's go and get the girls okay we just stopped off mom and Esme at home and I've got my biggest munch and dad has anybody you very cheeky and my littlest munched is about things that because I don't like some of the roughest toughest GM I've got really bad taste in music I don't travel are they unleashed into nowaday music not old fashioned grandpa my music is not grandpa come on guys put it together blink-182 is that grandpa music yes don't think so to me I'm your friend because you're like that's old-fashioned me when I was in this on your channel right now oh my G fading newest popular music hold a grumbler right we're just picking up is about brand new glasses are you excited I'm your brand aspects also in my face yeah nice going to be so good let's do it I know how was your day at school today catch why can we get out Eugene I'm so proud of you I mean when we were watching you getting called out in assembly and we were bursting with pride I wanted to run up and give you a big hug you were so cute well done darling I'm very proud of you oh you want to achieve or and we're looking for to get in my glasses but we have to weigh about five or ten minutes so I'm going to show you on my selfie selfie selfie this isn't I'm a birthday oh very nice that's the next one oh that one yesterday wait a minute it's not folks there we go out light that's really cute I love that one I know it's that one what Jimin it is like a moving photo yeah okay I had next to me is ready I love that I know I got that with me that's really you a lot of them month oh my gosh the search cute sister ones love them and then I'm just this is the other day there's lots of a 17 on the United Kingdom leaderboard and then I checked it physically sergeant and a plethora came here and is about is actually now number nine on the leaderboard for the UK that's because I have got amazing spammers because you're all starting at Portland and I love him and I've got one hundred and six point nine K Syed incredible our concern is about at all together my news food that is crazy Hank you're a very lucky girl I am Eric

this paralyzes any be okay yeah we're really clear with the market yeah my deck master party you can tell the different principles which by your reading is about signed I've seen that kind of enterprise so that's I know all the way down there on the roof quite far away maggot so is it clear with the glasses on yeah animal is it bit blurry with my clever girl the contact lens sensor welcome it's at work yeah that's what is always trying to read yes well done

[Music] oh I am so happy with these glasses they're so cool they're so beautiful I love a turkey yeah the funky Ricky favorite color you've been pretty blue that pink ones yeah they're in a nice simply win tonight yeah very much I'm actually 50.2 there's well when did you put this to come today my life never appeared Marisa relics or so she that's what color lip my lecture ELISA okay Michael I let you off it yeah right here once we go to power love and cheese little three look at long time yeah one of the only glasses and one place your star of the week emotion beds made doing sending it to nice try no I am feeling super happy right now my Gardens a perfect both front and back and mean Isabella just about to sit down and watch her whole that's gone live tonight it went live about 10 minutes ago and we were just reading all the comments coming in and we are so so buzzing about a is crazy but is about hasn't seen the finished product yet she started editing it herself yesterday and because she was at school today I have to finish the last bit so we're going to check out final court style you ready you ready no it was trying to work out my password on my phone or Micah nice try big so excited [Music]

[Music] how good is that though yeah it is amazing babes eyes are absolutely amazing first video that's really good eating well done baby no proud of you know it's ridiculous how proud I am of you babe it's so amazing like incredible Oh

Miele so you guys you see our girls are not perfect and I do sometimes because the reason is Mei took pretty of your bed though daddy just said as made you want to go to each finish he has like no junior analyst to revenge at least cuz pronouced le was grueling yeah

