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"Ashes of Love" "Episode 9" If Chief Zhang wants to punish someone,... then punish me. No one can interfere with... Flora Realm's matters. I hope Fire Immortal will not interfere. I will not be bothered about other immortals. As long as it concerns the fairies of Flora Realm,... Even though you are very powerful, don't you wish to meddle in our affairs. I understand. I have a clear conscience that I've never misconducted. I hope Chief Zhang won't believe in the rumours.

I've really... fallen for Fairy Jin Mi.

You! Your Highness.

I will bring Jin Mi back. Don't think you can bring her. Let's not meet again in the future. Chief Zhang may have misunderstood Heaven... Realm and me. I will come to visit again next time. I hope can clear this misunderstanding by then. I hope Chief Zhang will understand my sincerity. When is that? Will you thank me too? Jin Mi. Jin Mi. I must thank you sincerely. I still owe you 1000 years worth of magical prowess. Don't worry, I haven't forget. You don't need to trouble yourself. Next time,... I won't let you see Jin Mi.

I still owe you 1000 years worth of magical prowess. Don't worry. I haven't forgotten.

Kneel down.

Flora Immortal passed away but she will still know. Today, in front of Flora Immortal, answer my questions honestly. Towards Flora Immortal, I'll answer truthfully. Where is your Prowess Suppress Hairpin? I have kept it. Other than Fire Immortal, who else has seen your true form?

There are Moon Immortal and Liao Ting. Fei Xu, Sui He, Liu Ying. So many people. So many mouths to shut, it's impossible to kill all. It's still better to have prevention. Is Fire Immortal the one who brought you away from Water Mirror? Yes. Then did you stay in Qi Wu Palace... after you left Water Mirror? Yes. Were you the one who plant night rattan? Yes. Another question.

Do you have feelings towards... Fire Immortal? Yes.

Oh, this is all wrong. Flora Immortal, I'm not worthy of your trust. I'll destroy half of my prowess as punishment. Chief Zhang, what are you doing? I said wrongly. Then tell me, was that true? We are friends. I didn't fall in love with him. You asked me in a hurry. I couldn't respond properly. Then why do you repeatedly violate the rules? And work hard to save his life? And about the invitation before he left. What do all these mean? He saved me before, so I want to save him too. This is to return the favour. Furthermore, he promised... to give me 1000 years worth of prowess. He hasn't given to me yet. Is it really because of the prowess? Of course.

Don't hurt me!

The Yun Elixir is still there. Fine, I expected too much from you. You must remember... Heaven Realm and Flora Realm have huge grudge. Today, in front of Flora Immortal, swear that... you won't have anything to do with Heaven Realm anymore.

To Flora Goddess,... I, Jin Mi, swear that... I won't have anything to do with... the people of Heaven Realm. If I break this promise, my prowess will be gone. I won't be able to achieve immortality this lifetime. I'll become a mortal next lifetime. And for the next, I'll become a carrot... and is eaten by a rabbit. That's enough for today. Return with me. Thank you, Chief Zhang.

Flora Immortal,... I only said that I won't have anything... to do with the people of Heaven Realm. But Phoenix, Fish Fairy and Moon Immortal... are immortals and not normal people. So they are not considered in the promise. May Flora Immortal forgive me.

Are you still upset with Jin Mi? I'm upset with myself. Why didn't I take good care of Jin Mi? She is thus able to mix with those from Heaven Realm. That's a sin. This is not your fault. This is... fate. Fate? Why must fate fool people? Flora Immortal lost her life. Why fate must interfere with Jin Mi's life? No, don't think like that. It's not like that. Little One has... eaten Yun Elixir. She won't fall in love. So she won't be hurt by love, isn't it? She won't end up like Flora Immortal. Furthermore, you take good care of her. She will be happy her whole life. I hope so. I hope she understands what I'm doing for her. She will. Maybe... if you are not so strict... and change your way, be more gentle when guiding her, she will understand you're trying to help her. Do you mean that I'm too stern?

No, I don't mean it. Look, in the whole of Flora Realm, who is comparable to you? You're stern and cute. And is respectable. Friendly... and cute.

