Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Adele, Lady Gaga Vocal Battle

by: JustTheVoice

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are you ready are you ready ariana grande Adele Beyonce and Lady Gaga vocal battle who's the best live now I'm going to be 150 percent non-biased on this yes that is possible for some of you so let's get into it let's see and shout out to archie deuce d belgrade I'm sorry if I mess up your name but by far my favorite music channel shout out shout out shadow yeah [Music] [Applause]


you think [Music] okay I like that she used her head boys to get around that no that was nice but I do prefer the studio version of that one but I like what she did that was that was a creative side you know creative kind of go way around that I like that [Music] [Applause] okay well this one she kind of messed up the run I can't believe I'm saying that about Beyonce but it was that wasn't quite right that rug in particular [Music] without [Music] so farting sound in the poses like her studio version and totally unbiased is poorly [Music] say [Music]

she did that [Music] [Applause]

[Music] you say a lot about Haryana grounders who seems consistent [Music] see [Music] we also got that one [Music] he's man on the Block Bell


good [Music]

[Music] that was perfect [Music] perfect this thing is very consistent [Music] Hey [Music]



she's very good [Music]

[Music] take a breath for that one Elysee oh my god I love music a little for me [Music]

[Music] there was no dough [Music] [Applause] that was perfect like to happen

[Music] Woolsey killed us I reacted to my other channel [Music] she killed that performance one of my favorite performances from Lady Gaga of all time and the other jazz song she did I forgot I reacted to that on my other channel pop and culture so if you're interested go and check that out it's full of younger artists but yeah whoa see I'm not gonna I'm not gonna 1 2 3 4 it was the best because that's just drama but I will say that a lot of Beyonce sounded better to me than album version ariana grande's were perfectly consistent throughout so Lady Gaga's sorry about that I ran out of time but yeah like I was saying Ariana Grande's perfectly consistent Lady Gaga's are saying perfectly consistent with the with the album version I actually liked that bang bang the live version Lady Gaga did better live there was a few let ariana grande performance I did prefer live but consistently would Beyonce I do prefer alive it is just not as is this more raw and it's just more ad libbing she adds on the runs and things like that that I prefer Adele [Music] Adele's I prefer I'll be honest I do prefer the out versions of most of her stuff I do I mean it's just and even Adele will admit this at times she goes just a little off off the key a little flat a little sharp she said it adds emotion so yeah don't get me wrong her older stuff from Adele I could listen to that forever and hello I like hello - and when we were young when we were young she had a note I had to climb back to that song and I don't I don't think she ever has previously in her high chest incredible hope of that song is but yes her and her music her music is sickening and original so I appreciate her for that but yeah I would say Ariana Grande's is the most consistent except for that one performance where she had to kind of catch her breath but when she caught a voice she knocked that note out of a park Beyonce that's the first time I have ever heard her kind of slightly mess up a run that's the pass because she was heck of pregnant with two people in her behind so you know I can let that slide but yeah all the other ones I found that she was better than the alpha version so yeah hope you enjoyed it thanks for liking subscribing and shout out again - Archie deuce the bell race sorry if I'm butchering your name my favorite music

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