I often turn to our last surprise into life let's see if we can guess anyone I know how we can get it to do it your cut alone your bed after some time to dinner okay oh no you got not to continue Harriette okay hi master what's on your belly idea okay deal anything for my very clever beautiful little vlogger thank you you're very very well think about another vlog what we can put up this weekend when you're not here guys I know this is not at the boss channel but if you have any ideas on a vlog she can put up this weekend finish it and over in devotional yeah cuz we're something from original right yes if you guys don't have any ideas you'd like to see the value for vlogs this weekend comment down below let us know comment down below on video on any blogs that you want to see well do but also comment down below any questions you might have for Isabelle the cleaner you don't get any ones that are suitable to film for this weekend she could at least do a question yeah good you like the vlog yes actually have a scroll down the comments if there's any questions I can do and answer a little vlog so for my mom to get another block yet and I forgot I'd like sugar yeah anyway if parents get you lot washed and in bed without doubt a shower time especially this one cuz she's a new lease which is she's really sweaty tonight again I'm not joking guys right this little monster will not wake up under my knee when I get over four skills even got out with me yeah come on and then that's what it does and I was still laid in bed Alice says I'm washing up I'm getting up dad and then I come back downstairs I should like this I get straight back in bed as she goes back to sleep this is a little based over you don't fall back asleep on me you get your butt out of bed other morning lazy little psyche well that's my oh she's feeling pretty good I should be favored pretty nice looking usual human-made rods feed printed as made like we were saying today how much as men loves print issued license that's where the dope obviously we ever are we all love honey but as I like a proper dog with spray and she's constantly like with printing all the time she's nuts and she'll she loves to feed her and things like that she'll go downstairs to feed and then we'll go out like where does make and print it and they'll both be bouncing on the trampoline are running around the garden so sweet Esme so beautiful baby I love you very much well done with your tutor today but you just said I don't know much about me too oh you love yourself too well that's good because we are sort of ourselves that way because if we don't love ourselves then who can love us we've got to love ourselves yeah we got to love yourself anyway beautiful girl you should definitely love yourselves because you are amazing and I love you very very much and I will see you bright and early in the morning to school yeah yes no night sweetie pie what are you okay my little star of the week you're so clever and I'm so proud of you for always trying so hard at school and being star of the week this week oh so proud of you oh yeah and you were role model Aspray and guess what you were actually a role model to a lots and lots of people out there that watch you on a channel a real-life one can I have a kiss yeah thank you mmm silly can I do one mmm ah I love you what does it say in like that reading and tumblr don't say anything oh it just rode that's the make of the microphone rode rode you sleep good okay and now see in the mind bright and early no sloughing in bed when I wake you up nicely in the morning you say okay daddy I got bed you don't fall back asleep cows because if you do fall back asleep I will throw down some spider in your bed oh I will get a spider in Miami right now no I sold in your morning if you don't get our bed when I tell you made second difficult yeah I definitely

I love you I love you sleep tight good night sir man how's it going you cool you ready physical back okay let's do it nice what is it as a tickle bug fiend just like a mum and just like a sister's yeah I understand I was not yet I bet shall go into it for definite you guys definitely did yeah it's inside you know sticklebacks right gorgeous I love you very much I will see you in the morning right out of school good night guys how hilarious is this [Laughter] yay oh okay guys it is time to say good night no idea why just said that like a robot question of the day is okay it's um Tracy cook and she asks having just watched three girls on BBC one and you announcing the new channel for Isabel how are you going to protect her from the wrong followers a sadly we live in such a scary world so I really glad someone answered this question asked this question because I really wanted to answer it and the way we are protecting Isabel from anything scary nasty bad strangers monsters is that although isabel has her own channel now she is fully in control of all content that goes on that channel she will do the vlogs herself there will all be her own words her own ideas she will have monitored time to reply to questions and comments on her own channel however me and Chris have full control over her YouTube channel it's not something that she's got set up on her own phone or anything like that obviously she has access to a camera so she can film her own vlogs but she doesn't have unlimited access over any sort of social media non whatsoever just because she's only 11 still and we feel like she's a little bit too young we let her other youtube channel because she loves creating videos and she was making vlogs and or things like that and it's a great boost for her confidence but to be honest youtube is one of the safest forms of social media there is there's no secret online messaging there's no way - there's no way to find out anyone's details unless you broadcast them yourself and it really is one of the safest most secure way especially for parents monitoring you monitoring you and monitoring your channel to be on social media so Isabel will be completely 100% fully protected by us we will have full control over her channel we will always check comments before logon Isabel in on her own computer or her own mobile device just to make sure there's nothing on there that would really really really upset her however Isabel super grown-up with things like hate comments if she ever does see any and actually sometimes I show is about some of the negative comments that we receive and some of the not so nice ones just because I feel it's important for her to know what other people can be like I don't think it would be in his best interest if she thought every in the whole world loved her and everybody only had nice things to say she needs to know that some people can be mean some people can be jealous some people can say negative things for whatever reason maybe that's just because they're not a nice person maybe because they don't read bad times in their own life who knows the reason but I do feel it's important to show Isabel some of these comments and let her know that that's real that's life that's what happens and luckily because we have shown as well things like listen explained why people might leave negative comments it's made her resilient so she'd never read a comment on her own channel saying something like you're fat or you're ugly and be really like oh my gosh and get really upset about it she actually feels sorry for people who leave comments like that because she knows that they must be saying that for a reason and they can't be 100% happy in their own life if they feel like they need to sleep someone else so this has been a really long answer to the question so I apologize but basically although Isabelle has their own YouTube channel me and Chris have full control over like channel Isabelle creates the content and we monitor everything else thank you so much that question Tracy and I hope I probably have to edit half of that out but I hope it answered it okay for you okay guys it is time to say good night it's been a super fun day today I am really looking forward to seeing you all again tomorrow at 6 p.m. thank you all so much for your amazing comments and love over the last couple of days especially on Isabelle's Channel she just over the moon right now and that makes us super proud and super happy so thank you guys so much we will see you all again at 6 p.m. tomorrow

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