Chief Zhang said that everyone from Heaven Realm are bad. She won't lie to us. I think... he uses prowess as a bait. So you will help and save him. No, we have promised each other. He will come today. He will give me 1000 years worth of prowess. I don't think he will come. No, he will keep his promise. He will come here as he said. Should we bet? Fine, 10 years worth of prowess, are you brave enough?

Greetings, chiefs.

The Phoenix actually comes here. I told you he will. Forget it then. Since I have 1000 years worth of prowess, you can keep your 10 years worth of prowess. There was no witness. Why do you come to Flora Realm's... forbidden place? I have promised Jin Mi that I will come. I will keep my promise. After all, Jin Mi is someone I love. Even if it is dangerous, I will still come. I hope all of you will... allow me to meet her. Ridiculous, it's a sin!

What does he mean?

He means... Do you like me? I like you. So he means, he likes me as his friend. He likes to be my friend.

Then why is Chief Yulan upset? It is just a friendship. There are so many women out there. Why won't Heaven Realm let Flora Realm be? What's more when it's Jin Mi. I hope you stop your wistful thinking. What's more when it involves Jin Mi? I only know that... Jin Mi is a fruit fairy who has been training for a few thousand years. According to what you said, may I know... why Jin Mi is the exceptional case as stated earlier? Not all things in the world... can be known by Fire Immortal. I sincerely advise you... to not be fooled by Jin Mi's appearance. At the end of the day, you'll be heartbroken. And the one heartbroken will be you. I'm not someone who judges people by the appearance. I... loves Jin Mi... because I like her naivety. It really has nothing to do with her looks. All of you from Heaven Realm... are really cold hearted. Do you know that millions of years ago, an immortal also said the same words here. But in the end, it's meaningless. The sentimentality is useless. Once you wake up from the dream, everything is a lie. I don't know why both realms... are still holding grudges against each other. But the past is in the past. It's not right to affect the next generations. I hope you will... let me know what had happened. It may be a misunderstanding. If you have free time, don't waste your time in Flora Realm. Why don't you ask... your Heavenly Emperor? We will only say this. A reminder, you can have any of the women in the world. But definitely not Jin Mi.

Father, hug me! Father, hug me! Hug me please. Father, hug me!

Father, the late Flora Immortal. There are things best left unspoken. Please return. Are they playing the guessing game or using a secret language? I don't understand at all. Me too.


Where are you going? He said he wanted to give me 1000 years worth of magical prowess. If he leaves, who will give me that prowess? You will be scolded by Chief Zhang if she knows. It's alright. I'll come back immediately. Jin Mi. Jin Mi!


Phoenix! Phoenix! Phoenix, why are you ignoring me? Phoenix!


Why are you ignoring me? Are you not going to give me 1000 years worth of magical prowess? You break your promise. Jin Mi, is that you? If it's not me, who will it be? You must be under a camouflage spell. So I can't see you.

I see. No wonder you can't see me. You told me before. Phoenix Flower only blooms in two seasons. One season for when destiny begins, the other for when destiny ends. Today, I finally understand the saying, we are are close yet so far apart. You're standing in front of me. But I can't see you.

Even if I see you, I can only pretend to not seeing you. It's better that we don't see each other anymore. What do you mean? Are you frightened by Chief Zhang? All destinies will cease to an end. All flowers will wilt in the end. Maybe all these... have been fated. No one can rebel against it. When I'm not around,

take good care of yourself.

Jin Mi,

take care.

Do not wish to interfere the affairs. What are you saying? Can you please explain clearly? Phoenix.


Lord Fire Immortal.

May I know why... you are still here at Flora Realm? Chief Zhang. See you, Lord Fire Immortal. Good bye. Coming back and forth, I have no regret. The memory of life and death has damaged the heart. Returning to taste the aftertaste of the wine. Wish the moments in this life will not fade. Lose myself before the flower blooms. Wish the moments in this life will not fade. Returning to taste the aftertaste of the wine. A bottle of wine, a body full of dust. Coming back and forth, I have no regret. Jin Mi, Jin Mi! Life and death have damaged the heart. Returning to taste the aftertaste of the wine.

