Louis CK Pranking Callers

by: Neighborhood Watch

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hello hello yeah did I win did I win did I win did I win for fighters tickets hello hello hello hello hello hello yes hello yes good night can I went over and I win food fighters tickets Foo Fighters Foo Fighters yes who's the winner hello hello hello hello hello hello we have a winner do we owner Andy I love sandy right up what hello sandy yeah this is sandy George George what George we have a winner no sandy George George wait um sandy agile hi Sandy George George George George George 92 92 92 Foo Fighters hello tickets hello sandy Irving Plaza George George I'm sandy sandy George hello winners tickets along Plaza 92 Foo Fighters now sandy sandy George George Foo Fighters Foo Fighters Irving Irving Plaza needs Agnieska what's going on right suck like 4k Rock suck what's going on sandy sandy George George AIDS George 92o George Lopez George 92 George 92 sandy 9290 pick a rock oh sandy sandy oh wow oh sandy sandy sandy sorry George George George George sure yeah George I am the all sandy sandy George of the jungle happen 93 Oh George oh boy hello George yeah you didn't get the trails sin 91 yeah sandy yes I'm here alone oh sandy what's going on please Foo Fighters Irving Plaza sandy suck cock crew Kyra not George not Collingridge 92 hello hello I'm here all here's a bunch of voices sandy sandy sandy sandy Irving Plaza George yeah full Irish George George who is George I'm George George yeah 91 sandy a 9300 no 92 92 92 sandy told us so I did win oh oh but st. George guards Irving Plaza yeah Foo Fighters George 92 I'm 92 George not 92 sandy 92 cup of dirt urine fam hickory dickory dock hawk George George yeah question your Jack be nimble Jack be quick no sorry no no just sandy sandy yes hey diddle-diddle are you could've just said I didn't win rather than keep me on the phone oh sandy well I've got all day but Oh foo fighters foo fighters sandy fighters name of Foo Fighters song or fucking Dave Grohl Manilow songs sandy song blue fire song oh yeah I guess everyone oh oh sorry mom sorry sandy yeah ninety-two George yeah 94 94 minus 2 equals 92 92 sandy ladies no 92 3 K rock George yeah sandy what sandy why the long face hello sandy yeah I'm just trying to figure out why you people are taking pride in this sandy annoyed pissed I'm trying to figure out what it is just a big funny game aggravated Foo Fighters not happy ninety-two three k-rock waste of time sandy sandy listen George George I'm here sandy hung up Vicki yes hmm hey but thanks for calling you were the 93rd 48th look alright that's cool yeah Oh was she pissed she says it's Annie what it's right in the last what why do you want I'll take a bride in this now for the people in America we have two sets of phone lines here this is the K Rock line after we go off the air they play music and they give away their concert tickets and

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Watch it til the end! it's gets funnier People calling and they think they've won tickets but wait ... Louis ck messing with the callers on the O&A show. - This video is a part of a playlist and a compilation of Louis CK's best moments on the O&A shows. PLAYLIST: https://goo.gl/knDTJE

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