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[Music] hello friends it's Amanda welcome back to my channel and today's video is probably one of my most requested videos of all time I asked you guys in my plan with me video if you guys wanted to see a stationary haul and I don't think I've ever seen more comments requesting me to do a video everyone was like stationary halt dude stationary where's the stationary halt for a while those were the only comments that we're coming in so I was like you know what I got it I got it please the people I got to put this request to rest and I'm coming to you guys with the stationary huh funny story I actually have you guys to thank because this whole thing has made me realize the proper way of spelling stationery I had always thought that it was stationery with an A and apparently a lot of people felt the same way as me because I would say I was probably 60% of the comments who spelled stationery with an A instead of an E but I looked it up I google that guys and the proper way to spell stationery at least in the context of pens and papers and all of that stuff is with an e so the more you know now we can all properly spell stationery since I've been bullet journaling a lot more with that comes the need for markers pens and stickers and all of that stuff so I have been going a little crazy and I will admit that it's definitely unnecessary the amount of pens and markers that I have is definitely way more than one human being should have I do think this haul will be helpful for some of you guys because there are so many different types of markers and pens and hopefully this will give you guys some thoughts on my first impressions and what I think about some of them and maybe it'll help you make your decision on what to purchase so without further ado let's just get right into it so first up we have the markers that I've had for the longest time and I did actually use it in my March plan with me video and I did talk about them a bit they are the Crayola super tips markers now I have the 50 pack as you can see I have all of the colors it fits perfectly my little chart here I think it's so satisfying the fact that it Fitness buldge are these are probably one of the things that I would recommend the most for someone who probably has a smaller budget or to start decorating their bullet journal a bit more because this whole pack I think it was like 10 bucks maybe 15 bucks for 50 markers and you get a wide range of colors and what I love about these is that you're actually able to use it as super thin marker as well as like using the sided marker to cover a wide area and then in terms of the ink these markers do not bleed through the page at all at least in the moisture journal I'm not sure what it's like for other types of papers but I find that I can go over certain areas multiple times and it won't bleed through obviously if you're sitting there just going over the same area multiple times eventually it will bleed through but for the most part for general decorating and stuff I really really do like these especially because of the affordable price so highly recommend the only thing is that some of these colors can be a little bright and saturated and dark and for me I do like a more minimal simple kind of journal as I'm sure a lot of you guys have seen from my previous videos so I don't think I will be using a lot of these colors especially the more bright and crazy colors but further like for the most part like these pastel Pink's are some of my favorites I do also like the grays and the well light blues stuff happening so if you're just looking for a wide variety of colors cheap price and if you're like a beginner bullet journalist I definitely recommend these you can't go wrong we are gonna stay on this marker train and keep talking about some markers these ones are the tombow dual tip markers and these have been sort of a hot topic in the bullet journal community especially on Instagram and for calligraphy and that sort of stuff and that is because they do have the dual tips so on one end it has this larger brush tip and then on the other end it has a fine little marker tip so it's really good for calligraphy if you're into that type of stuff because it does give you that line width variety unlike the Crayola super tips which comes in a pack of 15 these come separately you can pick your colors I mean they do have pre-made packs but they're more like basic colors I just decided to pick and choose which ones I wanted because I thought it'd be cheaper that way especially since I would be able to choose the colors that actually would use I will leave the price on the screen I can't remember what how much they were I did get them at an art supply store I think they were about like three bucks each do not quote me on that but anyways the colors that I got were mostly pastel colors I did get this light blue Khalif cauliflower cornflower blue color this one's five three three I got this purple this one's six oh three this one's really pretty I didn't have anything like this so so I picked that up I got this rose pink color this is seven seven to this sort of sage faded green color this is one ninety two I got this sort of golden ochre color I am so excited for this one this is probably my favorite one that I've got because it looks like it could be gold on paper but there's nothing metallic about it it's just kind of like a nice mustard color and this one is zero to six I got a brown shade this was 977 I got the gray this is n65 and then I got this one which is the colorless blender marker so this does not