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by: Konglomerat

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[Music] [Applause] this is where I tell you what's happening okay because you're gonna help me decide I'm gonna show you places and you're gonna tell me we're the best place to propose to revolt is gonna be okay yes oh you're going to Train now oh god you could take the train with them oh shit yes oh I don't think we're both knows this has even been added this is great right now we're vaults I need you to follow me okay all right let's go all right the vault so revolt come here front and center [Music]

fuck Twitter that incentive incentive ah okay fine then I won't wait all right shy face when the revolt guesses it a lot of all musics not gonna stop at all whoa revolt okay I had to happen okay so so you gonna let me do it or no so I'm gonna do it okay it's a revolt it's been a good I don't we've known each other for half of you started out as a little lolly and your body guarded me mostly by killing a Tank Engine and then I try to pay you with alcohol and then you died what you respond and now you're older it's not a lolly and you have been unanimously voted the cutest girl ever okay I'm very happy that you come to accept [Music] so I have a proposition for you it's an actual proposition or votes will you marry me textures a little broken but that's just cuz of the world

yeah I want me to you want to take it out yeah oh okay I broke that oops okay hey yes yes well maybe yes sure yes well uh oh you son of a bitch did you jump are you oh you motherfucker [Music] well it's fine because you said yes it's okay you still scuffed this in the end hey listen revolt said yes so sheesh forgive just for that in the intro you bastard what's funny is the funniest thing I learned you too so much longer but they're in the in shock killing myself a higher well in fact I did you tight with Lea me i'm so triggered so triggered and you two have a kiss finally how many people comment when are you two gonna kiss or just kiss revolt already or basel something like that

look behind you he teleported long did we know you little early but here this is fun right [Music]

good lord those pedals follow you in such a funny fucking way didn't you think to try fucking what's it called world space particles what are you guys doing oh you you're burned finger this is why you listen to my advice when I say no cheap Gucci daddy too solo or whatever I said you see I put a smile on her face I'm cheaper cheese is a solo let's go Oh others revolt

hmm why are you punching their boobs what there's Jimmy wants more why you're the lewd one me no no no no no no no you okay you're the lewd one all right have you seen my thumbnails do you see me being lewd it's you being lewd you know it's you I just stand here and mind my own business and then this poop what are you doing and then you come up and you start acting lewd and swore you'd write me and Flemmi met each other cause I had neko para on Steam also yes she's lewd wiggly tits really I'm lewd because I have dynamic bones on my chest say that you're fine you're not really fun you just can't get into it because they

hey-oh feeling jumpy oh right oh yeah our vault looks stuck I never finished my french fries I suppose the couch community a French fries [Music] oh you want french fries I

up eating my french fried this is like when people ate my paper what's the matter with you I heard respond yeah he's done ok I will respond save my pride to be continued [Music]

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