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hello everyone and welcome back to Dragon Vale world and I have fantastic news I do believe that right here sitting inside of its nest and ready to hatch as long as we like warm up some gemstones around it that is is a Verya egg one of the Saudia dragons on our very first try can you believe that I really can't but you guys were there with me last time you saw it this absolutely gorgeous Burgie a dragon I swear the zodia dragons are just getting more and more gorgeous every single month I can't wait to collect all of them and see what the 13th dragon looks like you have to give me thank you guys thank you thank you I definitely should where's my twins oh there they are oh my gosh it looked like a couple of my twins had flown away but I love all of my twins they're so cute look at all of you we have got our really beautiful glory over here I need to actually make sure these guys get enough food that they can level up to because oh my gosh do they ever bring in the coins I think the zodia dragons like this is a level 7 leah zodia dragon and he brings in two thousand and eight hundred coins every hour and then if we wiggle over here and we take a look at my gorgeous bent and zeenat my absolutely yeah look at this cuz over here we have three thousand seven hundred and eighty but she is max level five star rarity petroglyph enchanted dragon so I think working those odias really would bring a lot of money and we might want to even consider upgrading their habitats so that we can get even more money not because money is the most important thing but it even makes the dragon Veil world go round and then we can decorate everything we can upgrade the habitats we can expand and we can get more ideas for all of our series based off of how cute we're able to make their exhibits plus then I might be able to afford like more expensive food growing so I can finally see what some of my dragons look like when they're fully grown but let's grab all the money since we're talking about it I love all of my beautiful beautiful petroglyph dragons they give me so much money I kind of went bonkers for them I really did because we've got three over here - over here I would get more if I could I definitely would alright there we go wait we have some more money over here nice nice all right and we have a guy with a gift is hanging out back here got that and we've got a whole bunch of food I grew some pumper melons over the night boom Wow look at all that experience that was awesome I can't believe we have almost a million food that'll probably go pretty quickly oh and we've got something over here oh and somebody bought my stuff which means more money oh my gosh I sold everything this is fantastic I have been trying - there we go let's sell this I have been trying to sell things more because look at that we just got like two million coins two million coins from selling some of our goods and I have been trying to remember to send my dragons out to collect up all of these rare Goods and to try to keep our stores of it pretty high so we can refill our store and hopefully continue to bring in a lot of money I get about two million coins a day if you gather up some of the rare items and you put them in your trading post so if you're struggling to have enough money to upgrade things definitely pop over here maybe it like a sigil stone I try to keep my prices like kind of reasonable like under five hundred thousand because I feel like people are more inclined to buy things if they're they're not like a million you could try and hold somebody like over the fire for a million if you wanted but I try to be a little bit nicer than that it looks like we won't need the ferry do on the next thing see you could do like this much ferry do but I feel like you might get a little bit further with smaller quantities because then people aren't quite as freaked out ah let's say volatile and I don't really saw like the cheap stuff anymore unless I have a lot of it oh and look at that petrified water yeah how much is yeah we'll go ahead and sell a couple of those nice and then who knows maybe we'll come back and we'll have another couple once a mini vortex I could sell this mini of vortex you could convince me to part with it and there we go let's do one more sell and you can make your store very very large if you are better than me at remembering it - there we go at remembering to gather resources but I highly recommend trying it out because this is really a great way to get a ton of money I could expand my store but I probably need to work on getting better resources and speaking of which let's just go ahead I'm gonna need some more rows amethyst when does the airship come back airship in one hour so hmm probably whoops I didn't mean to go they're probably better off just sending my dragons out for some of the pricier things like that stone spiral which I actually need my miksa Caudill dragon to go form we should probably upgrade him now that I'm thinking about it so that he'll be able to grab more of those for me and then we'll come over here but not sold really well the petrified water which was really lucky lucky lucky that we were able to snag that with the help of happy and then ours oh I don't have any of the blazing orbs and of course if you know you're gonna need something it's just cheaper to send your own dragon to collect it sometimes and then Rai is really really good at gathering up the fairy do and the fairy do is another one of those ones that seems to be worth quite a bit all right and then the stone sigil which I actually love the idea that maybe we'll specialize in selling sigil stones because I have such a wonderful wonderful herd look at all of them I even have one little baby that I can put out right now I need to upgrade another one of their habitats but I love the idea that we have so many of these gorgeous petroglyph dragons maybe I should recolor a giraffe and zoo crafting and add them into a special like temple exhibit oh that would be so exciting I need to write that idea down because that sounds amazing but I love the idea that we specialize in that because I have so many triple F dragons but right so that took care of all of the oh I just realized that took care of all of those things but if I hatched this egg I I don't have I don't have a spot for it all right well let's go ahead we need to repair a new zodia habitat it is going to cost us 50 corn or 50 gemstones thank you so so much to all of the people who are my friends on Facebook I really need to login to my gaming Facebook I haven't been on there honestly in months because I have been so busy but I need to go through and just like accept bulk mass accept friend requests because I only I don't look at it I don't post on it I don't do anything official on it I don't communicate on it back when I first set it up people would try to call me on it can you believe that or McGuiness knew but it is set up so if we are both playing some of these really fun app games we can send things to each other