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you're gonna like today's upload on the top five gold bars smelting videos number five a metal smelting company produces several gold bars by pouring the molten metal into a large mold they soon solidify to form perfect golden bars [Music] this is gold sponge being put into a crucible number for Atlantic precious metals shows us the process of smelting a bar of gold they pour the gold pieces into a smelter and pour the liquid metal into a crucible bar mold this is gonna take about [Music] only about 15 minutes jessie has opened up the furnace he's going to grab the crucible with the tongs very hot and inside is all the molten gold and he's going to pour it right into this graphite bomb [Music] and there we have a red-hot [Music] we're gonna let it cool for a second and we're gonna tip it out of the bar [Music]

solid gold

number three so this guy has a small gold smelting operation going on where he melts gold nuggets into tiny gold bars [Music] almost melted [Music]


[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] number two a couple amateur gold miner smelt a bar of gold from or material they've gathered it looks like they use a variety of other ingredients so the gold bar they make is probably not that pure [Music]



[Music] yeah what it [Music]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] no it does

scraper in there [Music] there we go born to mud that's a 60 crucible page 60 right 60 Salomon tried to I got to eight points


[Music] right she wears for it but I'm looking for a fast [Music] every freaking happy you play that right now [Music]

we're gonna be that's right because it's out of the caliche and now number one so this guy has a clump of gold and quartz that he's been trying to sell for a while he asked twenty-two thousand dollars for it but no takers so today he's going to separate out the quartz and melt the remaining gold into a bar after creating a solid gold bar from the material it will be much easier to sell [Music]

[Music] check out my previous upload on the top five successful gold pants and in the meantime subscribe for more [Music]


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