Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj 001.生命册上的名字 The name on the book of life - 撒都. 孙大索

by: lionet heart

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I'm in the book of life I mean the moment you are born again your name is written in the book of life Yamini she has an inertia some years ago I was conducting a crusade in India now you do what you can to put that way and that day a lot of people are getting saved thank you how to enter Joe when I give the altar call how many people like to give your life to Jesus I am ashamed against many people stood up how do i do jennyline they were all hindu people may go look into them and they came to the front and when I was praying for them but only I turned to my right side so Angela I want you to and there was a tall angel standing oh your God hears it's an ally and any Sonny had a big book don't you even had a church and he was writing something you don't so I was wondering what is he writing ahuyama I thought maybe he was writing making a report about me yes he has a power hammer to the Haku jalapao house ooh maybe I didn't pitch correctly Kippur how a mooch and ahead said sure I didn't spend nicely and talk nicely to the people it's under pukka pukka shot so just writing everything free now a vanity to me yes I was praying Buddha Mintaka and after the prayer was all over I change watch at home then I quickly turn to the sound it finish what are you writing Oh Tony Parrott a Samana angel told me can't you call sua Neil I feel I realize of course the angel didn't speak Chinese I change the positions on one line he's working the Indian language to me how about you do we go watch a holla so I went hey was it so much enjoy then he said now how'd you saw Nick on that's good [Laughter] be class so I saw see what you can and so many names were written there how do mean this is a sham so I asked the angel what do you want here is so obvious this is Yama every person who got deaf in your meeting my echoes I need you I don't tell ajudar us this is the book of life that you Sam I'm writing their name oh yeah she's a hominid it is a beautiful book music okay how many yes very big book how die but not every page is gold my yeah it doesn't seem solid not ordinary paper put it put holes in it and when the angel road is mr. Hall the panic the pizzas Amalia not like a war Denari pen they won't put on people Yana like you know in the olden days they use feathers too right do you hunt you see Daniel llamada de ma beer I see money you know what I'm go to your body so mama like that usually don't be long big long one would be in the middle you mouth and you are reading and when you're right I see Alicia hole that it does not appear like ink on a paper my shampoo silly on more than two things I mean yeah it's like all the people's names are engraved on the pages of gold I shall make a me did you bid Cardano the genes know them and I get through Samuel which means they cannot be erased you say you inside with the allah so this one day I saw this so y'all can see another time how did he wait I was praying for one person oh we gotta see how this person s backslide it thicker Eugene Atlantic home and he was hot it becomes so cold against God that is impatient is he laughing and he has become so hardened in his heart in the hint huh that he doesn't want to repent anymore but come on push out a quick Tyler the Holy Spirit convicted him many many times when he didn't count on out what the hell puts his heart become harder and harder really your time yeah I were talking one day I was praying for him you know yes I was praying what kind of shock Oh Lord Jesus told me yes he looked after sure it is too late for him now we high and high wanna because his heart is become so hard pure she city are becoming harder than a rock be or hyena don't pray for him anymore we are that way about God and then I saw the book of life now you cannot have Samantha and this man's name written there good I'm Edith Ananda by the blood of Jesus Christ your name is written there Judah yes what kind of partially me this is si means no job by the same blood of Jesus Jesus on your years will die on a power name is also removable that means the Lord Jesus said don't pray anymore don't you usually counselors you know if you have a bottle of ink Domino Bonilla equine in and you different over on paper watch no I thought it was spill all over how do you do the powder then it's more to chamber the Pala in the same manner Oh yonder there was a bottle of the blood of Jesus Christ oh yes would you do kinda polyphonic when City and you just fell over that person's name now how do you talk about say nigga nigga enemy instantly the name disappeared from the book of life is DNA ganymede you thousand insert own to Malala is biblical there are no persons in Java if you read Hebrews chapter 10 verse 29 you only how to Shiva lies with ISA or security no collar it is written how no Sammy cheated on you cannot trample down the blood of Jesus Christ open uncle chin ha yes what you talkin about here what I told you is not concerning an unbeliever what yep and a boozing a push into that Jana what I'm telling you now concern a Christian who have turned his back against God which is in the to do with who now coming please plan the vacation this is what the Bible says a woman in Revelation chapter 3 verse 5 that each is what he sent on a fugitive named will be blotted out from the book of life it means wholeness I mean Tommy and who would laugh if you you gonna mention of on your name would be blotted out it means that you paid to mala my dear brother senses what's your surname this is a big serious problem physical faith onions to the wimpy if your name is blotted out from the book of life you gonna miss the place I mean some is not too much yeah why are we on this subject listen we are tangible to Tina let me tell you what happens when you come to heaven okay so anything okay now so I found Samia it is not a wonderful experience of going to heaven Suzanne thought you know she pushes ether infirmity yes of course it is wonderful but before the wonderful thing takes place as I said I'm a house is important is here every Christian must appear before the judgment throne judgment seat of Christ Jesus may even Tommy in their years would utilize about Georgiana shan-pak first Corinthians chapter five writes about it very clearly go into a change with you Johansson's who the TV she seen in the year 1994 one of my very close assistant died her ego faith and see me that Julia called Sheila and I was very very sudden when I saw page handsome young men of 27 years old so as Jason E and Gianna he was afflicted by a sickness ha USF and CB and and then he got healing you had a leech ela when he was 100% healed eg the Shahab but only he died when I was very very hot dog now what thing is he seen say it was very close to me like a spiritual son had housing what you