and then you can see yourself in this giant list this giant list of people which i think is just really fun hey Liv and I recognize a lot of you guys actually from the comments too I try not to look at that too much because who knows what kind of personal information is up there but I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who have helped out because thanks to you we are coming together to expand the zodia habitat yes I shall spend the gemstones it's not the most comfortable feeling in the world but we have the arrival of a brand new beautiful zodia pretty sure at least they kind of look like pokeballs oh here goes this one haha yeah every time I see these they remind me of pokeballs so now we just have 1 2 3 4 5 left that will need to upgrade as time goes on oh and then because I have to drag out a hatching this egg of course I did throw together just some random dragons just to see what would happen our era fight dragon and our fairy dragon were tossed together to make time pass and they have laid a familiar egg I can't remember what that egg is and then over here we have Bridget and we have Hermes our fire and our water dragons because I am still trying to get the adorable like Oh what is it what is it the horse of the sea no come on fairy come on you have a hand of all sea horse can you tell I've been away for a little while guys I couldn't remember what a sea horse was called but I have our fire and our water earth yeah we're firing our water dragons together because I have been trying to get this little reef dragon who reminds me of an adorable seahorse and it is so cute I really want to get it but I have not been having luck so if you guys have gotten the reef dragon please let me know what you combined to get it because again and again these two are not helping out they're just it's not happening ah alright well I might I might rebreathe them in a second alright well enough of my yammering I know I put it off far too long my friends wait yeah I upgraded the snack curry a little while ago ok I put it off far too long let us see if this is indeed be a very very special of Archaea egg it kind of looks a little bit on the top like an egg from all oh there we go oh my gosh it's worth a million I think this is easy to see what it is without the top it kind of reminded me of toilet princess I just wanted to say that alright alright alright and oh I really thought it was the Ricky egg I really did I just got tricked by a monsoon dragon do I want its egg but they're rare they're the kind of rare I like them I'll keep him come on Jupiter okay a little bit of egg no pun intended on my face I really thought that was the Ricky jacket so I haven't been reading for it because I quite sincerely to the bottom of my heart but that was the Virginia Dragon well well I am a little bit embarrassed right now let's try again flutter tropical dragon shoe fray why don't we go ahead we're gonna feed you up a little bit let's see if this will help out I would really like to like let you kind of have a moment to shine and kind of be like yeah look at you but we're just gonna go ahead and like level him up right now you are a gorgeous shoe I really like your look absolutely beautiful butterfly I can't believe I was tricked I feel a little bit shy about that we're gonna get both of them I can't I just get them all the way to max like shoe you do not can I come in almost there you know what we're gonna do it we're gonna get him to max boom all right shoe has been fed up to max I probably shouldn't spend quite that much food but hey we're here oh and they're both kind of loose to our dragons aren't they oh yeah I can't get I can't get our tropical dragon up to max but I hope that helped let's try this 90 hours no speed it up Oh guys I am so embarrassed right now I really truly from the bottom of my heart thought that was the rikiya dragon I even spent the gemstones to clear the spot three hours now oh no I have been threaded I have been supported now we're back on that terrifying oh my gosh now we're back okay I'm gonna clear the cheap bags just like oh wait if I wait like one minute we can save a few like a whole gemstone come on hurry it up there I can't believe this I can't believe this and we're still working on upgrading this habitat it's still gonna be three days before I can move my monsoon dragons in there and I want to put my monsoon dragons in the jungle but I still have to wait on that to you well gosh I'm a little embarrassed right now so sorry about that guys I really I really thought I really thought and like we lucked out right then right there but you know what having two monsoon dragons is not really something to complain about we we now have these guys they look really awesome if you ask me we were definitely tricked by a storm but that's okay because they're really really cool looking I really love the monsoon dragons they're gonna be great additions and there actually was recently a real monsoon that popped up around Tokyo and went over Hawaii I actually saw some really cool drone footage of like the rivers in Hawaii being really a like I'm trying to think I can't remember which island specifically but I saw it on my biologists Twitter that I loved following and yeah okay we'll go ahead we'll level you up once cuz you're adorable oh that's so cool okay this is really awesome I'm really happy to have the monsoon dragon but we definitely got tricked and I feel a little bit shy about that we'll be taking care of these guys for sure but all right let's see if time has passed it has I can go ahead and speed this up for only three now I can go ahead and give this egg to somebody who needs it we'll come over here we'll speed this up what do we have I think we owe deer we're gonna have quite the wide variety of eggs again come on forget dragon think is OD hot thoughts nope all right guys well I'm a little embarrassed I'll admit it however I'm going to get back on the back on the swing of things with the jumping in and begging my dragons to give me the zodia I am really embarrassed about that actually but you know it was a good lesson it was a good lesson and we still got a rare monsoon dragon out of it just I won't be jumping the gun on thinking that I can guess the egg without actually opening the dragon pedia again so I'm gonna let these get ready to be pushed off to new owners I'm going to frantically be breeding up our flutter and our tropical dragon hopefully we will have excellent results with more rare dragon breeds Oh while we're over here by not just tried to rebreathe please think think of seahorse thoughts you two sea horse sea horse hmm six hours who knows maybe but all right so next time hopefully we'll have more things that we can upgrade hopefully we can spend a little bit of time decorating because I know some of you have been requesting an episode where we just unwind together and decorate the entire place and hopefully you guys have had better luck with that Verde I egg than I did until then guys bye bye

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