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by: Flinter

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so we're back to the beginner series and one of the reasons I actually haven't done many videos in this series recently is I feel like we're to a point where we kind of have everything we really need like to really advance in the game what it is in my opinion right now is basically just a grind to level up and unlock all of the equipment so I mean we've got the seven mill which is in my opinion the most important gun in the game you can drop the biggest animals in the game water buffalo cape buffalo European bison all those you can get a hundred percent quick kill on with no issues so basically we're at that point where what we need to do is just make cash gain XP and unlock the equipment that is left to unlock and of course gain these skill and perk points which are going to make life quite a lot easier so we're back to Layton Lake those of you that are wondering why I'm not doing anything on Parque Fernando I had the one video where I kind of showed what beginners can do with it but I'm doing this series strictly without DLCs so any of the Parque Fernando progress from that video was not actually saved so as said we're back here on Layton and what that basically means is it's gonna be a moose grind with our seven mill now we do have the bow as you just saw there on the rabbit so we'll be using that when we can but of course we do not have a moose collar so that is gonna be saved mainly for the deer all right if we can get a shot on her we're probably in the area of 75 oh I bought the rangefinder can you show you guys that that is actually an important thing that we unlocked we did 12 k4 I'm actually not even sure when we unlocked it but I do have it on me that's gonna make bow hunting just a bit easier we can have an idea of how far we are shooting so there's that and also we don't actually have to use the map as our rangefinder I'm sure you know that we've been doing that for instance just show you how is doing that in case you don't spot an animal zoom in to where the spotting thing is what your cursor over it you can see in the bottom right 173 meters and I believe that's right about what the rangefinder said 173 174 right there so we can actually stop using the map which is gonna speed up the process just a little bit it's not a huge difference for that but for the but one thing specifically that's actually gonna be quite nice now this is a recurring bug recently animals just walking in circles in a zone I don't know why but they do it the way to remedy that is to actually alert them which I'm not sure is gonna work very well from this distance I think it did yeah and I think we actually shot over her or maybe got the spine glitch I'm not sure I feel like that was on but it's all good go find another one by the way someone asked me not to do as many shooting the Ducks out of the sky for the opportunity kills cuz that's actually apparently really difficult to do on console which is fair enough so I would go for those if you can hit them if you're on console and it's a difficult shot to make maybe save your ammo always good cache even a male black bear smells here for 150 to be fair that's not actually one where I arranged it I've just gotten pretty used to knowing just by looking at how far away the animal is getting a pretty good guesstimate on it um 150 is never really a bad bet if it was a little further or a little closer we're really in the middle there so if you have to make a quick zeroing guess that's probably the way to go but that should be a quick 1,300 cache and it was actually even a little further than that 168 meters but the left lung shot brought him down quite quickly 1,300 cache is a nice little bonus hello I can't seem to spot that one but zero 475 and see if we can hit him in the head yeah I don't see I'm in enough so hunting pressure would confirm that's a dead bear my god there's bears everywhere here I don't think I'd be a bad decision to try to hit one or both of those on the run actually seven mills got pretty solid penetration with the Palmer rounds can you slow down alright actually gonna hit that guy again just to make sure he does rather than having tracking forever and then there's the first one was wondering where he was I don't even know that's a small one small one still yields 1265 cache though and I do believe the other one that's gonna be going down shortly and got the 338 unlocked not something I actually really recommend getting early on if you're hunting a lot of say bison Buffalo or I don't know maybe moose but the 7 mil does quite find out moose as we've already seen maybe you could consider getting it but for the 60 K that it costs I'm not actually sure that it's very much worth it looks like we actually hit this guy really well and he is down right there so that actually works out but um yeah we have it unlocked we can go for it honestly though like once you get to the point where you even have 60k there's not a lot of things you're gonna be spending a ton of money on ammo you might spend quite a decent chunk of change on still 1200 cash with messed up bonuses and collars there's other equipment out there that you could consider that's completely your choice I don't think I'm gonna be getting it in this series because as I said you really don't need it but just that I mentioned we did unlock that at level 13 and we need 50k more cash so I'd say 14 or 15 till we could actually get it now hopefully the spying glitch isn't gonna come back to get us but go ahead and check with our range finder again about 150 we'll just scoot into exactly that we're zeroed for that I think we'll stay crouched because well now I go in prone doesn't have a too far below the hill should've just dropped in there perfectly I only saw the female taking off hain't hunting pressure we did get him by the way while we are still somewhat early on in this video and hopefully most of you guys are still here to hear this I think I am going to do a beginner series live stream sometime next week I don't actually know when I wish I did so you guys could have an idea of when to expect it but my sleep schedule and everything else is just so completely messed up I'm not sure when I would do it but I wanted to do that as a way of giving you guys the opportunity to ask me any questions you may have and then I could actually like show you live rather than trying to explain it in a comment so just be on the lookout for that as I said I don't know when it'll be I'll try to make it as far as time goes around two-ish p.m. Eastern so that way most of the North America and Europe could still make it there I don't know it's gonna be difficult to try to time that but anyway just wanted you guys to know that it is gonna be a thing hello well whoa just pushing her aside I'm running out of 7 mil rounds by the way I'm not even sure I recommend going for that shot obviously as you can see it works just fine but