have any particular color but what you use it for is to blend certain colors if you want it to turn into an ombre so that's gonna be really interesting I will play around with this see how it goes but so far I do really like these they don't bleed through the page at all and another thing that I like is that they're a bit more faded and pastel II than the Crayola super tips so it does match the vibe of my bullet or a little bit more but obviously they are more expensive so I guess it just depends what you're looking for I do find that these are useful especially for the calligraphy so that's mainly the use that I'm gonna be using these for so if you follow any sort of bullet journal or study gram accounts on Instagram you've probably seen these babies these are the zebra mod liners these have kind of blown up even more so than the tombow ones everyone has been talking about these or you see them in picked and I was like I feel like I'm not an official bullet journal ER until I get my hands on these so I made a nice big Amazon order and I got all three packs I do know that there's another pack but that ones seems to be harder to find so I do have like the three main ones this one is the sort of classic neon colors I thought I would be using this the most because the caps look like they're pastel and stuff but these are the most highlighter II of the packs if that makes sense they're very fluorescent and they do very much remind me of highlighters even though they still have that mild look to them they are fluorescent these ones have been surprisingly the ones that I've been using most this pack is really pretty these ones kind of have like cool bold earthy tones and then this one has some nice faded blues and greens and Pink's but in terms of the formula I actually was a little disappointed in these especially because of how much hype there was around them but I just don't think they're worth it since it's so hard to find and you have to place an order on Amazon and wait a long time for these to come by the way these came like three or four weeks after I ordered them which is a long long time so I just don't think they're worth that sort of hassle yeah I mean if you're if you're like into it I mean I definitely do think that these are way prettier than these guys I mean in like pictures these would be really pretty so if you're into it go for it but I don't think you're missing out on the train if you don't have these the next couple of items are a little bit more boring they're just plain black pens but you guys always ask me what black pens I use and I thought this would be the perfect moment to tell you guys even though I do leave it in the description box of my plan with me videos all the time but it seems like you guys just don't read the description box or something because I still get questions all the time asking me so the pens that I use the most are these babies these are the favorite castel P ITT artist pens in the India ink black so this is actually a new package you have the four that I've been using back there but I decided to pick when you pack because I use them every single day they are just the perfect pens for writing and doodling or inky without being too inky they don't bleed through the pages of the lowest Rome Journal at all which I really really love and I love that that's like it comes with four different thicknesses that you can play with it comes with small fine medium and brush and I use all of them for completely different things but yeah these are my go-to the one thing that I don't like about them and it's very annoying is that the tips tend to get worn out really really easily so as I mentioned this is a new pack which I got because the tips of my old ones are getting worn and especially for the smaller one which I use the most for writing it's been getting wider and wider as it flattens if that makes sense so I do have to replace them and it's been about like three months since I've bought those ones and I can get a little pricey especially if you're constantly replacing them but I haven't been able to find fine liners that I like quite as much as these ones if you guys have any suggestions for ones that I can try out that maybe lasts a little bit longer than these but so far I've been very happy with these so I'm fine with repurchasing them so I made a little trip to Muji which is basically my equivalent of heaven because I walk in there and I'm just like so in love with everything it's just imagine me as like a heart eyes emoji that's what I'm like when I walk into Muji I did pick up a couple of pens these two I've actually been using these pens for years I do actually have quite a few of the colors these ones are not from the most recent trip I just had these from before but on the most recent trip I just decided to restock on the black ones because I ran out and I love these ones they're really great for writing they're so smooth so I got the 0.5 and the 0.38 now if you're wondering about my thoughts about using these in the lotion journal I really do like it for writing but the one thing that I do not like it for is filling in large areas or if you're writing a lot and let's say you flip the page and you write on the other side of the page it doesn't dry as fast so if you're writing it might for some of that ink on to the other side of the page basically they're just a lot more gel like in liquidy than these ones so you do have to be a little bit careful but in general there's no issue with these and then in that same Mooji trip I spotted this little guy which I thought was interesting it's a hexagon and they