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[Music] you're watching The Breakfast Club [Music] morning everybody is DJ envy Angela Yee shala mean the guy we are the breakfast club he got a special guest in the building man go round what's your full-time on fifth time like for a fifth time every time you got big things popping did the first ever did it by myself no it's not yes he did it with Jerrod once sit with your I did it with the friends do people can do on mtv2 called Sharla many friends my first ever talks you know in 2013 I had a panel one night it was Austin Mahone Carly Aquilino in a little row and one person on that panel was being touted as the next big thing and it wasn't low around it was Austin Mahone I actually thought about the other day I saw a picture yeah was it was crazy it was at Best Buy but five years later author there's no way to be found and Rotten Tomatoes are saying that Laurel is one of the ten names to break out this summer in films around your own show coming to Fox yes Fox gave me a show and it's really funny I'm really proud of it and it's really funny that I've wrote it with Jerrod and my friends Josh and Kevin so it was a crazy process does I don't know if I I don't know network TV is coming cuz I always hear these stories about how it takes years and years and years for a show to get picked up well everything happen fast when I show like when I pitched it in a room they uh they like I Wiggy a pilot I'm like damn I I didn't leave the room that I pitched it and then once it took longer after we turned to the air like those tape tonight was insane that the crowd was into it everybody was good but it was just so much even from cast there was just a lot of little stuff in you know it's so funny at the end of every bite and everything's great like I know but tried to fight you all the stuff that's how it always what made you hire Jeff's just hilarious funny ass cuz she had the best audition and it was so crazy cuz it was some of my homegirls I was rooting for right that's comedians and then I watched a audition I'm like this choice did you make about the show if they don't know yeah what was the pitch what's the show what's the pitch I mean real is loosely based on my life and boy let's towards my material just let's just me be a divorce my wife just left and I'm the fighting out that she cheated on me with my barber and that's what makes it Bob oh yeah that's what makes it funny she really sleep with you Barbara hey man it's loosely based on my life was the Barbican no no so in the show Bob works at the barbershop and everybody kind of gets on me DC young flies and he's hysterical and a pilot but he's just showing a man rebuild his life you still get a haircut for the bocal you know how we always cheap what's up right you know you can tell the barber they always messed you up but that's what made it funny too cause if we wrote it so many different ways with it we're like I did get a couple bad haircuts and that's what let me go back so it was fun playing with that dynamic of it but no I mean you could get you a good box no guys have such a crazy relationship with their barbers it's like they will not break up with their barber it's hard to break up with him too because sometimes you move I'm not that guy I know some dudes that fly they barbers out from the East Coast salute - Johnny Johnny flies

move them in take care of them so for this it's kind of weird do they barber like a nanny I'm not doing it real life yeah did your wife really cheat with your Bobby how loose was that part hey man I put that in the show cause it was funny so did you divorce your Barbie in real life - I'm never gonna tell people was true only people that knows my friends so like it's a lot of stuff that's true and there's some stuff that ain't true