don't say what a shooting is and when he died he was just married for two months I feel hot even I thought have with you when yeah yeah well it was double blow suited to my cancer they answer the taxi one I lost an associate he don't suppose it you know what a Julie then his poor wife became a widow I would see a Nutella cheese it's only the one who I was that for many many days yeah how do you know what oh he's on angwa it was a terrible loss for me Yanis announced Tom said he could keep out with a to see so many many days I was just weeping and crying before God's throne how about you know what though - in about 39 could see I have so one day say you're here at 4 o'clock in the morning Chintan shitty to mention I was kneeling down and praying I thought I could not pray me about that outcome but my mind was filled with sorrow you would achieve lenient O'Malley yo Sean even when I want to pray you see where Santa immediately I will think about that boy Marcia would you say honey banana honey yes likely but will flow from my eyes oh yeah and they not use how a family with who but that day same thing happened knee gentleness in your passion and as I was feeling so sort of collected what she knows you said sound of your wish on man apparently do I get here my spiritual eyes were open to heaven Hollis woody Yankee not that kind of Pentium Hinton and it's so huge place in heaven ok you know you got a thing foul and the Lord Jesus Christ was sitting on a throne like a huge judge - yes ejidos Oh Dana gihan fell apart sahaja yoga Dallas and hang on it's right side and on his left side were all the 24 elders hitting the hat so European I just I'll show it are not sorta and all around the place were hundreds and thousands of angels were spending the holidays in the sewage shampooed attention to hate mercy of God is our endurance Masada ego B&E I have been privileged by the Almighty God to see heaven many many times - Anna yeah me and I walk fakie now what he debates about him how she but every time I saw heaven was a very joyful me so happy number the big high schooler but this time when I saw that particular place in heaven don't you can say so I cannot thirteen that figure philippine handle negative a bit of joy that was kind of a fear Busan Oceana a society it on King miracle not like a negative fear that we have like four devil uses oh come over and they don't shout you the question but this was like the holy fear of God this is nice the unity Shaniqua Shan Shan achieve way well as I was looking hey Tom what will yo quanis jeho suddenly poor entity my associate came entered into heaven or a chilly night out him huh and he was brought inside happy side teacher and he came near the throne of Jesus according to isn't e to the power - and then he wished the Lord Jesus now I had you come you see people women and the Lord Jesus looked at him not easy to do pentagons you know normally the Lord Jesus Christ has got a very beautiful smiling face Quran to you Julian pound either you think I'm a leader and I will know - I know that is why I also always smile saying how it also sounds it will go to a shower all these there's a smile on the face of the Lord wait an amazing nobody can imitate that smile me or anchor move on the other oneself great piece on his face Holly I'm anti the creation of you guys if you just look at the face of the Lord Jesus no one is the other mankind the two years if you do the real path from the forehead to the chin so earth whole thoughts that and from this site of the year to decide don't do it take that I'll do it please all over his face tenderly a path there be peace giggety sh-- and she got a pen and from his eyes don't on again she'll love just flows out nigga i use on your loo to lie you know the Lord Jesus but you people blue eye it's not a to you so that how your feet are maybe the language key like feed blue you Hodgins is very beautiful sin Highline you go near him you only cut in how to support me in point if I take a little against and the eyes look so good and transparent paladin Gina she's down at inter I mean inside the eyes it can appear as if you can see for miles and miles and miles then against engine quality Tony quick post without TNT in Lee white and he's got nice beautiful curly hair how hot whole verses aren't yet by gender don't hold back just like my hair yeah I can what can change it at hope I yeah but more beautiful nice attempt yoga Medela beautiful light brown in color no no chen he and some celery onion sir now this is how the Lord Jesus fest looks like do use it use it sounds iike yang to them but that day when I saw him on the troll doesnt even though okay - aha hope you pass this down - how would even wake Lord smiled oh he any throw me away shock so when this boy came and greeted Jesus Sui doesn't have her like in Yasuda sure the Lord looked at him he'd intended never said anything to me oh sure wah then he turned to his right now how did changi OPN on the right side there was a huge angel say you being your ego hunts allocation and there was a table like this in front of the engine that Achilles you know you'll get you gonna puddin and there were many many big books on the table there's only Sonny or how tohow to a Paschal and the Lord Jesus said to usually be damn sure again he's very sternly to that engine that's it after hanyan leader depends aloha like the books be open back hydrogen su just one content you eat yo ha then the angel open all the books not here's that you thought I'd show you the show first book was open even show that kind of the book was open the events behind look at all the records kinda destroyer Richelieu and I was wondering what the angel was looking at would you ever change it is a mana then the internal did you shiny as usual it is mild and it done well yeah you know the angel sort every wonderful smile not usually you feel faith have made me otherwise they all learned from the logic also to yes if you do now she'll either you must also learn from Jesus maybe shots one two years with you now - yes amen okay so what what you do sane again with laugh tomorrow tomorrow Asia so from now onwards don't eat meat everybody just how is your home ah oh ha ha ha even if you're angry you shouldn't cheer tomorrow he has a wayshower furniture pony don't you howleen I mean a man so don't get angry we are Shaanxi if people slap yo though you aren't on your class my hahahaha ways y'all come see uh-oh gunshots ooh ha ha ha oh if you do that nobody jump through the fun then you will be equal with the Angels you can cancel at the t-wayne then the angel of feels so happy to be with you appears you're Hank are you gonna come back and they will talk among themselves compete with a show this girl is wonderful company - funny how he smiles like us how do you mean Yahweh Sheldon so this is true this done now I'm saying in a very jovial manner yeah like everything yeah but it is real that it