Who are you?

I'm Jin Mi, what's your name? I'm Frost Blossom. Frost Blossom? Jin Mi, can you help me out? Do you want to come out? I love someone. I want to tell him. She is the lovestruck woman in Fox Fairy's story. This is an interesting dream. I'll help her. Alright, wait for a while.

Jin Mi, Jin Mi!

Chief Zhang. Here.

Are you alright, Jin Mi? Yes. I don't know why but just now... it hurts here. Maybe I have eaten bad food.

You only create trouble every day. This time, you need to reflect on your wrongdoings. Without my permission, you cannot leave this compound. I am sorry. I will listen to you from now onwards. Good. All I'm doing is for your own good.

So strange. Why does my heart hurt so badly? And what does my dream mean?

- What are you doing? - You're a woman! Don't you know that man and woman are different? What do you mean? Such behaviour is not allowed!

Rou Rou, Phoenix... is temperamental... and arrogant, but, his heart is kind. He treats me well. But he is chased away. I'm now left alone.

Paying respect to father. Both of you must be tired. Run Yu, Xu Feng, hurry and stand. Thank you, father.

Father, Qiong Qi commits evil actions. To prevent him from attacking the six realms, I hope you can personally... sentence Qiong Qi to death. I agree. Qiong Qi commits many evil actions. His spirit should be killed. As he is... born from the ancient world's... yin and yang earthy and heavenly energy, his death... is not among the 5 elements. Both of you have achieved success. Don't worry about this. I have my own plan.

We obey your words.

Xu Feng, I heard from Immortal Qi Huang... that you were hurt by plague needle. I was not careful. So Qiong Qi was able to hurt me. Thanks to Night Immortal and Princess of Biancheng... who brought me to Flora Realm to obtain night rattan. I'm fine now. Please don't worry. Night rattan is the sacred relic of Flora Realm. They are willing to give it out... means the chiefs are kind. Father, it took a lot of troubles to seek the night rattan. This was helped by a fairy from... Flora Realm named Jin Mi. She saved his life. Jin Mi has... saved me many times. I owe my life to her. We were able to trap Qiong Qi... was because of her help too. Where is she now? I want to reward her. As she broke the Flora Realm's laws, she's locked up in Water Mirror... by Chief Zhang. This is the internal matter of Flora Realm. I cannot interfere. Let's wait for some time. Once Chief Zhang is no longer upset, invite Jin Mi... to Heaven Realm. We can then reward her. I thank you on behalf of Jin Mi. Xu Feng has trapped Qiong Qi and done a great job. Father, the sealing of Qiong Qi... was done by Night Immortal, Jin Mi and Princess of Biancheng. When I was poisoned, Night Immortal had been rushing about... even ruined his own cultivation and gave me his magical prowess. I feel very bad about it.

God bless Fire Immortal. I only did what I could.

Alright. Stop pushing around. I'm happy to see both of you... caring for each other. I will reward you two with 10000 years old fire ginseng, and 1000 years old snow lotus to recuperate. Retrieve your rewards at the Highest Palace 3 days later. - Thank you, father. - Thank you, father. Welcome.

I receive the rewards although I was just doing my duty. Your Highness!

Your Highness, you're finally back. - I'm back. - Greetings, Princess Sui He. Greetings, Night Immortal. Who are you? She is Princess of Biancheng from the Demon Realm. Liu Ying, this is the leader of bird tribe, Princess Sui He. I have heard your name before, Princess of Biancheng. Nice to meet you, Princess Sui He. Princess of Biancheng is really different. From far away, I thought you are one of the fairies in Heaven Realm. I have mistaken. I'm used to being a demon. I have no desire to mix with those from Heaven Realm.

I invite Liu Ying as my special guest. Why do you come here today? Your Highness, after you went to Demon Realm, I miss you a lot. I keep coming over to Qi Wu Palace to get to your news. When I heard you are coming back today, I immediately come here. But both of you went to Shengjing Court first. And only come back now. Arresting Qiong Qi is a huge matter. Naturally, we have to report to father first. Of course. Congratulations for your success.

Fire Immortal. Fire Immortal, why do you look pale?

