Sarah Platt Scenes | 16.09.15

by: TinaOBrienFan

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yeah I was asked what you want me to do balance among me yet so is there I'm still sleeping hmm we ended up top and tailing all cozy hardly talk about fidget she snores like a droop Alicia's getting some ration was to me today yeah well she's pretty tough and don't forget she has lived through the buttons do you think this is funny Oh getting roughed up uh you do know it wasn't actually me who did it anyway it was just a joke I'm not my phone can we just not start bickering please let's just change the subject right what should we talk about

mmm breakfast with the plots what a heartwarming scene gets me there every thrown by way back oh and you send one what am i doing back legs all around just have a slice of toast so yourself a lot mark Callum surely guests do you know somehow I don't think I've ever ate anyone as much as I do him we can hate all you want he's not going anywhere hell yeah well you could have out maybe by serving me first seeing as I was here before him one of the white wine please in a clean laughs ever in doing this long enough where well I work no not really good think so have you got probably made some bad Eva all right oh it's you oh I'll get it get what nothing what you do need what am i doing touch I'm having a drink you want one uh yeah go on then what was that far did you honestly think that I won't find out lie into my face worm is false to me mate splitting me in Jason all seems like he had a lucky escape man shut up you little dwarf this has got nowt to do with you right that is it get out I think you'll find that you can't throw me out come get Liz she's not here now get out or what Peck you'll hit me in the ankles maybe you should just go yeah you can sharpen I'll do you know what this place anyway

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