doesn't this department or they don't look at all the bush kids Kenneth - attention when he turn to Jesus January smile not how to install after keep smiling jesus said I sound years away no no they did not talk a meal so far see in heaven there's a different method of communication I can't answer you put Hong Kong should I called Hoonah they don't open your modern cock-thumb was that has a pathological wave of Simon images now is sit here now with English in heaven is a different style of communication at your house you put Nicole oh you know when the Lord Jesus looks at you now he is a penny national hope that one look you can see how all that deep in his mind comes into your mind so and even again a Jamaa that you don't even like that once again students hashes people communicate through the thoughts them as it how go easy and I called home the angel stepped off like that yesyes it sound so father the same thing haven't they talk like this okay Roger yes intentional the moment you think something nichkhun atomicity for example III I saw was sister was caught in a traffic jam when she was coming hard nowhere and it's the hona was intact so the moment she came in say Tom what you see neither shadow so sorry brother I got caught in a traffic I thought yes other Musa was not not down to Texas Allah I don't know what it should stitch perfectly alright how's the make my own autonomy question I'm near Waikiki oh haha anyway the people are enjoying the worship now I'm to be there Megan even if you don't come also no problem you can you pull out of my neck when Sheila they were going worshipping now my pre Shippuden 85 and then I will have to preach all in English now what you eat young power then they would have no thought no they won't know what to understand me me neither all say yeah hallelujah is also Amin Amin Amanda see so many words high Tyto to fire you but if this is heaven residue that Quintana one just come it's your life one look okay then I'd also look no it kind of like the time you laugh ha you got you Anna can you imagine one thing Kiki Santa here she Jima if we talk like that on this earth you want a decent chance Yamato ha we don't have telephone problem wouldn't you me a team how went here I mean a man no need to pay money for the telephone company give a push up on over to a cheerful gecko with the color failure every day today oh yeah I do yeah let's all talk like that so make a note sound shoham an amen amen so the angel look at Jesus wicked you can again sue only then you feel say nigga shahad mile came on the face of the log people yes you do da sounds - to Allah and we look at this place how you can achieve a young with it well done my good and faithful servant gratitude aha what's on here am shampoo yes you have been very faithful on the earth for me either these are you to say what songs you know enter into the joy of your father yeah you Donnie Fuji Alice Minato sang shil see what I thought that day he was another what a thing called the judgment seat of Christ Susana to see the team Jack you see here to t do powder at G Anderson pan on have you read Daniel chapter 7 do bonito tiny sure that iki jaman Revelation chapter 20 he sure though that the ashes are yeah you'll find two scriptures this one you will find in on everything in this during the judgement role of God house rotation about to us here the books will be open the future not just one book who does is a change one many books such a hunt potential after this incident Thomas is in fashion show fire of the Lord Jesus you went to here city to know what were the books that were open about this boy house what I did then surely meaningful Pence's after the hiatus sorry since the money gonna be the first book that was open begin should have had a song called the book of life - I mean to sue your name must be there music we shall say now your name is not there to me neo sonali then certainly your name will never be in any other book that's irony means did you put it that Russia that's in a sensual well that is rule number one see even your name must be in the book of life hottie the music in your session after this book not it didn't suit and there is another book how do you want it involved the book of remembrance two-way necessity here huh in Malachi chapter 3 mahadji sure that we thank 16 he's everything it is written that a book of remembrance is kept there have you even seen you can some Soviet Union now what is that book so much other genius huh in that book every sacrificial acts of kindness that you did in the name of the Lord Jesus the surgeon said me and Anna your cell phone - yes we give me so - Roger he sendeth O&C - kimchi it is written there social denarii let me give you one example he got eat rice or let's say you your mother gave you some money to buy a nice beautiful dress it was only mahogany can't see my dear face I'm sorry I got wrong and then you come to this meeting nothing had a catchy way and I love time of flu or any muscle come and talk about a mission need no no Mon Amour said you can as what you could donate don't change on a CR they're making an appeal to support the work of God haven't you - wanna know how that person ago and you feel a conviction in your heart not even me not you sounder ego ego can to give the money that you have to God if I need additional support in cash and the money you need dentists it's a nice yard I'll buy you a nice dress yeah how am ia PR Long's wrong if you don't buy a nice bless you and good materials wrong you have no other nice burst each imagine a young John Coltrane no you are inside your heart you're fighting sitting in a jeweler jeong-ja goodies okay now or to buy trash as in my damn truck you okay now that was the devil tells you what would your thousand schwa mainly meanie anybody mailings here cuz if not your nerdiness yo yo yo yo your mailing focus billing mainly you need sitter he should be a strong man only we are from saying God understands simply now tear down under things you need the verb have to tell me she order David tells you now more with awesome the Holy Spirit Johnson you thousand saw Bailey Molina give oh yeah you give nobody 40 and God will give you to dress don't you can imagine young songs right so the Holy Spirit tells you like that a significant out and then devil wrote for Chelsea amo muñeca Ducharme Lily Mae Mae me you need the crash it's the Asiana Taeyang so devil talk so nicely nuclear halfway done C&C you can shop every day / very nicely how it sounds fine each I would really bring out all your needs to you know if I mean II mean finish I achieve uh those Anton Qaeda media the Holy Spirit would not speak so nicely like that

and God bless you