Did something happen? I'm fine. I pass by... and noticed that there's commotion here. I thought what has happened. Xu Feng has finally come back. Greetings, uncle. Good. Greetings, Moon Immortal. Greetings, Moon Immortal. Uncle. You are disobedient. Always do things alone and go out at night. You have never visited me either. Please forgive me, uncle. I have tasks to do. I have to be responsible. I will visit you at House of Marriage more often. Good. You... Never mind. Jin Mi, why have you changed... after going to Heaven Realm? Uncle, this is not Jin Mi. She is Princess of Biancheng. Who is King of Biancheng? Is he the long eggplant? Among the kings in the Demon Realm, his heart is the softest. He is also vet kind. I helped him with his marriage back then. Uncle. Liu Ying, uncle loves to joke. Don't take it to heart. It's alright. Since he is your uncle, I'll treat him like my own uncle. Xu Feng, Heaven and Demon Realms are now a family. This has never happened before. You're right, he is the long eggplant. I'm his daughter. Thank you, Moon Immortal, for finding a good marriage for my father. Thus, I am born. Whoever thought that the long eggplant... will have a daughter akin to hot chilli? I like you. Good, it's great. Xu Feng always brings back... a woman each time he comes back. Each of them is beautiful and clever. I... won't need to worry about your marriage anymore.

Where is Jin Mi? Doesn't she come back with you all? She returns to Flora Realm. Why do you let her go? Now that she left, who will talk with me, watch performance... and joke with me? No, this won't do. Xu Feng, hurry and invite her back. I want you two to marry. You work very hard normally. It's better to take a break for a while. I help people to marry. What's the way to relax? - Run Yu. - I'm already engaged. You don't need to worry about me. Silly child, I know you are engaged. It's all because of Heavenly Emperor who simply matched you up with her. We don't know where is the daughter of Water Immortal. Next time, I will invite Immortal Jiyuan over for a game of chess. I will help you to ask. If the woman still doesn't show up, I'll help you to find a few potential matches. So that you won't be alone... in Xuan Ji Palace.

Moon Immortal is kind. My parents are still grateful to you. Can you help me to find a partner? As expected from you, little hot chilli. I think Xu Feng is perfect. Why do you always involve me? Little chilli, this is for you. You can tie to any man you like. Just tie it to the ankle of that man. He will only love you. Even if he has wings, he won't be able to escape from you. I won't reject an elder's gift. Thank you, Moon Immortal. But who should I tie this to?

Let me think carefully. Xu Feng, you are injured. I'm not.

You were poisoned.

How are your injuries? Although the poison is removed, but you need to recover your health. But with your ability, how can Qiong Qi hurt you? His Highness is known as God of Wars, has gone through countless battles. How did Qiong Qi hurt you? Qiong Qi definitely cannot defeat Xu Feng. But he's a mystical ancient creature, he is cunning. It's difficult to defend effectively. This happened in the Demon Realm. We couldn't protect Xu Feng. I am sorry. Fire Immortal is very important figure. If he is injured... and if Heavenly Emperor knows this, it will hurt the relationship between Heaven and Demon Realms. I have reported to father. He won't blame anyone. Liu Ying helped a lot when we were subduing Qiong Qi. His Majesty is generous, Your Highness is kind. Since none of you blame the Demon Realm, I won't say anything else. But there is a limit to everything. That's enough, let's put this to rest. Don't mention this anymore. This must be kept secret from mother. She always likes to make a big fuss. Don't let her worry. How long are you going to keep it a secret?

Greetings. - Greetings. - That's enough. - Mother. Why did you get up? Have a sit.