that is a shot I tended to tended I don't know if that's the right word I messed it off quite a lot when I was newer to going for heart shots on moose if you feel comfortable with that absolutely go for it I especially don't mind going for it on females where it's not that big a deal if I wouldn't mess it up but as you can see there's not a lot of spare penetration there from the round to actually get well into the heart so you do have to be somewhat precise but again just a word of warning I believe I've actually said in a video before the distances for how far away you have to stop each like different movement kind of type when you are stocking an animal so usually my rule of thumb is 150 meters you got to stop running 120 you got to stop walking 80 you got to stop crouching and then you get a prone from there but as you can see the wind is blowing at this guy and that just kind of increases all of those distances so I'm just taking my time getting in here but I think we are going to have to employ the tactic of getting him alert in order to get a shot off because I don't quite love that angle but that is a little more doable so we just go for the back of the spine he should be going down super quickly I think he's down already in fact the lumbar spine is still gonna be hundred percent quick he'll they will run off just a little bit but when they're doing that kind of angle I don't really want to call it quartering towards me but when they're not actually broadside I tend to go further back in the spine because there's a little more direct if that makes any sense but he definitely didn't go anywhere down right here and we have more bear tracks wouldn't mind seeing that all the free cash actually quite a lot of bears I didn't move to or knock you by the way I don't even know if I said that but little low almost to low but you can maybe see what I mean by being more directly there compared to there it's really hard to explain but it's a more direct line to the spine less flesh to go through I guess would be the way I want to describe that but that's actually a nice moose 9:03 and I think that said 1075 cache I heard another male moose warning call where are you areas using that spotting to our advantage that's a difficult angle for sure about a doable one just stick with that basic rule that I said earlier if you're comfortable taking the shot go for it if you feel like you need to wait eventually you'll get a better angle you might have to do a little bit of tracking though we're following him around until he give us a better angle it's kind of just a a risk/reward taking a more difficult shot to hopefully get a quicker kill and the ability to move on as you can see just clip the heart and barely got away with that by the way I get the question quite a lot why I look up when I claim animals it's just so I get the sky as the background rather than like the dead animal in all the shrubbery around there it's just a cleaner background if I want to greenshot of the dead animal and we have that but actually I just remembered we have this so we'll see if we can bring that coyote in actually I just heard it call again I believe so I should still be there the best cash on the map those and bears and we've actually had quite a lot of both why do you have to stop like that you know we can get it the thing is a bad shot on a coyote with a 243 will always bring it down you could literally shoot it in the foot and it actually will go down but wherever we hit that one she actually did drop in the next somehow with a bit of luck oh I used the wrong gun I used the 270 it might have actually worked in our favor because I'm not sure the 243 would have gotten the neck there but we'll take the nearly twelve hundred cash I think what we're gonna do here is run our seven mill out of ammo and probably you wrap it up there for the day okay that wasn't nice of you to move actually it didn't work out too badly and we spooked a bunch of what I think are whitetail definitely whitetail nobody very impressive looking that guy in the back is not too bad I don't think I'm gonna take any running shots just because I don't want to be ruining my kin sex since we are near the end of the video we've got three more moose or bear to shoot we have to run like five miles to get that moose though so we might as well shoot this one on our way nearly have to go that far to the crossing and that's just a little more bonus bonus cash bonus cash added along the way I think I see another one why did you not speak she must have been right at the 200 meter mark yeah about 180 still somewhere in the area of 200 meters is the range sometimes animals won't spook but you can get them spooking for sure at times now we're right about where we need to be definitely need that spotting outline to take the shots if you're wondering why I'm hunting at night does of you that have been around the channel for a while know that I really really dislike hunting at night but the reason is you can pretty much save cash by having your hunts be up until dark so when you quit when it's like say I don't know what is it in-game right now little after 1900 1914 by the time we finish it'll be maybe nearly 8 p.m. and then we're going to change the time to exactly 5 a.m. so just rather than say changing the time to 8 a.m. and losing those three in-game hours of hunting just going from basically dusk dawn to dusk even hello it's gonna be my last shot if I take this so I don't really want to do that

but a nice 9:38 cash from her and I think did I pass the first one up I don't think I claimed that one actually I must have lose my mind anyway got a cross right here and go get our bull and we have one more shot left with our seven mil okay finally we claim this guy a and get the level up that actually works out quite well another skill point which I don't even know what we want yet I think we probably want to work towards connect the dots that's actually really useful when you are trying to track an animal and having struggles doing so so we actually need to unlock that and this will give us an increase distance at which tracks are visible and highlighted which is quite nice gives us the ability to see tracks basically from further away and I actually think we might just leave it there got all the moose we're gonna go back to exactly 5 a.m. well do you like 4:55 because there's gonna be a few minutes here of wrapping up but yeah we'll buy more ammo for next time and continue our grind so one level away from the elk color which i think is gonna be somewhat useful being able to bow the herds of female ox might actually be a thing that we should look into that could actually be a really good way of making quite a good chunk of cash so yeah don't forget about the live stream for this if you have any questions but maybe not be a bad idea to fake them over and get them ready I'd love to try to answer anything I can anyway thank you guys for watching and

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