sue you can t-shirt and one jeans all jeans you are wearing a nice fella you die cool the devil makes you feel so important no going on a journey how so yeah but suppose science is NASA mailing gifts that money Mariam fabulous in force into Chile extra volume and a secret co-wrote people's years so I leave this money oh she added a chance to buy a nice dress mine yes I am drawn but I am sacrificing this thank you what the initiation from here and giving it to you what happens in can you know that bit of sacrifice down the equation to the function is written in the book of remembrance you shi'a toxemia sunshine I have seen all this what so kind of thing that's why I'm telling you see what has a sound from all these books are big huge books full of pages of gold happens the meaningful manner sinking has been there many other books like that I only say city I'm talking about if you are serving God nobody's acquisition and that is another book how do you want affects who then your name will be written there immediately and your nice beautiful photograph is also there but also a on each other no way some manias RPG father son and all your records are there see Aikido with no tell me your name when you were born on this earth prostitution when you accept Jesus Christ when you are baptized in the water something when you're baptized in the Holy Spirit Russian interesting and then what ministry you did for Jesus I used to do this with me on a push is all written in that book she although she's an in a suit sunshine but that is there is another book how do you my tension then that is also another book how do you I don't know if you did anything all written there mei-ling hailey during the prayer meeting they talked out she waited she never pray God we were stories with her friends so campeões at hand here shorty all written there Chiodo she is a shock and she was making fun of the process long hair that's how she'll make a mousse in a can't hold back all written there as I somehow you know your stills are written there in ink of rate this is not money ministry or Yosemite here that you know how much they don't eat no more no more ppl but when you repent that's it Danny quit Qaeda so the moment you repent the Equator instantly - blood of Jesus will be thrown over all that yeah you got about a jambavati you can't in all become very cool well I'm changing singing nothing is that hey you know what God is a good guy mr. Shi Liang Shan assure I mean amen so these are the many books that are kept in heaven saying is not a yes sir this is a variant on its young yoga my dear brothers and sis what's your deal I want to assure you one thing right now before we go any further now oh my god you watch out hands between well think in even three about yes it in any small acts of kindness that you do for the Lord Jesus yeah Qian Liang Shan I see you anyway whether it is a small big or a big big look whenever she opposite to Allah the Lord Jesus Christ does not forget to usually orient on me or once everything is faithfully recorded there my eta is aikido doshu see that this is a Hebrews chapter 6 verse 10 tell stuff like that civilize with DeRozan teaches me something what I'm grateful to forget you happy Booker Booker now me Anagha n Vietnam in an panic awawa so if your name is canceled from the book of life so you what it means they say Susan intercept who they are it means you will be cast into hell eg Sonia Pepe without feeling Revelation chapter 20 safe he threw the ashes on saw all those whose names are not written in the book of life are thrown into the lake of fire no she means annuity that is a minute upto doubtful for her children that is problem number 5 does it do the wimpy now let's look at number 6 I'm at Auntie Rosa went me verse 12 he who overcomes what a Shanda I will make him a pillar in the temple of God we are char hot I was champion don't do it and God will write the name of God upon your forehead so you up on Halloween season and forever and forever you will be in the presence of the Almighty God now yo yo yo yo um do this you'll sense enemy and kill you top of that now this is a deep mystery Hashana homie who becomes a pillar in the temple of God is the highest honor that any believers can receive passionate in important decisions like Akash intervention under Dada that King Humphrey catalunya for lack of better ways to explain it I will not go any further into deals it's on you with me about Herman go don't go harder to realize what he knows he is to say what kiddo what you happy are select I'm thinking you know some very deep things about the spiritual realm they are no earthly words to compare and explain Eurasia's are showing me a faith on teach anomalous Athena Suzumiya poverty shall again relaxing you know but let me just tell you like this so what you can turn and I thought to be a temple to be a pillar in the temple of God that's how much sentient solitude is the highest honor this is a car that you know if you ever become a pillar in the temple of God you will never turn a sentient from the truth then you are the most blessed of all persons not you see the cement on those demon food Allah now suppose you don't overcome Couponing attention then you don't become a pillar in the temple of God give me a powerful pls let let us go a little deeper only subject yes you may hasten attention what is the temple of God so much other shell appear efficients chapter 2 equals of the theater versus 2222 society it phase that every one of us are individual temple of god oh my ego and not those should praise as pantheon don't know where to but when we all gather together as one body especially that woman not shampoo that you don't that he to attach it he does every one of us are like a little stone in the temple of God Omega another tonight because I send en don't require abortion you're all lively stones may eat got throat um well wash but Peter chapter 2 verse 5 these are change would be I John a few yeah you're all lively stones honest I was your question brought together to make the temple of God God I teach in fashion at the end and when the temple is completed passionately one who nourishes all the glory of God comes down sinner only are to tell me and abide in our means it's 2000 the canto and first Corinthians chapter 3 verse 16 face virginity st. initially wrote usual that you are the temple of God Jewish and at the end so you individual is a temple try not need suggestion at the end so but when we gather in a church any peasant sigit eh - mm - yours I assure that we all become individual pillars and stone on both my ego horseshit was America to atone for this building to be made yeah under the fountain soon are not you into the wine there were so many pillars y'all oven for the truth if you were turning on and look at the back Yovani tahoe Japan we will find six pillars supporting the upper balcony ha Nick I cannot down the hot in the moment that the third fear Lotus Chateau niyog intuitive if you remove the six pillars do any magical yoga meditation and tie upper balcony will come crashing down logic to mention kala the pillars are very important it's to the cinema to Yahoo