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so this the bull we're taking C Jets it's called a fast boat like this is a normal boat it's nice whenever it goes like 25 knots this one goes to 50 knots when it stops goldman's when I'll go in the middle so you can see what actually it looks like it's seriously kick-ass alright so this is the back of it you can see what I mean it's gone no more forwards they can actually see it's really loud because it's a very powerful boat and I'll show you in action well protect that out it's basically on like two sides or two arms alright so here we are I come in and show you the engines like powerful the engines are tossing the water at least like three four meters in the air it's amazing oh I love it look at the week that we're leaving in the behind us it's kind of your kilometer long and crazy how long it is they're basically jet engines so they're jet engines one on the water I did and that was the first time we're gonna see a very very fast boat okay oh oh yeah hair's gonna go crazy oh yes a little workout boy I'll whip in the air what do you think of that what do you figure that honey look at it look at your hair this is rocky that's Gordon thought that's Gatto let's see lo Castro and look at the beautiful sun rays coming through the clouds how beautiful this is that means it means the calmness of the water oh it's just amazing good morning from loot rocky we arrived here yesterday evening I guess evening ish 6:30 something like that 7 o'clock in the evening and here's baby hi my angel my my toesies yeah so Dimitri's parents are here they have an apartment silver for about 5 minutes away from them by car and right now we're gonna go have breakfast with them and hopefully put Adriana to sleep because she's ready for her nap she got up at 7 this morning so she's definitely ready for a nap we're excited to check out or I'm excited to check out with rocky obviously Dimitri has been here many times they've had this place for like 20 years or something so I'm excited to check it out and show you guys as well so this is the beach where I grew up coming to jumping in the water swimming diving we call it the baby beach it's just a small little cove but it's so nice because on windy days it doesn't actually feel the wind and then there's no waves and it stays quite clean and it's just amazing so I get me all my friends here every year they watched me grow and I've watched them grow and now they can't believe that I come here married with a beautiful baby girl it's the best what do you think babe yeah yeah yeah