that complete dogs trying to follow lawsuits and all that money for the storyline that's why you make that a pilot and then you just move on and never turn that story again get the network to like bring in people like DC and just hilarious cuz I mean they he came from social media you have the acting background yet well it wasn't even just there I mean it was hard like cuz Jordan Harold Jones played my little brother you know a lot of chest network don't want to use to green people which like I basically somebody knew and then they'll never tell you this even though it's just show like they look at you like man is he gonna be able to carry this show so it's a lot of little factors but I really felt for them they were really good and just was just really really really I'm gonna be hire somebody else first she didn't have the best table read so you know the network and coming out of fire that person you had to fight so just got hired and fired somebody else could okay I had to pick between Jason Jordan there first and I picked Jordan because I'm where I need my little brother to release match my little because my brother character is really based on my little brother gotcha but once you know once we got rid of angel who was amazing actress just and we got Jess and it was it was crazy because it was like an OVA then all of a sudden was a yes we really love this whole premise but we wanted somebody else play your role what do you think like but it doesn't happen often we're like us like a story so specifically about being a comedian so likes likes I feel sad feel wasn't the best actor or in their show but it was his show you have a firearm because it's basically his story so I think I don't think they woulda did that but I mean I want to worry about that was pretty good you get a light-skinned daddy on the show toes then bad please your daddy so I you know it's funny I'm a comic fish Chicago one of my home he's try to be funny but there's like so your mom gonna be Jennifer Aniston [Laughter] families right my dad was light my mom was chocolate yeah so I'm like it happens but I also I wanted the funniest person we could think of I didn't think about it as a oh you know race that lights kill a pilot and I found a cast just a Darcy and daddy like who who funny it is Sinbad did he have to audition or you just gave it to him we would we wanted to just give it to him but they had twice we felt we was like man like man that's disrespectful that's crazy but like I'll do it oh my god he was hysterical like the first chemistry we had is now he loves him because of her all the time yeah he's a very easy you know I like about him man he's a legend but he like has there's this chill about him man like he doesn't think he's better there he still think he's just on the ground like the rest of us you don't look at herself like that statue of which I think I was excited about put them on the show and reintroduce in the world it's funny I didn't watch The Breakfast Club interview he did until after we was like we want to Sinbad am centered he wanted to get back on television he go he's killing it it's like craziest Erica yeah that reminds me you know you kind of the same way even with everything that's going on in your life you just always cool relax chill rel yeah that that happened at 35 like you every 38 now but like 35 was of you I was like I'm gonna be I can't be sweating this stuff man like you know people be overly competing with each other and all this craziness I'll be chilling in your heart like when people's me walk down the street they always like stare at me like they don't bother me because I'll be chilling mmm anybody not sure is you or not well you know it's funny a lot of times people think I look like me you know you look like little really know your name if they do from get up nice a little real okay now cuz it's now it's just really it's a you know it's a thing now now that the show rail helps to and you have uncle drew the movie is coming out yes I'm excited about uncle drew man my son uh plays little me in it which is crazy the secretary despotism came into the family but he's good I like I kept they kept picking these little kids did it look like me and I was


Oh drew is based off Curry's character Pepsi commercial rights and the movies based around my character really who you know has to found drew to help him put together a team because I lost my team to my rival which played by Nick Crowe and how the silliness happens from there explain Kerry spoke Urdu he's playing uncle drew carey's in it Chris Webber Shaq Reggie Miller Lisa Leslie Nate Robinson I say you tweeting about career life just recently yeah the other day about that I was like Mary what I said to you brother but I'm a big career fair man like that dude is he's he's a like all Chicago fares I'm a Bulls fan but mm-hm I was on the Celtics bandwagon this year man I like that team and the Kyrie was just dope to work with to me like everything happened while we was shooting a movie like but my hotel room carry was illegally oh man huh oh he told you first no I'm just I lost it and then had to go to work with him next day and it was weird cuz I want to ask about it cuz I'm late I'm are you good for the first twenty minutes for his diary no get to the scrip in a minute why you want to leave but all that was happening while we shouldn't move why do you wanna leave these reasons you I've seen interviews but I'm saying alrighty to buddy and Blaine you don't say angel got fired no dark-skinned daddy I did not say that oh that's not I believe he came to my show in Boston a couple weeks ago that by itself which is crazy but do you know you gotta buddy to come with you like now I just drove him I said I guess it's Boston miss Jill you can't do that in New York hey you can defend you can just drive up and just park somewhere you've acted in plays before weird I'll play like the security do this jail and do started singing in jail the reason my bus a Tercel Jesus kid it is jail time whatever director wrote in case things don't work out in Hollywood you can always go back to David E table of David each hour he's a good like he's actually really nice hopefully we've doing yeah like him and his wife a really nice a couple years ago when you was here I told women they should trap you you a couple years ago you've been saying it the more often you should you like that no need that man let me take my advice I mean I wouldn't say that I mean oh