remove with the pillar he patches you can know what the building is so Mordor the chin suit you want your heart like why who yonder you are a pillar Nishida Susan every one of your pillar mieka in Sochi - when we all gather together comment you know side here is to hall then the temple is completed Nachshon at the end you became someone share know when is the temple completed faded sylvia her show and her when you are a pillar in the house of God Tommy Jewish and shot on the true these kind of fillers are not in your house tell the truth in a Putin yeah it is in the house of God nice especially if you don't overcome so do what any attention upon then you are not a pillar if you're not a pillow and it pushes the truth there you are not in the house of God eg possession at uOttawa outside the United States time insider which again frighteningly tells us that you see the hunter Buddha womanizer audience shushing you are out of heaven woman Isis I can hunt you one that is problem number 16 everyone now let's look at number 7 so Mac and PC go into verse 21 I see here to him that overcomes Hashanah I will allow him to sit on my throne we are sleep hot they will pounce on you know sits on a throne she say to the powerful King sits on the throne go on to the Pasha and when does the King sits on the throne now go watch the missile to the power to Assam to pass judgment ha no no pass advantage on if you all are gone Dubonnet Allah you sit with Jesus Christ yes you know Tom - oh Jesus Christ it's your yes usually at home you sit here you throw the meat how this is if you overcome oh yeah both of you sitting here I mean I'm not so the chili whoever comes in front of the throne say light apotheon - aha both of you are judging them even younger in Tokyo and Hammond it's it's similar to Genesis chapter 2 how it appears on you come on Allison let me give you an idea like that how ok now everything God created all the animals since Australia that's a war then he brought all the animals - Adam give names for all this anyway Thomas Ibiza ba and then the Lord Jesus Lord God stood by Adam no not to change it was Ayana Pompeii do you see what name Adam will give to the animals no like kinda yeah house is the mayor with or chena see what is happening actually we have 2% chameleon God and Adam ego changes yeah haha God sitting here all sinful I telli Adam sitting here and I'm for the knowledge together yeah they're in one throne thank you Father all the most come Naruto Lila and the law I love Adam or he gives Adam equal equality with him to go now yeah tongfu this is a sin Yona yeah time your home Belleci only in the same way Anandi you overcome yoshiyama you sit on the throne of God introduction about to a song Jesus Christ sitting here actually you sitting here after an ally he shares his authority with you how can you don't win chance we've had a champion it's like that just to the answer that you know I make my illustrations very humorous oh hey what did Brandon llamada like god i th e to the reason but the principle is real that you enter the tendon system you understand painting by ma y ma pimp I'm an imp i'ma good so you looked at the thing everywhere oh you wanna miasha instead of you sitting here inputted soda pop wash on you will be standing there did you tell our staff and another person will be sitting there and judging you know Andy why can't you tell about those are years with you to eat home I said my dear brothers and fortune additions tonight most of the time upon a circle we all say like this one day I'm sure there's so many weaknesses in my life well as the minions home on arrival I cannot overcome them which is tough are my natural weaknesses sits a woman here island that you say I feel the pea pod if you ever say like that do Bonnie can you sound so cool today I want to tell you talk to me what you say is a lie he so soon a thicker foam that the devil has spoken to you room okay Kenny sure that you have believed that lie he shot years ago fun yeah the Bible however doesn't say like that these amateur Changsha the Bible says you overcome these and come home with intention if you don't overcome nobody knew your turn shelf told you of the tavern danger or cousin your kid away soon you will be one of the seven it is the chick equation Tanganyika my dear brothers and sisters watching edition don't take your Christian life for granted if we are Barney circulation into any sort a long thing it's very easy if you are you to skip Tyrone the Lord Jesus said very clearly you usually change me back alpha woman narrow is the gate that walk leads to eternal life is not always this ohonta growth is the gate that leads to destruction Wow boy we're at our would need a Luke Wanda and many many people will work in the Broadway and Oceania Nocona town with them why reason because it's easy even Joey the tough you don't have to struggle if you're Santa you don't have to squeeze sir if we shouldn't piazza - but narrow is the gate you lose the other man sits on a shaft that leads to eternal life hang on your channel or and very few people will walk and not beneath them while very few people who is Mahesh Arianna but Lee it is very difficult to pass school so he another Hernan called agua that's it there is a small hole you got I saw a fish and a friend you want to pass through that small hole we shall hunger the saxophone and you are very fat now only have half hope you pass through yeah the Macondo cool you get out fast kombucha ok you go in fast for 40 days honey yeah and then after fasting for 40 days it I got this is handsome become like my side see you soon once at same time when you tried to walk through that hole now I don't wanna get so half of a uranium site honey it's 19 she then you are stuck in the hips no no 30 Yahoo Chanyeol : how did you pay me the team you're born we're gonna text you yes you're pushing not that if it's yeah Lisa Hawthorne will brush your skin huh let's it hold you down tonight man more tiny the people the more you push period yeah the thought will cut your skin this is how do you like Uganda no blood will all start coming out no changes no what will you do he was much to us Justine I'll go forward with the one here so now you're British you want yet more blood come don't do the same all that let's get card so yeah there you go to brunch seeker do you still want to continue I can't if you want in Soma if you want to walk with Christ you anytime you see two years with home ec you want to walk the narrow way he shan't so nuts at noon the flesh must die no TP Shastra I mean the flesh must die no philosophy if you cannot crucify the flesh you and me on man that is in erosion and we cannot enter into heaven only about happening on campus Galatians chapter 5 job has refuge on verse 16 each new year verse 17 and verse 24 Ashu decision is three scriptures delta there's anything a consonant so if we don't crucify our plan I won't put thing