[Music] just trying to get up see China filth hip so she can get up all right we're leaving the apartment to go to the beach here we go here's the exit thank you mom yeah three minute walk two blocks away it's beautiful so this is our little actions yeah so 36 37 degrees they said actually her Toronto's actually um has really hot weather too right but there's no humidity here I think that's the difference here's the view they're not a cloud in the sky wind is great because at least it air oh yeah for a scene well know that in Greek so there you go two blocks down you just turn down the tree and there it is right there yet there's Lila welcome to the beach let's walk right out let's walk right there oh yeah there's big waves there's waves so today when we got to the beach it was so beautiful I love the waves but then as soon as we got here all the people started telling us there's jellyfish in the water and I didn't know what they look like when they're in the water like I know what jellyfish looks like normally but I've never seen it actually in the water spend Dimitri showed me and we stayed out of the water for a while but then looks like they're kind of gone a little bit now there's still a few here in there I think if you're careful hopefully fingers crossed it should be okay and we've been just hanging out in the shade hi my love I'm a sweet baby hey she's getting way more comfortable in the water now having so much fun what are you eating pistachios trying to reach one of Dimitri's friends gave us this morning shared these are fresh pistachios I've never actually seen what they look like very cool can you show how to how you open it yeah so the outside soft you know strips right yeah it's like the outer layer here's the actual casing which is a hard yessing which is probably what you're used to seeing when you if you take the pistachios in their shells you have the discussions in their shells that's what they look like give that outer shell and it has another skin on it and there's the actual pistachio now so for Adrianna when we're beautiful angel but um anyways we just want to show you how you're beating the pigeon the fresh for these box pistachios pistachios look how close she seemed to us she sure is literally like I don't know how many pieces but look he's waiting look hey buddy look how close he comes so sweet if there is an opportunity to feed an animal this is an example should be show kindness and eat them see reward you by showing you their trust and appreciation by sitting nearby let it go here's nothing buddy yeah the boy you know oh yeah trying so hard I think soon soon where's daddy Munna Bhai bus is about janna angel I love you is that a fact on the show you help your boss class going over down to talks these days so this is the Isthmus of Corinth or Corinth canal and what they do is basically a cross gules from the other side so on that side were facing right now is the Ionian coast down this side can't see their gene pools instead of the boats going around the corpus of Peloponnese right which is the province its massive and cut this canal through you can see how well it's kind of really it's a little big sheer perfect cuts they cut this canal for boats that go through many tugboats to pull whatever bolts through here and importantly go to the fourth of it out right so I need boats like when I have to talk in Vita they're going to use this and cut it's never going all the way around the bottom of Greece that's very smart and well made very well only that actually put they have a bunch jump under the bridge so my buddies actually work here and I can't no I don't know if I can reach it yet you can see actually there you go somebody's setting up those are my friends they're there that they run the bungee jump here and I think they even had an amazing race a lot this year or last year and they had to come and do a bungee jump here so there you go all right here we are in our last full day in Greece just having our morning breakfast driana sleeping for her first nap and I've just finished making eggs with tomato and feta it's kind of like again that somebody's ever heard about it they are Greek yeah yeah oh yeah there's also zucchini flowers in here it's absolutely amazing Leila loves in front bed it's so somebody tell me if I'm the only person on the planet that actually likes to eat the phone yeah this to me is the best part no I said yesterday when I was eating it I'd feel like I'm eating a cloud it literally feels like like the text removers because today it's actually not as that kind of was yesterday we're like up to here and hold home and like literally if you do the spoon and eat it it's like a mousse so yeah it's our favorite yeah so today is our last day in the track II and before we head out we're going to be going to a lake I thought I will give you guys a tour of the place we're staying at and right now standing outside the door and I'll show you the view that is right behind me how beautiful are these mountains this is absolutely stunning blue sky beautiful things about 24 degrees so come inside and let's take a little tour so this place has been absolutely perfect it's quite large and spacious and open and newly renovated and clean which is the most important thing for me so as you walk in there's like a little storage area for shoes and stuff a full kitchen which is perfect that's what we like to do we like to if not cook at least be able to have a fridge and get fruits and stuff and a bar quite large actually for European standards and open so we got really lucky especially that we basically booked like two days before we're supposed to come so we got really really lucky with this place so there's a huge balcony and Metreon Adrianna's outside and we created like a little makeshift play pant and play mat area for her huge veranda balcony hi hi precious angel Oh beautiful this is where we've been having our breakfast and our dinners yeah you happy a nice trees outside beautiful sunny day and the veranda actually wraps all the way around and there's like a even a drying rack and that's one of the bedrooms there and again this is the beautiful view this is the view this way and there's two bedrooms and a bathroom there so we're going to head over there right now I'm just like a pull-out couch we haven't been using it but you can to fit more people so here's the bathroom bathtub their vanity with storage which is great so I can do makeup and put all the toiletries and stuff there and then this is where Adriana has been sleeping we're trying to decide because they're basically the same just like two separate Reds and they didn't have a crib so this is our makeshift crib we just put a mattress right down the middle and pillows on the sides and it's been working out quite well actually she sleeps kind of in this corner and yeah so that's one of the bedrooms a huge closet here which the lady that owns the place is absolutely like the woman after my own heart she's so organized with everything it's perfect I love it and then this is where we came from from the living room and then this is where we have been staying so it's basically the same type of layout two separate beds a balcony and huge closet storage space so that's it we've been we've really enjoyed our stay here and now it's time to head out to enjoy the rest of the day right yeah lastly yeah already go yeah I'll talk to you soon from the lake we're on our way to go check a man named wooly as many and it's a beautiful view on the mountain and it's like side of the cliff basically there you and the water there the sea and the pit bay I'd be bay Hey just on the way there we stopped

so finally here lakeville yoga many beautiful beautifully what do you think

you like you're right so pretty I'll keep your eyes off it yeah so this is where the lake is fed from I can see that's where the sea is and it comes in through here that makes us beautiful like it's just an amazing absolute amazing geographical phenomena oh yeah

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