Paul Dunne Highlights | Round 3 | 2019 ISPS Handa World Super 6 Perth

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back left pen they may have a little bit of room to get there no that's gonna roll down away from the pin look at this this just shows you how steep some of these fairways are and how fast they are - there are spots where the quicker on the fairway than they are on the greens that's a little bit downhill it lands on the ground so a little bit right of the flags a good target hit it high enough soft enough the lines reasonable that's a pretty good shot remember he won the sky British sky masters little while back for his first European Tour win he's got to give the Holloway on the right hand so it won't break at the last little bit so I must get inside the hole with half a metre to go like the line he started it on oh good save there nothing wrong with that putting stroke was that is a very cool customer when the breeze the strongest the spoon of the three days into them out of the right head so I pin in the back right want to hit it down the left-hand side a day Dunn's taking it higher down the right-hand side the winds not moving it enough it's not a good position to be down the right today with that right flat right-hand side here for this flag freezing him out the right least he had it really left it a little bit long and it's flowing straight is long this is strong slider just short trying to run it out did nice job did they play Grady golf here there they finish that while waiting for an official that's the way to go that's good nice to see looked at me about a 5-iron to hit it's good flight just if it lands short that's what you need for the bounce up we ended on there and released behind the hole but he's on the right tier he's got a much easier putt than rip hammer down the hill for Eagle right-to-left breeze pushing from the left may hold it out of touch don't mind the Lord as it got the pace really good line that wasn't it 5-under the card Paul Dunn is one shot better this for birdie at the short downhill par-3 12th looking good looking very good you don't harm from that distance very often and that's on the 12th Hollis to beat the pro hold Paul Dunn coming from the right-hand rough little like caddies got a hit to mr. tree branches he's kept it low he's cut it I don't think it's enough to get there but that's not a bad result from that far back up the hill then it'll flatten out the last couple of murders just needs to travel a little like I say acceptable not great 13 is just one of those holes but birdie here probably secured a spot the top 20 for the end of the day high ball flight up the right center trying to draw it back against the bruised it's a pretty decent line saw a bounce that should be on all this is on this could be on for a one on though just come around too far certainly going to be set up for an eagle that's a beautiful shot this for Paul Dunn to move him into a share of the lead in fact he takes the outright lead [Applause] fifteenth playing back into the breeze and it is a strong breeze at that good 20 to 25 KS now taking it down the center of the fairway remembering that he did shoot 61 when the British Masters a couple of years ago in the last round 6-under for today looking to lay up to sure the greenside Barker's he's caught it nicely yeah in fact it's a bullet this couldn't run forever don't think it'll get there but some nice looking shot Wow that's almost as long as his t-shirt t-shirt went 244 meters he had 269 left of the pen sure surprised him as well long putt up the hill not a lot of break there's a cup of tears to go on one of our third of the way up and then one just past 2/3 away now where it is now at the top of the ridge should run it out a little nicely uphill putt to increase his lead done and he looks very sharp out there he's loving this breeze off the left then helping them down here Paul Dunn taking it down the right-hand edge not turning back the breeze is holding it out there maybe tree edge depends on the bounce we hit it over the hill here we can't set land it bounced back into the fairway Ozzy at 160 yards sounded like a good strike the lines a little bit right of the flag but it may fly back to the back section yeah I think he knew straight away that he'd just left that out for the right but no real problem a little bit of right to left to this especially as it goes up the bank to I guess the back half right at the top of the hole it's giving it a good nudge that's better pace [Applause] can you have a look and see how they got them cuz this pins in the back right corner I don't know here you get it there to be quite honest well it's a little postage stamp area where they've cut the flag newtonia a couple of meters square there's a little ledge it doesn't look like it from the high camera tab

certainly got a nice clean contact at all the way up hill with that chip well it's it can be more aggressive here a little more uphill still works from left to right don't you say soon the other two putts should have a good read on it just went the other way at the death first part that he's probably slightly misread all day taking it up the left-hand side I tell you what I'll pack him in for tomorrow's play with this two-shot yeah absolutely he he's really swinging within himself and solid move taking a long time over that done understands the importance of it 21 the British masters [Applause]

you can see up here these greens are rolling that ball staying on the ground the entire time it's a fine round of golf today why Street conditions nourishment he loved that exceptionally well well 66 just what the doctor ordered well well played today I think it's fair to say you've done enough to make him into the match play can he talk us through the round yeah you know I think for me the key going I was to try eliminate the mistakes because I knew the way I was hitting it and kind of the way the core sets up I'd make at least four birdies and that's what I think I needed I thought for under would get me in comfortably so we're nice to make a couple more on an icing on 14 but it in general I kind of did it I what I wanted to do apart from that unfortunate traffic on 17 bush you know I made the saves I needed to I knew that'll be the case going out that there was just going to be two or three holes or you just got to get through um and the rest of it was was pretty good so they came to good shape hopefully I can give it on tomorrow you mentioned the drop shot in the 17 did you afford yourself the luxury to relax a little during the last few holes and with the good start you made in a format such as this yeah I mean it's it's funny one when you're finishing off because I mean you know I was kind of thinking top eight nine under we get top ace and it's a it's a strange format because you don't really care if you're winning or you're fifth or so yeah it's different but um I don't think you can ever kind of take your foot off the pedal especially you know this game and if you can throw anything at you you can make a seven anywhere so I think was just a bad shot on 17 more than a bit of complacency but it is definitely a different feeling and trying to kind of continue a lead and we be keeping an eye on a leaderboard to see what names are hanging around and is there anyone you'd like to avoid when it comes down to the match play six holes I mean my dad could beat me over six holes no time in and I could beat anyone over six holes I mean it's just about cats grabbing the bull by the horns and you play you know every time you go in to match its last six holes of a tournament tied for the lead basically so um you know hopefully I can it's all by making the right pots hitting the right shots at the right times tomorrow so you know hopefully I can do that but someone's going to well play pull good luck tomorrow thank you cheers to watch another European Tour video click

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