we say we cannot enter into heaven a up in poverty in town verse 21 tells us very very clearly like that as she continues on cows who woman anyone having the witnesses and the works of the flesh in our life yes Ariane higher and higher Jamaica no speaky samuel de are eager to pass that the corrosion of the flesh will not allow you into heaven the cheese are going to attend a sense on me up a passionate emotions my dear brothers and sisters for charity shows the nay let me tell you one truth very very clearly why don't you go thousand feet the chimney the Lord Jesus Christ where it was very straightforward two years would you do sincerely I found they did not cheat you up with Canada he told you the absolute truth how it caused me chin don't want you - it is it how much well if you want to follow me do any other Tsinghua take up your cross and follow after me we're geniuses happen who moi what is the cross the Mississippi on the cross means suffering since the judging so cool the cross means depth because the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross you must burn if you don't die you only put with the ha you cannot follow the Lord in the Obama tense a two-year City - you know every year I mean yes we conduct a youth conference in India taking the woman thought will keep and silient you plan because four years ago the Lord Jesus told me yes Union continues new counselor I am going to send a revival in the Himalayan region how does Himalayas and sujod on Fuji and the revival was cut among the young people at therefore here with continuances on high she so if it organized for conference he hasn't yah ha ha de to Luciana acupoint I will bring all the young people from this region where's wonder the cheating husband he and I were all my spirit upon them what yoga will into a machine shop and they will all become mighty witnesses for me I mean that's the way we want to achieve gender hinterlands so from the year 1997 please reach out she knows how every winter we have a conference my name Sophia mementos intention for five days with Enoch you have about 500 young people come from all over the tamale so she man asking a woman in siento lied out to the sauna and for five days they were done before the Lord but that we can thumbs on how to do the tradition would travel they will worship the Lord in title then they will hear deep teachings not Haneda linking the new the sound but most importantly does it say choo Allah ships during the five days it's a wood came down so the Holy Spirit will convict a shell into the spawn John Hammond whatever sin in their heart and I see nobody assumed a thing whatever sin in their flesh how many Italians with the Holy Spirit convict us an interview I think I'm listening and they will surrender now time to shampoo the Concorde okay first session of the first day that each in athletes Hung Hom when I go up to the pulpit to welcome all the children that were shanghaied y'all find useful at the Union here I will make this sentence what you thought Sally this will be my opening sentence how what do I don't come back I look at all the children what you're trying to show you didn't hear and then I smile give them away young when I when they see me smiling I'm gonna move inshallah shuffle I feel so happy I'm at your house to LA they all know how much I greatly love Prince is also was a two-man I'd hammer which is true agenda and then I take how was it my dear children watch here Heidemann are welcome to this conference why in our dreams well now let me tell you something before we begin this confirm come on Hydra until I became watching the news all this you have come to display email a nativity found not only to have a great time who tends this is also my house require you've come to displace in agile if he found not only to have a fun time put on this your chitta unquiet you've come to this place naturally pal to meet God the education and most importantly ot2 yada ya come here you know how to the peepal dude I like if you don't die voluntarily you bring in thank you sir I will make sure you die what you are cheating why ask the mean if you still refuse to die on each occasion to useful then Tipton will kill you and standing with punkish Allah so then I was saying now what do you saw how many of you don't want to die it was I am playing with that put up your hand right now kena Paso cheat here anybody who put up their hand and there's RNG so Mac I will tell them put your thousand Hannah so go back home anyway dad she found it is what I do in my conference so here we go what you done Hannah sure that if you don't come to die do money like this is elses of our conference meetings are not fun time yes you could have put no cheat at the power I mean I'm never doing today you don't come here to find girlfriend and boyfriend the video goes on and I know down below some people do you see and she teaches young yes or lonely somehow Kootenai L pray have you talked are not Jesus yes who leash show me I'm going to disc on front in fryer mountain by two hours it to talk across a night definitely a sequence I need a life partner what is a Shia hot so some family please bring the right person into the conference control Patterson julep a me say that again evil eye and show me who the person II don't one day get interesting anybody came you like that yummy orange Ankita hi I'm Jo ah yo major off supplies yo la we know Thank You ru all are wonderful people won't even take a look - lava but even if you had that attitude you would never put up your hand - give me your diet I don't example you can't be sure anyway whoo-hah if you have those kind of attitude the one you see on a high - you have come to the wrong place did you light also with a piss Bangla you come here you see are sensitive yes when you accept Jesus as your Saviour Tommy Kato - give me knowin that you - when you say Lord Jesus no two years ago chili lie - aha what you are doing is your diet these are toda choosing young amen man if you don't die you only put it in a quiet you cannot enter into heaven me a perfect in you should acquire dear brothers and sisters bachata shows the bay when you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior energy so to use you Tommy the two - what are you doing because Osama you are like a lamb put on the altar for sacrifice yeah I can see two tall young bounce at attention and sympathy some kinky all your flesh must be burnt to excess sugar no heat oh wow - happens often if it doesn't Mikey I went home and cannot enter into heaven you go pootie on told me about a solution ago of course let me also add now a PC are they sure we don't become instantly perfected same after accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior I mean she so easy to incarnate chooses the happiest woman in a system where one chain then there'll be so many areas in our life that needs to be constantly surrendered omission is only do a