much money rail getting my ball man get out back in check my kids where's your tea sit on his new I mean I know jury I'm heated richest person in the room I could believe it that's what that's what I'm talking about but I'm not gonna say I don't actually enjoyed it though I was I was I was happy to hear a rapper rapping about money he really got yeah absolutely he was aw summers gonna take for you that like people were trying to say that any of you that Issa Rae did where she said that she doesn't want to what did she say bomb like Will Smith I don't know it wasn't Jesus I don't think she'd made there like that was just a headline at the peak from it you know how it maybe even every day I didn't see the context yeah I don't think she meant too late I think she was just telling by like highlight oh well also too I didn't understand it's because there's a comic I've been through the worst of it I've bombed and I'd be bad pilots that I'm she said I didn't want a bomb like little bro I think ya know because but I think people I think she would say that cuz will said you need a fail too but I believe that what they failure does make you better yeah was he talking about bright I don't know what she's talking about so you think that was a woman dis record to Issa Rae I don't know what


it's a long story man and is what those days were like so because I watched people like spiel ollie stuff like I do everything through the crash so this next special gonna be lit well tell us the jokey working on a brother-sister love him he's really cute well you got to start wearing condoms man right I'm okay man I'm okay I'm doing okay I got a 1 yo man like so you started wearing kind of look I don't know what you do what you get out - coming is that true at first we'll at first I was disputing it and then after this some of the calle stuff

but it made you think about how many different ways people need to get out right and I think do with this first one none of the same characters just a whole nother get out situation would do but I thought about there like you have so many different get out situations so it is happening I don't I don't know I don't know what's I know Jordan got like I'm so many other ideals but I saw him tweet that that would be done I mean when you bring it like that like there's so many different plays people in the sunken the soccer place is so many different you know they're only honest that's interested do you feel indebted to Jordan in some way yeah kind of help each other it wasn't a huge budget but

yeah I think but I do I mean honestly though whatever he wants me to do as far as movies and stuff man I'll do whatever he's brilliant to me so I mean only thing I didn't do he had a great TV show idea and I didn't do it just because I want to do my show first really yeah whatever you are yeah it's an amazing idea and maybe something I entertained depend on our long rail goes but man he's his mind it's just crazy oh did you see him in did you see you and Tiffany Haddish coming up at the same time yeah it's happening it happened like TIFF said it could TIFF I've never TIFF came and stayed with us to Chicago for like a weekend to a comedy club or whatever I mean my ex-wife and my ex I was doing her hair and she just starts speaking out and stuff up just had to be like almost 10 years ago she's like well we can't be on a show together she just like saying like that I was like all right cool I'm about to go downstairs to like she was just speaking all this stuff out and it it happened like exactly like how she said it's kind of crazy because she kept doing it throughout you know our French I've known her man over like 15 years now 15 years Tiffany's she spoke all this up and I thought that I'm still fascinated by I'm like even like on my way here and she posted that that I think that especially there are either CBS or whatever when she was going to comedy camp ventilator and I remember showing me the original v8 I'm like yo the crazy thing is I kind of want to start doing comedy because I saw this special I know that was you yeah I'm so proud of a man she works really hard she's she's just herself and it's it's funny watching everybody else become themselves to now like my titties so herself I see all the other actresses like they used to be like everybody gonna start being fake real for the Tiffany Riccardi be yeah fate is happening is it's kind of knowing to watch like 40-something now you do have a nice circle of people around you as far as people that you work with on a constant basis no you said Jerrod Carmichael is working on your show yeah Jerrod is turning into a mogul man he got like three movies producing like our group texts he's producing all our shows basically though it's crazy it means he's just quiet he don't say nothing we know he's really gonna have somebody rich it's Jerrod Oh JA got it he's insane he got the money he's ain't trapped your ID will be shot I'm at Caroline's as we get back so it's gonna be so much I love performing in New York City and Caroline's is one of my favorite clubs and as a comedian that's that's the club once you start headlining that you want to do to be like I'm doing my thing they like just seeing like Yvonne I think amanda was here yes TIFF show I'm mr. Vaughn I got a country yeah I see oh yeah you ain't rich you just fly