What is going on? It's just a small matter. How did you know about it? Is there anything I don't know in Heaven Realm? When I was at Shengjing Court, Heavenly Emperor rewarded you with fire ginseng... and snow lotus. I knew there must be something going on. I was careless. I was hurt by the plague needle when I was fighting with Qiong Qi. I'm fine now. Don't worry, mother. Why don't you tell me earlier? The situation is delicate. If the news of me being poisoned spread, those with bad intention might... manipulate this issue. Fortunately, brother and Liu Ying were there. They immediately cured me. It's fortunate that Xu Feng is back safely today. If he is hurt, each of you will not be able to get away with it. But I don't understand one thing. Run Yu and Xu Feng went to arrest Qiong Qi together. Why is my son the only one injured? Could it be that someone... waiting to reap the benefits when my son is in trouble? Mother, it was my careless mistake. It has nothing to do with anyone. I was set up by Qiong Qi. Don't worry, I'll recover these few days. When you were undergoing Nirvana, you were attacked by a man in black. Have you gotten any clue yet? Don't worry, mother. I'm still investigating. I'll be fair and won't accuse any innocent person. It's alright, you must find out the truth. After the truth is out, I will make sure... the person receives his punishment. It's already night. Shouldn't you go to work for the night shift? I will leave first then.

I have 2 more marriages to settle too. I will leave too. Little chilli, do you want to follow me? Let's go and play at House of Marriage. Sure. Excuse me, Your Majesty. Let's go.

I am also leaving then.

What's wrong? Are you blaming me for finding faults with Run Yu? Mother, I grew up with Run Yu. Our bond is strong. You have raised him since young. Why must you find his faults? He is like his mother. His mother is disgraceful. Run Yu is also not a simple character. I will not let him... affect you negatively. Mother, besides brother and I, does father have other children? Why? What have you heard? I have seen a drawing in Shengjing Court before. It depicts the late Flora Immortal.

Don't mention the past. Mother, the late Flora Immortal has passed away 4000 years ago. Why are you still troubled by it? You know nothing. Back then, Zi Fen... used her beauty... to seduce your father. Does this mean... father was in a relationship with the late Flora Immortal? If it was just a normal romance, it would be alright. But your father wanted to abolish my crown as Heavenly Empress... because of her. It's a good thing that I was able to stop him. If not, I have no idea... how we would be today. It's fated that she passed away.

Why did you ask this all of a sudden? Jin Mi, it seems that we cannot be... together in this life. Xu Feng, Xu Feng. You are the successor of your father. I will do my best to protect you. I will destroy all those who try to stop you. Mother, listen to me. If you really want to help me, stop saying such words... in front of me. And let go of your resentment towards father. Stop the dissent. I have no desire to replace father. I only hope father and you will live forever. I want to serve both of you forever. What are you saying? Never mind. Take a good rest these few days. Don't go anywhere else. Understand? Yes.



Run Yu, why are you here? I want to take some books from Shengjing Court. So I pass by here. But father seems to be relaxing today, viewing the flowers here. They are just fake flowers. I don't have the mood to view them. I am still worried about Qiong Qi's matter. That's why I take a walk here. Oh, right. You have also been to Demon Realm to handle Qiong Qi's case. Tell me your opinions. I don't dare to say anything. Don't worry, this is not the Highest Palace. I think that Qiong Qi... would not able to escape from the cauldron. Someone in the Demon Realm... wanted to create chaos. He wants to destroy the peace and order of the six realms. But it's good that... Qiong Qi is recaptured. So, the culprit's plan has failed.

Then what do you think is his intention? The six realms will be affected each time Qiong Qi appears. No matter what his intention is, he is an enemy of the six realms. Do you agree that the six realms need to be unified? To unite the six realms, wars are inevitable. I think that... there is no realm having such strength as for now. Even Heaven Realm may not be able to do it.

Run Yu, you're right. Oh right, aren't you going to Shengjing Court? Hurry and go then. Then I won't disturb you anymore. I will leave first.

No chance of winning? If uniting the six realms... is an easy task, then it won't be challenging anymore. If I want to be succeed, I still need to wait for a while. Qiong Qi, I let you go this time. Don't let me down again.

The saying goes, parents know their children best. But my son is not on the same boat with me. I don't know what for I'm doing all these. His Highness will understand... your thoughts one day. But now, the people around him... are all sceptical. Princes of Biancheng, Liu Ying... has only met with His Highness for a few days. But she is already calling him Xu Feng. She doesn't even care whether His Highness... will be talked by people. This is not a big issue. Xu Feng was injured in Demon Realm. What do you think about this?

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