degree Shia put on a sample but every day is a dying experience we made you know sham police is a reporter for example g13 I saw one of the works of the flesh is anger she's always in let's say for example she career I sure you got safe 20 years ago ha need a shinny and gentle job and before you became a Christian with its young you are a very very hot-tempered but you gotta keep out otherwise and after you became a Christian so choose your home you instead of a hot-tempered person you became a fiery tempered person if we let Hawaii go from P cheap water and nets and we go how about we kill again like a dragon yeah I got it - how long you know if you are still in Dragon and without Lona when they open your mouth I can take fire fire comes out looking for your true life loser sit down some Christians also like that you should see the young even they open their mouths to me I have a thick wire comes out like a for you into Tula and they killed all those people who are sad they all saw your heart is the waiter then they offer you become a Christian we've done it to make you lose your home if the anger is in there you wanna go below your antenna jinjo something's wrong with your life there's a meeting should have had for because that anger must die it's just a new pious if the anger doesn't die new enough enemy ah see the wine something's wrong with your spiritual life nam initial usually control a path for right now let me tell you with great love now change that what I teach and I reckon sure if you don't surrender and crucified that anger you gonna go harsh our 14 big open know it was bring you down to hell hey panty set out the unit hojin what the Bible says season is done thousand woman the Galatians chapter five yeah highs within tells us 19 to 21 he should show Jessa as she's here and what is the fruit of the Spirit for Inga shanyna quads Tuesday they opened all the courses from Bianca engaged in something as a pig and Philippa no please must be there all that I'm ruling your heart mean I eat the other nations on ice and what does that mean you don't get upset they also need to know me isn't he yes you may get upset City any reservations on not boil with Ganga there's a push it for parish and she my dear brother sells it for charity shows to me the Lord Jesus Christ expects us to be overcomers - yes you do he that woman some attention charm and if you think it is impossible to an each other on the pond I'll turn your Bible to John chapter 16 once again Ally I'm thinking she'll Chang John chapter 16 and the verse 33 he senses and clearly 20 she lay unconscious I'm here in the world you have tribulation special meaning yoke Hunan see the Lord Jesus Christ acknowledges the very fact that there are tribulations everywhere so you shouldn't seems which accounts a woman so somehow Suzaku man there are circumstances that can make us angry European a fancy ways you know woman he acknowledges all that one concerning you tarnish over fashion he is not denying it coming off 40s so again base and I'm not sure I have overcome the world wait isn't a here because Jesus Christ has overcome you a yes would you do it intentionally has set an example for you how do you any sure snappy effect which means institution by the power of the Holy Spirit culture Selena family you too can overcome that anger Jimmy okay social Jonathan or hallelujah hallelujah you who can overcome the weaknesses of your birth he caters any healthy shaman around yellow hey man did you believe that he's shocky MA my dear brother senses what's the addition to man this year 2000 is going to finish in another one and a half month ha because I'm here for 19 and Georgian schule in just another 50 days like to hear the whole into home a new year will be born Union Johanna time flies did you say class the moment if you finish in education who you're 0-1 start a living in education another year closer to the coming of Jesus Christ honey yang to Endora cotton on to listen to the balance if you die in your sin you juanita state-owned school there will you be in too much analogy the 82 people who died in the plane crash I think II since she's downtown your pastors and along among the 82 people set up fashion Tonto there was some Christian Yoshi a shitty cool they died today and I bring the loggia of curse - Marshall chewy easy chicken home time so what but what about the many other people who did not die as a believer christen a here may or Hindu to coastal in Havana most of the Taiwanese people who died in the crash were not Christian kita Metabo vintage ever themselves as they're not dope who killed who there were more these people stopped another foot out who and how did I know all these would Wichita because after the crash the tau YZ monks they came to do the chanting you may sit down oh you got your Jamaica sushi the Shahana don't fear the matura of Assam equal any MP go ready via forth go nigga have anyone hamachi certainly not up to heaven to end the game to stop him haha if you don't overcome your thing you wanna me assertion that's it where will you be increased an ally now I stand before you this afternoon janeshia I would send them in the console if someone who loves you very much with recitation and man you know what skin color may be different yes you wanna put up at home I may have come from frankly she was a nicely put on a coat yeah but the one thing that binds you and me is a love of Jesus Christ Thank You SHINee wanna go since again see the knife in here thinking to the eye I mean man because of the blood of Jesus Christ he were years would you do carry on about here you and I are real brother and real sisters we have what you teeners she said to me insanity shows the mela every day to play and because of that not you is your young as a member of your family even wanna sit home with Yolanda on behalf of our father hot idea wonderful I tell you today what you mean thousand man if you don't overcome the weaknesses of the place you wanna me assertions ot son is not wrong then we cannot enter into our father's house Gnomeo Camacho you wanna care for the can if you cannot enter into our father's house you wanna me upon watching you Kenya then one person in the family is missing now missus are anti-material yeah III are social when one person is missing nah I am putting on so what will the father to hear who is on a yahoo if it don't cry how it was any coach and what will the servants do now for everything exam the Dolan cry so she and I could what would be there all the other children do the chin Hannah hi Sofia my yellow kid on Anika Megan it was a coochie that is why the Bible face facing him a carcinoma in Revelation chapter 21 birth for that she showed me a sheet on a people after the Dutchman on everybody how to attempt an to encircle the Lord Jesus Christ will wipe away all tears who usually attach it again man yo for many many years I was wondering about that scripture Tony Anaya