and that's know and they put you there this holiday weekend that's the that's the time that's the moneymaker I'm coming and you know I like those shows shut up man you're right about Caroline cuz I saw I was at keV show it had to be 12 13 years ago when he sold out Caroline's like 10 different dates and that's when keV Hart just yes services something so do bar like Kevin was arguing about who the biggest comedian and care was like I mean come on I'm beginning it's not even close whatever then do ball I got one money you kept saying mom I don't dive on tioman money me and the cab goes look they bout to call my name and then everybody in this room is gonna scream real loud I'm not gonna be able hit you no more somebody be out as soon as he said that Kevin Hart was that a real conversation was they jokingly or was it his cab is competitive that's so funny because even you took my my circle friend I think that's the difference between that group at Agra we just be chillin mean but like not late maybe like career me I always thought was crazy Mikey Kevin was going in it like all of us is watching like oh these dudes are crazy like I group Texas late did you see this movie about all that it was funny I mean I look at this thing but I do understand why Jeb is a superstar like people don't talk about you I think I don't think it's none you can do about but if it's your friend guy I don't think they're friends they be from the same city I think have considered him a friend but I don't know by now he did I don't know man cuz there's nobody friends and less like you bought my kids

Russell Peters out of he does of my friend but a lot of comedians I feel like y'all came up together cuz it's a big struggle yeah when you're trying to get famous a lot of times you go through things together that kind of gives you a bond where you feel like oh no I think that group is so compared really competitive with each other like they really like I like that's what I like being on those group shows at everybody because it's like it's overly competitive nobody like yeah I just wanna do my time I go up before everybody if you want to yeah you want to destroy the house go here like it ain't that serious you know these are like I'm just not that competitive like that I'm having fun but like I've done some little shows I've been uncomfortable I yeah I mean like this are you next cuz you but you you don't wanna see tool comedy the comedian that artists be other commuters will be doing interviews is Eileen funny Fedora see what I'm but just like you know just watching my show I've always been with everything I've always liked yourself only been real chill me like I've watched like only like I've seen material bit movie all types of stuff but I just been patient like don't change who you are just because everybody else around you getting crazy yeah I'm chillin I ain't got time today I respect the fact you let care of EPs pressure though there's a lot of comedians don't even want to do that like I want Cathy do my special what is this dig about it I did I felt like I wanted to be introduced by whoever was you know on that throne and I actually asked before I asked Kevin has Cedric if he would appear and he was down and Russell Peters was too so I just wanted to be introduced to the world by somebody who's giving me that stamp of approval and in there strategically because we care of other specials he actually brought everybody out which I thought was I didn't want him in the beginning on my special night this is my night you know I mean because it's a distraction when you see him first and then you see everybody else I'm not doing that so when I had him come out last and I got my standing ovation and his cab coming out like yeah he's the next big thing it was perfect but that's all I'd be I'm a real I'm a nerd man so I've be strategically trying to you know not plot but yeah I mean just I don't know I don't know I don't know anybody that sprint Russell Peters you the first president Russell killing Russell's like care of a lot of yes I was talking about that the other day was somebody like he like like dried a bunch of us like if I needed somewhere to stay in LA he let me stay in his house he would give me a car for the week if I needed one Wow so like take the car my he's so give him a he he's taking our family like this one thing that he bought me and my kid shoes and I was like still mad at my kid would tell thank you we got I might have got more than one pair this is the night ball everybody shoes the security all I family shoe rich though Russell makes so much money on their own man you know shoes at all no shoes how much are you gonna do like your next special on Netflix what you gonna do with it I'm gonna announce this so I'm in talks with yeah but now not with Netflix I'm you know what they did the money no no cuz that be that's that whole thing is because even now I'm going through a negotiation like most of time really offer you stuff is usually gonna be the lowest things like if you take that serious you're insane yeah that's one of my closest friends man and yeah I'm proud of him too man like we we never move e-tag together too so uncle drew comes out June 29th but I did a see where hounds and tag I'm just like I wanted I've always wanted to do like like Will Ferrell stuff well you just do like one scene but it's just hysterical I did that with air Helms and his movie it's gonna be is someone that I was theory because we all know Hannibal birth killed Bill Cosby's career he did you don't think so no a little bit no he's not that powerful to do that she I think those allegations have been floating around for you know he doesn't think about it you've been as comedians we've talked about this would be like diner talk for years like because he was never jealous in Bay I think the difference between like you think about a lot of comedians didn't jump up to defend bill he said but outsider like maybe like Faison couple of the guys but a lot of young comics didn't it was like he was so me he became mean at one point you'd be just take it okay you live you do it by yourself cosmic but that's what makes it bad different I think simbad does talk to and reach out to us so I'll tell us in bad debt the other day because a lot of a lot of the older comics are hurt because he did help a lot of them you know it's some people are conflicted with everything with me is just like I mean it is what it is I feel bad for the cast you know I think for them to take the show off like it was other people on the show and messing up everybody else money is not fair just take the name

