What to do with all your paper scraps?

by: Kerry Duff

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hi there and welcome to carries designs so today I have a project share with you guys I watched teri Cowan's who is one of the ladies that I actually scrapbook with and she came up with a video or she has a not a video but she recorded it she comes she came up with the idea of kite all her scraps into manageable pieces and what I mean by manageable pieces as she does a 4x6 size and I believe she did a 2x3 size excuse me 3 by 4 size 3 by 4 size so I thought I have such a big basket of scraps and I had a longer burger picnic basket full of just scrap paper that I wasn't using that was still really really good to use so what I did is this is all I have left and I am very happy with just this part this is all I have left and I did keep some littler pieces and I'll show you why here in a little while so what she did is she took all of her pieces and then she cut them into 4 by 6 and so here's a lot of my well here's all of my 4 by 6 and I am actually constantly using there's a lot in my project life and I love the idea of having this because a lot of these pattern papers I love like this is sassafras glass and this is like one of my favorites so I have a lot of these and when you cut them up too they they almost changed the way you can use them so I use these actually a lot I mean I'm gonna use that one I use a lot of these and some of these I even kept a little border on because I just think it's really really cute so I've got those in the 4x6 which I keep in an old umm I think this is old cheese ya Boardman's an old cheese box on my desk here's another one and this is again another old cheese box and and this one I keep my 3 by 4 cards so if when I cut them from the 4 by 6 if the paper wasn't big enough I would just go ahead and cut them into the 3 by 4 so I've got plenty of plenty plenty of cards and I've got some that even match you know or like that and then I thought well I've got all these scraps here so what am I gonna do with all of these scraps and I can punch them into things I can make other things from them but I really wanted to do something else so that brought me to

with my rolodex card in here I've got which is this right here where I would go and I would make little I would make little collages on these little rolodex cards and I thought why can't I do that on some of these 4 by 6 cards so what I did is I got a sheet of 12 by 12 paper and I've got so much twelve by twelve paper if it was printed on one side usually wasn't printed on the other side so I use the side that wasn't printed on and then I would take a piece like I would take a piece like this this is a 12 X 12 sheet right flip it over because I like the other side and then I would just start layering and sometimes I had no rhyme no reason how I did it I would just start layering pieces on and then like Ludum sometimes I just even glue them before I even like really concentrated too much on how I was going to do this and the thing is is you cannot concentrate on this you kind of just have to lay stuff down because sometimes that's the best way to get it how to get the most out of it is just to lay stuff down and I like the way that it came out that I would do this so that that's what I would do and then I cut it into 4 or 4 inches 4 inches 4 inches by 6 and I would come up with what 9 pieces I think 1 2 3 4 5 6 scuse me 6 pieces and I would come up with 6 pieces so here's all the paper that I made and this is just this was just white paper and I just you know laid it out and now I have extra I love this I have extra like crazy little pieces of 6 by 4 that I can use in my project life and I think your they came out really really well some of them I did as a 3 by 4 as well so there's a couple that are three by fours and I think they just came out really really well so use your scraps up and that's what I'm trying to do is use my scraps up and look I mean this was fast work I made I made these in like half an hour maybe an hour probably an hour so there's a lot in there and look at all that I made and I have tons of paper that I can pack this on and just use so that's all I want to share with you guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video give me a like and subscribe and that's all I hope you guys have fun and I hope you guys got some good ideas talk to you later happy scrap and happy planning

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