waitress the car to the teen teen in heaven that is not that lucky Nami ozawa no sorrow me oh you shall pick list no pain mmm cool no problem may 1 if there is more 15 no mere jaana she then why would anybody cry why would the Lord Jesus wipe away the DAO to use the other kingdoms have your family Vietnam for many years I was thinking like this dunya now wait to put on a stencil so one day I asked the Lord Jesus see you're too much was on writing why did you say like that in Revelation 21 was for a new ecology suicide anticipation sure then the Lord Jesus told me this is G 2001 what is the event that takes place before Revelation 21 verse 4 he said either she done decent here ha Norman kinds yeah what is it you know fashion is a machine the event that takes place before that patatas sitting sit here is the white throne judgment of God not you your pies will pop out of the sub pan and what happens at the white throne judgment of God other sizes are Basel is anpan 30 passionate emotion all those who don't believe on the Lord Jesus will be thrown into the lake of fire turning a push I need two years with you don't obey 2.44 yo chill opposed Dasha for many years I'm coming and speaking to you Tony and I always again looking for do you love me yeah I will man me yo you are the only one brother from the bag 3 over visit each over ye me mini or are you most people I love are really you are yo me oh okay good if it makes me feel happy know what your hands Fela you love me you know I Walmart yeah ok good now suppose yeah sure on the white throne judgment episode opposite we are all standing there Omega T found all people from Taiwan on this side so you're somehow an analyst I stayed home all people from China that side so what our attitude innate all the people from India define go into like a 2.8 home and one by one everybody come now major notified of our fathers I also come now we align up extend their what didn't and all you people sending from Taiwan how make it in the hot already here okay and the moment you see me

I were to look at yes my hallelujah now you can imagine hallelujah and I sender how would you tell the people and Jesus take not yet to stolen let that bitch be opening here on the sockeye and then you look at all the book not yet get another for the truth oh yeah may you may know this book may yama this book may you know that book me or this book may you're all booked me you're taken to Miami consumer Authority so domain Oh then the Lord Jesus looked at me not easy to detangle warm ideas sorry for chicken act sex like it doesn t not that big hole you need wicked things we do Alex the other shoes go go go say talk ichiba but when I ran the Dutchman is pop up on me Thomas M penny now what is wrong what were you all do emigrate the Makua what do you feel that put you a mango on Weymouth upper where you are feel say origin and gamma oh well you say hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah MA you'll feel sad you know in angwa amen and you will cry not you a cool right don't they that is the reason why the Bible says so Nizam is how it I'm sure on that day tell me here Jesus will wipe away all here yes you are tired chilly get laid see your father but they're going to help me okay I need a food teeny edition copy you do you father mother see your children going to hell in a mochi vamoose you cannot hide this happiness how can you be happy he's walking I see Lana will cry if I could cinta and Jesus Christ will wipe away all tears how you seduced and I Panama Guinea to moussaka and visible also crime yes we have a cool because he died for you hija when yes he gave his life for you papa Hashem in sinking if spirit is luck for you how many do to pass and you were going to help not on each other amino will be see each and how you smoke and she will cry more how a beanie coup de condor do you want to see Jesus crying we can tell you to give a kuma do you want to see Jesus cry I'm not an easy to recruit SEMA then we must do something now meeting our choices shooting you must make a decision oh we have to like a charity to overcome the flesh cutter shall not crucify all the prize she won the Rose so that only that which is pure gold women inside you how they are not change either though he to turn change anyone I mean a man let us all kneel down for prayer now Oh miss athlete home quick song sequence that we thought about from today continuing headship I asked you to make a decision wait we only meant Oh - I'll get you a team you open your heart and you tell the Lord Jesus Jesus ooh yes ooh I don't want to make you cry Oh push I said he could see I don't want to see tears from your eyes I'm sorry you don't kind of yeah Leia I don't want you to cry because you have lost me I wish on you any kind of odd since Allah if you need you could see our Lord I want to bring joy to you so what I said okay I want to bring happiness to you oh you know what I shall face he gave me I determined today what in you created you crucify my weaknesses since the water ran who are you crucify my flesh that into what achieve so that all my flesh dies and it's burned hotter if you eat soy sauce with y'all help me Holy Spirit fill me now honey I found to war open your heart and you talk to Jesus Christ now can I see you again here's what you do so far you open your heart you open your mouth and you talk to the Holy Spirit I think that kind of cosy a condition in life so far you tell your weaknesses to the Lord Jesus you can see huge I mean in a Renoir what is your weakness he the railroad system are you good anger Paloma if you're telling lies so gamma is it adultery Jani mom it is filling Kochiyama is it fornication so that you - Reema is it all kinds of sexual sin city under sink Panama is it Greek tell Emma what is your problem you will get a nanny what is your weakness either errata her tuna open your mouth and you talk to Jesus Christ right now how can you say pastor I can yes the TV show fine open your heart and you talk to Jesus Christ right now okay listen second here's what you do so far from the in the mouth of your heart so Nene keen attention to tool let's be honest for me I turn turn ashita you open your heart he's now can't even see you bare your heart man go I mean the he don't hide anything from the Lord Jesus we are shantu in China Hershey make yourself very very transparent none if is you want you in possession Indian you can lie to your parents okay again your fumu Chohan you can cheat your posture say keeping the musha's you can cheat everybody else you catch in pm8 again but you cannot cheat the Almighty God doesn't you fatigue en chin not a young sanction because God sees into your heart you know Santini making whatever you are Whitney syntax or to the thing in front of your sit so that silly all right at the back what's that doing a hood or up on the balcony this is there alone

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