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people who have never been raised in a doctrine ation will argue apologetics and they get to the end and the person says well I don't know how what to tell you but I just I have faith I just I feel like there's a God and the the atheist at that point who's never been indoctrinated just says what in the world just happened I just spent two weeks online arguing with this person rebutting all these arguments looking up scientific theories providing information and I get to the end of it and they say it doesn't matter that you refuted everything I just I got to have faith the reason for that is because this belief was put into them when they were three years old and they helped they built it up from that the apologetics got layered on later as the reasons for justification for that belief that was already instilled and like you're saying once they hit that age where they accept it they then are looking at the apologetics and questions about the apologetics and not necessarily questioning God but the thing about Hitchens which was sort of the same thing it has to do with these pre assumptions and God being with a main pre assumption he was it was a video I watched last night on YouTube it was like a two-part video with the I guess is Todd Reil I think was his name yeah and he wanted to do this interview with Hitchens and I told Matt I didn't even know who this was and I was thinking you know who in the world booked Christopher Hitchens with this person because the calibre of the interview was just so not what he's usually put into so he wanted the the person interviewing was obviously atheist and wanted to say we're going to do this little I'll do these 12 questions or however many questions and we're going to have a hypothetical what if the Christian God that you reject exists and we're going to hypothetically say this God exists and I'm going to give you like the the doctrines and you tell me how that would change your perspective on things and so he presents Hitchens with all these arguments you know about well if God made you then when don't you believe that you would be obligated then to do everything that he says and Hitchens is like absolutely not and the guys will remember now we're talking hypothetically that there really is this God and he really is the God of the Bible and Hitchens like yes I understand and I don't believe that that would give him he's like by what right would he be able to then dictate to me everything that I should do wouldn't that just be tyranny and the guy is like well but but number this word hypothetically this is the God and Hitchens is like if I understand the hypothetical is that this God exists and he is that he's just like well you know he made you he made it he gave you life and he gave you this planet he gave you all your success and he's responsible for everything in your life and you you know wouldn't you be obligated then to do everything he says it Hitchens just like absolutely not I would not be obligate he's like but this is a hypothetical where God is real Hitchens's like yes I understand that I'm saying that I would not feel obligated to this being under those circumstances and all through the show he was like going through the Ten Commandments he was going through the resurrection and the sacrifice Jesus for salvation and down the line Hitchens is like no I would not feel obligated by that and no I do not feel like I need to follow the Ten Commandment says you know all of these like I follow some like murder and stuff but that has nothing to do with in a command from God I do that for other reasons and the guys like but remember we're going from a hypothetical God is real it's just like I understand that we're going through the hypothetical that God is real I I'm assuming that your God is real and I'm telling you it wouldn't matter to me what his Commandments were if his commands include that I have to grovel and worship and spend my life praising him because I'm alive no I'm not going to do that and I wouldn't feel obligated to do that and just throughout the about the six or seventh time this Todd field I said we're but we're going from this hypothetical I was saying to my computer he understands he understands why don't you understand that he understands and it was just this complete disconnect in freel's brain where he could not grasp that somebody could understand the scenario that he's explaining and not agree with his own conclusions it was beyond the pale for him i I was it was impossible for me I don't know how Hitchens I mean how many times he insisted that he did get it that yes if this God was real I would still say this and feel could just his response was always to go back like Matt is saying and say you don't understand what I'm saying it's like no Hitchens totally understands what you're saying you don't understand that a you can think differently than you I figured out though how Hitchens can keep his cool far longer than me I think I'm going to start having scotch on the show is that what it is oh yeah there you go so anyway is that answer your question and then some guy yeah yeah absolutely Jennifer people forgot you were even on the line I I did do thank you thanks a

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Tracie discusses disconnection by using a radio interview with Christopher Hitchens as an example. The interviewer does not understand why Hitchens will not agree with him. Matt Dillahunty and Tracie Harris host this clip from The Atheist Experience #638 - http://www.atheist-experience.com

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