like not even a every I think I think that's ridiculous that they just because it's some of the other people eat it from there might have been purposely done because you know that that show influences black people in such a positive way that's a positive way so you don't think that is real what I'm saying that it's done purposely like it wasn't a real thing what do you mean no I think he I mean I think they purposely removed the show but I mean I think he did everything he's said he did because I mean but I always laugh at just because not laugh or like Bill Bill Cosby is a black man and black dude when we come I don't even know I don't know date rape drugs existed so I like watching episode like I saved by the bell or something like oh they trade drugs not community like that thing well you learn to do stuff like things you learned it from some powerful white people and Bill at some point probably thought he was just as powerful so you saying Bill pissed off the wrong white person person no person people I mean yes and no it's at the end of the day you still gotta pay for whatever you like you could tell you could do this one of the most confident dudes I've ever seen like we walking out of court doing all that stuff with the neck and build is okay I think we're all I'm sayin but he's like get ready to go to jail or now he's really like getting this to go diverse I believe I'll do I'll do I think you would've died already I said three I said three four years ago he should have clogged up yeah jelly this is man this is he believes in it he's just like man I'm each's yes his confidence you think you'll end up going to jail at all yes actually being it physically in jail yes I big so I'll try to peel it out and I think he going pass before he goes we'll see man well I feel like somebody just mentally getting ready you know like what like training to fight he call Charlemagne one time did he remember when he walked out of the courthouse and he did that little he's confident he's still funny that's what's even more irritating wheat right now I have I received a few calls from Bill Cosby for real yeah was it just a tow yeah pretty much which is weird because I didn't even know I was gonna read all like that but and this was like in the past year or so actually Wow what did you say to that like you don't you just listen I remember I was with Drive one day and kind of be caught him pitching episode ideas it was funny did he take any of them and you think so but maybe you should go fishing you and Bobby and you know it was like what a shame what Hannibal did the Cobb you man all he did was repeat effects yeah it's a shame what cognitive himself what does the shame Hannibal had to bring him back up to this era yeah Hannibal way too much crap I feel like Hannibal killed Bill Cosby on behalf of the Illuminati and I feel like I don't think they exist I feel like the Illuminati was about the Blessed Hannibal which is very fruitful career but what I think happened was and they mixed the pictures up it's like a bad YouTube video passed it through you really Illuminati yes they don't exactly the NRA is the most powerful evil well this weekend he's gonna be well you want to see little row catalogs as we get in your company shows you got I got two shows on Friday two shows on Saturday once you're on Sunday okay to choke a night to show tomorrow to show Sunday yeah great get your tickets if it's not sold out in little RAL mr. Breakfast Club good morning


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