call it like the hex hex hexagonal hexagonal I'm gonna go with hexagonal because that sounds really legit but they call it the hexagonal black pen I believe and it's a dual tip pen as well so one set has a thicker tip and then the other side has like a very fine tip pen and I was like you know what I'll just try it out because maybe this will be a lot better than these fine liners they are felt it by the way but I just did not like this at all immediately as soon as I tried it out in my bullet journal I was like nope nope nope not using this first of all this thing bleeds through the page like no other have you first need a pen bleed through a page so easily and it's so weird because it's not like it's an especially inky pen it's just kind of like a regular felt tip marker but it just bled through my pages so easily the other thing that I did not like about this pen is that it actually feathered quite a bit which is really interesting not many of these other pens and markers have done that before but you can actually see it happen before your eyes if you draw a line it just it doesn't stay as a straight line you can kind of see believe through kind of like veins in a river or whatever and yeah so this one is a no-go okay lastly I do have a couple of anomalies these are kind of one offs they didn't come in a pack I just bought them in single form I got these from curries which is an art store in Toronto to get these two pens these are actually brush pens because I've been kind of dabbling more into calligraphy so this one is the tombow oh my god I'm gonna butcher this pen name I just looked it up and it is the tombow food and no suki pen I took Japanese in high school I should be able to pronounce this better but do not do not come for me guys I tried I'm so sorry to any Japanese people out there but it is basically just like a brush tip pen it's kind of like more of a finer brush so you are able to get like that line width variety a little disappointed for that in this it this one is more popular amongst calligraphers and that sort of thing but if you try to use it in your bullet journal it will bleed right through so I do not recommend it for that and then I got this pen tell sign pen I actually got this thinking that it was the pen tell food food food a food touch sign pen which is the brush tip one I wanted to see like what the difference between these two were but it ended up just being a regular felt tip pen which I mean I don't mind but I will actually order the pen tell version of the brush pen on Amazon because I'm very interested to see if the pen tell one will bleed through okay I know I said that those were the last couple of items but I lied because I did remember that I got a couple of non writing utensil items and I got a bunch of papers and tapes and stuff so this roll here this is actually from dollar ammo which is the dollar store in Toronto not sure if it's Canadian but it actually came in this roll of different types of papers there's this really pretty like peachy pink floral one that I actually as you can see I cut it out so I've actually used it a little there's this sort of like ads tech print color and then there's this really pretty pretty small floral pattern so yeah I just saw this in the dollar store it's like you know what it's a dollar don't mind me let me just pick it up and you do get quite a bit of paper which is really impressive so I mean it's nice to have stuff like this on hand and then I did end up actually going to Michaels and getting some of their scrapbooking paper this first one this first one is a larger floral print and it has some gold metallic accents I also got these they're cut up because I've actually used it for something but these are kind of like the leftovers it's this gorgeous white and gold metallic print of and I just think these would be so pretty in your bolt journal just as accents or maybe even if you like suck it on your cover if you wanted a cool cover for your bullet journal and then I got this um this is kind of I think it's called the bellow but it has sort of like a translucent background and again has those gold accents and this time it's in like a hexagon beehive print so those papers I use a lot just for like little accents or borders in my bullet journal and then I did actually when I made my Amazon order I did actually get a washi tape but it hasn't come in yet and it's been like for for almost five weeks so I'm a little upset about it but it was this really cute black washi tape with stars and moons on it I will insert a picture there there's nothing that exciting about it but I did want to include it in this hole and show you guys how cute it was but unfortunately life just did not work out for me anyways that's it for my stationary haul stationary with an e don't forget it um but I hope you guys enjoyed or found this helpful if you did definitely let me know and maybe I can do more of these and buy more stationery products and let you guys know my thoughts on those I'm basically just giving myself an excuse to go out and buy more markers and pens but if you guys love it then I'll do it don't forget to click that little Bell button down below so you can be notified whenever I post a new video I mean my official video schedule is Mondays and Fridays and I do try to stick to that but we all know that that doesn't happen very often so if you click that bell you can just be notified whenever I post problem solved but I hope you guys have an awesome day I love you so much and I will talk to you in my next video bye guys

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